Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio
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  • Quilbert the Hedgehog

    So I was turning on the oven and once it finally hit 350, I realized that I had left all the pans in there. And now plastic is melted all because of my dumb self.

  • Rence Olos
    Rence Olos 9 hours ago

    Im so hungry

  • J.K Fitz
    J.K Fitz 15 hours ago

    Awesome video... Looks like you tested a blue raspberry one before the video recording...?? 🤔 I just noticed your lips and tongue had a different hue than usual.

  • vlogger slime
    vlogger slime 20 hours ago

    How to make edible money

  • Allyssa Edmonds
    Allyssa Edmonds 22 hours ago

    the tin can challenge

  • Ewa Gustawski
    Ewa Gustawski Day ago

    all this cake are fresh or You chilled them down ???

  • Henrick sannrio

    Thank you! I bought the artisan! ☺️

  • Santana Contreras

    The cake pop mixture looks like poop lol

  • Ernie Suraya Abdullah

    can we use brown sugar?

  • Jessica Stoutner
    Jessica Stoutner 2 days ago

    hi I like to watch your TVclip channel is SpongeBob's I like to decorate cakes and I go to the idea of what you can do on one of your videos you can do a num they're fun toys and they have smelling kind ofI got a big one for one of my birthdays and I looked at the container today and I got a d i idea buy

  • Karen McKenzie
    Karen McKenzie 2 days ago

    Would you recommend it?

  • Kbmightmight
    Kbmightmight 2 days ago

    I don't know why this video appeared, but I do crafts with my grandkids and just last week my grandson was saying how much he liked saltwater taffy. I have to do this! Thank you!

  • LaCray Francis
    LaCray Francis 3 days ago

    I made the cakes but the crust is hard hard HARDDDDD

  • Ranju Sharma
    Ranju Sharma 3 days ago

    Sooo much sugar is wasted for this little candy !!!!! O MY GOD !!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Mat Cauthon
    Mat Cauthon 3 days ago

    Dear woman, you're a blessing. I'm gonna be making taffy for my girl for days.

  • Priscilla DeOrdio
    Priscilla DeOrdio 3 days ago

    Does it matter what oreos you use

  • Benjamin Liang
    Benjamin Liang 4 days ago

    And I thought my classic plus was small.

  • J R
    J R 4 days ago

    I Love Mini eggs

  • J R
    J R 4 days ago

    Well I'm out of Mini Eggs

  • patricia lebas
    patricia lebas 4 days ago

    Ah! bonjour sa faisait un moment que je vous voyez plus sur YT ,au plaisir de vous revoir ,même si je ne comprends pas tous les mots , mets vos gâteaux sont magnifique merci PAT bisous

  • Ethyl agravante
    Ethyl agravante 4 days ago

    Its very awesome .....

  • xfiler2013
    xfiler2013 4 days ago

    My cake wound up tasting like no flavor fluffy cornbread.

  • Cheese River
    Cheese River 4 days ago

    I am still waiting for her

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 4 days ago

    You should make a rainbow cake

  • Tysheyounda Hughes
    Tysheyounda Hughes 4 days ago

    You can use purple for onions

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 5 days ago

    You make marker box back to school cake

  • Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    That looks super delish

  • rina ago
    rina ago 5 days ago

    Hi! How far in advance can i make this cake? Thanks!

  • Quinito Gonzales
    Quinito Gonzales 5 days ago

    They aren’t m&m’s they are nips

  • Poonam Poonam
    Poonam Poonam 5 days ago

    How to make this cake batter??

  • LaCray Francis
    LaCray Francis 5 days ago

    This recipe makes how many cups of icing ? I have 2-10" & 2-12" cakes I need to ice and I'm trying to make sure I have the right amount

  • LaCray Francis
    LaCray Francis 5 days ago

    What if you have a 12" cake how much cake batter to use then?

  • Abigail Tuohy
    Abigail Tuohy 5 days ago

    what would be the bake time if i wanted to make cupcakes? and bake temp?

  • namie schowgurow
    namie schowgurow 5 days ago

    I didnt have chocolate chips so i used cocoa powder , butter, powder sugar , n whipping cream n it turned out. Thank u.

  • gioquin83
    gioquin83 5 days ago

    Minute 7:01: Shame on you Kitchen aid, slow start sucks!!

  • FunWithJess
    FunWithJess 5 days ago

    My mother told me not to play with my food

  • Diana Galitz
    Diana Galitz 6 days ago


  • Gerald Tompkins
    Gerald Tompkins 6 days ago

    How do i make sugar free taffy

  • Master Sergeant
    Master Sergeant 6 days ago

    I’m getting this for my kids for Christmas. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Eluney Martinez
    Eluney Martinez 6 days ago

    Its been 2 years

  • Eluney Martinez
    Eluney Martinez 6 days ago

    Why did you stop

  • Christabel Okereafor

    Love the cake

  • Afnan Faiza
    Afnan Faiza 7 days ago

    That looks really good but not being a hatter why can't you buy it instead of buying the ingredients that are more money than cake from the store

  • Natalie Ball
    Natalie Ball 7 days ago

    I'm making a gluten free cake can I still use this recipe? As this is always my go to!

  • Vip I Dip Hat Ball
    Vip I Dip Hat Ball 7 days ago

    reee u cant just by fucking dough

  • lucy malual
    lucy malual 7 days ago


  • lucy malual
    lucy malual 7 days ago


  • Franzine Laneia
    Franzine Laneia 7 days ago

    And im a big FAN!

  • Franzine Laneia
    Franzine Laneia 7 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Lourdes C.
    Lourdes C. 7 days ago

    From the Artisan, Which size is best for home? the 5Q or the mini?

  • Darrell Peterson
    Darrell Peterson 7 days ago

    I'm looking for the real deal clicked on these fcking cunts pfff

  • Ashley Vang
    Ashley Vang 8 days ago

    I have a sister named Elsa

  • karmelscream
    karmelscream 8 days ago

    Can I use real Jolly rancher to make lollipops

  • scoo bee
    scoo bee 8 days ago

    Too much food colour is not good for anyone...

  • E Mo
    E Mo 8 days ago

    Hello..Can you please make Now and Later Candies?? Thanks

  • Brenda Benton
    Brenda Benton 9 days ago

    I am on levle 32

  • anna mikaela
    anna mikaela 9 days ago

    Im a kid young but im a fan i love those!

  • Michael Flack
    Michael Flack 9 days ago

    With the excess or left over sugar syrup in the glass, can you reheat that and use it to make more rock candy sticks? 🐇

  • makayla eckerd
    makayla eckerd 9 days ago

    payton and i have beef. I will run her fade.

  • Toni Queen R.A.W. Ward

    Can you make something to replace the slap Stix please

  • Marilyn Kennedy
    Marilyn Kennedy 10 days ago

    I was wondering if you secured the cake to the bottom of the fishbowl, as when I tried the cake plate i would be using on the fish bowl, it looked like an accident waiting to happen. Any suggestions?? Thanks for the idea!

  • Marilyn Kennedy
    Marilyn Kennedy 10 days ago

    By Non Stick Spray, do you mean pam or oil spray used to prepare pans.. I also can not find the lustre dust, what else can I use

  • Boi_bye
    Boi_bye 10 days ago

    Just watched a video saying she accused her husband (and business partner) of domestic violence but was disproved by a recording of her and a friend planning to accuse him of it to take over. Further evidence includes her purposefully inflicting harm on herself to have "evidence".

  • Kayla Love
    Kayla Love 10 days ago

    i would eat this whole cake by myself

  • Deanna Nurmi
    Deanna Nurmi 10 days ago

    im just seeing this cake and it looks so awesome. might have to try this for xmas this year

  • Zsazsa animations
    Zsazsa animations 11 days ago

    This is my little sisters dream cake lol

  • Zsazsa animations
    Zsazsa animations 11 days ago

    Remember when videos were good like this?

  • Zsazsa animations
    Zsazsa animations 11 days ago

    I loved watching your cake videos when I was a toddler

  • Oggy 2
    Oggy 2 11 days ago

    Uno delicious

  • Sarah De La Rosa
    Sarah De La Rosa 11 days ago

    Where did you order pans

  • Mia Monlo
    Mia Monlo 11 days ago

    Don't you think Payton looks like a girl version of Casey Simpson?!?!😱

  • 山奥のローレライ

    日本人からしたら色彩とカロリーの暴力にしか見えないwwww 何回見ても笑う

  • Simply - King
    Simply - King 12 days ago

    I like it.

  • hey_apple_hey
    hey_apple_hey 12 days ago

    This cake is absolutely fabulous 🍰🍭🍬🍫

  • Mehrnoosh Yousefi
    Mehrnoosh Yousefi 12 days ago

    Excuse me how we can make one rock candy with diffrent colors?

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 12 days ago

    Wow that's cool

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 12 days ago

    That's so cool I'm going to ask my if I can make a tiger cake

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 12 days ago

    That video end quick

  • Jordan Brazil
    Jordan Brazil 12 days ago

    You should make everything out of gummy candy

  • Sandra Thomas
    Sandra Thomas 13 days ago

    Great how to video, but I was not pleased with the texture of the cake. It was crumbly with more of a cornbread texture.

  • Sabika A
    Sabika A 13 days ago

    Can anyone tell me please is the doughnut hook is same for classic and artisan

  • Sas Sasha
    Sas Sasha 13 days ago

    Ur videos are boring make them funny

  • Aiyana xo
    Aiyana xo 13 days ago

    I followed the instructions and the cake came out raw 8nside because my stupid self put the whole cake mix in one pan.

  • Richie and Eddie
    Richie and Eddie 13 days ago

    Bruhhh...2019 anyone...?

  • Nikki Gilder
    Nikki Gilder 14 days ago

    I miss your videos, was watching you every week when you posted.

  • Kelsey Mincheski
    Kelsey Mincheski 14 days ago

    Bbbbbb. /b. B b bbb. bbb Bb.

  • Thee Epic doge
    Thee Epic doge 14 days ago

    I wonder if u can make it with salt instead for a homemade crystal do what she did but use salt or borax maybe 🤔

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith 14 days ago

    It's beautiful

  • Namjoon ARMY
    Namjoon ARMY 15 days ago

    I dont have corn syrup so I searched up substitutes and you can just use 1 and 1/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup hot water until the sugar dissolves

  • Chan
    Chan 15 days ago

    Amazing video! Had to leave a comment. 👌🏾

  • K Schallert
    K Schallert 15 days ago

    You should have just let her do it her way, and not allowed yourself to become irritated and bossy. It was disrespectful. And where's the peach in the peach cookie? Pudding?

  • Rain Agar
    Rain Agar 15 days ago

    1:40 when I saw that I thought about diabetes.

  • Conon Kurihara
    Conon Kurihara 15 days ago


  • Sneha Datta
    Sneha Datta 15 days ago


  • Arzoo123
    Arzoo123 15 days ago

    Make a descendants cake

  • Nur Saniah
    Nur Saniah 15 days ago

    I very like it That make me so hungry

  • Doc Doom
    Doc Doom 15 days ago

    That’s pretty gay

  • Umu Amin moh
    Umu Amin moh 16 days ago


  • wije haturusingha
    wije haturusingha 16 days ago

    Good mother and she thother

  • Its Oofkid1234
    Its Oofkid1234 16 days ago

    man.. this channel was my childhood..