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Why You Wouldn't Survive Alcatraz Prison
If you think you are going to Hell, you're not wrong. Alcatraz is one of most notoriously dangerous prisons in the world, and in today's insane new video we are sending you behind the bars to show you exactly why you wouldn't survive as a prisoner of Alcatraz.
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Who Has Deadlier Missiles? Russia or United States
Views 26K17 days ago
Today is a special military comparison where we look at the US Militaries missile technology versus the Russian armies missile tech. Which country would you put your money on in an all out war? And which missile is the most deadly? Who has the upper hand? Russia or the United States? Watch our new amazing military comparison to find out! Check out my new channel I Am:
I Am Allergic To Soap (Story)
Views 38K3 days ago
We're always told to wash our hands with soap and water, since the moment we are born until death, it's something that's been drilled into our subconscious. Soap is good, wash, rinse, repeat. But what if you are allergic to soap and can't wash your hands without an allergic reaction? How could you keep yourself clean? Watch today's crazy video to find out what life is really like for someone wi...
The Unkillable Soldier, Modern Day God of War
Views 181K3 days ago
Adrian Carton de Wiart has faced 2 world wars head on, and charged into countless other battles. Multiple gun shot injuries would not keep this war hero down, and he would seem invincible to his soldiers. Watch today's amazing video to see the crazy life of this brave soldier who was addicted to battle. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO TH...
Here's What Martial Law In The US Would Actually Look Like
Views 252K3 days ago
There is a virus running rampant in the United States known as the "T-Virus" and the US government has declared Martial Law. But what does that actually mean? It means the military is stepping in and all your movements will be extremely regulated. What would life be like in a military run city? Watch today's new video to find out! Check out my new channel I Am:
How Are Vaccines Actually Made
Views 207K3 days ago
Vaccines have been proven to significantly reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from certain viral and bacterial infections in the past, and with the state of the world right now, everyone is hoping a scientist will develop a vaccine that will save the day. But how they heck are vaccines actually made? Let's watch today's video as we break down exactly what goes into creating a vaccine for...
Why You Won't Survive British Special Forces Training
Views 171K17 days ago
Today we're going to put you into boot camp for the British Special Air Service or SAS, to see if you have what it takes to survive this brutal military training. This intensive program pushes candidates to their extreme limit in order to see if they have what it takes to become an elite defender of the England. In today's video we're going to give you a first hand look at how crazy the trainin...
Life Inside Quarantine || CHALLENGE
Views 224K5 days ago
Life inside quarantine can be difficult, especially if you are separated from your loved ones by a thin plastic sheet, but it's the safest way to control a spreading virus. Today we wanted to conduct an experiment on the effects quarantine has people locked in from the world and challenged our favorite staff writer to quarantine himself from the rest of society for a week. Watch our new video t...
Why Devil’s Island Is the World's Toughest Prison
Views 184K10 days ago
Devil's Island is home to one of the world's worst prisons, and you just bought yourself a one way ticket. In today's insane prison video, we're going to show you why Devil's Island gets it's sinister name, and why you will never be escaping this deserted island. This is the prison that nobody can escape! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO ...
Why Doesn't NASA Launch Trash Into the Sun
Views 330K11 days ago
We have a major trash problem here on Earth, I mean, have you seen those pictures of "Trash island"? If we don't do something soon, trash could become a serious problem for every single person on the planet. Why not just shoot the trash into space, or better yet, send all that garbage straight into the sun. That'll teach it. And while that sounds like a plausible solution to our waste managemen...
United States Plan for a Pandemic
Views 269K6 days ago
The mutated virus dubbed "Clade X" is born and spreading across the globe fast. What's the United States' plan for this sweeping pandemic? In today's educational video we're going to see exactly how the US would handle this new virus "Clade X" and you can see the safety protocols that would be put in place, like quarantine and isolation. And for the sake of all of humanity, wash your hands, and...
Mr. Immortal - A Marine Dives on 2 Live Grenades To Save His Platoon
Views 400K24 days ago
This incredible true story of war hero Jacklyn H. Lucas is straight out of a superhero movie. He defines bravery and was awarded a Medal of Honor for his fearlessness, but his story continues beyond the war, and he received the nickname "Mr. Immortal" for his invincible acts throughout his life. Watch today's new amazing video and see what it takes to become a real life hero. Check out my new c...
YOU vs Half-Life's Gordon Freeman (Could You Defeat And Survive Him)
Views 121K7 days ago
You get a job for the Combine Civilian Protection Force thinking you've got it made, but when a mysterious man shows up and starts causing trouble, you make it your personal mission to take him out, before he destroys you first. It's you vs Half-Life Gordon Freeman, a nerd Rambo, with you in his sights! Find out if you could survive this funny animation in the Half-Life world just in time for H...
What If a Virus Breaks out in Prison?
Views 273K7 days ago
A prisoner has shown signs of a flu, but the prison guards don't think much of it. It isn't until it's too late that the prisoner gets proper medical attention, and by then other prisoners are coming down with the same symptoms. This isn't an ordinary flu, this is a virus and it's spreading around the prison fast. What happens in prison if a virus breaks out? Does the whole place go into quaran...
Family Shipwrecked By Killer Whales and Lost At Sea - True Story
Views 130K20 days ago
What was supposed to be a nice vacation getaway, sailing with the family, turned out to be the vacation from Hell. The Robertson family was shipwrecked by killer whales and lost at sea! Watch our incredible new video to see if the family survived or if the ocean swallowed them whole! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ...
Why Did Abraham Lincoln’s Secret Service Fail?
Views 259K20 days ago
We all know the tragic fate of the 16th President of the Unites States, Abraham Lincoln, but what we don't know is why the President's secret service didn't intercept the assassin before he reached his target. In today's amazing video we are going into the past and checking out the theater on that fateful night when the United States would be shaken by the death of Lincoln, and why maybe we sho...
Most Effective Way To Kill A Virus
Views 469K9 days ago
You wake up one morning and are just feeling wiped out. You're under the weather and only getting worse. You're sick. You go to the doctors for a shot, medication, anything to make you feel better, but you get the bad news that it's a viral infection, not a bacterial. What is the best way to kill a virus? Watch our new amazing video and learn all about viruses and most effective ways to elimina...
Why Spanish Flu Killed Over 50 Million People - Deadliest Plague in Modern History
Views 718K9 days ago
The Spanish flu swept the world between January 1918 through December 1920, infecting over 500 million people around the world. At first, it was just a normal flu, but it's second wave was the deadliest. But just why did the Spanish flu decimate the world population and what made it so deadly? In todays animated history video, we're taking a look at the lessons we can learn from Spanish flu and...
The Most Bizarre Phobias People Actually Have
Views 217K10 days ago
Being scared is a natural part of being human. There are certain things people find to be more frightening, like spiders and clowns, but today we're more interested in the most bizarre fears to have ever existed. We're looking at the weirdest phobias people actually have had, and we'll see what science has to say from being deathly scared of... hair? Check out my new channel I Am:
Why Are Hotel Bed Sheets Tucked So Dang Tight?
Views 361K13 days ago
You check into you hotel suit and climb into that massive king size bed to get that much needed sleep, but once under the sheets you can't get comfortable, you feel like you're pulled down! It's because the sheets are tucked so tight, they're cutting off your circulation! If you've ever stayed in a hotel then you know exactly what we are talking about. Well in today's amazing new video we're go...
What Happens To Prisoners During A Disaster?
Views 141K11 days ago
Being a prisoner locked behind bars, you miss out on the rest of the world, but what about when natural disaster strikes? Are prisoners left for dead, or does the government have a plan to transport the criminals to a safe place? Well this has happened a number of times in history, with hurricanes and floods, and in today's amazing video we're going to show you what happens to prisoners during ...
Dumb Reason The US Lost A $1.4 Billion Aircraft
Views 491K11 days ago
The B-2 Spirit Bombers are the most advanced stealth aircraft on Earth, from their custom design engine, to the technologically advanced surface sensors, this aircraft is a feat of engineering, costing around $1.4 billion dollars per plane. But what happened when the US Military (Air Force) lost one of their most prized stealth planes? What led to the dumb accident that cost $1.4 billion dollar...
How to Build a Perfect Survival Kit
Views 104K12 days ago
The apocalypse is right around the corner, and you need to be prepared. A survival kit is essential for any chance at making it out alive during a disaster like an earthquake or a virus. But what the heck do you put in your kit? In today's amazing diy how to video we're going to help you build the ultimate survival kit to make sure you can survive anything that comes at you! Check out my new ch...
You Won't Believe Why Farmers Pants Used To Explode
Views 193K13 days ago
If you've ever heard the phrase "Liar, liar, pants on fire" and were left wondering where that saying came from, then this video should explain things more clearly. There is a strange phenomenon of farmers pants suddenly exploding, and this true story has an even stranger explanation. Watch our new crazy video about strange cases of spontaneous exploding trousers that started to pop up across d...
Why the Last Tsar Was Thrown out of Russia
Views 111K19 days ago
What made the 1,000 year rule of the Russian Tsars finally collapse? In today's exciting video we're going back in time to the early 1900's, a time where the Tsars ruled the Russian Empire, but it wouldn't be for long as times in Russia grew extremely intense as frictions between the Empire and the working class began to boil over! Watch our new amazing video to see how the Russia Revolution pl...
United States F-35 vs Russian Sukhoi Su-57 - Which Would Win?
Views 196K17 days ago
The US military boasts an incredible fighter jet in the F-35, but would it be stealth enough to win against a Sukhoi Su-57? The Russian SU-57 is a considerable opponent, but has a disadvantage in some of it's maneuverability. So which jet is capable of winning an all out fighter jet fight? Watch today's amazing new video to find out - United States F-35 vs Russian Sukhoi Su-57 - Which Would Win...
How This Man Changed His DNA
Views 270K19 days ago
This former NASA employee is devoting his life to "Biohacking" himself, and changing history by slowly altering the genes he was born with. There is another crazy story of a donor receiving more than he bargained for after a medical transplant, and his DNA began to change. This is some ground breaking scientific wizardry that could only be found in an amazing new episode of The Infographics Sho...
Reacting to Your Comments (See My Response)
Views 184K14 days ago
Through all the crazy challenges we've put our favorite staff writer through, this one may be his toughest yet, or just plain funny. In today's funny challenge video we've tasked our brave challenger to read and react to the meanest comments our fans, and haters have left for him. This isn't something we would suggest to do if you want any shred of self esteem left, but find out how he responds...
Real Life Ghost Story - Mystery of The Mary Celeste Ghost Ship
Views 171K20 days ago
This is a real life ghost story that will send chills down your spine. The Mary Celeste is a true horror story and any crew brave enough to set aboard the cursed ship has met their mysterious and tragic end. Do you believe in ghosts? Let us know in the comments! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ►
Insane Rules Bounty Hunters Have to Follow
Views 862K20 days ago
The code of the bounty hunters is very strict and originates in British common law of the Middle Ages. Bounty hunters must abide by these very rigid rules, but what exactly are they? What's allowed and not allowed when you are hunting down a fugitive? Watch today's amazing video as we go inside what it's like to be a bounty hunter and just what exactly are the rules they live by. Check out my n...
In-Flight Surgery With a Coat-Hanger and Plastic Silverware
Views 95K20 days ago
This story is so insane you have to see it to believe it. A woman gets into a fender bender on the way to the airport and misses her flight, luckily for her though, because on the second flight were two brave doctors, and when she complained about pain and not being able to breath, the stewardess called for help and the two doctors stepped up and attempted to save this woman's life using the on...
Hanging - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind
Views 380K20 days ago
If you are sentenced to death by hanging, then you're in for a bad time. As you approach the executioner, and see the noose waiting for you, you think "What poor life choices I've made." We're sorry we can't help you, but we can show you why hanging was one of the worst punishments in the history of mankind, especially when the hanging part didn't go as planned! Check out my new channel I Am: t...
All Crime Is Legal In This United States Area
Views 65K17 days ago
There's a 50 square mile section of American where all crimes are legal. This real life Purge location is called the Zone of Death and is located in Yellowstone National Park. A quirk of the US Constitution created a loophole allowing any crime. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ► MY SOCIAL PAGES DISCORD ► Facebook ► ...
Injured Soldier Fights Through "Worst 6 Hours Ever"
Views 141K17 days ago
Master Sergent Roy Benavidez AKA "Tango Mike Mike" displayed true heroics when he saved 8 mens lives, after being shot multiple times during what will be known as the worst Six Hours in his life. This story is ripe for the silver screen (movie theaters) and we would be first in line to see this man's insane war heroics on the battle field. Check out my new channel I Am:
Can You Crack The CIA's Impossible Secret Code?
Views 214K24 days ago
When the CIA decorates, they don't just do the typical Martha Stewart home and garden look, they decorate their headquarters with unsolvable puzzles. Today we're looking at Kryptos, the unsolvable sculpture that has baffled some of the greatest minds. Many genius decoders have spent months trying to decipher just a line from this impossible puzzle. See if you have what it takes to solve it, may...
What If You Were Born In International Waters?
Views 424K19 days ago
You open your eyes for the first time, and you see your mother smiling at you, and then you feel the rocking of the boat. Your very first thought as a new born baby is "If I'm born at sea, then what do I write down as my address?" Heavy thoughts for an infant, but an intriguing question nonetheless, and in today's amazing video we're going to answer that question by looking at what happens when...
Weirdest Weapons In The World
Views 301K25 days ago
The history of weapons goes all the way back to the the beginning of man, but what are some of the weirdest weapons that have ever been invented. Today's amazing new video shows you some of the craziest weapons that have ever been created, do some of them even work? Watch and find out! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHO...
Secret Hatch Hidden In Plain Sight That Leads to US President’s Apocalypse Bunker
Views 215K19 days ago
This secret apocalypse bunker is hidden in the one of the strangest places, but once we fill you in on why the President wanted it built there, it'll all makes sense. How was this doomsday bunker built in plain sight without anyone ever knowing? Watch our amazing new video to see how an apocalypse shelter for special government officials was built right under everyone's nose. And while your at ...
Soldier Sentenced to Death Escapes, Becomes Jungle King || Insane True Story
Views 1.4M20 days ago
This story is so epic it would be impossible to try and sum it up, you'll just have to watch! But a little preview would be, a soldier goes AWOL after an accidental shooting that killed his sergeant and sent him on the run, in his search for shelter he befriended a local tribe, falls in love with the daughter of their leader and became part of the tribe family, all the while being hunted by the...
Cement Shoes - Mafia Worst Punishments In The History of Mankind
Views 786K24 days ago
The Italian Mafia is known for being very kind and sweet to their victims. Yeah right! The Mafia is famous for some it's more creative forms of punishment and torture, and today we're looking at one you may have seen in a cartoon as a kid, but did they really do that? Today we're looking at cement shoes and what happens when you swim with the fishes! Check out my new channel I Am:
Why Alexander The Great Is The Single Most Important Man In History
Views 490KMonth ago
Was Alexander The Great the most important man that ever lived in the history of mankind? It is said that he was born from Zeus himself, a demi-god in the flesh. He tamed an unbreakable wild stallion that full-grown men feared to approach at the age of 12, and that horse would carry him to military victory after military victor. His name says it all- Alexander The Great. But how much about Alex...
Man Shot In Spine and Left For Dead in Amazon Jungle, You Won't Believe This Story
Views 425K25 days ago
The Amazon jungle is one of the most beautiful and dangerous places in the world, and getting lost there could cost you your life. In today's amazing video we're looking at Davey du Plessis true story of his insane struggle in the Amazon and his crazy fight to survive. Did he live to tell the story himself, or did the Amazon claim another victim? Watch and find out as we go deep into the jungle...
Almost No Chance Of Survival, We're Trapped By Somali Pirates With AK-47's
Views 252K25 days ago
These journalists were held hostage by Somali Pirates for 15 months for ransom, but what happens next is really incredible. Check out our amazing new story about survival and trying to overcome the odds as these two journalists make escape attempts only to be captured again, do they ever reunite with their families? Watch and find out! Check out my new channel I Am:
Real Stories of INSANE Super Human Strength
Views 300K25 days ago
The human body is so incredible and has amazing talents that are often never even discovered, such as superhuman strength. It's true that in some cases of extreme stress the body can shut down other systems and focus all energy on one, giving it heightened powers far beyond what we ever thought we were capable of. Watch today's amazing new video to see what we mean. Check out my new channel I A...
Karate vs Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - Which Martial Arts Is Better?
Views 236K24 days ago
The long debated superior martial art form is being put to the test today in our amazing new video! Let's see if Karate is the best fighting style or if Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is completely unstoppable. What do you think is the best fighting style that is completely unbeatable? Let us know in the comments! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO TH...
This Will Happen If You Stop Brushing Your Teeth Today || FUNNY ANIMATION
Views 160K24 days ago
You've decided that today is the day. You are done with toothpaste, mouthwash and floss, but most of all, you are done brushing your teeth. For good! What the heck can happen if you decide to go rouge and never brush your pearly whites again? Will you ever date again, or will you be doomed to solitude? Watch today's funny animated new video to find out what happens. And p.s. It's really gross (...
POW Soldier Who Blinked "TORTURE" in Morse Code on TV
Views 947K24 days ago
This is an amazing story of an incredibly brave and smart soldier who was fighting in the Vietnam war, and ended up being held captive as a POW. He seized an opportunity while being interviewed by a foreign journalist, and sent a secret decoded morse code message through a series of blinks in hopes that the US military would send help! Watch and find out what happened to this brave soldier in o...
Could The US Defend From An Invasion of the Homeland
Views 722K26 days ago
The US has ticked off every other country in the entire world for the last time. An all out attack against US is coming, but will the US military and navy be able to handle this heavy battle as enemies breach US soil from all sides. Find out today if the US army can withstand an attack on the homeland or if the US military can over power the entire world with just the US navy? Check out my new ...
What Life For a Prisoner is Actually Like in Guantanamo Bay Prison
Views 167K26 days ago
Guantanamo Bay Prison is world famous for being one of the toughest and most brutal prisons on the planet, but what is everyday life actually like for a prisoner there? Today we're going to take a look at this prison located near an US military base, and see what makes it such a brutal and horrific place to be. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRI...
Titanic Officer Who Became Hero of Two World Wars
Views 269K26 days ago
Charles Lightoller was a man with nine lives. He somehow survived the sinking of the titanic, only to be roped into duty in World War I, and then brought back into military service again in WWII. How this man managed to survive some of the most dangerous moments in history is truly amazing and today we're going to share his incredible life story with you! Check out my new channel I Am: tvclip.b...
What's Inside HH Holmes Murder Castle
Views 163K26 days ago
The infamous murderer H. H. Holmes (HH Holmes) is selling his murder castle, and today we're going to take you on very special private tour of one of the most diabolically designed castles to have ever been built. H. H. Holmes would often fire and hire new architects to work on the constructionof his multistoried mansion, with hidden passageways and trap doors, this torture castle was designed ...
This Is What ACTUALLY Happens During Prison Lockdown
Views 170K26 days ago
Prisons have a safety protocol they follow when something out of the ordinary happens. They lock everything down. If someone gets violent and hurts another inmate or if the guards sense a riot brewing, the entire prison will go into lockdown, and lockdowns can last hours, days, weeks, or even months! Today we're going to show you what goes on inside a prison when everything gets locked up. Chec...
Bermuda Triangle Mystery: What Happened to the USS Cyclops?
Views 242K26 days ago
No one has ever seen or heard from the passengers of the USS Cyclops after their passage through the Bermuda Triangle. This crazy true story remains a mystery to this day, but we're going to put together all the clues we could find to see if there is an answer to what happened to the navy ship the USS Cyclops. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIB...
What A $4 Million Dollar Manufactured Mobile Home Looks Like
Views 150K26 days ago
So you're a millionaire now, and life is great, so great that you want to spend $4 million dollars on a luxury mobile home, just for the Hell of it. That's a huge chunk of change to drop on a trailer, so what does $4 Million bucks get you??? Watch today's new funny video to find out, and find out who your rich and beautiful neighbors are! Check out my new channel I Am:
What Was It ACTUALLY Like To Watch Roman Gladiators Fight Live At The Coliseum
Views 192KMonth ago
Seeing a major sporting event live is a thrilling experience, to be close to the athletes as they battle to win the match, but that experience is the closet you can get to seeing a real life gladiator match at the Colosseum. In today's video we're going back in history to see what experiencing the gladiator fights first hand as a fan would be like, and just how brutal the real gladiator matches...
Napoleon - The Bloody Emperor of Europe
Views 191KMonth ago
Was Napoleon the greatest conqueror ever? What do we know about him? He was the man who established the First French Empire. To the French people he was a hero. To the French royalty he was their demise. Napoleon Bonaparte was a scourge to European leaders, but the countries he conquered joined a vast empire spanning from Spain into Russia. Along with his control over Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte...
Judas "The Hammer" - Greatest War Hero is History?
Views 332KMonth ago
Judas the Hammer was one of the most incredible war heroes of all time. Judas led 3,000 Jewish soldiers against an army of 24,000 Syrian invaders, in what would seem like an impossible battle, Judas led his men in the name of freedom for his people. In today's video let's go back in history and witness Judas' battle tactics first hand! Check out my new channel I Am:
Why Your Life Sucked If You Served Medieval King
Views 228KMonth ago
Life in the Medieval times sucked for sure, but if you were a servant of the King, your life was really, really terrible. The King was the worst boss you could possibly have and in today's new video we are here to prove it. Let's go back in time to see what a day in the life of a King servant would really be like, and let us know if you think you would have been able to handle the job, or if th...
Are Cop Shows Teaching Criminals How To Get Away With It? (LIVE PD Helping Criminals)?
Views 156KMonth ago
With all of the CSI and NCIS shows running on a never ending loop on cable TV, one has to wonder if these shows could possibly be making criminals smarter? In today's epic video we're going to see if there is a connection between cop procedural television shows, and if clever criminals are picking up tips to get away with crimes. Check out my new channel I Am:
I Was Lost For 43 Days With Two Chocolate Bars
Views 193KMonth ago
James Scott was a fit, young, Australian man seeking adventure in the Himalayan Mountains, when he got lost after separating from his hiking partner and he wouldn't be seen again for 43 days. Check out our new incredible survival story and let us know if you think you could survive 43 days in a frozen ice cave. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRI...
Roman Candle - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind
Views 316KMonth ago
You may have heard of the Roman Candle fireworks that shoot of amazing colors and lights, but in the past the Roman Candle was one of the worst forms of punishment and torture to have ever existed. Watch this new amazing video and see if you think this is one of the worst forms of torture of all time. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE ...
The Man They Couldn't Kill - Rasputin
Views 192KMonth ago
Download Crystalborne for free here! iOS: Android: Thanks to Machine Zone for sponsoring this video There have been many attempts to take the life of the spiritual advisor of the Russian Royal Family, but what made Rasputin the prophet so "Unkillable" as if the gods were on his side? Find out in today's amazing video as we go to Russia and fill ...
Air Traffic Control - It's Less Organized Than You Think
Views 131KMonth ago
With hundreds of airplanes taking off each and everyday from hundreds of different airports, you would think everything would work like a well oiled machine, but The Infographics Show is here to tell you, it's not! Today's amazing video goes inside the control room of an ATC tower and takes a look at just how disorganized air traffic actually is. You may want to reconsider your next flight. Che...
Most Terrifying Jail You Don't Want To Be A Prisoner In
Views 190KMonth ago
Dallas County Jail is one prison you would not survive in. This place is home to some of the most hardened criminals in the country. In today's video we are taking another frightening look behind bars and inside the dark jail cells to see just how horrible this jail would be for each and every prisoner. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO TH...
Surviving Most Extreme Mega Tsunami in Modern History - True Story
Views 282KMonth ago
A father and son are out on a boat enjoying a nice fishing trip, when suddenly an earthquake sent tons of heavy rocks tumbling into the bay, causing a massive mega tsunami that would surely crush their small fishing boat! Did the family survive, or was the giant wave too much of a force of nature to overcome? Watch today's incredible new survival story and find out! Check out my new channel I A...
What Happens When a Bird Hits a Plane Engine?
Views 373KMonth ago
You're flying in an airplane on the way to a wedding across the country, when suddenly you feel turbulence. The plane flew through a flock of birds, and the pilot is on the radio saying the engines are failing! What can you do in a situation like that, other than pray for your life. In today's epic video we're looking at one pilots brave heroics when his planes engines failed, he had to make so...
The Shocking True Castaway Incredible Survivor Story (Thomas Musgrave)
Views 478KMonth ago
You may have seen the movie "Castaway" and now you're an expert on surviving on a deserted island, right? Wrong! In today's insane story we are talking about the real life castaway, Thomas Musgrave, and how he managed to survive the island and live to tell about his extreme experience. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHO...
The Most Dangerous and Highest Paying Jobs For Bodyguards
Views 248KMonth ago
Being a bodyguard requires special training and elite skills. You would encounter various types of clients from the low level celebrities, to the filthy mega rich billionaires. In today's video we are counting down the bodyguards that make the most money for guarding extremely important people. Who makes it to the top of our list? Watch our new incredible video to find out. Check out my new cha...
Caligula the Insane - Most Evil Man?
Views 308KMonth ago
Emperor Caligula was one of the most insane men in history, and if he were around today, he would be greatly feared. This bold ruler of the Roman Empire will go down in history for his violent actions and the evil ways he ruled the Roman people. Check out our new video and see if you think Caligula deserves to go down in history as one of the greatest evil rulers of all time. Check out my new c...
The Guillotine - Worst Punishments in the History of Mankind
Views 456KMonth ago
Let's all be thankful that it's 2020 and public executions are a cruel thing of the past. In today's video we are taking a look at the most brutal Guillotine, and what made this beheading device such a popular event for the towns folk. Heads will roll if you don't check this insane new video out! Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOG...
Secret Cyber Hacker Group You Never Heard of Steals Millions of Dollars
Views 190KMonth ago
The secret hacker group that goes by the name Evil Corp is responsible for stealing millions of dollars, and are wanted by the FBI, but do you think they will ever be caught? Watch our new video and see if you think these hackers are criminal masterminds, or just plain hacks. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ► tvclip...
You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)
Views 121KMonth ago
You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little diner a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking around a bit during the day, you recognize its dark and edgy character. You head outside after it’s just been raining and it’s fre...
Scientists Wake Up Ancient Viruses Unknown to Medicine
Views 1.5MMonth ago
Scientists uncover ancient prehistoric viruses hidden for centuries inside Tibetan glaciers that could be potentially life threatening for all humanity. These viruses laid dormant inside the ice but scientists were able to wake them up and they are unlike any virus humanity has ever seen. Check out my new channel I Am: 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS ...
Mystery Figure Pulls Scam On Entire Town With Insane Prank
Views 277KMonth ago
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  • freefire machan and unboxer


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