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Ultimate Rap League
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    JORDAN DOWNS SCOTTY 3 minutes ago

    I'm gripping mine he said that 6 times 👎

  • Larry Smith
    Larry Smith 4 minutes ago

    #AppGang #PPVGang #URLforlife

    JORDAN DOWNS SCOTTY 5 minutes ago

    The short sleeve hoodie tho...and that was a hidden choke at 14:50

  • Prod
    Prod 7 minutes ago

    Whole lotta dick talk.

  • ferl Mitchael
    ferl Mitchael 8 minutes ago

    He fake ass nu jersey Twork

  • Jaylins Father
    Jaylins Father 10 minutes ago

    You're a imaginary Gunslinger who shoots people with gun fingers #Iron

  • Robert Crow
    Robert Crow 11 minutes ago

    8:45 went over a lot of heads... “For them COMMENTS Ima POST up, with a short CLIP, I gotta .GIF(t) for you” 🔥

  • Latty
    Latty 13 minutes ago

    That was a TIE! Both snapped

  • Android Q Music
    Android Q Music 15 minutes ago

    No A WARD?

  • J Lit aka the icon
    J Lit aka the icon 18 minutes ago


  • Thug Lyfe
    Thug Lyfe 21 minute ago

    Why can't the black man be this tough in the real world?

    • Mason Storm 09🎭
      Mason Storm 09🎭 5 minutes ago

      Great observation! 🙏🏽🙌🏾💪🏾👍🏾👏🏽

  • killa14591
    killa14591 22 minutes ago

    Rum 1st...🤒

  • Charlene Wesseh
    Charlene Wesseh 23 minutes ago

    niggas gas mook too much this nigga is ass

  • J Power
    J Power 25 minutes ago

    Chase drained the energy in the room and Killa have mid to low level bars didn't help either

  • BIGsam DaDon
    BIGsam DaDon 30 minutes ago

    All of day bars going right over jazz head lol she look confused

  • Dre Lucas Channel
    Dre Lucas Channel 31 minute ago

    You always fucking joking You might jus die You can't wake up out a casket and say sike I lied 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • iLoHym Shaddai
    iLoHym Shaddai 32 minutes ago

    Hustle BARS was way HARDER then Jaz PERSONAL OVERDUES ..... i don't know none of these rappers i just WANT "BARS" no personals just BARS my NIGGA! Hustle "They gone have to Google a bitch, let me break it down i put yo type in a box they gone have to search for you" BAR BAR Hustle "I catch Jaz in the front yard BANG BANG she gone think I'm DON DaMarco" YEEEEEEAAAAA!!!! SHit Like Dat BAR BAR Ms. Hustle Won

  • Life Goes on
    Life Goes on 35 minutes ago

    It’s preztwork , because he sound like both of them.

  • 22TV
    22TV 36 minutes ago

    Sub our league!! Thanks from NZ tvclip.biz/channel/UC-8JuzoqT1kfr0k0GRahMAg

  • DJ schultz
    DJ schultz 36 minutes ago

    Norbes look like he got to shit but scared to move.

  • Jonny P.
    Jonny P. 38 minutes ago

    Why Roc did this tho tvclip.biz/video/QYhGOjEMyIg/video.html

  • Kente Brown
    Kente Brown 38 minutes ago

    Yoooooooo smack why y'all think this punk is a battle rapper all k shine wants is some boy booty straight bitch

  • King Withinakid
    King Withinakid 40 minutes ago

    5:36 in and I’m bored to tears

    MICHAEL PUNCHLINE 41 minute ago


  • James Ashbrook
    James Ashbrook 44 minutes ago

    Arsonal won (2-1)

  • Mr.S Gaines
    Mr.S Gaines 45 minutes ago

    Smack... who is these niggas?

  • Rusty *KinkyT* Edwards
    Rusty *KinkyT* Edwards 46 minutes ago

    Hey I was following killer b and showstopper and they the next up

  • K 3
    K 3 50 minutes ago

    Killa B Midwest shit 414

  • J.P. Kingsbury
    J.P. Kingsbury 51 minute ago

    Such a dope battle between supreme swagger and wild energy and agression.

  • Ray Ill
    Ray Ill 51 minute ago

    Why norbes got this big dumb ass prostration Mark on his forehead👳🏻‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jaylins Father
    Jaylins Father 53 minutes ago

    The reason Murda Mook will forever be ahead of 96 % of battle rappers is because hes smarter #WordplayKing #VocabularyKing

  • Kevo TheKing films
    Kevo TheKing films 55 minutes ago

    Killa B 💪🏾💪🏾 Midwest

  • Herb Bush
    Herb Bush Hour ago

    Norbes wit the Al Bundy tee

  • Shamir Hall
    Shamir Hall Hour ago

    Chili in this bitch

  • Jonn Free
    Jonn Free Hour ago

    Arsonal be crazy 🤮🤮🤮

  • vinifari 2300
    vinifari 2300 Hour ago

    Why oh boy keep talking while other dude be rapping tho?! That ruins the battle!

  • Sneaky Suave
    Sneaky Suave Hour ago

    Spine shot from my old Mac, give you a floppy disk omg! That’s fireeeee

  • EmoryForbes
    EmoryForbes Hour ago

    Killa B had more haymakers chase fire tho

  • teonna weakfall
    teonna weakfall Hour ago

    Chase Paper 👀👀👍

  • Jermaine Jones
    Jermaine Jones Hour ago

    Killa B 2-1 even though I heard you go way harder than this one

  • Klitius Smooth
    Klitius Smooth Hour ago

    This was a all-time back to back classic: Conceitted: I ain't staring hard when I say that I'm mugging him// Two pistols, silencers on when I'm dumping 'em//I know you fear a Con, that's a lie If you think you could run after I muzzle 'em!!!! (MY_GOODNESS_:0) Tsurf: Catch him coming down the stairs// I tell the homie, like, "Shhh! Shhh!"// Think it's a game 'til you are in the middle of that ch-ch// See, I'm way to advanced for these niggas and it hurt// Like that last bar for instance// You are in the middle of that ch-ch; that's "church" DAMMMMMMN....

  • MrFamila
    MrFamila Hour ago


  • Phlex FigNewton
    Phlex FigNewton Hour ago

    I jus respect both parties for givin the game wt they actually signed up for plus seeing blac people doin somethin positive Lic writin a wrong of the past to mke for a better future

  • DaExample414
    DaExample414 Hour ago

    2-1 Killa B. Great battle. I wanna see both of these guys again🔥🔥🔥

    TJ ROZAY Hour ago

    Yoooooo is it me or does it look like someone threw Norbes into the grill again head 1st 🤷🏾‍♂️. Am I buggin or nah?

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son Hour ago

    Chase look like jey the nitewing wit his hair in braids😭 gd battle🔥

  • Keylin Haye
    Keylin Haye Hour ago

    Killa B is wildly predictable

  • Tesseract Comics


    CROWN GYC Hour ago

    Killa 3-0

  • Dee Griggs
    Dee Griggs Hour ago

    Anybody think Geechi won this😭they retarded😳

  • Chase Pape
    Chase Pape Hour ago

    @Weallaintchasepaper 🤬🤬🤬🤬

    • Chase Pape
      Chase Pape Hour ago

      Insta and Twitter follow and stay tuned appreciate the support 💯 salute NORBES and Url

  • king Roshi
    king Roshi Hour ago

    So who one?

  • Krucial Thirteen

    canteen/ i care FIRE. they aint never been locked up

  • Peoples_ dbd
    Peoples_ dbd Hour ago

    Y’all see young Tay Roc in the white T and big fitted hat

  • deangelo9876
    deangelo9876 Hour ago

    Killa b 2-1

  • Renee Michelle
    Renee Michelle Hour ago

    Yoooooo DNA just killed me too unintentional murder lol

  • The Propha-C
    The Propha-C Hour ago



    Watching this battle in 2019 and I became a shine fan after this battle! He was a 10/10 in all areas of this battle!

  • Lucid Swank
    Lucid Swank Hour ago

    Trash battle

  • Tru Foe
    Tru Foe Hour ago

    Its Terrible that niggaz wont even give the battle a chance jus Dana come to the comments to complain smh GIVE THE BATTLE A CHANCE niggaz worked hard to get to this platform and y'all jus hate if u want to see Other battles GET THE FUCKING APP (niggaz complain on der to)

  • shohdtv
    shohdtv Hour ago

    #CHASE21 1st/3rd

  • Sean Karleone
    Sean Karleone Hour ago

    Killa B 2 -1

  • Upnorth Enterprises

    Chase paper 2-1 💯💯

  • javonroberson87
    javonroberson87 Hour ago

    Blackface 3-0

  • Logik's world
    Logik's world Hour ago

    Smack hate broke mfks 😂 😂 😂 this battle 🔥 🔥 enjoy it and stfu

  • Magnum Talawah
    Magnum Talawah Hour ago

    Chase Paper won... Other guy bars are average or I've heard before, he trying to be aggressive but CP too big for him to even be affected by it 😂 😂 😂

  • Logik's world
    Logik's world Hour ago

    Killa B 2-1 #NMWM

  • The Life & Times of Eric Pinckney

    I like Chase Paper’s delivery. Unorthodox and clever. Doesn’t sound like too many people. Looking forward to seeing his PG vs Tru Foe from BL8 weekend. They both graduated apparently and are booked for Survivor Series Maryland. 😎👍🏾

  • Drew City
    Drew City Hour ago

    Killa B 🔥🔥🔥

  • Anno Smith
    Anno Smith Hour ago

    So smack and NuNu really dipped off to go get a quicky in before the battle was over lol

  • MrTruth07
    MrTruth07 Hour ago

    kills b corny bars basic

  • specialbeamcannon1

    🚮 🚮🗑️ 🗑️ 🚮 🚮🗑️ 🗑️

  • Derkgphoto
    Derkgphoto Hour ago

    Code word, single parent household...I'm here in Oct 2019

  • Elevated one
    Elevated one Hour ago

    Chase is dope

  • Truth Corleone
    Truth Corleone Hour ago


  • Krucial Thirteen

    salute killa B milwaukee in here 414

  • Gnews power of the people campaign

    Man these bars are Average as hell

  • BattlecastDK
    BattlecastDK Hour ago


  • Langston Jackson

    Killa B got locked up in Gainesville? And it's ASO we drop the c.

  • Xavier Walker
    Xavier Walker Hour ago

    Killa B gotta PG?! Oi Kno this bout to be fire.. BODY GANG!! I'll comment again after this over.

  • YouTube Me Stat Static

    The bro did it! 🔥

  • sergiodbd
    sergiodbd Hour ago

    Jey the Nightwing vs Ace? Brooklyn Hanz? And Mo Mula is back yeah? Say no more

  • Damnimwild
    Damnimwild 2 hours ago

    Delete this

    • Tru Foe
      Tru Foe Hour ago

      @Damnimwild its some shit in hear tho but at least u watched to even know those bars so I cant knock that.. These other mffs jus complaining

    • Damnimwild
      Damnimwild Hour ago

      Tru Foe bro bro.. niggaz saying hot like Arizona ... nope. Florida clip handle like California? Nope .. went to the 9 like a 8th grader.. 😫 these lines not it and chase sound like prez 🤦🏾‍♂️ man got kid knees bars I’m gone 🤨

    • Tru Foe
      Tru Foe Hour ago

      Damn bro give my niggaz a chance

  • Jay Rich
    Jay Rich 2 hours ago

    Kill b ass!!! But still won 1st & 2nd

  • FleXx Lugar
    FleXx Lugar 2 hours ago

    Came straight to comments

  • Bles
    Bles 2 hours ago


  • Barzan DaTitan
    Barzan DaTitan 2 hours ago

    I had it chase 2-1 in tha building

  • Treble Tate
    Treble Tate 2 hours ago

    Killa B 2-1 fire 🔥 battle

    I NEED BARS 2 hours ago

    "The 5 in his face like girl plz🖐🏿/I ain't trynna brawl /I pull straps from the side/gotta let da girls breathe" "-Chase Paper 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dirty30 #TheMarathonContinues

    This 50 Tyson looking nigga - Bill collector

  • God's Mistake X Rare Willie Willie

    Everytime he say a line I hear a dude growling in the back

  • MrRanDUMB StrongIsland


    • cazz pharrel
      cazz pharrel 12 minutes ago

      @Jermaine Jones 8 a month just like netflix

    • Isaiah Freecos
      Isaiah Freecos Hour ago

      But a good portion of the fans are kids.....

    • Jermaine Jones
      Jermaine Jones 2 hours ago

      8 dollars is for the app or per match

  • Patrick Allen
    Patrick Allen 2 hours ago

    Norbes head looks wild

  • ray anderson
    ray anderson 2 hours ago

    13:09 JERSEY!!!!

  • Danny Myers
    Danny Myers 2 hours ago

    Chase and Killa both nice with it

  • Anonymous Fan
    Anonymous Fan 2 hours ago

    Why url so mad at us 😞😢😢😢

    • israel ince
      israel ince Hour ago


  • Buzzman182
    Buzzman182 2 hours ago

    If this is the same Killa B from Black Ice Cartel I'll give it a watch

  • CrazedspaceJunkie
    CrazedspaceJunkie 2 hours ago

    Twork and nitty are the kings of small room. Ored as well.

  • Boom Shakalaka
    Boom Shakalaka 2 hours ago

    Killa B been cold

  • MrRanDUMB StrongIsland