Cold Ones
Cold Ones
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  • gloodgy
    gloodgy 18 minutes ago

    "We're ripping off gamegrumps" oh no, are they gonna stop being funny?

    13IOHAZARD Hour ago

    Fr they never got shit in my size😤

  • Katzzz
    Katzzz 2 hours ago

    where is the Supermega cold ones 🥺

  • Beeg Yoshi2
    Beeg Yoshi2 2 hours ago

    My alien when i rai area 51 (nothing happened today ;c)

  • flyrockjr
    flyrockjr 2 hours ago

    yo max got fat

  • littlenubs
    littlenubs 2 hours ago

    it’s sad this whole video feels more like a out of context video then the original

  • Bella H
    Bella H 2 hours ago

    Hey didn’t that Ribina actor play the armory guy in Underworld?

  • Hannah Letellier
    Hannah Letellier 3 hours ago

    I actually really enjoyed this holy shit

  • Kera Bruce
    Kera Bruce 3 hours ago

    Pure chaos

  • Danowarthemanowar
    Danowarthemanowar 3 hours ago

    Alcoholism is so much fun. I almost cried laughing.

  • Danowarthemanowar
    Danowarthemanowar 3 hours ago

    Alcoholism is so much fun. I almost cried laughing.

  • Paperclip
    Paperclip 3 hours ago

    I’m gonna buy a don’t hide your poos shirt

  • Big Bonez
    Big Bonez 3 hours ago

    My older brother was scared of using the toilet as a kids so he used to shit behind the curtain

  • Whois67
    Whois67 3 hours ago


  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 3 hours ago

    It looks like clip AAHHHGT!

  • Amanda
    Amanda 3 hours ago

    wtf youtube just recommend me cringy content ultimately

  • Farva
    Farva 4 hours ago

    I really like the 1st tshirt!

  • Willa Keller
    Willa Keller 4 hours ago

    Who else does freelance on fiverr and dying with all the work???

  • RVCM
    RVCM 4 hours ago

    you should’ve asked for a node shirt.

  • Lee Baguetteo
    Lee Baguetteo 4 hours ago

    holy shit i was in tiers during this fuck

  • Andreas Evald Skeletor Karjalainen

    Fuck, I think I woke up my neighbors with my ugly laugh that this video forced out of me. The one with Felix Kejelberg sucked. I wanna se Max get drunk like he was in Paris that one time.

  • johnbazy
    johnbazy 4 hours ago

    The first shirt with the skeleton making a potion is honestly fucking great especially for twenty odd dollars.

    ALCATRAZ619 GAMING 4 hours ago

    They have all sold out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trufatlarge
    Trufatlarge 4 hours ago

    How do you get DiDi to deliver food

  • Demetrius Kent
    Demetrius Kent 5 hours ago

    I do believe that Max's hair has never looked worse than it does here

  • My название 是 großartig

    2:23 okay wait..that sounds Lit

  • johnbazy
    johnbazy 5 hours ago

    *_I W I L L C R E A T_*

  • MIXR D
    MIXR D 6 hours ago

    *Gamers rise up*

  • Cardiac. Arrest.
    Cardiac. Arrest. 6 hours ago

    why is beard guy literally illiterate?

  • Gabriel Rains
    Gabriel Rains 6 hours ago

    holy shit, I don't think I've laughed so hard. the sea did the designer fuck that up?????????

  • Patrick Swayze's Ghost

    There's so much of Max's cum in that fat cunts beard that it's got it's own ecosystem.

  • Annyske007
    Annyske007 6 hours ago

    part 2 when?

  • Lucas Torres
    Lucas Torres 6 hours ago

    Love diablo 3 lmao

  • Michael Hendrickx
    Michael Hendrickx 6 hours ago

    Literally all sold out immediately

  • Mature Name
    Mature Name 6 hours ago

    Bruh everything’s sold out

  • Michael Marconi
    Michael Marconi 6 hours ago

    You have a very feminine body

  • Izanami
    Izanami 6 hours ago

    What the fuck, all the shirts are sold out. People actually bought em huh.

  • Paperclip
    Paperclip 6 hours ago

    My god I didn’t realize chad is actually mentally disabled lmao

  • Meymes
    Meymes 6 hours ago

    Just ordered the Glazed Ham shirt. It's so fucking lit 💯🔥🔥

  • Cammy Noxxender
    Cammy Noxxender 6 hours ago

    Cool shirts really needs to restock tho. There's so many shirts I wantt

  • masterman397
    masterman397 7 hours ago

    Really wish Glazed Ham was long sleeve

  • MIXR D
    MIXR D 7 hours ago

    I thought Max meant Big Time Rush when he said BTS...

  • Bean bros
    Bean bros 7 hours ago

    Frickin love lord of the fries

  • Trusty Knave
    Trusty Knave 7 hours ago

    I lost my last two brain cells the second you attempted to spell skeleton

  • Near
    Near 7 hours ago


  • I, Dissonance
    I, Dissonance 7 hours ago

    daaaamn... this was hilarious! :D

    DJ TRANS 8 hours ago

    Sexual hot dog eating lmfao

  • Brently G
    Brently G 8 hours ago

    Now this was funny! An Excellent return to form! It reminds me of the good ol' days of the classic shrimpsons boys before Jogji went Hollywood and Idubbz became a Christian TVclipr

  • ThiccEggDaddy
    ThiccEggDaddy 8 hours ago

    wheres the link to buy the trucker gamer shirt

  • GreMLinSLoveCoOkies
    GreMLinSLoveCoOkies 8 hours ago

    i like that about 10 minutes in they just gave up with the censoring.

  • bonepicker
    bonepicker 8 hours ago

    you guys make me feel smart

  • Dustin Ford
    Dustin Ford 8 hours ago

    They are all sold out except for the skeleton ham one. Are you kidding me?

  • emily
    emily 9 hours ago

    strange vibe

  • TyRobot
    TyRobot 9 hours ago

    fucking lost it on the don't hide your poos shirt

  • Anti-Stupid
    Anti-Stupid 9 hours ago

    max clearly has no idea about anything when it comes to guns.

  • AccceB
    AccceB 9 hours ago

    MaxMoeFoe not 1 pokemon themed shirt??? should make yourselves into pokemon

  • Official Fire
    Official Fire 9 hours ago


  • ???? ¿¿¿¿
    ???? ¿¿¿¿ 9 hours ago

    Funniest video I’ve seen in a long time on the jewtube

  • Red Dick0009 the return of Dickbeater

    You are the remnant of a once powerful tribe. RIP Frank. Fuck off Ian you filthy squirrel fetishist. Stay away from me howtobasic

  • imowurlawnz
    imowurlawnz 10 hours ago

    jesus this mans sentences are aids hahaha

  • Tyler CSM
    Tyler CSM 10 hours ago

    “Nobody is going to buy this” SOLD OUT

  • WodernWarfareTree
    WodernWarfareTree 10 hours ago

    Those potatoes vegan right?

  • Louis Peck
    Louis Peck 10 hours ago

    Why is the audio so shit, good video though

  • Zappa Boi
    Zappa Boi 10 hours ago


  • I taint Mistaken yo
    I taint Mistaken yo 10 hours ago

    Wish you woulda made a shirt that said “Trucker fuckers gang” and just had a fat ass trucker with a belly shirt leaning on the hood of his semi. But these were ok

  • hehexoxo
    hehexoxo 11 hours ago

    i feel bad for them cuz i actually watch the whole video but i have adblock

  • Kean Giledaks
    Kean Giledaks 11 hours ago

    If I wasn't absolutely broke atm I'd order the BRANSTORM, the Pewdiepie and the poo ones immediately! Fucking love them

  • Sachin Gopakumar
    Sachin Gopakumar 11 hours ago

    He has to be Cameron Fitzgerald, right?

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot 11 hours ago

    Lol pornhub on the tab

  • Nilex
    Nilex 11 hours ago

    The COLDONES code doesn’t work on the Glazed Ham shirt..

    LUCΛS 11 hours ago

    why do all three of em have a cap on

  • jay hackney
    jay hackney 11 hours ago

    Please get Casey Frey on

  • Holden Anro
    Holden Anro 11 hours ago

    Hey Cool Shirtz, collab with Iglooghost. If I see Max in a Steel Mogu hoodie I'll sell all my blood plasma for it.

  • legit
    legit 11 hours ago

    sceleton boys

  • Axxpirine
    Axxpirine 11 hours ago

    This is the Best video i ever seen

  • JustASlaveForOniChan AndMyManyWaifus

    Honestly a couple aren't even that bad

  • Tore Einarson
    Tore Einarson 12 hours ago

    I got a heckin’ toilet ad!

  • MusicMan0716
    MusicMan0716 12 hours ago

    This was awesome, love this content.

  • The Commenters Guild
    The Commenters Guild 12 hours ago

    S C E L O T O N

  • Phillip Sanchez
    Phillip Sanchez 12 hours ago

    For anyone curious, all the shirts are sold out except for the glazed ham shirt which is on pre-order, yes all of the shirts, and it’s only been two days.

  • Murlocfan
    Murlocfan 12 hours ago

    havent laught this hard in a long time

  • Sunny Buns
    Sunny Buns 12 hours ago

    Bruh everything is sold out :((

  • BTCF
    BTCF 12 hours ago

    Everything did actually sold out wtf

  • jammanastic
    jammanastic 13 hours ago

    Watching this a bit late the video is from 3 days ago but every single one of the shirts are sold out in 3 days that is dedication 🤣

  • kyelar sinkey
    kyelar sinkey 13 hours ago

    How is she against cunt y’all are aussies right?

  • Deric h
    Deric h 13 hours ago

    Have they ever mentioned how or why theyre imitating hot one's logo

  • Zach
    Zach 13 hours ago

    18:55 anybody read the Captain underpants books?? Toilets with teeth look it up

  • FrosT Horizon
    FrosT Horizon 13 hours ago

    7:57 bruh

  • rushc5
    rushc5 13 hours ago

    The fact that the cop walks up and basically says to a man out in public with only underwear on "Don't worry, it's hot out." is great

  • Adam
    Adam 13 hours ago

    This some top tier shit

  • Angelica Ruiz
    Angelica Ruiz 13 hours ago

    Damn I really wanted the glazed ham, and PewDiePie one but they sold out so fucking f a s t

    • maxmoefoePokemon
      maxmoefoePokemon 11 hours ago

      We put the Glazed Ham on pre-order so you can actually still buy it. Everything else is gone forever though

  • xp
    xp 13 hours ago

    Love how these turned out. Cracking me up.

  • Lithuanian Stoner
    Lithuanian Stoner 14 hours ago

    Am I the only one who searched Felix comment abou that COOL looking shirt "frends with pewdiepie" ?

  • syf1E
    syf1E 14 hours ago

    as if you put sodapoppin on... love that

  • Scooty Tube
    Scooty Tube 14 hours ago

    My name is Scott, so when Chad addresses the editor..... I feel all warm and tingly

  • Jason Stimac
    Jason Stimac 14 hours ago

    They already sold Out

  • slick rushes
    slick rushes 14 hours ago

    Chad do you braid your own hair? Can we have a tutorial 😊

  • Lana Mangoose
    Lana Mangoose 15 hours ago

    Wow some of these shirts designers are really freaking lazy and/or incompetent.

  • Bloodywasher OG
    Bloodywasher OG 15 hours ago

    To be fair I love saying REEEEEETARD! lol Although it isn't politically correct listen we should all reference the physically disabled as genetically weak freak mutant mongoloid potatos, cmon people it's 2019.

  • Dante D
    Dante D 15 hours ago

    Please restock the Mississippi sea kraits