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Alien Hand Syndrome
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  • Krishna Kanhar
    Krishna Kanhar 7 hours ago

    And I believe, we live in the center of the earth...not on the surface duh!😅

  • Potato the YT show
    Potato the YT show 7 hours ago


  • BloxBot
    BloxBot 7 hours ago

    I thought this was the diamond casino heist from GTA V online...

  • RetroGalacticGamer - Gaming, Memes, and More!

    5:30 Then we would be stuck inside the earth’s atmosphere and would run out of resources. Ok, what about stars?

  • Inside Voices
    Inside Voices 7 hours ago

    Blue is not even a natural colour for *foostuffs*. Name one blue food! Blueberries *BLUEBERRIES ARE F*CKING PURPLE*

  • Alx Lk
    Alx Lk 8 hours ago

    Hahaha. You're so funny. You talked about the Big Brother in 1984 by George Orwell. Where he writes about communism.

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 8 hours ago

    K-pop is for pedos

  • golden stalker
    golden stalker 8 hours ago


  • Steri
    Steri 8 hours ago

    Medusa in real life 😳

    MOSHINDEIRU 8 hours ago

    I mean j look at the Rothschilds

  • Secorona972 YT
    Secorona972 YT 8 hours ago

    Everyone: What the heck is the girl to the left doing? The girl: *eats popcorn*

  • Izzy
    Izzy 8 hours ago

    Astro's Win world series. 69: Want to know how they won.

  • PoWeR_ Drifty
    PoWeR_ Drifty 8 hours ago

    Bruh, I'm Mexican

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 8 hours ago

    Silent Generation vs Generation Z

  • Derek Game Play Channel

    All the dislike are flat earth

  • Njad Messi11
    Njad Messi11 8 hours ago

    3:25 like in the 1800 everyone thought their laws of science were right but now look what happened the same goes for 100 years in the future and aliens whose tech is Millenia ahead. Btw Einstein is a criminal he broke laws of physics. Also fun fact: aliens aren’t always little green men they could actually just be tiny bacteria or we are the aliens.

  • Andrew Moulton
    Andrew Moulton 8 hours ago

    Lol the US would slap us

  • Just a guy
    Just a guy 8 hours ago

    Aliens spy on me for Intel: Me: moaning and clapping noises

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 8 hours ago

    "Earther," is not a word.

  • Karun
    Karun 8 hours ago

    any north koreans here ;)

  • Richard King
    Richard King 8 hours ago

    Donald trump get things done and do something with king jong lil

  • SA
    SA 8 hours ago

    5:01 DIPPER PINES!!!!

  • spirit flashy Rose
    spirit flashy Rose 8 hours ago

    Considering that she still has the soul of an innocent one with those specific powers well two things would work in hindsight 1 time machine and to appeal to the child still there thinking of it logically that should work those are the only two options

  • BeybladeSpinner PL Triki, porady, walki

    You can do the show on Atopic Dermatisis

  • Andy T
    Andy T 8 hours ago

    *laughs in Maine where you can carry a gun without a license*

  • Miheel Parmar
    Miheel Parmar 8 hours ago

    George Orwell predicted this.

  • Pro
    Pro 8 hours ago

    Get bufff get a automatic 50. Cal and mow em down

  • leonidass v
    leonidass v 8 hours ago

    I think this video is to soft I mean how about the 3 generation punishment how much people is not elite or what do people do to scape

  • ciaran adams
    ciaran adams 8 hours ago

    Britain's the strongest

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 8 hours ago

    Did the infographics show just splash a poison potion? Also... why. He struck a tree with a sword!

  • Khallel Roach Penn
    Khallel Roach Penn 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw dipper and mable

  • Quinten Coenen
    Quinten Coenen 8 hours ago

    But bear in mind that millions (around 10 - maybe even 50 million) would join the army as soon as there is a outside threat coming INTO European borders, this is actually expected of the men in the Netherlands... I don’t know the other countries but I think that there is a similar thing.

  • Jayshiver
    Jayshiver 8 hours ago

    Obese people in America: 150 mil Obese people in DPRK: 1

  • Josiah keels
    Josiah keels 8 hours ago

    What if u never stopped running

  • ellie600
    ellie600 8 hours ago

    Yes with all the money we don’t have. You know cause we owe like 23 trillion dollars

  • Master of ninjas
    Master of ninjas 8 hours ago

    Can I just say there is a live stream from space watching the earth

  • SatyaDG
    SatyaDG 8 hours ago

    Wow..just wow...

  • YoRHa unit 9S
    YoRHa unit 9S 8 hours ago

    This man was both a genius and a lunatic and I love it!

  • feebeci
    feebeci 8 hours ago

    This makes me so thankful to live where I do .

  • mason Ji
    mason Ji 8 hours ago

    Winston Churchill?

  • Eagle Martinez Schildt

    Maybe there’s a threshold of life universally impassable.

  • Dirtyjoe 13
    Dirtyjoe 13 8 hours ago

    This reminds me of the time my dad believed in planet x, or planet niburu

  • Les Booth
    Les Booth 8 hours ago

    I don't know I'm going by history but America couldn't beat Vietnam they blunder most of their South American operations and couldn't beat Iraq or Afghanistan

  • Aaron Alcala
    Aaron Alcala 8 hours ago

    I was born in 2008

  • Johan Edfors
    Johan Edfors 8 hours ago

    Well duuuh

  • Zombie Slayer17
    Zombie Slayer17 8 hours ago

    Played the whole video on mute

  • Liam Cassidy
    Liam Cassidy 8 hours ago

    It worked in avengers and independence day

  • Huh?
    Huh? 8 hours ago

    I can so relate to this video. Its sad. Had the same kind of conversation with my friend ... Some people just cant understand the earth is flat

  • Sam M
    Sam M 8 hours ago

    Make a video on corona virus please

  • I’m sorry but I don’t do YouTube any more sorry

    USA: starts ww3 Australia: burning to death China: suffering from disease Infographics show: DoWnlOaD WiX oR waR RoBoTs

  • Lord Destroyed
    Lord Destroyed 8 hours ago

    Notice how he keeps flexing the girlfriend

  • Njad Messi11
    Njad Messi11 8 hours ago

    The aliens are actually the you’ll never believe me but they are actually -the [ERROR 404 ]Sorry won’t show its glitched by the aliens- *i know* or they are an army of John cena coz u can’t see them ok I’ll leave.

  • gamergod8778
    gamergod8778 8 hours ago

    did he mentioned the live streams from the space station and even some satellites that clearly show the earth is not flat

  • DunningKruger
    DunningKruger 8 hours ago

    Title: Actual proof!! Video: there's no proof....

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson 8 hours ago

    American life is 100 times better than nk

  • tinydough
    tinydough 8 hours ago

    Me: *Currently out with a friend drinking, and enjoying my 22 year old life* Police & Judge: Welcome to jail! :D Me: ... What..

  • WTFMannyxFTW
    WTFMannyxFTW 8 hours ago

    REMEMBER: the enemy is the government of North Korea, *NOT THE AVERAGE PERSON* LIVING THERE. They are suffering, daily. Stand for peace, and hope they rise up to free themselves.

  • Let’s take a walk
    Let’s take a walk 8 hours ago

    What about lockjaw?

  • Kas Gikes
    Kas Gikes 8 hours ago

    It was real in my mind

  • The Ripped Reaper
    The Ripped Reaper 8 hours ago

    *Everything is fair in love and war*

  • Jonas Green
    Jonas Green 8 hours ago

    U dont say

  • joel thompson
    joel thompson 8 hours ago

    You vs Jeff the killer

  • Th30n3Camp3r 07
    Th30n3Camp3r 07 8 hours ago

    I think i lost 2 million brain cells

  • Dislocated To3
    Dislocated To3 8 hours ago

    Tf is a nun

  • captaingreek
    captaingreek 8 hours ago

    1) 7:52 Portugal is conquered by Spain 2) 14:53 Japan is conquered by Russia 3) 5:01 Greece is...beautiful

  • Griffin _
    Griffin _ 8 hours ago

    I recommended this video to you on your website???

  • Nimbu Sspectre
    Nimbu Sspectre 8 hours ago

    Don’t argue using scientific facts with people that don’t believe in science

  • King2 MyQueens
    King2 MyQueens 8 hours ago


  • Jacob Runte
    Jacob Runte 8 hours ago


  • Julie Martin
    Julie Martin 8 hours ago

    You show a lot of what I’d consider “white folks” in this...hard to think that’s very accurate for the population...

  • Kaleb Berlanga
    Kaleb Berlanga 8 hours ago

    2:31 when you realize its 2020

  • Dorian Cool
    Dorian Cool 8 hours ago

    I think this is dramatized a bit but yeh

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 8 hours ago

    MANY Christians know about the supernatural you lying Satanist! Jesus casted out many demons and exorcisms go on today!

  • Anon Suomy
    Anon Suomy 8 hours ago

    I feel like I watched this video 5 times before

  • Alex Amaya
    Alex Amaya 8 hours ago

    Cali reminds me of Mexico so I love it here

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 8 hours ago

    I think brics would win but the US could do a lotta damage No Phil swift meme intended

  • Njad Messi11
    Njad Messi11 8 hours ago

    Yeah the title sounds like the world believes in flat earth and very few people think the earth is round. You are dumb if you think the earth doesn’t exist or if you think it is a donut cube flat or round it is actually a rhombidodecohedron with an apollonian gasket (I think it is a fractal ) from skeppy sub to pewds

  • Buffett lacrosse
    Buffett lacrosse 8 hours ago

    Did you guy know that they have won ever Olympics with gold metals

  • EliteHusky
    EliteHusky 8 hours ago

    Losing youre dog in minecraft, Riki i will never forget u 😥❤!

  • PotatoBall
    PotatoBall 8 hours ago

    Couple week ago(16/1/2020), North Korea vs Vietnam in soccer and win by cheating (make us having bounty)

  • Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah 8 hours ago

    He is a legend

  • FluffyDoggo 564
    FluffyDoggo 564 8 hours ago

    I absolutely love that this has its own canon and everything its just great

    KOBRA 8 hours ago

    Flat earthers appeared just to earn money.

  • Supersheep 859
    Supersheep 859 8 hours ago

    The earth is a cube idiots

    MRcoleEXTREME 8 hours ago

    @theinfographicsshow Will you do a video about the coronavirus?

  • Knott Reel
    Knott Reel 8 hours ago

    The weight of the dirt and the constrictive space would make displacing the earth above you impossible. That's okay, because you'd be too dead to watch this video anyhow.

  • ᴊᴜɴɢʜᴏᴇ
    ᴊᴜɴɢʜᴏᴇ 8 hours ago

    I honestly feel so *bad for her*

  • Neil Simmons
    Neil Simmons 8 hours ago


  • Kingdom of Kemet
    Kingdom of Kemet 8 hours ago

    Do Africa vs Europe

  • Kim Jong-un
    Kim Jong-un 8 hours ago

    Western Media Lies

  • Moraco Mole
    Moraco Mole 8 hours ago

    North Korea is literally a real life adaptation of 1984

  • Adam Eriksson
    Adam Eriksson 8 hours ago

    You vs ”The thing”

    GEO BLASTER 8 hours ago

    Id disown her

  • Aldrich Smith
    Aldrich Smith 8 hours ago

    Where does North Korea exist in relation to South Korea?

  • juke box hero
    juke box hero 8 hours ago

    We could hire them to make the border with Mexico a no go zone.

  • Andrew Gaming 132
    Andrew Gaming 132 8 hours ago

    Hello there!

  • ItsEcs
    ItsEcs 8 hours ago

    For me it's like my legs turn into jelly and i can't move and I feel like I'm super tired

  • Alexander Campbell
    Alexander Campbell 8 hours ago