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Plane Engine Shoots Flames
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Airport Gets Flooded
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Plane Catches Fire
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Plane Blows People Away
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Flying Into A Sandstorm
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Plane Lands On Highway
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Drifting An Aircraft Carrier
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Man Runs Up To Taxiing Plane
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Guess The Plane in Discord
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Man Jumps On Plane Wing
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Plane Engine Catches Fire
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X-Plane 11 vs Real Life
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Car vs Airbus A380 Engine
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The WORST Plane Landing Ever
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  • David De José
    David De José 10 minutes ago

    What is the name of that simulator?

  • Anonymous.
    Anonymous. 56 minutes ago


  • Keller GmbH & Co. KG

    Planes flying near Buildings: the guys on the ground: *9/11 flashback*

  • Asphalt9
    Asphalt9 Hour ago

    0:22 i pray to god someone please tell me the name of that song

  • Seogopaul Basdeo
    Seogopaul Basdeo 3 hours ago

    That flight of the southwest plane is flight 1380

  • Marek
    Marek 3 hours ago

    You don’t know very good English so don’t do voice memos

  • Dibald Gyfm
    Dibald Gyfm 3 hours ago

    Can anyone explain why the target touch down is so many meters into the runway? Would it be too difficult to use the full length of the runway by touching a bit earlier?

  • R1ch13
    R1ch13 3 hours ago

    Är du Svensk.. "Are u Swedish or something?" Lucaas.

  • Prøs Oreø
    Prøs Oreø 3 hours ago

    Fly a airplane cause i love airplanes

    TJ MCHPIE 3 hours ago

    So that’s why my ksp engines are shooting out white smoke. Because they’re brand new!

  • XPK_Whiteout t
    XPK_Whiteout t 4 hours ago

    Why did the plane empty it’s fuel it’s kinda of a waste

  • bomben prank
    bomben prank 4 hours ago

    The plane is wrong there is not the world trade center

  • Marnix Christis
    Marnix Christis 5 hours ago

    Can you also play this on the PS4?

  • Nillydeec Beast
    Nillydeec Beast 5 hours ago


  • David Alexandrovitch

    *Seems legit*

  • TwofacedLoki_Channel

    but why in GTA 5 u cant use reversers??

  • Piotr Jędrzejczyk
    Piotr Jędrzejczyk 5 hours ago

    0:23 I’ve done this in KSP and Jebediah survived

  • Amaan Patel
    Amaan Patel 6 hours ago

    0:43 Soweto Stadium❤

  • mango juce lol
    mango juce lol 6 hours ago

    1:46 these are not chickens

  • nekOttzu
    nekOttzu 7 hours ago

    Are you from sweden

  • Angel Mojica
    Angel Mojica 8 hours ago

    You know how are we supposed to enjoy if the things are blowing up

  • REDLIGHT prod.
    REDLIGHT prod. 8 hours ago

    Hey Guys i have a question why cant i play FiveM Flight Sim does somebody know???

  • abdullah y
    abdullah y 10 hours ago


  • GRV• CD•
    GRV• CD• 11 hours ago

    Sh*t compressor stall?????😲😲😲

  • oneal gaming sa
    oneal gaming sa 11 hours ago

    Lol the first one *people in the plane*: ohh no the plane shooting flame *Captain*:i just replace the GTR engine

  • Noir [Narrative]
    Noir [Narrative] 11 hours ago

    Damn that pilot doing some hardcore STUFF

  • tastyGAGO 05
    tastyGAGO 05 13 hours ago

    9:51 suomi finland perkele!

  • Jimmy c
    Jimmy c 14 hours ago


  • Marco Christian Magno
    Marco Christian Magno 14 hours ago

    As a car guy, at 0:11 that thing is fine. It’s called anti-lag

  • Henry Alvarado
    Henry Alvarado 15 hours ago

    Holy shut that plane has 2step on

  • Star Star
    Star Star 15 hours ago

    2:30 when your rich and your mother tells to clean the back yard snow

  • Kønsicki
    Kønsicki 16 hours ago


  • Bong Yan CHEE
    Bong Yan CHEE 16 hours ago

    First weekly dose of aviation now daily dose of internet! WHY ARE PEOPLE COPYING EACH OTHER!?! But if you or daily dose of internet didn’t copy then I’m fine with that

  • Guester2006 PlayzRoblox

    Lucaas = pilot gamer

  • Kiya Bmw
    Kiya Bmw 17 hours ago

    Why your voice is so Annoying 🤨

  • Mencey Sanchez
    Mencey Sanchez 17 hours ago

    Nicely done. You showed it from the beginning. Can you make a what if 9/11 was stopped from a pilot view, army view, and terrost view? That would be an awesome movie #Lucaas

  • Mencey Sanchez
    Mencey Sanchez 17 hours ago

    2 planes collide in GTA 5. I wanna see that

    NOVA GAMING 17 hours ago

    Your intro is like swiss101's intro hahaha lol xd!!!

  • Mencey Sanchez
    Mencey Sanchez 17 hours ago

    Is it possible to add San Andreas or Liberty City on top of this mod? Please answer

  • Our Flight Channel
    Our Flight Channel 17 hours ago

    Pushback Tug: Ready to pushback, MD-82! MD-82: No! Front Gear: Yes! MD-82: NO! Front Gear: YES! 1:06 - THE END -

    TRASH BLITZ 17 hours ago

    1:54 it is a Russian pilot idea?

  • Lorenzo Mendoza
    Lorenzo Mendoza 17 hours ago

    The plane with the popping engine just has custom exhaust and is straight piped

  • Ninjax Game
    Ninjax Game 17 hours ago

    Why use hammer to shatter a window, JUST USE A FIGHTER JET! Why use a shovel to shovel snow, JUST USE A PLANE! i love the world

  • Xander Cage
    Xander Cage 17 hours ago

    Oh that nigga fuck up

    RAHMAT HIDAYAT 18 hours ago

    I want know backsound this is 4:30

  • Zachs trains hockey and kinnda nascars

    At 2:51 BUTTER

  • DanZ
    DanZ 19 hours ago

    Literally me when i got my first plane in GTA 5

  • Saddles 2406
    Saddles 2406 19 hours ago

    That’s why I don’t fly American Airlines 😂😂

  • Emmanuel Ramirez
    Emmanuel Ramirez 19 hours ago

    0:27 It's funny because the airline is called "Smart"

  • Jack George
    Jack George 20 hours ago

    Y’all need to chill, obviously the pilot was just turning on afterburners

  • John Ethan Miguel Baldos


  • John Ethan Miguel Baldos

    Buttering landing

  • Magnus Guglius Vuglius

    How can you take off with thrust reversers. That’s like driving with the breaks on.

  • Jimmy Hu
    Jimmy Hu 21 hour ago

    Ayy. Trey, way, GBK.

  • 起きている
    起きている 22 hours ago

    0:12 Your Supra could never.

  • Raman Naoum
    Raman Naoum 23 hours ago

    I like how the video is 7:37 minutes long like a boing 737

  • Ryze Rages
    Ryze Rages 23 hours ago

    YayCapra was toxic to me :( Btw he’s a mod for ventrux, VENTRUX ON TOP

  • Vladimir_Bone Spur_tRump

    This isn't news. It's a *BOEING!*

  • gacha millie
    gacha millie Day ago

    Officer really had to Do that them 😞✊

  • StormArtz
    StormArtz Day ago

    1:10 And I would love to get my ears blown out

  • You suck at Fortnite

    The engine is 2-stepping

  • I waited 90 days to change my name

    In the future we will have flying cars 1:13 Close enough

  • Joseph Success


  • •# M 4 G L #•

    I am going To fly in jetsmart '..'

  • Sebastian Alvarez Villanueva

    Alguien sabe cómo meterse a ese server

  • Riley B
    Riley B Day ago

    Real hard landing. Passenger:my f7cking coke. Pilot what the f3ck did u do u idiot

  • William Hall
    William Hall Day ago

    This videos are so good

  • Josh Delany
    Josh Delany Day ago

    It’s shooting flames because it’s going super sanic fast 😂

  • fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax

    Just saying that it's pretty sad playing fsx on a pegi18 videogame

    • gamingmuffin620
      gamingmuffin620 3 hours ago

      fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax fsx‘s graphics are piss, why should anyone like that?

    • fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax
      fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax 3 hours ago

      @gamingmuffin620 how does that make sense. Gta is a violent game where you kill people and do shit for a living. I'm saying it's very sad to be flying planes around all day when fsx is what that's for

    • gamingmuffin620
      gamingmuffin620 3 hours ago

      fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax because your mom doesn‘t let you play it?

  • Hall Family
    Hall Family Day ago

    How do u get this game

  • The Devs
    The Devs Day ago

    The things that are impossible are in gta.l

  • kenneth harwood

    Why did you use caps for the words? And love the videos and YOUR channel!!!!!!!!

  • Ramy Fares
    Ramy Fares Day ago

    1:43, not all A330’s have that fuel dumping port on one of the flap track fairings, some of them they don’t, so how does it dump fuel if it has no fuel dump port such as the Hawaiian A330? Compare this Hawaiian A330 with Lufthansa’s A330 for example

  • Marcos Paulo
    Marcos Paulo Day ago

    0:32 this is so old.

  • Slap_Offiziell


    TECNO GAMES Day ago

    I love your video editings! Are amazing

  • James Reddington

    1:47 my asshole after eating one jalapeño

  • xXILeo
    xXILeo Day ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song at the ending of the video?

  • Iron Bird Virtual

    Terrifying moment

  • ASProductionLH

    Try with the train if u can put a plane in front of rales

  • Yakumaツ
    Yakumaツ Day ago

    Doesnt it cost like 50-100$ or more just to turn a damn aircraft carrier?!

  • Dyno
    Dyno Day ago

    4:29 tokyo drift

  • Mikha Ferrell
    Mikha Ferrell Day ago

    Lol too much gta

    ROBINSON A Day ago

    Extremely rare for a Boeing 737 to have a engine stall

  • Said Ozturk
    Said Ozturk Day ago

    First one was a controlled 727 crash test

  • PizzaCookies boi100

    dude the same thing happened to me at 1:30 in geofs

  • Giovanni Sales

    The pilot didn't thought about thrust reverse

  • The GameStone
    The GameStone Day ago

    Kan Sumone tell me why u would drop fuel our a plane?

  • MultiBrucelee1234

    Those poor people on the island having too have their airport ruined by a shuttle

  • Счастливый Гриша


  • thamrly
    thamrly Day ago


  • lalchunglura chhangte

    Ugh my question is how could the pushbacker push Thai airlines

  • David Tamayo
    David Tamayo Day ago

    That’s just the afterburner

  • ʜʏᴘᴇʀᴢ

    @lucaas I have buyed your merch and my name is Lucas Haha

  • CorporateRaider97

    Fake, the road was a paid actor

  • Not Nice
    Not Nice Day ago

    no idea why i like these videos. its funny and exiting. loved it, subed

  • Eddie Roberts
    Eddie Roberts Day ago

    ok 1:09 the macron airlines needs to fix there planes

  • J A
    J A Day ago

    Another 737 incident

  • MOVIEE W46
    MOVIEE W46 Day ago

    2001 Plane flies into building

  • Snek
    Snek Day ago

    That is the best anti-lag mod I've everseen