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The Deadliest Tank of WWII
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How Does CPR Actually Work?
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Why Do You Even Exist?
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  • Dog
    Dog 7 seconds ago

    Ah yes, pay money to earn money

  • Yollie MP
    Yollie MP 40 seconds ago

    Captain Price, Roach, Ghost from CoD: 1:22

  • APiano
    APiano 2 minutes ago

    The car was not necessarily invented in 1908. The first actual motor vehicle was invented in 1885 by a man named Karl Benz and his company, Benz & Cie. Between 1887 and 1892 they sold around 25 vehicles, and somewhere in Ohio in the late 1890’s, there was, by the smallest of chances, a crash of two of these cars.

  • The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

    Cool, I wasn't nervous before but now... :)

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan Williams 3 minutes ago

    Convicting that woman of perjury should get him off

  • afr1canm0nkey
    afr1canm0nkey 3 minutes ago

    Lol they said a war with Vietnam would be short, they said a war with Afghanistan would be mere months, they said a war in Iraq would be over within 5 months..Americans assume having a better military would result in their quick victories yet they are wrong.

  • mark brown
    mark brown 3 minutes ago

    wow history shows that mankind can be unrealistically cruel to people who break the laws

  • Giannis Apostolopoulos
    Giannis Apostolopoulos 4 minutes ago

    100% succsesful

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams 4 minutes ago

    Also what everyone is forgetting is the soldiers duty & honor. They swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. No order is valid if it’s an unlawful order.

  • Dog
    Dog 4 minutes ago

    The thing is golden Freddy only appears if the player locks themselves up in the office in the games

  • sharath gali
    sharath gali 5 minutes ago

    They hit the kids with hard sticks

  • sharath gali
    sharath gali 7 minutes ago

    These punishments are absolutely nothing compared to the punishments in Indian villages

  • iiShortz
    iiShortz 7 minutes ago

    Has this guy ever played Minecraft???

  • Haitham Rabah
    Haitham Rabah 9 minutes ago

    Yup... a stone axe...

  • LPG gamer
    LPG gamer 9 minutes ago

    R u all gamers saying fortnite vs Minecraft

  • Iamkathorpun
    Iamkathorpun 10 minutes ago

    I got the 20 thousand

    THE GEAR 10 minutes ago

    parole works during christmas. you hang them and plug them then they light

  • Sofia Benariba
    Sofia Benariba 10 minutes ago

    I could just about hear the last two and obviously the other ones.

  • min yoonji
    min yoonji 10 minutes ago

    Imma visit him and play some chess

  • Math_U Yepiz
    Math_U Yepiz 11 minutes ago

    “minecraft has no skins” Minecraft skin websites, creators and the in the game marketplace: Let is introduce ourselves

  • MoonyToony Productions
    MoonyToony Productions 11 minutes ago

    Well pennywise would win because While joker be laughing constantly Pennywise opens his mouth widely and shows him the deadlights The End

  • Andrew The Legendery Wolfhog

    How I will beat pennywise is to be a saiyan and turn into a great ape.

  • Scott Adams
    Scott Adams 12 minutes ago

    The Military & especially Generals & Admirals would refuse to engage their own citizens citing Posse Comitatus “Constitutionally the military can NOT police its own citizens in America. If a Pres ordered them to they can & will refuse an unlawful order.

  • Butt Licker
    Butt Licker 13 minutes ago


  • Bloxboy19
    Bloxboy19 13 minutes ago

    2020:Friday the 14th

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L 14 minutes ago

    You guys should do an episode on the Radium Girls.

  • pyro slash
    pyro slash 15 minutes ago

    Put pennywise against the batman who laughs now thats enteresting

  • duping delight
    duping delight 16 minutes ago

    whoever does the animation needs to take a lesson in historical dress

  • Kagan Roy
    Kagan Roy 16 minutes ago

    We have the same problem in canada. I got swated once so I have personal experience with this

  • Dawn Constantine
    Dawn Constantine 16 minutes ago

    I want you to talk about how America started the war to mid-east

  • Mayank Rawat
    Mayank Rawat 16 minutes ago

    Humanity is the deadliest substance on Earth

  • Sirknightthebrave
    Sirknightthebrave 17 minutes ago


  • Sean Stevens
    Sean Stevens 17 minutes ago


  • Nunyo Bisnus
    Nunyo Bisnus 17 minutes ago

    USA: P A T H E T I C

  • Shine Luck
    Shine Luck 19 minutes ago

    What do you mean not surprisingly florida? I live in Europe can someone explain ?

  • Azo
    Azo 19 minutes ago

    2:22 stone axe🤣🤣 bruhh

  • BaconPlayz_WHAT!
    BaconPlayz_WHAT! 20 minutes ago

    I mean roblox and minecraft are both great games but rthro ruined roblox and removing some events so yeahh...

  • Ethan Sarmiento
    Ethan Sarmiento 20 minutes ago

    Nobody: The white feather: I have mastered the art of standing so incredibly still that I am invisible to the human eye.

  • Alan Jojy
    Alan Jojy 21 minute ago


  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat 22 minutes ago

    No place is more contaminated than the human soul

  • captain meow meow
    captain meow meow 24 minutes ago


  • Yousef Al-Naseem
    Yousef Al-Naseem 25 minutes ago

    Why do they have to wear sunglasses if it's just before midnight Edit: 12:20

  • yadavender yadav
    yadavender yadav 25 minutes ago

    @6:43 what's "Kashmir and India" it's INDIA . what's the point of this video if your basics are not clear.

  • TomatoPotato 11
    TomatoPotato 11 25 minutes ago

    Donald Trump wants to know your location.

  • Tit 4 Tat
    Tit 4 Tat 25 minutes ago

    Keep all pencils away from him.

  • 96wtfomg
    96wtfomg 26 minutes ago

    litvinenko? That is a strange way to spell YASSER ARAFAT

  • Omar Aziz
    Omar Aziz 26 minutes ago

    Both of them are better than our country lol

  • Zimbo Ninja
    Zimbo Ninja 26 minutes ago

    Get to the point and tell us why and stop the filler, people get porole because it's the law and of.

  • Aron Saga
    Aron Saga 27 minutes ago

    Jævla mennesker

  • axelito555
    axelito555 27 minutes ago

    oh, Me and my friend were fishing late summer at deep seas ;o

  • brent fischer
    brent fischer 28 minutes ago


  • Lesi PlaysHacks
    Lesi PlaysHacks 29 minutes ago

    Even:First time?

  • Jelo Gaming
    Jelo Gaming 29 minutes ago

    Rules of survival number 1

  • Jelo Gaming
    Jelo Gaming 29 minutes ago


  • Suseela Gopinathan
    Suseela Gopinathan 29 minutes ago

    Where is Iraq

  • Nicolas Andres
    Nicolas Andres 30 minutes ago

    Fake video dan cifras de mentiras

  • Chump Johnson
    Chump Johnson 30 minutes ago

    Yes because only 10% of the military would attack its own citizens. The other 90% would join us.

  • Cuber v2 M
    Cuber v2 M 31 minute ago

    Music during Arithmetic study really helps a lot ...but is not recommend during Learning something

  • Terrus Ciekawostki
    Terrus Ciekawostki 31 minute ago

    And think that there were maybe more people like Harrison, who weren't rescued...

  • Ben Duffy
    Ben Duffy 32 minutes ago

    Probably should have mentioned the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

  • CrispyGOAT
    CrispyGOAT 32 minutes ago

    Someone woke up in a surgery but the couldnt talk or move they can just open there eyes and talk insidd them

  • Kriss Matthew
    Kriss Matthew 32 minutes ago


  • Cracer
    Cracer 33 minutes ago

    Thanks for tactical analysis. So if we get all the way into the facilities, we may lose a couple of guards

  • Fishing Is life
    Fishing Is life 34 minutes ago

    well today a 11 year old will die bcuz they wont be no wifi

  • Joketes
    Joketes 34 minutes ago

    Why does has Russian soldiers Thompson machine guns?

  • phizzy
    phizzy 35 minutes ago

    stop talking about erik cassel ur giving me bad memories

  • Mr. GameOk
    Mr. GameOk 35 minutes ago

    Suspicious stew

  • Kristopher Heck
    Kristopher Heck 35 minutes ago

    Imagine Vegeta and Nappa showing up.

  • Kamuraze needs Peter to explain the joke

    My mom catches roaches and puts em in a box thats filled with Insect Spray

  • Rahul Patel
    Rahul Patel 36 minutes ago


  • Bangtan Forever
    Bangtan Forever 38 minutes ago

    A n d r o i d i s t h e r e a l d e a l .

  • Dark
    Dark 38 minutes ago

    You drift into unconsciousness and die!

  • Roei Asdolo
    Roei Asdolo 38 minutes ago

    I didn't laugh to death I died of embarrassment after laughing so hard that I farted.

  • Roblox Baconhair
    Roblox Baconhair 38 minutes ago


  • Jude Valen
    Jude Valen 38 minutes ago

    But here in the Philippines some are buried inside a hard box of cement...

  • My Lyrics
    My Lyrics 39 minutes ago

    I would help people who are suffering through cancer❤️

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller 39 minutes ago

    Um no disrespect but dude thallium how could you forget thallium!?

  • AllInOne.
    AllInOne. 40 minutes ago

    while majority are struggling to make ends meet... they spend billions on something useless because it will never make the world better. people people. -_- yeha its for peace alright...

  • Marijn Verheggen
    Marijn Verheggen 40 minutes ago

    the dutch is small i think

  • Filip Miženko
    Filip Miženko 40 minutes ago

    But it was scientifficly proven that in some species of dogs if you brush them they smell bad

  • Anti-Slime Hacker
    Anti-Slime Hacker 40 minutes ago

    -_________- i was born at 13 day and my age is 13

  • Aiden Strings Morley
    Aiden Strings Morley 41 minute ago

    Sooooooo.... the last of us

  • Beavis
    Beavis 41 minute ago

    When I die my debts don't get paid, that's what happens.

  • Joxon Pro PL
    Joxon Pro PL 42 minutes ago


  • Someone on the internet
    Someone on the internet 42 minutes ago

    Mom said that my great great great great grandfather's children ( On mom's side ) turned out pretty weird and had a bunch of disorders. Turned out to be true. I think I've got some symptoms of schizophrenia, paranoia, dependent personality disorder ( I eased it out by grouping a few feelings and putting them into different hosts, now have similar personalities ) and a bunch of phobias ( The most notable one is homophobia ) and other stuff. Sorry for telling my whole life story to you.

  • Mr Dofke
    Mr Dofke 42 minutes ago

    Minecraft or Fortnite?

  • LaGeRboost !
    LaGeRboost ! 43 minutes ago

    I was hoping you will say something About Slovakia 😄 maybe next time

  • Pravinesh Dayal
    Pravinesh Dayal 43 minutes ago

    Mandatory viewing if you go to an American school

  • Ben Duffy
    Ben Duffy 44 minutes ago

    0.01kg is 10 grams. Not 1

  • Jackr Mcmannerson
    Jackr Mcmannerson 45 minutes ago

    Hunger games is a battle royal

  • samiitb
    samiitb 46 minutes ago

    Do you still need to post such videos. Didn't Pakistan Army few days back admit defeat by saying they will fight till last soldier. And Pakistan fast bowler Imran Khan said that in case of India - Pakistan conventional war, Pakistan will loose the war and they will have no choice but to use nuclear bomb.

  • SH4M4N
    SH4M4N 46 minutes ago

    You can overdose easy, but not deadly.

  • Vimal Adith zyan
    Vimal Adith zyan 47 minutes ago

    Awareness video.very Nice

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 48 minutes ago

    It seems to me that most of the people that complain don't appreciate the amount of aid that the USA gives or has given, such as military aid or financial aid. Although we may be overly obnoxious, we help more countries than most other countries.

    • Jason Taylor
      Jason Taylor 52 seconds ago

      Also the U.S. causes more problems than many other countries look at the middle East killing innocents in air strikes what about the war in Iraq the U.S. invaded for its oil.

    • Jason Taylor
      Jason Taylor 3 minutes ago

      The U.S. is not the only country that gives aid. Also many reasons why the U.S. is one of the most hated country in the world is they get involved in other countries business even when they are not wanted. Also why are the U.S. still in the middle East.if world war 3 ever happened most likely it is because of the U.S. And another thing why the U.S. I disliked are because many Americans are arrogant and uneducated about the rest of the world.

  • JS eating
    JS eating 48 minutes ago

    Guys, stop ranting on about ice man freezing black widow, that would never happen because black widow is hot

  • Jan Rand Jandusay
    Jan Rand Jandusay 48 minutes ago

    The US cannot even defeat Iraq without series of coalitions... Shame on this channel!

  • Keitharo Lin
    Keitharo Lin 48 minutes ago

    13th October its my birthday lol

  • Slit
    Slit 49 minutes ago

    Im not scared of death im scared if someone else dies

  • Notice Senpai
    Notice Senpai 50 minutes ago

    Is that zozo reference

  • Екатерина Жарикова

    It’s a great video and that...but I am Russian my self and I just don’t think it was very appropriate to use our nation in such way...maybe it’s just a joke and I’m not offended or anything, but just be careful for other people...great video tho