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Raw Meat Is All I Eat | TRULY
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  • Lavender Feliix
    Lavender Feliix 13 seconds ago

    The doll jimin looks better lmao 😂

  • Lalalisa
    Lalalisa 23 seconds ago

    Im 10 and I regret eating that hole nutella :"v

  • MissJamJam
    MissJamJam Minute ago

    saraghey bts

  • Dr. Whats'Up
    Dr. Whats'Up Minute ago

    Her surgery looks awful!!!!!! Sooo creepy... Gosh they look dumb.

  • Thunder Geek
    Thunder Geek 3 minutes ago

    Never judge people for what they look like people always look good

  • Namjoon's Crab
    Namjoon's Crab 3 minutes ago

    Frenchy looked like a dried French fry

  • Ethereal Taehyung
    Ethereal Taehyung 5 minutes ago


  • Jannatul Mohammed
    Jannatul Mohammed 5 minutes ago

    Bro he looks disgusting😭🐀

  • Blink Twice
    Blink Twice 5 minutes ago

    A whole football team and subs

  • Selina Afemui
    Selina Afemui 5 minutes ago

    She is beautiful inside and out he is blessed!

  • 제니Jenni
    제니Jenni 5 minutes ago

    He looks more Michael Jackson than Jimin.

  • TaEhYuNgS gUcCi 앜앰이


  • TaEhYuNgS gUcCi 앜앰이

    *saranghey bts*

  • Vagner Jr
    Vagner Jr 6 minutes ago

    Take note, God!

  • s00yA RubY
    s00yA RubY 6 minutes ago

    You mean annabelle?

  • Xxgacha_bonniexX
    Xxgacha_bonniexX 7 minutes ago

    Im in 5th grade im 11 and im 5'2 and people are always saying wow shes tall is she supposed to be that tall?? like am I the only one who gets annoyed of these questions. but port girl her moms karen >:( and the girl looks like she could use some hugs uwu

  • Elena Daraskeviciute
    Elena Daraskeviciute 7 minutes ago

    how do they pick coins???

  • شريك النور
    شريك النور 7 minutes ago

    اذا في حدا عربي او كوردي يطج لايك 😉 مهما ربيت حيوان اليف الا ما ياتي يوم ويرجع لغريزتو مايالك بحيوان مفترس..

  • Weeping Stag
    Weeping Stag 7 minutes ago

    He looks like liza minnelli, kris jenner and cara delevingne had a baby.

  • TaEhYuNgS gUcCi 앜앰이

    obviously hes an akgae...

  • Andrea Simon
    Andrea Simon 7 minutes ago does'nt matter if she has a long legs....she's pretty and kind though....😊(i just dont like her mom...shes so rude....and to her daughter😐)

  • stuart marshall
    stuart marshall 8 minutes ago

    Sanford needs a movie made about him

  • jessica tt
    jessica tt 8 minutes ago

    this touched me so much 🥺🥰❤️

  • Adam Manning
    Adam Manning 8 minutes ago

    How dose he pee and Poo

    TJM ARMY 9 minutes ago

    i bet garnet has a bigger afro

  • Cøøkie UwU
    Cøøkie UwU 9 minutes ago

    :o She’s beautiful tho

  • Cek Pah
    Cek Pah 9 minutes ago

    U need to go see dr pimple popper sweetie

  • Phyllis Montoroula
    Phyllis Montoroula 10 minutes ago

    I hate death row. It's up the man up stairs God or Jesus I hate aboration as well no baby should die aboration

  • PabloThePabo
    PabloThePabo 11 minutes ago

    What happens when the babies grow up, like when they’re preteens and teens? Do they stay there or do they leave to live with foster parents or another family member?

  • softer than a daisy
    softer than a daisy 11 minutes ago

    She is so sweet! I love how kind she is even with her bullies... It's so sad that people don't understand that everybody can be themselves and nobody really supports you to be who you want...

  • Ethereal Taehyung
    Ethereal Taehyung 12 minutes ago

    I mean I guess in a way he is appreciating a culture by wanting to look like them, BUT THERE ARE MORE APPROPRIATE WAYS TO APPRECIATE A CULTURE🤢 It’s more creepy than flattering

  • Labelle Khoo Ee Xuan
    Labelle Khoo Ee Xuan 13 minutes ago

    Shes soooo pretty She should model

  • kat malinko
    kat malinko 14 minutes ago

    My real question is where the hell does he get the money

  • Hate Queen
    Hate Queen 15 minutes ago

    I wish I had a sister like her's 💕They are both so awesome together.

  • JakkuWolf Insomnia
    JakkuWolf Insomnia 15 minutes ago

    She’s soo cute!! 🥰 “that was awkward” 😂😂😂😂 omg i’m crying she’s so precious 😭

  • ルッキー
    ルッキー 16 minutes ago

    That boy just wants to have a girlfirend with big breats but can’t get a slim girl so his only option was a fat girl.

  • Edits ByEvolution
    Edits ByEvolution 16 minutes ago

    He looked more like Jimin before the damn jawline surgery. He looks terrible with dark hair. And is a complete stalker

  • Seetha Pardeep
    Seetha Pardeep 17 minutes ago

    He looked better before than after

  • Hangry Potato
    Hangry Potato 17 minutes ago

    I mean... if that's a kink, it went waaaayyy too far... but you do you i guess 🤠

  • Enrico Skid
    Enrico Skid 17 minutes ago


  • Sophia
    Sophia 19 minutes ago

    Why nobody asks how she goes to toilett?

  • random bts army
    random bts army 19 minutes ago

    8:01 BRUH.

  • Livi Divi
    Livi Divi 19 minutes ago

    When I sit down I’m short but when I stand up I sky rocket over everyone

  • YeonKiMin _93
    YeonKiMin _93 20 minutes ago


  • Sweet Killer
    Sweet Killer 20 minutes ago

    Br! Espero que vc consiga a cura ❤️

  • Ria Lightwood-Bane
    Ria Lightwood-Bane 20 minutes ago

    The doctor reminds me of Handsome Squidward

  • Venusa Fern
    Venusa Fern 23 minutes ago

    Theyre so pretty 😵

  • eltonsmor
    eltonsmor 23 minutes ago

    His face- his choice. To me he looks like a middle aged lady, but ultimately my opinion doesnt matter. His does

  • Kendyl Bigelow
    Kendyl Bigelow 24 minutes ago

    I really love how the white leaves that streak in his hair.

  • Summerdandelion1798
    Summerdandelion1798 24 minutes ago

    I am glad kardashians made thick look beautiful and trendy, no one wants to be skinny anymore

  • Queen bee
    Queen bee 25 minutes ago

    She is really so beautiful ❤️💕💕

  • Colored Cosplay Girl
    Colored Cosplay Girl 25 minutes ago


  • Tran Lily
    Tran Lily 25 minutes ago

    first, you can tell yourself you're not fat whatever, but the real is you are fat!!! that all i'm not hateful or want to make someone upset but true fact is true fact i'm 154cm (something around 5feet 0,5 inches) i'm short/tiny whatever it call. I'm not mad or upset, it's just true facts. AS LONG AS PEOPLE NOT MAKE FUN OF ME OR BEING RUDE, I DONT MIND btw, if she is fat but she's healthy and actively person, i think it's okay!!! but if you're fat, can't walking easy, can't working & causing alots of healthy problems, it not right. You should accept true facts & changing!!

  • Mila&Liz World
    Mila&Liz World 26 minutes ago


  • Icy
    Icy 26 minutes ago

    She should become a model then, right? :) beautiful girl

  • M.I.A W.A.N.D
    M.I.A W.A.N.D 26 minutes ago

    jimin was with him he would say dude just be your self and STOP

  • Colored Cosplay Girl
    Colored Cosplay Girl 26 minutes ago

    Can you dance tho.

  • Ioana Vasilache
    Ioana Vasilache 27 minutes ago

    U are cute❤️

  • Carmen Ledesma
    Carmen Ledesma 27 minutes ago

    How old is she????

  • Hung Tran
    Hung Tran 28 minutes ago

    He is in my school

  • random bts army
    random bts army 28 minutes ago

    0:44 if he is obsessed with BTS he should know their on vacation...

  • Jess
    Jess 29 minutes ago

    My Grandpa has this but not as severe as this 😔

  • Christina Probst
    Christina Probst 29 minutes ago

    Says she's strict with their food, they are super overweight. That's not 1200 calories everyday. She talks to them like babies, they are damn near teenagers! On the autism spectrum or not!

  • Omari Rolle
    Omari Rolle 29 minutes ago

    What a nice home. Just to be DESTROYED

  • Ryleigh O'Malley
    Ryleigh O'Malley 29 minutes ago

    I love how she acts like his mom she seems so kind and sweet.

  • tenzin Lhamo
    tenzin Lhamo 29 minutes ago

    Bro what does he do for a living to afford all that?

  • Polina
    Polina 30 minutes ago

    She has a really sweet and expressive face...beautiful eyes too!

  • ghost q
    ghost q 30 minutes ago

    Tim is doing such a sacred job, I salute him. 💖

  • Daniel Coughlin
    Daniel Coughlin 31 minute ago

    So cute 1 like he gets better 🥺

  • Shane Jones
    Shane Jones 31 minute ago

    She cracks me up with her sense of humor she is hilarious. I love the way that you always look on the bright side and positive side of things. Why can’t everyone do that? Including myself. Adalia you you have such a beautiful soul.

  • Wengie Lee
    Wengie Lee 32 minutes ago

    Lucky I'm the shortest of all the students and I'm known as the armrest!!!

  • LiquidBlackWolf
    LiquidBlackWolf 32 minutes ago

    Totally in love with this.. wish this was more common here in scandinavia <3 It look me untill I was about 28 to find myself.. and I am also definitely viking by heart.

  • xlover 101
    xlover 101 33 minutes ago

    I wanna be friends with her

  • kookmin nation
    kookmin nation 33 minutes ago

    it bothers me alot.. youre not a sasaeng right?

  • Oh Deer Dog
    Oh Deer Dog 34 minutes ago

    Now thats what i call koreaboo •3•

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 34 minutes ago

    "The NYU guys, right" Uhm, she said "guys" with an "s". Did she have a gang bang in a college dorm?

  • Libby Park
    Libby Park 35 minutes ago

    "tom moon" i-

  • Carmen Ledesma
    Carmen Ledesma 36 minutes ago

    I have to prove them wrong you already did 😀🥰😭😭😭

  • Polina
    Polina 37 minutes ago

    Interesting...since females are default biologically speaking, I wonder if most intersex people identify as female.

  • Sweet Killer
    Sweet Killer 38 minutes ago

    Caraca mano, totalmente obcecada

  • Jeratin Animations
    Jeratin Animations 38 minutes ago

    Imagine someone bringing in a laser pointer...

  • Clay Collectibles
    Clay Collectibles 39 minutes ago

    They are a beautiful couple

  • Sam jam
    Sam jam 39 minutes ago

    I’m i the only one who’s offended that she’s wearing an allah necklace?

  • Elliana
    Elliana 40 minutes ago

    Okay but Jason’s hair at 6:09 isn’t it

  • raincoat •
    raincoat • 41 minute ago

    tbh he looks like an old woman

  • Libby Park
    Libby Park 41 minute ago

    she looks like an anime character brought to life but maybe not in a very good way

  • galilea Velasquez
    galilea Velasquez 42 minutes ago


  • Sweet Killer
    Sweet Killer 43 minutes ago

    Jojo todinho ou ela 🤔

  • Dimitroula K.
    Dimitroula K. 43 minutes ago

    Hannah’s smile is truly beautiful.....

  • Katherine Molinari
    Katherine Molinari 43 minutes ago

    As long as they are happy together...that's all that matters .

  • Summer C
    Summer C 43 minutes ago

    Umm I like her! Yaasss sis. Living your best life 😊

  • amelia DeClercq
    amelia DeClercq 43 minutes ago

    "all kpop stars have a very sharp v line" Jimin... Doesn't have... A v line...

  • Phoebe Willow Swales
    Phoebe Willow Swales 44 minutes ago

    Even the title makes me cringe...

  • S Ghosh
    S Ghosh 44 minutes ago

    Creep show ...

  • neuron55
    neuron55 44 minutes ago

    This is just how it works, the parents parent their child. This is not close to a bad case. People question if you should impose vegetarianism or republicanism on your child. Do the math.

  • raincoat •
    raincoat • 44 minutes ago

    i thin he misunderstood the point of Love Yourself...

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 44 minutes ago

    Praise the Lord...Spectacular man...happy family.Gbu always.

  • Summerdandelion1798
    Summerdandelion1798 45 minutes ago

    "sexual act during my 13th birthday" did he pop his girl's cherry or was she on period?

  • Sweet Killer
    Sweet Killer 46 minutes ago

    Oooo cabelo vê se cresce😍

  • arvaihuu togoohuu
    arvaihuu togoohuu 46 minutes ago

    world need more people like her. :)