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Robert Baker
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  • Ronin 77
    Ronin 77 34 minutes ago

    Hot DAMN that's a great tone!

  • Hectic Hive
    Hectic Hive Hour ago

    What is the last solo he was playing? #5 at 11:07?

  • Artamus Sumatra
    Artamus Sumatra Hour ago

    It should be mentioned that Fender makes about a thousand (usually slightly) different Strat variations, and almost as many Telecasters. My personal preference after trying as many as I could get my grubby little mitts on : Made in Mexico Standard Stratocaster SSS, and American Professional Telecaster SS. I tried going with one or the other, but I’ve come to realize I need ‘em both.

  • Tom Dippnall
    Tom Dippnall Hour ago

    Everyone is saying this is a David Gilmour esque tone but I'm getting serious John Mayer vibes from it! Really cool either way :)))

  • Tom Dippnall
    Tom Dippnall Hour ago

    I miss the warm mellow tone I got from my bootleg les paul guitar... But I broke the neck by accident a couple months back. Stuck with my buzzy twangy squier strat tones for now 🙃

  • Shape Shifter
    Shape Shifter 2 hours ago

    Anybody got tips for RZK fan?

  • Patrick Domenici
    Patrick Domenici 2 hours ago

    I have the same desk fan, only mine is orange.... Thanks a ton for the vid!

  • coxscorner
    coxscorner 2 hours ago

    It's a debate over who wrote more of the greatest riffs of all time; Page or Iommi.

  • Roger Philabaum
    Roger Philabaum 6 hours ago

    That is a great strat tone for sure!

  • The Lion
    The Lion 7 hours ago

    I feel like I'm watching Wayne's World

  • Rock-Guitar Blues-Guitar

    Yeeeaaah Billy Squier!!! He is so underrated

  • Luey Sixty-six
    Luey Sixty-six 8 hours ago

    You're not wrong, that sounds great. Fender through a Fender, great.

  • bill johnson
    bill johnson 9 hours ago

    I hate telecasters they remind me of bruce Springsteen

  • RocketBoy1969
    RocketBoy1969 10 hours ago

    Great tone on your Strat! I would love some tasty tabs of this! I was playing with some tones on my Strat tonight. Cut back on the gate, added some reverb, delay and a rotovibe playing through my Marshall Code 50. Going for the clean David Gilmour sound "Shine on You Crazy Diamond". Gilmour bends a lot! That'll build up some calluses lol

  • David D
    David D 10 hours ago

    Beautiful! Strats are easy to get inspired by. Putting a drive on and Rolling the volume down on the neck pickup is the secret to magic.

  • Steven mGyori
    Steven mGyori 11 hours ago

    Yeah, it's bluesy so I like it! Thanks for sharing brother! Be Well Robert!

  • Jackson Elder
    Jackson Elder 12 hours ago

    youtube un subbed me

  • KB BBQ
    KB BBQ 12 hours ago

    Put on your Bob Ross shirt, he would be proud of your happy accident. Great sound Robert!

  • rudiyanto halim
    rudiyanto halim 13 hours ago

    Looks like u like this Trogly's strat just the way it is and forget about your fun project to mod it with your subscriber ✌

  • AaronsSongs
    AaronsSongs 13 hours ago

    Nice job LPD! 🤘🏼😎👍🏼

  • George McKenzie
    George McKenzie 14 hours ago

    Page sung backup on Hey hey what can I do? I got a little woman and she won't be true ( b side?)

  • Julian Carmichael
    Julian Carmichael 14 hours ago

    Well pleased for you pal, there's nothing better than finding the true voice of your guitar. :)

  • evron
    evron 14 hours ago

    Has a lil more "dirt" on it but it definitely has a "Gilmourish" feel to it..

  • Dmitry Ginkul
    Dmitry Ginkul 16 hours ago

    The old one for sure. Fuller sound with more bite and clarity

  • Switchback Life
    Switchback Life 16 hours ago

    hey Bro, drop box says file is no longer available, WHAT???can you repost them please, bitchin vid btw

  • Mark Adams
    Mark Adams 16 hours ago

    Right on good stuff

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez 17 hours ago

    Hi Robert, I'm coming across your video because I'm looking to start playing guitar now in my 31st year in this world haha... I played bass when I was about 13/14yrs old however briefly, I was a lot into Blink182 and GreenDay etc, I still am but also into Nirvana, AC/DC, GunsNRoses and more of the such. I've researching guitars but I fell in love with the Epiphone ES 333 Tom Delonge signature, I've read that is not the best for beginners but I truly love the style I don't remember almost anything from my bass days. So I feel like I'm starting from scratch, I'm also looking to get a BlackStar mini amp, fender nine in ear monitors because I'm planning on playing in my apartment and my wife and neighbors might not like me playing sloppy guitar tunes. But what do you thing about my guitar choice? I'm planning on ordering a used ES333 from GuitarCenter its about half of retail price.

  • Mike Salopek
    Mike Salopek 17 hours ago

    You should publish that on the axe exchange.... I could totally make that work on a Sunday morning church service. Love it

  • Ryan Sonic
    Ryan Sonic 17 hours ago

    Definitely got an Eric Johnson vibe. Sounds great!

  • DeadShred65
    DeadShred65 17 hours ago

    Great song Robert love that Zep song !! I'm on a Laptop with ear buds but your intro LLM sounded thin needed a bit more Distortion / Grit to it ? Take your pick but yeah thats what Im hearing for your FYI do with what you will ? Oh been playing for 35 yrs so I know Tones - Peace & GUITARS !!

  • DeadShred65
    DeadShred65 17 hours ago

    Hey Robert enjoyed the Content but I have a Question ? Whats with the Beard dude are yo going for a bit less Rough Guy Zakk Wylde look ?????? LMAO, just kinda need to know because your starting to look like a member of the OG Blackfoot band ? Not That There's Anything Wrong With That ..........

  • Lando27Music
    Lando27Music 18 hours ago

    I dig it!

  • superjet113
    superjet113 18 hours ago

    Yeah, that is a beautiful tone for sure... Takes me home.

  • 1sttvbn
    1sttvbn 18 hours ago

    They never played it live

  • Occult of Personality
    Occult of Personality 19 hours ago

    Those are Animals as Dover Zeppelin chords, I think lol.

  • Poo Ninja
    Poo Ninja 19 hours ago

    happy accidentals and those crazy presets that come with mulit efx units can be very inspiring

    JHPRS 19 hours ago

    Hi Robert. What model of Epiphone is that in the background? :)

    • Yuly Klinov
      Yuly Klinov 17 hours ago

      JHPRS if you are talking about the black one, that’s the Jared James Nichols signature, he did a video on it pretty recently. Sorry that I’m not the man himself

  • luna5632
    luna5632 19 hours ago

    Spent 10s of thousands of dollars on guitars, amps, and pedals looking for that tone and you found it by mistake! Go figure!!

  • michael newell
    michael newell 20 hours ago

    Hi Robert, really like your channel. One of the few young guys out here that can really play and give a lot of inspiration. Just curious what you used for this tone? What delays and drive pedals?Thanks Michael Newell from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

  • Bradley Spinks
    Bradley Spinks 20 hours ago

    That's great thanks mate! (looks at fret board and mind goes blank)

  • cyanidejunkie
    cyanidejunkie 20 hours ago

    Next time try a fuzz, not too intense... then roll the volume on the fiddle way down to clean it up... Oddly, it gets very glassy. Great slightly pushed sound.

  • John O'neill
    John O'neill 20 hours ago

    Mayer me thinks 😎

  • Fett Boba Karim
    Fett Boba Karim 20 hours ago

    When u use delay everything sound great, without it will sound like *rap

  • Tony Larremore Music

    Very nice! Sounds great!

  • BuzzsawMoviesLtd
    BuzzsawMoviesLtd 21 hour ago

    Holy mother of TOOOOONE

  • Watch Your Tone Man!

    Shine on! What a tone man. My plants grew faster when watching this. Thanks!

  • Shaka Doug Corbin
    Shaka Doug Corbin 21 hour ago

    Pink Floyd/David Gilmour revisited... sounds awesome.

  • Jimbo Carrino
    Jimbo Carrino 21 hour ago

    Oof that's some good tone with a side of tone. Far out on the playing side too Roberto, keep it up!

    • Jimbo Carrino
      Jimbo Carrino 21 hour ago

      @Robert Baker Anytime, And thanks for that advice the other day on stream, I've really improved since then!

    • Robert Baker
      Robert Baker 21 hour ago

      Thanks Jimbo!

  • Sean Donovan
    Sean Donovan 21 hour ago

    Love it Man

  • MrSubscriber77
    MrSubscriber77 21 hour ago

    How much for you, pretty girl?

    • shumail khan
      shumail khan 16 hours ago

      Shld be the name of what he starts playing at @3:44

  • bassax7045
    bassax7045 21 hour ago

    James Bond theme skyfall is what it sounds like . Nice tone !!! : skyfall on crying guitar ( )

  • rkoz55
    rkoz55 21 hour ago

    Gotta have that record button handy at all times!

  • Gary Dunham
    Gary Dunham 21 hour ago

    Anyone notice the typo in the description lol Nvm

  • Patrick Sommer
    Patrick Sommer 21 hour ago

    That jam was deicious

  • Jeff Lupton
    Jeff Lupton 21 hour ago

    Hell yeah dude love this tone! I really enjoy mixing things up to force me out of my comfort zone and play differently

  • Chinaguitarsceptic
    Chinaguitarsceptic 21 hour ago

    OMG dat tone my dude!

  • shawn douglass
    shawn douglass 21 hour ago

    Very, very sweet sound to start your video out with Robert, keep it up Bro 😆

  • Bristolpa
    Bristolpa 21 hour ago

    Love your tone and licks

  • Guitar Ocd
    Guitar Ocd 21 hour ago

    I've always looked at stratocasters as just a vessel for a humbucker. I try to play mellow and tasty but it only lasts for like 5 minutes. Then my heavy hand takes over.

  • Peter Brown
    Peter Brown 22 hours ago

    Very David Gilmore sounding Robert.

  • Jonathan Hicks
    Jonathan Hicks 22 hours ago

    No mistakes by you my friend!

  • Joe S
    Joe S 22 hours ago

    There are no such things as mistakes, only happy accidents.

    • Tom Dippnall
      Tom Dippnall Hour ago

      Bob Ross is a legend and this comment is therefore legendary.

    • Luey Sixty-six
      Luey Sixty-six 8 hours ago

      Shit I've made a lot of "happy accidents" in my life, then..!

    • Spicy Dragon
      Spicy Dragon 21 hour ago

      Joe S ah thanks

    • Guitar Ocd
      Guitar Ocd 21 hour ago

      No mistakes? don't ask my dad.

    • Joe S
      Joe S 21 hour ago

      @Spicy Dragon bob ross

  • Robert Baker
    Robert Baker 22 hours ago

    Forgot to include what the tone was lol A Vibro King amp the distortion was 808 with a stereo delay and a large hall reverb :)

    • David Weier
      David Weier 12 hours ago

      A bit off topic Robert, noticed you have a Mac computer. Would you say needed more then a windows computer?

    • Joe B
      Joe B 14 hours ago

      @Robert Baker yeah

    • Robert Baker
      Robert Baker 18 hours ago

      @Who'sThatGirl I DO WHAT I WANT!!!!

    • Who'sThatGirl
      Who'sThatGirl 18 hours ago

      lol is that not what the WHOLE video was about? How do you not say what the tone was?

    • Grip Condor
      Grip Condor 21 hour ago

      I run a similar rig but a 59 Bassman instead of the Vibro King..

  • Its Elias
    Its Elias 22 hours ago

    Woooooow :O

  • Blue Ink
    Blue Ink Day ago


  • Steven Chisham

    pair that with the smg cockblocker

  • Gale Liwan
    Gale Liwan Day ago


  • nick kroudis
    nick kroudis Day ago

    RB, kudos man! The studio looks great and I love the look of the new video look, lighting, etc. Looks awesome. And I can’t forget to mention the pedals review. They sound great, you sold me on them. I’m going to definitely check them out! Keep up the great work!!

  • Kirk Bolas
    Kirk Bolas Day ago

    I voted with my wallet a few months ago and bought the 87. That too is my tone and now I don’t have to lug around a JCM 800 or a MKIIc when my band is playing 80’s style tuneage.

  • Luey Tele Deluxe

    When r u going to come over to the jazzmaster side?? It's a crisp, rich, fatter (than strat singles) tone... You might be surprised...

  • Rob S
    Rob S Day ago

    I can only do this backwards

  • Charles Merfeld

    Love that Friedman

  • Elijah Connolly

    Ok so u don't like the charvel Robert I'll trade ya a PRS Torero for it lol

  • Ben Coombs
    Ben Coombs Day ago

    Welcome to the LPD family!! The Eighty 7 hasn't left my board since I got it!!

  • Mister Knight Owl & Co.

    Get one of those cheap 15 watt combos like the rest of us, kids 😆 you'll learn to play reaaaaaal quick after hearing that garbage for 6 months.

  • Josh Kurtzman
    Josh Kurtzman Day ago

    I looked to much at his hair... *now It looks like a wig*

  • courtney hunt
    courtney hunt Day ago

    Love that orange crackle charvel! What year/model is it??

  • B Miller
    B Miller Day ago

    68 drive is amazing, what a great pedal. My wish list is getting to be ridiculous when it comes to pedals. lol

  • SuperNoobTroll

    Dude you're just like Marty but without his command of the instrument.

  • wyatt postlethwaite

    Your sound is amazing dude! Could we get your Axe fx 2 presets?

  • Clark Babin
    Clark Babin Day ago

    In videos I've seen JPJ was doing back up in a bunch of songs.

    • Clark Babin
      Clark Babin Day ago

      Dont know where she lived but from what I understand members of the band hit bourbon street every show they played in New Orleans. A lot of bands get tired of playing certain songs even cover bands.

  • Clark Babin
    Clark Babin Day ago

    Sounds muzak like.

    • Clark Babin
      Clark Babin Day ago

      Maybe he was sick of seeing sweet connie and the plaster sisters

    • Clark Babin
      Clark Babin Day ago

      Page also had a double neck top was twelve bottom six.

  • Eflatmajor7sharp11

    I would love to have a 36-fret one string guitar. Conversely I would love MORE a 1 fret guitar with 36 strings.

  • cflowers69
    cflowers69 2 days ago

    LoL. I re-watched your Nuno solo, Robert. I have always had to brush up on his solos when covering Extreme songs. Nuno's stuff gets tricky in those claustrophobic little bits he does. I used to pull my hair out with learning his solos for THOSE little parts. Like, the rest of it isn't bad, but those little parts.....GAAAAWWWWDDDD.

  • cflowers69
    cflowers69 2 days ago

    I grew up in Boston and have seen Nuno play sooooooooooo many times. My guitar buddies were always assigned to two sides: Nuno fans, and Nuno haters. Both sides would go to the shows of course, lol. With the Haters always saying things like "He's just so smug...look at him...." Well, perhaps, but he was always damn good. His palm-muted scale flurries are amazing. Nuance, Nuance, Nuance!

  • cflowers69
    cflowers69 2 days ago

    Did I miss something here? Where is the "Baker-close" closeup you do in all of your vids? lol. There is always that sudden close-up shot that you do. It is one of your trademarks on your channel. Sort of like Ola's belching on his channel. lol.

    • Robert Baker
      Robert Baker 18 hours ago

      haha dont worry I did it plenty in the next video :)

  • Thomas Stankiewicz
    Thomas Stankiewicz 2 days ago

    Can this do modern metal?

  • Paul Might
    Paul Might 2 days ago

    'IF' Atlantic proposed a single of Livin’ Lovin’ Maid, the album/blues orientation of Jimmy would’ve made him refuse.

  • Sajini Varghese
    Sajini Varghese 2 days ago

    Wonderful tonight for me

  • Dr Frick
    Dr Frick 2 days ago

    Killer chops man...

  • Sameena Kausar
    Sameena Kausar 2 days ago

    Awesome teaching ! Tabs on the screen are real helpful for the purpose of practicing. Thank you very much for posting this tutorial !!!

  • Spencer Fristad
    Spencer Fristad 2 days ago

    That tone is awesome man sounds great for Zeppelin Ac/dc Maby some old school Alice Cooper

  • Ridge Reeder
    Ridge Reeder 2 days ago

    S11 episode 1 of family guy, Robert Baker graduated from chiropractic school

  • robert carra
    robert carra 2 days ago

    Funniest video, having fun with boxes you had me laughing, good video keep up good work.

  • Joza Gloza
    Joza Gloza 2 days ago

    Whats the name of the song or a band he played with 80's pedal fist? The noono central or what?

    • LawrencePetrossDesign
      LawrencePetrossDesign 2 days ago

      Robert plays quite a bit of Get The Funk Out from Extreme II -Pornograffiti

    • kelley hargis
      kelley hargis 2 days ago

      He mentions Nuno Bettencourt, from the band Extreme while using the second pedal, the 87 preamp.

  • Blkjakk
    Blkjakk 2 days ago

    I haven’t heard a LPD pedal that I didn’t like!!

    • Blkjakk
      Blkjakk Day ago

      LawrencePetrossDesign Ha it did, didn’t it?! 😊♥️

    • LawrencePetrossDesign
      LawrencePetrossDesign 2 days ago

      Blkjakk sounds like a Will Rogers quote 😃 thank you so much!

  • james durnford
    james durnford 2 days ago

    if you take a roach clip to yor skin and to your gtr you ground yourself no buzz