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  • shimmy2708
    shimmy2708 13 hours ago

    I’ve been watching TVclip for about ten years now and I’ve watched a LOT of makeup collection videos. This one is my favorite! I feel like you and I are just sitting and talking in your room. I love all your commentary, it’s so informative. Your collection isn’t overwhelming yet there’s great variety. This was GREAT! Thank you! I’m loving everything you’re posting!

  • Sugar Rush
    Sugar Rush Day ago

    Im surprised this ACTUALLY worked. My hair doesn't feel completely back to normal. But it has improved by like 85%. I did too strong a protein treatment and my hair was like STRAW and tangled/matted beyond recognition. It felt hard and dry, no matter how much i deep conditioned, and when i managed to detangle a section, it would tangle up literally in 10 sec, basically immediately. I was so scared, because protein overload is like a death sentence for alot of naturals. I've seen so many naturals get years worth of setback and big chopped because of protein overload. I'm a little over 4 years natural and already had plenty of setbacks, i couldn't lose years a growth again. I obsessively searched the internet for answers. Tried using salt water/conditioner, olive oil, deep conditioned till i turned blue, ect. Nothing was working. All i got was "you combat protein overload by lots of moisture. But it felt useless being the moisture was not getting into my strands. I even saw a video that said "it's a long grueling process that requires patience to correct and will take months". Im like "Nooooooo i have to fix this NOW!". I thought to myself ,"what about breaking the protein back down? If protein can be destroyed naturally and you have to replace it, shouldn't we be trying to get rid of the protein instead of trying to force moisture into something that won't take it? Even found a video where someone said they beat protein overload by accident by dyeing their hair, which made sense since dying your hair will destroy protein in your hair. I stumbled on this video and was like "Welp it's worth a try, i already have bentonite clay , so i can try this right now" . It was a weak basic clay mask, nothing but water, and a little bit of oil, and i slathered a boatload on my hair and left it on for about a hour. When i rinsed it out, i was already slightly shook, My strands had elasticity back, i then applied my deep conditioner again and everything i normally did, left it on for several hours. i was scared to wash it out, but eventually did. I was shook as i was able to detangle my hair and it was not matting back up, my strands were super elastic almost like it was abit moisture overload. "omg this actually worked, it sucked extra protein out of my strands!" My hair was SO soft, the straw/hard feeling was gone and when i twisted my hair, it look juicy again and was defined.Moisture finally broke into my hair! i tested my hair the next morning, unraveled my twists and put water on it to see if it would start to mat up again,i had a few tangles with shed hair but my hair remained soft, i happily retwisted and put it away. I am so happy i found your video, now i have to shout it out from the rooftops. I figured out how to fix most of my protein overload in 3 days. Clay detoxed my hair.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons Day ago

      This made me so happy to know this worked for you !!!!!!

  • sc p
    sc p 2 days ago

    Aunt Jackie’s that line is in the beauty supply store.. I didn’t for Naptural85 all I do is twistouts

  • Jblake
    Jblake 3 days ago

    Awesome video!! Please do more videos on this look absolutely amazing😍

  • meelliemoe
    meelliemoe 4 days ago

    I feel like such a sell out. I always stretch my relaxers, since maybe 2006 or so. I also don’t get my hair relaxed dead straight so I have some texture. I’ve now for the second time in the last few years gone 6 or so months thinking I’m going to try to transition and here again I’m about to give up. I just can’t keep it up and then I have so much hair. It’s at least bra strap length and I’ve got 2-3 inches of hair growth in most areas of my head but I just can’t manage. I get here all the time and just can’t and I look weird with super short hair in my opinion so I’m going to give up once again. Sigh. It’s traumatic hahaha I want to be free of the chemicals so badly. I want to rock my hair texture so badly but I can’t transition. It’s so much work on wash day and I get overwhelmed. Sigh

  • Keri Lewis
    Keri Lewis 4 days ago

    I do primarily wash and gos and the melanin hair cream is my staple. My curl pattern is very similar to naptural 85’s and it comes out beautifully every time, I always get compliments

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown 4 days ago

    You look really pretty in all your pink Gorgeousness 💕💕

  • Monster Ville
    Monster Ville 4 days ago

    Those earrings and eye shadow 😍

  • Mira Mira
    Mira Mira 4 days ago

    Pronounced (Mee-sh) beauty is really good. Very moisturizing. Maybe too moisturizing. I'm currently using the DC, Butter and Leave-in. Def top 5 on my list for the DC. Naptual85 Cream was cool. I wasn't amazed but she is the OG so I'll support. I like the oil more.

    • Mira Mira
      Mira Mira 4 days ago

      @Traycee Simmons I try to not buy anything new until I run out with the other line. Keep in mind the delivery. I do remember Miche products taking awhile to get to me.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 4 days ago

      Thank you ... I’m wonder if I should wait now till Black Friday before I order

  • Nikki M
    Nikki M 4 days ago

    You look so beautiful love the shadow really pretty.. since my big chop I’ve become a hair junkie lol I love the mielle hair line so far

  • Beck Perry
    Beck Perry 5 days ago

    I just started using oil again since I colored my hair because I just want the added benefits. Before my leave in conditioner was adequate enough. It probably is for most people I just think a lot of us were conditioned to think we always need an oil. I wish some ladies would try without and oil to see if they can go without that extra product.

  • TheEagleslover
    TheEagleslover 5 days ago

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is trying not to be a product junkie. I like the idea of only buying something new after finishing another product. I’m loving your look today. Just beautiful to include the jewelry. Good luck everyone.

  • SC1537
    SC1537 5 days ago

    Looking gorgeous

  • Amy and Family
    Amy and Family 5 days ago

    Oh, the Aunt Jackie's grapeseed line looks great!

  • Casilda Harrison
    Casilda Harrison 5 days ago

    😍Sis, you & me both! I'm really trying not to be too much of a product junkie and to use up my stash before purchasing anything else. There are so many new or new to me items that I want to buy! I was at Target today, but I held out & only got the scalp oil that I just ran out of yesterday. IT WAS SO HARD! 😄

  • Amy and Family
    Amy and Family 5 days ago

    Great giveaway. I love those pieces! I can't believe Tracee Ellis Ross and Taraji P. Henson are coming out with hair products?! Well. they both have gorgeous hair. Especially Tracee Ellis Ross. I'd also like to try the Melanin line. Thanks Traycee

  • beau knows88
    beau knows88 5 days ago

    Taraji’s name is pronounced Ta-Rah-jee 😂😂😂😂

  • beau knows88
    beau knows88 5 days ago

    I wonder what does she mean by accessible pricing??? A 13 oz conditioner is $25 plus the ingredients arent worth the price.

  • Pilar Morgan
    Pilar Morgan 5 days ago

    Patter n Beauty has so many chemicals and silicones listed in the ingredient.S.

  • MzBeautii24
    MzBeautii24 5 days ago

    You look beautiful loving your makeup!! Loving your earrings and your hair!!! 😍😍😍😍I’ll love to win the giveaway!

  • Wanda Snowden
    Wanda Snowden 5 days ago

    Its gonna be hard to resist becoming a product junky with Black Friday around the corner! 😂😂😂 I've only use the Melanin cream for my wash n go's and I LOVE it! Give it a try ❤️❤️😘😘

  • QueenJoose LaMonica

    Pronounced Meesh....Miche Beauty lolz. I tried the moisture dc and it didnt do much for me. But the oil mix is great!! Also its pronounced Nap-choo-rul....Naptural85. I have both the Elongating cream and oil mix. The cream is EVERYTHANG!! Great slip, spreads and melts in hair so well! Keeps hair moisturized for days. The oil mix i love cuz it dont have JBCO or COCONUT OIL in it!!! Very light and smells so gud, but gets the job done. I bought 2 oils plus a Melanin visor ($19.99), to get free shipping. So it was like $55. I also have her hair wrap (which i aint used yet 🙄 lolz), that i got when i first bought the cream. But im mos def investing in Melanin Haircare. Its a staple now.

    • beau knows88
      beau knows88 5 days ago

      QueenJoose LaMonica i hated the miche indulge dc bc of the aloe. I loved the protein dc though... its a good moisture/protein balance and not necessarily a protein dc imo

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 5 days ago

      Hahaha Thank you my Dear.. You already know I can murder some names 😂😂😂 Man you really have me wanting Melanin line now

  • penn2pal
    penn2pal 5 days ago

    Miche hair line is amazing as well as Naptural85 product. It doesn’t take much of Whitney’s product to get a banging twist out as well as wash n go. You need to sign up on Miche website because she always have a sale where all her products are $12.00 each.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 5 days ago

      Thanks 🙏 I will definitely go sign up on the website

  • Reina Conchita
    Reina Conchita 5 days ago

    Yes, i'm actually in the process off reducing the amount of hair products i have, so i can try some new brands!

  • Alexia
    Alexia 5 days ago

    I just clicked on your link but got a message that the website is not safe. “Your connection is not private.” I wish I could send you a screenshot.

    • Alexia
      Alexia 5 days ago

      @Traycee Simmons It works now! :)

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 5 days ago

      Thank you ... I didn’t have the link correctly... Can you see if you get that message again

  • Nicole Barnes
    Nicole Barnes 5 days ago

    You look so Beautiful!! Your rocking my Favorite color #pink Blessings to you and I love the earrings

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 5 days ago

      Thank you Sis . Next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we can pull out all of our pinks lol

  • Mzlyz S
    Mzlyz S 7 days ago

    Hey Traycee was with you since K.i.s.s girl and you had hip length relaxed hair, glad to see you are still around❤

  • Andrea Clinton
    Andrea Clinton 8 days ago

    Love your eyeshadow look! Beautiful 😍 your palette collection is pretty unique from typical TVclip palette collections. I never seen many of those Violent Vross palettes

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 8 days ago

      Thank you ... Ive learned to buy what I like and what appeals to me vs what is hyped by all over you tube by paid influencers.

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown 8 days ago

    Good Morning Traycee, just finished your video and now I headed out the door BUT you have a really nice collection and you have downsized a lot. I remember some other makeup collection videos you did in the past and you don’t have as nearly as much makeup as back then. Thanks so much for sharing and have a Blessed Day 🙏🏾

  • Amy and Family
    Amy and Family 9 days ago

    That's a lot of makeup, Traycee! Lol. I love your makeup look here.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 8 days ago

      Thanks 🙏

    • Amy and Family
      Amy and Family 8 days ago

      @Traycee Simmons You did get rid of a lot 😁

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 8 days ago

      If you only knew how far I’ve come lol. I’m a work in progress but I’m working on change 🤗

  • StephArroyo
    StephArroyo 9 days ago

    Love your hair, you are beautiful, thanks for all you do, your videos have really been a great help to me in embracing my natural hair ❤️

  • Alexia
    Alexia 9 days ago

    I’ve been wanting to try Orange You Glad? thanks for sharing!

    • Alexia
      Alexia 8 days ago

      Traycee Simmons Are you going to add more makeup to your Poshmark?

    • Alexia
      Alexia 8 days ago

      @quenquen Too late! Its sold. :)

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      It’s good and only $12 ... You really can’t beat that

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      It’s gone already

    • quenquen
      quenquen 9 days ago

      She has it for sale if u wanna buy it.

  • Yvette Arnold
    Yvette Arnold 9 days ago

    I've been downsized my makeup collection, I have 11 palettes and I haven't brought a new one in over three years now

  • MissJ
    MissJ 9 days ago

    Wow, you've done good de-cluttering your make-up! Well done.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      Thank you ... I’m hoping to use up a lot next year and make my little collection even smaller

  • quenquen
    quenquen 9 days ago

    Thank you! I have been wanting you to do an updated makeup/vanity collection. I am currently in the process of get my vanity and makeup together/organized. I have been thinking about you because not everyone is able to have a beauty room and you are married so it is not just your room. I want to see how the average woman who has kids, a husband, and no beauty room organize their makeup. Lol I see you have bought another vanity... Wished you would have shown it. Also what lash growth serum are u using?

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      I use Grande Lash . It’s sold at Sephora and Ulta

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      Oh I didn’t show my vanity . How did I forget that ? I’m sorry .. I will record a vanity tour soon that way you can see my new set up

  • Tiffronee
    Tiffronee 9 days ago

    I don’t like matte lips anymore neither for about 2-3 years now. I had to go back to where it all started...glossy lips 🙌🏾

  • Francine Baker
    Francine Baker 9 days ago

    Hey lady, where did you get the earrings?

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 9 days ago

      From my store . the link is in my description box

  • Nadine’s Life!
    Nadine’s Life! 9 days ago

    I enjoyed this! You have a beautiful curated collection.

  • Platinum Branch
    Platinum Branch 9 days ago

    Looking good, Traycee! Thanks for the video. Nice seeing you so full of joy and humor. God bless you! 😘

  • keishahic43
    keishahic43 10 days ago

    Hi Traycee, do you still use vicks for your hair

  • Lanae Wells
    Lanae Wells 11 days ago

    Please update us with the Mielle gel, I have your hair texture and I'm in the market for a new gel lol.

  • GigglesnGaggie
    GigglesnGaggie 12 days ago

    So Traycee , do you deep condition after using your Aphogee Two Minute Reconstructor? I'm just wondering if I need added moisture afterwards. Thanks!

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      I don’t but hair is just loving the protein right now. I would suggest seeing how your hair feels after rinsing . You should be able to tell if your hair would benefit from some moisture

  • T Love
    T Love 12 days ago

    I am gonna try that Camille Rose Curl Maker. I hope it’s moisturizing in my hair. Let’s us know about that Mielle Honey Ginger styling gel after you use it. I like the Mielle Babassu and Mint Deep Conditioner

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown 12 days ago

    Hi Traycee, Thanks so much for sharing.

  • sc p
    sc p 12 days ago

    Camille Rose has bogo 50% off this week

  • Keri Lewis
    Keri Lewis 12 days ago

    Have you tried aphogee’s curlific dc? I absolutely love it!

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      You know I tried the line when I first went natural but I can’t remember if I liked it or not . I will definitely revisit the DC

  • Shayla2maro106
    Shayla2maro106 12 days ago

    Great haul! I'm currently updating my hairstash too! Would love to try mielle organics! Love your hair color too!

  • Andrea McCall
    Andrea McCall 12 days ago

    Tracey you look beautiful. tfs.

  • court_rice13
    court_rice13 12 days ago

    Gosh, black really doesn't crack lol. So beautiful and luv the hair.

  • 4evahazeleyez
    4evahazeleyez 12 days ago

    Awesome haul! I need that Aphogee leave-in as a High Porosity curly girl. I loveeeee Mielle Organics & Camille Rose. They are a favorite of mine. Tfs 💕

  • Tonya Evett
    Tonya Evett 12 days ago

    I just love your hair! 😍

  • Karnitha F
    Karnitha F 12 days ago

    Can you do a wash n go video with the products you used in your hair in this video?

  • newbeauty80
    newbeauty80 12 days ago

    I know you don’t typically do tutorials but.........can you please do a curl maker wash n go tutorial? 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      Thank you for your continued support

    • newbeauty80
      newbeauty80 12 days ago

      Traycee Simmons Thanks!!!! I’ve been a subbie for a long time, miss the tutorials. ❤️

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      Yes , sure ... I definitely want to start doing tutorials again. My channel was built on them 😊

  • starofluv17
    starofluv17 12 days ago

    The Mielle Pomegranate leave in. Moisture!

  • pat White
    pat White 12 days ago

    I just got. Camille Rose honey hydrate. Leave in collection and I like it in my hair for now. Thank you for your good video's

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      So far I like the line for when I’m protective styling

  • JAlexander
    JAlexander 12 days ago

    ... thank you Tracey for this great review, I do plan on buying a large percentage of the items you reviewed. I truly appreciate you! ☺️

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 12 days ago

      Awww thank you. Just don’t become a product junkie. I feel like I’m getting pulled back into it lol

  • MrsLegalDiva
    MrsLegalDiva 12 days ago

    Nice haul Traycee💕👍🏾

  • Eva Wayesu
    Eva Wayesu 12 days ago

    Thanks my dear sister be blessed

  • Jayné Lashon
    Jayné Lashon 13 days ago

    Hey Traycee, what camera do you use to film your TVclip video?

  • ad urpina
    ad urpina 16 days ago

    nice product cool job friend

  • Nadine’s Life!
    Nadine’s Life! 16 days ago

    Great video. If you’re 385 in the Fenty hydrating, (as I am) try 430w in the ABH it worked really well for me!

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 16 days ago

      Hmmm I will pick up a sample in that shade.. Thanks

  • J'LaNise XOXO
    J'LaNise XOXO 16 days ago

    Looking good giiiiirrrrl! I love that hair style on you!👍🏽🔥😍

  • Calexia Black
    Calexia Black 17 days ago

    What eyeshadow did you use for this look?

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown 17 days ago

    Hey Traycee, I didn’t pick up the ABH Luminous foundation for the same reason you mentioned but the new Fenty foundation I can see being my Fall/Winter foundation. Great Favorites and have a Blessed week

  • TyjaLovesConvo
    TyjaLovesConvo 17 days ago

    I love your hair in this video 💕💕

  • sharmaj1331
    sharmaj1331 17 days ago

    I always have loved your honesty.

  • T Love
    T Love 18 days ago

    You look great Traycee!

  • Elle Elle
    Elle Elle 18 days ago

    You are so beautiful inside and out, I love that you are always honest. Please know your honesty is appreciated, you always explain in a respectful and completely constructive way, keep up the good work.

  • Marcie_does_it
    Marcie_does_it 18 days ago

    Also, wash day is pretty easy for me. I’ve followed @iamblackgirlcurls for months. I have super high density hair, and my wash days lasts about 3 hours to wash, condition, style, and dry 👌🏽

  • Marcie_does_it
    Marcie_does_it 18 days ago

    You were my inspiration to transition to natural hair. I ended up chopping at 16 months and, oh boy! 🤣🤣🤣 Everything changed for me after my first curly cut. I agree with you, a cut is everything. Your hair looks great, Traycee ❤️

  • MyNaturalMyChoice
    MyNaturalMyChoice 18 days ago

    Love your hair favorites. You look beautiful T.

  • Lindsey TR
    Lindsey TR 18 days ago

    You look stunning in this video Traycee! :)

  • Denny
    Denny 18 days ago

    Gorg! Love the hair and makeup. Thank you very much for the reviews -- always appreciate you describing products that work for you!

  • Mona Bee
    Mona Bee 18 days ago

    Thank you for your honest review. Love your videos.

  • Aya Tanaya
    Aya Tanaya 18 days ago

    Your hair and make up looks great

  • Neotacha Clark
    Neotacha Clark 18 days ago

    Great live! I am happy to have watched it. God bless.

  • Debbie Debeaux
    Debbie Debeaux 19 days ago

    Hi Trayee, thanks for sharing. Loved this video and congrats on 4 years natural. I was natural for 7 years and now back to my relaxed journey and I've enjoyed both. I am now relaxed/texlaxed and I find that it works for me. Breaks I am finding are good both natural or relaxed. Love your hair journey!

  • CelesteElizabeth
    CelesteElizabeth 22 days ago

    Love your hair color

  • Kari M
    Kari M 24 days ago

    Is it okay to do this after you rinse out rice water? I currently have my hair in twists after I sprayed them with rice water. How long should I wait to do this?

  • Tywan Brown
    Tywan Brown 25 days ago

    🦋 Happy 4 year Natural Anniversary, your hair is Beautiful Thanks so much for sharing 🤗 It will be 5years on 10/30 that I did my chop. I wanna say the first 2 yrs I absolutely Loved my natural hair by year 3 I felt like my hair had stop thriving and I was disappointed especially when I felt that I was doing all the right things and people who chopped way after me hair was looking so beautiful, so I was kinda sad to say the least. These last 2 years well almost 2 years I feel like I’ve been just maintaining I haven’t seen any sever damage BUT I also haven’t seen a ton of growth. There are days when I think about my hair when it was relaxed because tho I had a chemical in my hair it healthy, maintained and I had length BUT I WILL NEVER RELAX MY HAIR AGAIN.

  • TheEagleslover
    TheEagleslover 25 days ago

    Congratulations! Time truly flies. Enjoy “your” journey! It’s unique to you and you only. Stay blessed sis.

  • This black girl Over here

    The reason why people complain about wash day being difficult is because most black women space wash day too far apart. People are waiting a week and two weeks and more to wash their hair. If hair sheds 50 to 150 strands per DAY, can you imagine how much loose tangled hair is in there? When I used to wash every week or more I lost so much hair, and it wasn’t just accumulated shed hair because I had visible breakage. Now I wash every 3 to 4 days like I did when my hair was relaxed and I get the normal little ball of hair and the little broken strands are growing, my hair is so easy because there’s not a lot of shed hair tangled in there, and it’s fast because, once again, there’s not a lot of tangling. Btw, my picture is 4 years old. My hair is MUCH longer than that now.

  • blackhawkcandi
    blackhawkcandi 25 days ago

    Makeup looks nice

  • psr076
    psr076 26 days ago

    Happy hair anniversary ! Wash day yeah it's a struggle...

  • DrShony0730
    DrShony0730 26 days ago

    I am one of those who would love to see your hair straight but I get it. I was just telling my friends about remember guys how thick you hair is. Still looking beautiful, not that I would expect anything different 😜

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 25 days ago

      Awww thank you ... My hair is even thicker now that I’m natural. One day I will straighten it

  • Dianne Saint
    Dianne Saint 26 days ago

    I have a love/hate relationship with my hair too. This is why I straighten monthly. I can’t. I can only do one hairstyle in its natural that takes me at most 30 minutes to do and it looks decent. Also, it’s annoying to me to always have to have hair in its shrunken’s like you always have “short” hair. It’s great once in a while, but all the time doesn’t suit me. I can also do more styles quicker with straight hair. I don’t have the patience. 🤣 Thanks did sharing Traycee!

  • honey22
    honey22 26 days ago


  • lovely l
    lovely l 26 days ago

    Girl you got this!! You look amazing!!

  • Ali'sJourney
    Ali'sJourney 26 days ago

    I definitely understand what you mean about the love/hate relationship which is why I chose to get sisterlocks. I knew a relaxer was not and option and I didn't want to cut, so I chose locks. You have done really well with taking care of your color-treated hair.

  • sheerlylavendar
    sheerlylavendar 26 days ago

    Congratulations! Been a long time since I commented. You really inspired me a few years back with a video about the roller coaster experience being newly natural. Thank you for sharing about the poofiness of twist outs. Lol. Tho it is my best style for elongation. Just wondered if I was the only one struggling with atmospheric effects. I'm still natural and still learning. I rocked wigs too.....and amazingly have not wanted to wear them for past six months. The thumbnail is old and I've had growth, but now embracing routine trimming to manage ends (knots/splits). Have accepted it's best for my texture. Wearing my natural has even inspired a few women I work with. Now working on weight loss, to walk into my full transformation. Focusing on healthy hair alongside growth, I started following your channel years ago as relaxed. How's the journey of your sister and niece? Hope all is well with you and your family. Blessings.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      Thank you ... Yes I agree twist outs create is the best style for elongation. If I could just figure out how to get the how to get the definition and keep it 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ve been back on my weight loss journey too. Check out my last video . I have had much success by combing Intermittent Fasting and Keto 🤗

  • Mona Bee
    Mona Bee 26 days ago

    Camille Rose products are life saving for my 4 type (course) hair.

  • Mona Bee
    Mona Bee 26 days ago

    Congratulations on your 4th year natural hair anniversary.

  • Mona Bee
    Mona Bee 26 days ago

    Yes, for me, wash days on natural hair is a pain in the A**. The struggle is REAL!

  • PaddyGee79
    PaddyGee79 26 days ago

    I was mesmerized by your eyeshadow the entire video 😂 I love the colour and I’ve been thinking a lot of how I want to switch up my hair..... I’ll definitely be considering your hair colour so thank you for the inspiration.

  • L G
    L G 26 days ago

    Hi, what products do u use now for your wash n gos? It looks so pretty and healthy!

    • L G
      L G 26 days ago

      Traycee Simmons Oh thats great! Thank you for replying💕

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      For this wash and go I used the Camille Rose Curl Maker . This was a one product wash and go

  • Bree Luxe
    Bree Luxe 26 days ago

    I miss sooo much. Especially since I'm trying to grow my hair back out. U are the goat of hair journeys.

    • Mona Bee
      Mona Bee 26 days ago

      @Bree Luxe. Agreed! Traycee was my inspiration for both healthy relaxed and healthy natural hair. We miss you Ms. Simmons. Your Sister Friend Mona!

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      Awww Sis ... I miss it too !!! Thank you so much for your continued support. I appreciate and everyone sooo much 🙏

  • Sagittarius1130 Mc
    Sagittarius1130 Mc 26 days ago

    Happy 4 years journey, love 💕 u

  • Beck Perry
    Beck Perry 26 days ago

    Girl the ONLY reason my hair takes less time now than when i was relaxed is because I’ve had a TWA for the last few years. When I was natural and APL it took way longer, and my routine was short compared to the hours I see some naturals take.

    • Beck Perry
      Beck Perry 26 days ago

      Traycee Simmons please be extra sure! My hair has stayed short for 6 years because i get to the in between stage and chop it off again because I just can not lol. I’m trying again to grow it out 🙄, we’ll see 😬.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      Hahaha Yes the TWA would definitely be easier. Still debating about giving my hair a chop . But I want to make sure that I’m sure before doing it haha

  • T Love
    T Love 26 days ago

    Congratulations! In July, It was 3 years for me! How are your niece and sister doing in their journey? I remember you showing their big chops. Your hair looks amazing!

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      Congrats on 3 years 🎉... You know all of their hair is flourishing. Just maybe one day I can get them back on camera 🤞🏾

  • Shal Perk
    Shal Perk 26 days ago

    I’m so happy for you hun! I’ve crossed over my two year anniversary! Your hair looks gorgeous! Wash day should also symbolize a spa day - time to reflect and meditate. However, in the long run you should do what makes you happy. I admire your length, just saying.

    • Traycee Simmons
      Traycee Simmons 26 days ago

      Congrats on 2 years !!!! Yes I need to refocus and make it about a spa day ... Thank you for that 🙏