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  • z Xeztium ll
    z Xeztium ll 54 minutes ago

    I just wanted to say that you are very beautiful😍 Keep doing you. In the long run you will be very successful

  • Cody Al Hoiles
    Cody Al Hoiles 3 hours ago

    Go Ducks

  • Shannen Santonja
    Shannen Santonja 6 hours ago

    Kylie you are the cutest human ever. I love watching your videos!! ❤️❤️

  • Smileypants Cuppycake

    I wanna know who said something 'bout my girl's brows and where they live cuz this girl is effing stunning.

  • David A
    David A 17 hours ago

    Y'all drive down to 6 to get starbucks? that's a pretty far drive

  • Monkey Olympians
    Monkey Olympians 18 hours ago

    I loved when you didn’t even know y’all were flying to your game until you showed up at the airport!! Lol

  • Jada cr7 walker
    Jada cr7 walker 19 hours ago

    You live in Waco tx

  • Mark Balkwell
    Mark Balkwell 19 hours ago

    Wow 😍

  • Humayra
    Humayra 22 hours ago

    This is the life I want in the future

  • Janella Moala Langi

    lol love the mens deo

  • Janella Moala Langi

    youre so cute! you remind me of my niece...go baylor!

  • Cassidy Ottesen

    this is so random but would you do a video about how you take notes on your ipad or study tips?

  • sthao1
    sthao1 Day ago

    she is so sexy and gorgeous. you can tell she doesnt skip leg days.

  • Matt Megan & Mady Ryan

    I want to personally thank you as a parent for creating this wholesome content. My 10 year old daughter has probably watched the full season 20x now. She set a new personal goal of playing soccer at Baylor University thanks to you. I'll make sure to ask her what her favorite moment is and reply. It's good to know she can watch and be motivated without many of the politics and material found on so many other channels. James 1:17 Follow our IG @mattmegmadyr

  • Anna Marquardt

    Show us your Lulu purchases!!! And I love your eyebrows, f the haters! I adore you!!!!

    EL CHOOCHO JR Day ago

    Dentists have the highest rate of suicide, keep that in mind Kylie......

  • Bradley Kelch
    Bradley Kelch Day ago

    Note to self...don't go to math classes at Baylor 😂😂

  • roll tide
    roll tide Day ago

    I got the biggest crush on youuuu

  • Kc Tc
    Kc Tc Day ago

    Is it the end of your soccer career 🙁??

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne Day ago

    Don’t recommend channel

  • nick gagnon
    nick gagnon Day ago

    Why are you not single

  • Queen Nzinga
    Queen Nzinga Day ago

    But I like your eyebrows

  • Ivy Brewer
    Ivy Brewer Day ago

    I live in Kansas City and I absolutely love it! So sad your soccer vlogs are over though bc I love them even though I play college softball. You just always have so much fun!

  • AlexGodly
    AlexGodly Day ago

    You on tinder???? Bc I’d def swipe rttttt!!!

  • Tierney Smith
    Tierney Smith Day ago

    Hey Kylie! First of all that’s my big sister’s name and it’s really cool to see someone else with it lol. I am a soccer player myself and I wanted to say thanks for sharing your time playing at a collegiate level because it has really inspired me to keep playing. The amount of joy you seem to get from playing and being around your best friends is awesome to watch and thank you for sharing such positivity on the internent. As far as your suspension, I TOTALLY FEEL YOU! I am a senior in highschool and I got injured a few days before my very last cross country league meet. I was completely devastated and cried for many days in a row after I heard the news. After all the memories I had created with my team, i felt like I was letting them down and I couldn’t handle it. We ended up losing the league title by 3 seconds. I put all the blame on myself cuz I knew I could have been the difference in those 3 seconds. The next week we competed in the first round of “playoffs” and my team ending up beating the team that had beat us at league by 2 secs which knocked them off from moving on to the next round. So I know how hard it is for you right now thinking that you missed your last game, but just know that everything happens for a reason. My coach would tell me “ I know you aren’t running today, but you are the reason the team made it this far. Be proud of that”. I am sure it’s the same for you so. Sry that was so long but I wanted to let you know that everything will be okay and don’t beat yourself up for getting suspended. Your team had your back and that’s all that matters. You had so many successes in your soccer career that make up for that one missed game! I’ll keep you in my prayer if you keep me in yours lol! 💗

  • Sydney Fleming

    I don’t know about my favorite moment from your season but I play high school soccer and my favorite memory was when we had a sleepover on senior night in our fieldhouse. It has an indoor turf room and we played soccer at 3 am!!! Good luck! I loved watching your videos

  • Ana Resendiz
    Ana Resendiz Day ago

    absolutely loved all your vlogs wish you nothing but success!!!

  • Dyke
    Dyke Day ago

    Why are you done vlogging

  • CC
    CC Day ago

    Daamn Raegan's bod is banging! Guurl what's your workout routine/diet 👀 all you girls are super fit actually 👌 goals

  • Nick710420
    Nick710420 Day ago

    you look greattt haha, first time watching your channel! bigggg soccer girl 😂

  • zaying Hui
    zaying Hui Day ago

    Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

  • Riley Graham
    Riley Graham Day ago

    What will the next adventure be?

  • Maria Carramaschi

    Why arent you playing?

  • FlamingBull
    FlamingBull Day ago

    Whataburger >> In-n-Out

  • Alana Chapa
    Alana Chapa Day ago

    Just want to say you have inspired me so much. When I met you at one of your games, you really touched me and helped me realize what a good player is suppose to be like. Thank you so much!!!!! My soccer season just started and with all your encouragement and watching you play helped me alot😊

  • XxSummerxX
    XxSummerxX Day ago

    please tell me you'll keep posting!

  • Em Beglin
    Em Beglin Day ago

    You’s sounded British at 3:20 😂

  • Igor Guerreiro

    A huge hello from Brazil. Stupid question, what's water burguer???

  • agustina mansilla

    please keep making vlogs even though soccer is over !!!

  • Dominique Watkins

    The fact that your so attractive n bright

  • Mark Perez
    Mark Perez Day ago

    Please don't stop vlogging... S/N Norman Hot stuff...

  • Tucker Hanes Golf
    Tucker Hanes Golf 2 days ago

    Wait was that cheese cake factory on the plaza in kc?

  • Alexandra Bishop
    Alexandra Bishop 2 days ago

    one of the lower classman should start a vlog!! I want to continue to watch the team :) love ya'll!!

  • Alexandra Bishop
    Alexandra Bishop 2 days ago

    Thank you for the genuine content, the season has been so much fun to watch. I look forward to watching along with the fun!! if you ever need anything, please reach out. xoxo

  • Karl hanz Cineas
    Karl hanz Cineas 2 days ago

    I played soccer from elementary to high school. I’m Planning on playing for my University as well. When that whistle blows for the last time, that’s when it hits you. We thought it would last forever. We were young and still are but that time had to end. All we can do now is remember those great memories and move on to what’s next in life. And that’s okay because life is about new challenges. The best moments in life are still ahead, waiting for us to capture them. Wishing you the absolute best in your life Ms Kylie Ross!

  • Micheal W888
    Micheal W888 2 days ago

    What are you gonna do know?

  • Johnny Grgurevic
    Johnny Grgurevic 2 days ago

    How’s the whole team so attractive

  • Addison Martel
    Addison Martel 2 days ago

    You should really consider continuing to making vlogs...You clearly have a skill here and all of your videos were entertaining. Hoping to see more. All the best,

  • Mandy Mg
    Mandy Mg 2 days ago

    im smiling so hard in my calc class rn, people are staring at me

  • Erin Morrissey
    Erin Morrissey 2 days ago

    Going to miss these videos like no other.

  • Vicky
    Vicky 2 days ago

    You all spread such good vibes!! ❤️

  • Allison Mills
    Allison Mills 2 days ago

    I just started watching your videos. Sad to see the soccer vlogs come to an end, but excited to see what the future holds for you!

  • Special Regiment
    Special Regiment 2 days ago

    What your major in college

  • WhatShouldWeCallWe
    WhatShouldWeCallWe 2 days ago

    i just found your channel and im already obsessed!!! watching you with your team makes me miss being on one :/ love you alredy

  • Shaun Jax
    Shaun Jax 2 days ago

    In n out fries in Texas are awful 🍟

  • Kora Villa
    Kora Villa 2 days ago

    as an Australian I'm really glad all of you lived up to my expectations of American's Aussie accents

  • cosmicdelatine
    cosmicdelatine 2 days ago

    i dont know them personally but i really admire yalls drive to work harder and achieve the best , love you guys <3

  • zim babwe
    zim babwe 2 days ago

    I don't want to watch because I don't want to run out of these soccer vlogs for good :(

  • Izzy Football
    Izzy Football 2 days ago

    I loved watching ur videos as this is what I want to do when I’m older and I’m sad that was the last one but thanks for making the rest of them and sharing them with us. I hope you have a great rest of the year !

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 2 days ago

    Aw, bittersweet

  • Lick Mike Litoris
    Lick Mike Litoris 2 days ago

    We need after soccer and after college vlogs, with Bronson and you with a DOG

    • Kylie Ross
      Kylie Ross 2 days ago

      Mike Litoris coming right up!!! 🤩

  • - M4RT1N -
    - M4RT1N - 2 days ago

    crazy how the szn is over, like the positive team vibes n bonding brought joy to my day fr, it felt like a true family

  • Kendall Valdry
    Kendall Valdry 2 days ago

    When Kylie’s boyfriend tried to steal a sip of coffee😂😂 cutest thing

  • Hell01234u
    Hell01234u 2 days ago

    Tell Norman I say what’s up, she’s such a cutie!

  • davidmikko
    davidmikko 2 days ago

    maddi is a superfire cutie

  • Jon Lester Oplimo
    Jon Lester Oplimo 2 days ago

    Just shared your vlogs to my players and they got inspired to put in the hard work in training. You are unbelievable! PS Normi's so cute off field yet a beast in it.

  • Donavan Johnson
    Donavan Johnson 2 days ago

    I wish y'all good luck in the big 12 tournament. Hope y'all whoop Texas Tech's a$$ GO BEARS SIC EM

  • Donavan Johnson
    Donavan Johnson 2 days ago

    My favorite memories was seeing y'all beating the other soccer teams and y'all was trying to say toy boat

  • Josh McDermott
    Josh McDermott 2 days ago

    People in the comments can we just pause for a minute and appreciate that god has created someone this beautiful and talented! In god we trust! (dog spelled backwards)

  • omar houssari
    omar houssari 2 days ago

    Wait so no more vlogs?

  • Sandy Tapia
    Sandy Tapia 2 days ago

    6:30 sounds like the goofy laugh😂😂😂

  • Hailey Hunter
    Hailey Hunter 2 days ago

    ahhh I am so glad I came across your channel and was able to follow along! every video was so fun to watch and got me hyped to start my college soccer journey next fall! sooo much love for your team.

  • Bess Lee
    Bess Lee 2 days ago

    Oh no

  • Katie Mendonsa
    Katie Mendonsa 2 days ago

    I love your eyebrows! I rly wanted to dye mine bc I love the color and shape of yours!!

  • Josh McDermott
    Josh McDermott 2 days ago

    Kylie it would mean the world to me if you could reply to my comment. I think you are so sexy!

  • Pretty Boy
    Pretty Boy 2 days ago

    That smile of yours😍😍😍

  • Joshua Ledden
    Joshua Ledden 2 days ago

    Will you still be posting videos

  • Josh McDermott
    Josh McDermott 2 days ago

    OMG you are so beautiful

  • Krash Panda
    Krash Panda 2 days ago

    I live in kc I go to the plaza all the time

  • Kid Buu
    Kid Buu 2 days ago

    When you said “Whataburger”, it hurt my heart 😂

  • Andrew Albert
    Andrew Albert 2 days ago

    Kylie Ross forever ❤️

  • Annie Graves
    Annie Graves 2 days ago

    I’m going to miss you all dancing! 😁

  • Chanty Pratt
    Chanty Pratt 2 days ago

    😣 the season is over. All of the plane/bus rides were my favorite moments! Oh and I can't forget the Halloween costume party! But I know it's over and I wish you nothing but the best in your future. I will miss your vlogs😣.

  • Sumer Wensman
    Sumer Wensman 2 days ago

    Okay now I miss living in Kansas City. But yes, Roasterie is NAAAASTY.

  • Sarahi Marquez
    Sarahi Marquez 2 days ago

    I love your vids and imma miss them but where did you find that hat when you went to the store and the glasses

  • Ashton Kohn
    Ashton Kohn 2 days ago

    Why didn’t you play

  • Miracle In The Making

    I’m going to miss these vlogs, but I am also so happy that you got to have this amazing experience in soccer, and got to meet forever friends along the way. Love you Kylie, and hope you have a lovely time.

  • Kaitlin Brock
    Kaitlin Brock 2 days ago

    I love that you ended in Kansas because that’s where I’m from :)

  • Bryce Vega
    Bryce Vega 2 days ago

    Probably the Halloween one or the senior night one, i enjoyed all the vlogs because of how they showed what a college player did and you did amazing of filming them

  • Daisy Ruiz
    Daisy Ruiz 2 days ago

    you're videos have been so fun to watch! the funniest video was definitely the halloween costume , definitely gave me a good laugh!

  • Maria Regina Costa da Silva

    im sad now

  • Spectacular Spider-Man

    I’m sad you’re season is over but excited for you’re future.

  • Keyonna Phillips
    Keyonna Phillips 2 days ago

    omg i agree . whataburger is SO much better. in n out has good burgers but they taste so salty and their fries taste like cardboard

  • Amanda Godfrey
    Amanda Godfrey 2 days ago

    I’ve never had in - out or whataburger whoops. CHIC FIL A FOR THE WIN

  • francisco mederos
    francisco mederos 2 days ago

    Why didn’t you hang out with Reagan

  • Trey Weir
    Trey Weir 2 days ago

    Two words can describe favorite memory: Tik Tok!

  • weirdio101
    weirdio101 2 days ago

    😭😭so sad it’s over!!

  • Belaroe
    Belaroe 2 days ago

    Hey TVclip family please help me raise money for the kiddos at Riley’s Children’s Hospital!!!! All the money goes to the kids and my college would love some support💛💛 VENMO ME AT BELAROE HELP THE KIDS

  • Schmuel S
    Schmuel S 2 days ago

    hometown KC!

  • Thor Oddinson
    Thor Oddinson 2 days ago

    Why does that song go hard at 17:09😭