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Plane Lands On Highway
Views 464K6 days ago
Guess The Plane in Discord
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Man Jumps On Plane Wing
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Plane Engine Catches Fire
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X-Plane 11 vs Real Life
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Car vs Airbus A380 Engine
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The WORST Plane Landing Ever
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  • William E
    William E 3 minutes ago

    Ok the ski patrol pilot was incredible it was either a guy with balls of steel or an equally adapted female either way awesome👍👍👍👍👍

  • William E
    William E 3 minutes ago

    Ok the ski patrol pilot was incredible it was either a guy with balls of steel or an equally adapted female either way awesome👍👍👍👍👍

  • TheGamer Gt
    TheGamer Gt 22 minutes ago

    Lazer 354 vs A-10 warthog

  • Levi Feldman
    Levi Feldman 26 minutes ago

    The green plane at 1:24 is such an anti-semite!

  • Leon Schaller
    Leon Schaller 28 minutes ago

    @1:50 737 max mode activated

  • n e x u s 1 0 1
    n e x u s 1 0 1 43 minutes ago

    That flying in the hurricane eye gave me chills

  • n e x u s 1 0 1
    n e x u s 1 0 1 45 minutes ago

    Everybody gangsta till the U.S. show up driftin

  • Dimitri nahui
    Dimitri nahui 50 minutes ago


  • Btw

    I’m disappointed there was no Tokyo drift music while it was drifting

  • StealthGamePlays

    Ik I might not me smart but why can’t u deploy the reverse in the air a second before ur landing gears round the carrier. To deploy the reverses in the air

  • Double A Zia
    Double A Zia Hour ago

    What simulator is that?

  • ALPHA 276
    ALPHA 276 Hour ago

    hears alpha* ME:WHO SAID MY NAME?

  • pop universe
    pop universe Hour ago

    More of a just a regular turn than a drift.

    JAMES FARIA 2 hours ago

    2:51 VTOL super cub

  • slown yeet
    slown yeet 2 hours ago

    Hello and that was amazzzzzzzing

  • Mary Geroge
    Mary Geroge 2 hours ago

    What game is that

  • Swiftlings 17
    Swiftlings 17 2 hours ago

    How do I play this mode

  • Its Zee
    Its Zee 2 hours ago

    My only issue with this is that even when the gear doesn't go don't using hydraulics, it can still be dropped using gravity. Unless that's not implemented on Xplane, which is ok.

  • Liam Weller
    Liam Weller 2 hours ago

    How can i do this in gta5?

  • raymond lang
    raymond lang 2 hours ago

    Super cool ta vidéo

  • Ryan Shen
    Ryan Shen 3 hours ago

    Surprisingly good for Ryanair. Unlike usual, the plane doesn't just slam into the ground.

  • JR
    JR 3 hours ago

    At last the theme music changed. But the previous one seemed to be better. It sounds like curiosity.

  • shelby arndts
    shelby arndts 3 hours ago

    Your Uber has arrived

  • unknown reality
    unknown reality 3 hours ago

    @ 3:28 That´s a Chem Plane, see that Nozzle on it´s tip of the Wing??

  • Lúcio Cauper
    Lúcio Cauper 3 hours ago

    The title: "the WORST plane landing ever" the company chosen: Ryanair I know what you did lol

  • Misooo SK
    Misooo SK 3 hours ago

    after fly fight chicken grill party

  • Hussein oday
    Hussein oday 3 hours ago

    سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنة عرشة ومداد كلماتة لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شئ قدير لا تغفلون عن ذكر الله♥️🌹 سبحان الله الحمدلله لا إله إلا الله الله أكبر اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد يا الله استغفر الله

  • Cat Dealer
    Cat Dealer 3 hours ago

    Ggggggggv hahf sjsi ddjdbdjdbdbis s shssbovssjd is sls Di skssoe ejsnlse kssle ekksy so sjsksisnsiebehwjeieve so did eieveiebeoe we eoebekebeieemos eebeoe doenehek helpqbw eisbsksbow sjsksisnsiebehwjeieve slsknsjs s

  • mike ishuman
    mike ishuman 4 hours ago

    florida man: good job kid

  • Angel O
    Angel O 4 hours ago

    I like that he is using a Ryanair plane 😆

  • Matéo SILVA
    Matéo SILVA 4 hours ago

    3:01 No its PGHM (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne) from France that's not ski patrol.

  • Gacha Force 65
    Gacha Force 65 4 hours ago

    Can you sully us air ways 449

  • OperatorPelican
    OperatorPelican 4 hours ago

    The engine catched on fire

  • serhat sümer
    serhat sümer 5 hours ago

    4:42 i didnt suprised

  • Hassan Hassan
    Hassan Hassan 5 hours ago


  • Юрий Гагарин

    what is the server name?

  • Gyan Prakash
    Gyan Prakash 6 hours ago

    @lucaas Why don't u tag these 'weekly dose of aviation' videos with a hashtag or something like that ? It would be easier to find them...

  • Brandon Yu
    Brandon Yu 6 hours ago

    More realistic than flight sim

  • Noremac122399
    Noremac122399 6 hours ago

    Wtf is that siren doing on a american firetruck 🤢

  • Matthew Jcrane
    Matthew Jcrane 6 hours ago

    Nothing wrong with this video it’s just a normal Ryanair landing

  • nicnic5 TV
    nicnic5 TV 6 hours ago

    Fire Retardant on car: insurance didn’t like that

  • TheRobo Mik
    TheRobo Mik 6 hours ago

    i got a question was the flying physic still the same as gta v?

    ALEX YAP KAH MING - 6 hours ago

    This is suddenly funny too me that the cop is involved

  • Adam Octorachmadi
    Adam Octorachmadi 6 hours ago

    Fast and Furious: Ocean Drift

  • Sony Bass Tester PRO✔

    Me in real life i would be scared until heart attack lol 0:13

  • Physics
    Physics 7 hours ago

    -let’s try a 747- Everyone else in the plane and airfield: 😶

  • Almin Dizdarevic
    Almin Dizdarevic 7 hours ago

    Ayyy you are from sweden

  • Mohammed Aali
    Mohammed Aali 7 hours ago

    Last one was Awesome dude. It is like as if you have saw the race In air space.......❤

  • Pulse
    Pulse 7 hours ago


  • TheHilarious GoldenChariot

    It’s a sin you didn’t put euro beat over that

  • Sandro Tabidze
    Sandro Tabidze 7 hours ago

    0:41 it was the best touchdown for a crosswind bro!

  • 123 456
    123 456 7 hours ago

    It would be pan pan pan

  • Pandaskill 11
    Pandaskill 11 8 hours ago

    nice video

  • American ninja Hamburger

    *Running in the 90's!*

  • Khalid Khan
    Khalid Khan 8 hours ago


  • TitanTube Ultimate
    TitanTube Ultimate 8 hours ago

    I still think viewing a solar eclipse from the ground looks cooler but ill afmit that what the people on that plane saw was beautiful

  • Immortality ツ
    Immortality ツ 8 hours ago

    Intro song

  • Leandro Guajardo
    Leandro Guajardo 9 hours ago

    1:04 it was not a airshow it was a fly by in australia i was there raaf c17

  • Bořek Bálek
    Bořek Bálek 9 hours ago

    Good animation Xd

  • SPUDZ_ Nitro
    SPUDZ_ Nitro 9 hours ago

    Succeeded but try taking off with reverse thrust

  • Play Monteiro
    Play Monteiro 10 hours ago


  • H Evans
    H Evans 10 hours ago

    0:49. *W I T O O L O W*

  • Pete White
    Pete White 10 hours ago

    That BA plane in the turbulence was a few month back. It was taken during landing at Gibraltar. The wind conditions caused very heavy rotoring winds off of the rock. The plane immediately diverted to Malaga instead of trying again

  • ali mohsin
    ali mohsin 10 hours ago

    now i know y do some wnt to nuke hurricanes..its perfectly empty frm centre n explosion can disperse entire storm

  • Barke Han
    Barke Han 10 hours ago


  • TheNewMoney YT
    TheNewMoney YT 10 hours ago

    Video Idea: Crashing into random planes!

  • Abrar Hussain
    Abrar Hussain 10 hours ago

    0:25 spots on the wing after the fire, they weren’t there before it happened, anyone notice that?

  • ali mohsin
    ali mohsin 10 hours ago

    ohhhh yeeeaahhh😎....i love porn😈

  • thomas en holly
    thomas en holly 11 hours ago

    This is al fake

  • Loh Wen Tao
    Loh Wen Tao 11 hours ago

    *Deja Vu intensifies*

  • CGZ Galaxy
    CGZ Galaxy 11 hours ago

    When you wanna skrt but you in da plane

  • TheGamer Gt
    TheGamer Gt 11 hours ago


  • Blu Simmon 天龍
    Blu Simmon 天龍 11 hours ago

    Can u be *ATC* ?

  • The Aviation Channel
    The Aviation Channel 11 hours ago

    Imagine if that was me in those planes

  • 루트100
    루트100 11 hours ago


  • sakın bulaşma tv
    sakın bulaşma tv 12 hours ago

    turkler sayımızı bilelim :)

  • Sagar Indra
    Sagar Indra 12 hours ago

    Teacher asking children at camp : how do you put out camp fire after you use it ? Children : You either pour mud or water on it ma'am . Teacher : Can you show me how do you do it ? Children : yes sure .. (contacts dad) , Dad there's a wildfire near my camp I need you to put it out . Dad : 1:04 brings a massive plane to put it out 😂.

  • winnipegfiredep
    winnipegfiredep 12 hours ago

    Autobrakelevel OVER 9000

  • Rocket Guy
    Rocket Guy 12 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till the aircraft carrier start drifting

  • Anamaria Fodor
    Anamaria Fodor 12 hours ago

    That's a fake plane

  • faadil cm
    faadil cm 13 hours ago

    Normal for a Ryanair's landing 😖😖😖😖


    Muzik good

  • Simon Chap
    Simon Chap 14 hours ago

    no wonder it’s Ryanair

  • Yaha K Maharaj
    Yaha K Maharaj 14 hours ago

    Fake 😒

  • Solar Beam
    Solar Beam 14 hours ago

    Everyone on the highway when the plane landed: *Visible Confusion* *Confused Screaming*

  • mareenus !
    mareenus ! 14 hours ago

    Sick but one fail

  • Sly _
    Sly _ 14 hours ago


  • Musfeqa Tonni
    Musfeqa Tonni 15 hours ago


  • Lcdo. Michel Mir Martinez

    Name of the intro song please

  • xXBrazzer TGTXx
    xXBrazzer TGTXx 15 hours ago

    Wouldn't we be seeing jets tipping off?

  • Ciel Mendoza
    Ciel Mendoza 15 hours ago

    *D E J A V U*

  • Momo Qin
    Momo Qin 15 hours ago

    Airplane mode is a scam! Ur phone won’t fly even if u turn it on!

  • Knight Rider2961
    Knight Rider2961 15 hours ago

    The plane passed through tue vents

  • Tong Cy
    Tong Cy 15 hours ago

    We do that everytime in world of warships

  • Kyline Gudy
    Kyline Gudy 16 hours ago

    Pushing back using reverse thrust AFP95: u can now ALT+F4

  • Silent Human
    Silent Human 16 hours ago

    This has brought a whole new meaning to the word “skrrrrt”

  • harshit pandey
    harshit pandey 16 hours ago

    So you drift your Honda? That's cute😊

  • Galactic Pineda
    Galactic Pineda 16 hours ago

    Those are not the Embraer gpws call outs 😂

  • Nataly Vargas
    Nataly Vargas 16 hours ago


  • Chocolat-kun
    Chocolat-kun 16 hours ago

    The Helmsmen played too much World of warship to do eurobeat drifting