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  • Suchi Roy
    Suchi Roy Hour ago

    Shreya Shankar go grab another big crown. All the very best!😊 Love from Bihar💕

  • This is also INDIA

    She will win great margin

  • This is also INDIA

    She will bring the title for us

  • This is also INDIA

    She will bring the title for ud

  • Badshah rahana Shaikh

    What a sweet lady Wow sushi U r awesome

  • Rabiul Alam
    Rabiul Alam 3 hours ago

    So sad

  • Shinjan Bhatta
    Shinjan Bhatta 3 hours ago

    Humanity and motherhood at its worst stage

  • Fareena Singh
    Fareena Singh 3 hours ago

    Wtf is Rong with her

  • Hifzur Rahman
    Hifzur Rahman 3 hours ago


  • King Vlog
    King Vlog 3 hours ago

    واووو.. نفتاخر بيك بنت بلدي

  • Abhilas Rockstar
    Abhilas Rockstar 3 hours ago


  • Sweety Barua
    Sweety Barua 4 hours ago

    God bless you shreya😊

  • sandhya singh
    sandhya singh 4 hours ago


  • Trendy Vanshika
    Trendy Vanshika 4 hours ago

    1:06 overacting ki dukan

  • Santosh Chongtham
    Santosh Chongtham 4 hours ago

    Do best shreya u have lovely family lovely nation lovely fan so dont look backward go forward n win the crown

  • Larisa Chettiar
    Larisa Chettiar 4 hours ago

    Hi ,all the best .get the crown 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • Jyoti Sahu
    Jyoti Sahu 4 hours ago

    All the best di

  • Amaresh Shanker
    Amaresh Shanker 4 hours ago


  • Teena Saini
    Teena Saini 5 hours ago

    Hey Shreya. Congratulations!❤️🌼 And best of luck Dude.😛

    RK BENIWAL 6 hours ago

    Ye bc hindi m baat na kar sake k

  • Jdattatreya Sharma
    Jdattatreya Sharma 8 hours ago


  • Sridevi mallya Mangalore

    No contestent is really beautifull👎with heavy makeup they are ok ok type but without makeup i cannot imagine🙄

  • Sharon Kour
    Sharon Kour 13 hours ago

    Best in the world luv these children God bless them sumant sonail

  • Antonio Cedeno
    Antonio Cedeno 14 hours ago

    Welcome to Ecuador

  • Angelina Limchaypo
    Angelina Limchaypo 16 hours ago


  • Angelina Limchaypo
    Angelina Limchaypo 16 hours ago


  • Abser Rahman
    Abser Rahman 20 hours ago


  • Sabibur khan
    Sabibur khan 20 hours ago


  • Kawkabe Reiky
    Kawkabe Reiky 20 hours ago

    She looks like nusrat jahan.

  • Ajeeb TV
    Ajeeb TV 21 hour ago

    Can anyone tell me the difference between miss world and miss universe?

  • Gopinath
    Gopinath 22 hours ago

    Good luck gorgeous Shreya..

  • Musaddique Khan

    Sabse ghatiya cemra man hai sala madarchod

  • Natalia Krasnopolska

    Congratulations! So beautiful !!!

  • ratan soren
    ratan soren Day ago

    Best of luck miss India

  • Bindiya Bathari

    She never make mistakes.

  • Afuk Com
    Afuk Com Day ago


  • Francisco Braith

    Something is wrong. She looks different. From Miss Peru World.

  • Vijay Rathod
    Vijay Rathod Day ago

    Beautiful beautiful 👌👌👌👌👌👌🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Chris Chauhan
    Chris Chauhan Day ago

    So beautiful

  • Aruna Chauhan
    Aruna Chauhan Day ago


  • Manjeet Sharma

    Miss world 2019 ka date kab hi

  • Stefy Castiblanco

    Aunque es bella,lo era mucho más Carolina Gómez Miss Colombia,fue una coronación muy rara ,ni Sushmita se lo creía 🤔.

  • my life
    my life Day ago

    Shushmita sen Gorgeous lady. Love from Pakistan...

  • Rizky Malik Syamsi

    what is the title of the manushi chillar dance music

  • alisha roy
    alisha roy 2 days ago

  • divya yadav
    divya yadav 2 days ago

    So perfect?!!!

  • Bisht Bipin
    Bisht Bipin 2 days ago

    She deserve mis world And Mis india 2019 desrve mis universe

  • Neelesh Kushwah
    Neelesh Kushwah 2 days ago

    नीलेश कुशवाह

  • Abhishek Jha
    Abhishek Jha 2 days ago

    Meenakshi Choudhary is so beautiful ❤❤❤and anukriti is so real

  • m nag
    m nag 2 days ago

    She has a charming personality and great communication skills. Good luck

  • Pete Wong
    Pete Wong 2 days ago

    She is also Miss Hong Kong 2019👸🏻

  • dhruv mahajan
    dhruv mahajan 2 days ago


  • deepak kumar
    deepak kumar 2 days ago

    Sirf apna body dikhake croro kama rhi hai wat a luck

  • Kritika Chaurasiya
    Kritika Chaurasiya 2 days ago

    All d best

  • Pathan Sohil
    Pathan Sohil 2 days ago

    I hope you win this pegent

  • Gtnydrx
    Gtnydrx 2 days ago

    So beautiful so cultured but will find a white guy and get married. Good job!

  • cypresspuz
    cypresspuz 2 days ago

    FUCK JEWS they all fucking sodomites

  • Shinjan Bhatta
    Shinjan Bhatta 2 days ago

    She is 👍 gorgeous

  • Cry Baby
    Cry Baby 2 days ago

    Oh my goshhhhh.... She is THE girl. She really is a strong contender for the crown.

  • sakshi singh
    sakshi singh 2 days ago

    All the best

  • jij p
    jij p 2 days ago

    by the way who is representing India at MU 2019?

  • Vce Rocks
    Vce Rocks 2 days ago


  • Mihir Prajapati
    Mihir Prajapati 2 days ago


  • Vce Rocks
    Vce Rocks 2 days ago

    Stunning... My 'o' my... Girl 'o' girl...

  • SFS Abhishek Gupta
    SFS Abhishek Gupta 2 days ago

    Amazing !!! All d best !!!

  • sachin Kumar
    sachin Kumar 2 days ago

    Tc of yours walk.. Smiling face... N strong answer.. Of questions... Do hard work for ans Defenatly u will reach in final qus-anw round

  • Gautam Singh
    Gautam Singh 2 days ago

    So beautiful.

  • akash gupta
    akash gupta 2 days ago

    Super Hiro

  • lijin lakshmana
    lijin lakshmana 2 days ago

    All the best sis.

  • yatu lee
    yatu lee 2 days ago

    She is very cute , calm personality with hard work and talent. May god bless her to win the crown 👑. Go India ..This is our time to take the crown.

  • Narayan Sahu
    Narayan Sahu 2 days ago

    India India all the best

  • Mohak Surana
    Mohak Surana 2 days ago

    We support you..

  • shivani kumari
    shivani kumari 3 days ago

    Best of luck Shreya 😊😘❤️, hope u make India proud

  • K.sasikala Kandasamy

    Who came down to see comments before watching the video ? If yes hit like 👍👍

  • candle candle
    candle candle 3 days ago

    Always self boastin

  • Ricar D Alverro
    Ricar D Alverro 3 days ago

    Best of luck Shreya 👍. You're really beautiful and sweet😀💞

  • Ricar D Alverro
    Ricar D Alverro 3 days ago

    Who is representing India at Miss Universe 2019 and Miss Supranational 2019?I haven't got any news ???

  • Sunil Pandav
    Sunil Pandav 3 days ago

    Her voice is strong n different.. all the best 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Moumita Sarkar
    Moumita Sarkar 3 days ago

    Definitely a front-runner for the Top Model fast track!👍

  • Viraj Dave
    Viraj Dave 3 days ago

    *manushi starts talking about femenism* Me: ight imma head out

  • jij p
    jij p 3 days ago

    I felt positive vibes from Shreya watching this video.........good luck to Shreya.....bring home the crown..

  • Tom A
    Tom A 3 days ago

    Maye Musk certainly is a very vibrant lady

  • Shiwangi Sharan
    Shiwangi Sharan 3 days ago

    Pride of Bihar!! ❤️

  • Kannan Manavai
    Kannan Manavai 3 days ago

    Well done shrea shangar you will do it. Best of luck

  • Suchi Roy
    Suchi Roy 3 days ago

    All the very best Shreya Shankar hope you will get the best. 👑 Good luck!💕

  • Jalaz Mani
    Jalaz Mani 3 days ago

    Femina, pls dont waste money and time to send candidates to these minor and unknown pageants. Throw away all these cheap franchises and only stick with the Big 5 - Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss Earth and Miss International. Other Asian countries are stepping up their game. So please act wisely. Take back the Miss International franchise.

  • Jalaz Mani
    Jalaz Mani 3 days ago

    See, Look at this girl.. She has top potential to win any big 4 crowns. Yet she is send to a low class pageant like Miss United Continent. Whereas below average contestants from some local pageants go to Miss International and Miss Earth and the result is "non-placement". We havent even placed in top 5 of Miss Universe since 2001. Still no info about who is going to represent us at Miss Universe and Miss Supranational.?? when are you going to learn :(

    SHAAISTA RAHMAN 3 days ago

    Why minakshi chaudry not go for miss world united continents. Minakshi is 1st runner up plss someone tell plss. I m very confuse 😳😳

  • Shubhangi Kumari
    Shubhangi Kumari 3 days ago

    I m from bihar..Very excited to see u at MCU 19.. There's a gut feeling of mine..That u'll bring the crown home🇮🇳Go shreya..India is with you.

  • Vini Singh
    Vini Singh 3 days ago

    Best of luck dear di. I and India is always with you Lots of love to you 😘😘

  • Monika Ranjan
    Monika Ranjan 3 days ago

    All best wishes to Shreya bring the crown and title of miss united continents 2019 with your hardwork we all will support you my dear Shreya ! Hittt likes to aaplose Shreya !

  • Anisha Jakhar
    Anisha Jakhar 3 days ago

    Meenakshi's answer was the best

  • Ricar D Alverro
    Ricar D Alverro 3 days ago

    She is gorgeous💞.All the best 👍.Go and win the crown😊💕

  • roshni Kumari
    roshni Kumari 3 days ago

    Shreya Shaker will be the first miss United continents from India, because she have a good personality and beauty with mind. She is also good in sports like cricket, golf and horse riding. And she's well educated .. I love the way she answered and explained both two questions in Femina Miss India 2019. I'm super duper excited for her Miss United continent 2019 . I'm also from Bihar and She's my Inspiration.. Lots of love for this rising star 😊💞💞💞

  • pathan ayaz
    pathan ayaz 3 days ago

    Full chances of win miss united continent ...she is able of luck shreya shankar👸

  • Mohamed khan
    Mohamed khan 3 days ago

    Did he lie to them as if he is srk 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anurag Parija
    Anurag Parija 3 days ago

    Best of luck....girl!!! Go and make it!

  • allan dcosta
    allan dcosta 3 days ago

    Shreya is the most beautiful girl at Miss United Continents 2019....she has to win the crown. I strongly support her. At the time when she won the Femina Miss India crown she was a bit shy and timid as she was new to the pageant world... And also bcoz she is so young and adorable.. But now she has grown and transformed and gotten used to this pageant world with all training provided and she looks so pretty in all her outfits and photos.. I do wish she wins. She will make a great winner and also India will get it's first Miss United continents crown. Good luck Shreya

  • Vunited
    Vunited 3 days ago

    Fabulous presentation! Shreya is a stunning all-rounder! All the very best🇮🇳💕💯

  • Bhushan Gupta
    Bhushan Gupta 3 days ago

    We wish you a good luck and hope you can Bring proud to our county!!! Team India lets Rock this year again❤❤ lots of well wishes and greetings