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  • Alligator
    Alligator 5 minutes ago

    Clix is hella toxic I dont rly like him he be talking deadas smack on kids who haven't said a word and hes against people talking smack

  • Ninja Kid360
    Ninja Kid360 7 minutes ago

    Dino Rexy or dino_rex360

  • Ben Tenison
    Ben Tenison 12 minutes ago

    My epic ID is Lazer Akash

  • Adam Brennan
    Adam Brennan 22 minutes ago

    Ra-idd <epic y’all can add me if you want too

  • ProGoat25
    ProGoat25 49 minutes ago

    My epic is ProGoat25 please add me I really want a new battle pass

  • anders hammer
    anders hammer 53 minutes ago

    You should get fucked up irl for baiting so hard with every video

  • Tommy Fenua
    Tommy Fenua Hour ago

    Love your vids! ❤️ Liked and already subbed 😊😎 My epic: GraveTrilogy

  • Michael Leung
    Michael Leung Hour ago

    it's not his teacher, it's a teacher.

  • Anthony DeHerrera

    Fortnite User- skylight199 Watch every video once you upload 💯

  • julian matenda21

    my epic is TTV_Stretchres pls give me the battlepass ive been watching ur vids for ages

  • Ruben Games
    Ruben Games Hour ago

    My epic username is: TTV_Harutyunyan I hope you to gift me the new battle pass🙏

  • Whitt Chaney
    Whitt Chaney Hour ago


  • slopnz
    slopnz Hour ago

    im doing a give away at 100 subs come sub to enter please guys for kobe

  • Mathias Heimann 8C Hedelyskolen

    my epic is tvillinger1

  • Zac Rennie
    Zac Rennie Hour ago

    Epic Zac2077

    DA SLASHAA 2 hours ago


  • dylan vinish
    dylan vinish 2 hours ago

    Ninja is washed. Hes not even a top player anymore he hasn't been for 7 seasons

  • Marc Foskett
    Marc Foskett 2 hours ago

    My game tag is Yourabot94

  • Travis Noa
    Travis Noa 2 hours ago


  • bardia jafari
    bardia jafari 2 hours ago

    F7 band123 this is my epic

  • LetsMakeAPawno
    LetsMakeAPawno 2 hours ago

    We aren't on your friends list, we giving people free gifts

  • Manjeet Kaur
    Manjeet Kaur 2 hours ago

    Epic : younkboi69420

  • ForeverPride
    ForeverPride 2 hours ago

    Didn't ex star chronic? Lol

  • Yup Yup
    Yup Yup 2 hours ago

    Me: sees 10 ads in a 20 minute video Also me: Dislikes and leaves immediately

  • Claudia Ríos Gómez


  • Kelly Fiorillo
    Kelly Fiorillo 2 hours ago

    mine is dewbxrries becau- ok nvm

  • I_love_pink
    I_love_pink 3 hours ago

    Why are Symfuhny and I very similar?

    LFC FN FIFA 3 hours ago

    My epic shot-toil017 #fortnite fam 😃

  • Kizuna
    Kizuna 3 hours ago

    Kid doesn't know what 33x3 is.

  • sean underwood
    sean underwood 3 hours ago

    my epic name is ttvhansomeepyt

  • Corey blue
    Corey blue 3 hours ago

    My epic is DoA_Stinkeymen05

  • Tanner Mclain
    Tanner Mclain 3 hours ago

    I hate channels like this

  • Jesper Rogstam
    Jesper Rogstam 3 hours ago

    My epic is ufx526

  • Nickenado X
    Nickenado X 3 hours ago

    My epic is nxion6 #firstfam

  • Dray Eckwood
    Dray Eckwood 3 hours ago

    My name is exotic

  • Bullzye11
    Bullzye11 3 hours ago

    My epic is Bullzye11

  • vic fends
    vic fends 3 hours ago

    Epic : spirits81

  • Swift Calf
    Swift Calf 4 hours ago

    Cheddar Bro

  • Francisco Daniel
    Francisco Daniel 4 hours ago


  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 4 hours ago

    My epic is sd temp432 plzzz I really would like it

  • Zion Bhola
    Zion Bhola 4 hours ago

    He Is overating himself cause of his skin

  • Isaiah Salazar
    Isaiah Salazar 4 hours ago

    zayzay2009 no capital

  • Frenzy
    Frenzy 4 hours ago

    I liked and subbed and turn on notifications my epic is Arifueta! Please choose me😀

  • dizasterlive
    dizasterlive 4 hours ago

    turn off aimbot aim assist watch him get 10 points max lmao

  • Ebeautie
    Ebeautie 4 hours ago

    Anijae8729 Xbox Fortnite gameing tag

  • Carlos Cardenas
    Carlos Cardenas 4 hours ago


  • Mateo Lmao
    Mateo Lmao 4 hours ago

    Epic- Mate0lma0

  • ExCel Gnarly
    ExCel Gnarly 4 hours ago

    Holy crap this video has a lot of ads

  • Angel Vargas
    Angel Vargas 4 hours ago

    My epic is Crimson_Panda6

  • The Fork
    The Fork 4 hours ago

    Complains about a stream sniper and jokes about stream sniping people

  • Raul Alvarez Marquez

    Plz stop ✋ with long vids, just get to the point.

  • Chris Tejeda
    Chris Tejeda 4 hours ago

    my epic name is fergie underscore chris or tejedagt2719 pls gift me

  • Yann
    Yann 4 hours ago

    El contenido de tus vídeos no es ni tuyo y probablemente estés haciendo mas dinero que algunos de los que salen en el video. Es algo absurdo

  • Yt_Bobbyjoez
    Yt_Bobbyjoez 4 hours ago

    Fortnite first is basically clix bc he just steals all clix vids

  • Jesse Saavedra
    Jesse Saavedra 4 hours ago


  • vic fends
    vic fends 4 hours ago

    epic: spirits81

  • fusion snooty
    fusion snooty 5 hours ago

    Bro sym playing is how i play lol

  • The Homes
    The Homes 5 hours ago

    Epic:lasarlasar1 yes with S

  • Darius Dubose
    Darius Dubose 5 hours ago


  • Alec M
    Alec M 5 hours ago

    IG Scraponfort is my epic!

  • fusion snooty
    fusion snooty 5 hours ago

    My epicgames account is Fusion_snooty

  • Matthew Porter
    Matthew Porter 5 hours ago

    Epic: IG gtdclout_ggs

  • Nova Flame
    Nova Flame 5 hours ago

    Epic: Nova Blur I subbed and I want battle pass

  • Nerdy
    Nerdy 5 hours ago

    sym's chat is very toxic towards ninja, i rarely watch ninja anymore or any other fortnite streamers, but people want ninja to stop talking about his accomplishments, these people are very jealous and butthurt, Im very proud of ninja for all these accomplishments he has done.

  • Carlos Barajas
    Carlos Barajas 5 hours ago

    Ninja died

  • Spiritual Being
    Spiritual Being 5 hours ago

    Y does she play like Zaynszn

  • Silv3r FN
    Silv3r FN 5 hours ago

    Ur still poor dude

    B1GGER 4HEAD 5 hours ago

    I told my friend I will give him the battle pass if he gives me a pick axe so I need battle pass and I’m getting 10 dollars and I’m using it on him i really need it

  • Cooper Zaug
    Cooper Zaug 5 hours ago


  • FrenoTV 252
    FrenoTV 252 5 hours ago

    S.E. Hinton is the Aurthor of The Outsiders. My favorite author.

  • Willie Eddie
    Willie Eddie 5 hours ago


  • Tyler Schultz
    Tyler Schultz 5 hours ago

    That’s pretty dirty to say it was ninja being toxic just to get people to watch. Zero respect for your vids now

  • Static_ Monster
    Static_ Monster 6 hours ago

    They where in my lobby i got killed by ninja lol gg bro i even took a pic to

  • BrandonTheRandom
    BrandonTheRandom 6 hours ago

    If you are seeing this, you will be successful and happy!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pep
    Pep 6 hours ago

    What skins I’m invisible bi... Sorry meant boy

  • Vicente Espinoza
    Vicente Espinoza 6 hours ago

    Liked and i have been subscribed and hit that bell Epic:TexturalRobin21

  • matthew wang
    matthew wang 6 hours ago

    Ign Potato Rubbish

  • Flex YTC
    Flex YTC 6 hours ago wow this guy is crazy Inna good what y'all should go subscribe to his YT channel

  • Alekasuar 1
    Alekasuar 1 6 hours ago

    MY epic is: alek5222007 #firstfam

  • Xoylty
    Xoylty 6 hours ago

    Life has its times ! Not picking any sides just a quote

  • ajjet pack21
    ajjet pack21 6 hours ago

    Shadow _aim383

  • HaHaUgotclaped ha YT

    Liked subed turned on post noties

  • HaHaUgotclaped ha YT


  • Simeon Moeai
    Simeon Moeai 6 hours ago

    Epic: HITSTICK808

  • Như Nguyễn Tố
    Như Nguyễn Tố 6 hours ago

    My epic is leefishy first fam

  • Arekkusuツ
    Arekkusuツ 6 hours ago

    Daddy chill is from Mcjuggernuggets

  • Christian Brown
    Christian Brown 6 hours ago

    Why am I hearing controller sounds and not keyboard spamming

  • Arekkusuツ
    Arekkusuツ 6 hours ago

    They hate on Ninja cause they haven't accomplish anything

  • SuperiorGaming 420
    SuperiorGaming 420 6 hours ago

    They're are like 100 people who were "first" comment. Lol like stfu who cares if you were the 20th person to type first in chat lol

  • Tayson Roth
    Tayson Roth 6 hours ago

    Officialtomato1 #first fortnite

  • Joanassie Ohaituk
    Joanassie Ohaituk 6 hours ago

    He really mentioned Kobe throwing grenade

    • ChunkyMonkey
      ChunkyMonkey 2 hours ago

      Joanassie Ohaituk its respectful to brah

  • FeedGotcha
    FeedGotcha 6 hours ago

    Zero emotion or pleasure playing this and you can tell lol

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores 6 hours ago

    Please gift me my epic is XxPDuncdrew87

  • Joanassie Ohaituk
    Joanassie Ohaituk 6 hours ago

    Yo ninja really need to learn when not to flex

  • SoaR Oink
    SoaR Oink 6 hours ago

    Love u and im a big fan

  • MJUN Chapparo
    MJUN Chapparo 6 hours ago

    My epic is djskittlez1120 #fam I really want a battle pass and I liked and subscribed

  • Jacksyn Boswell
    Jacksyn Boswell 6 hours ago


  • Xotic Oblivious
    Xotic Oblivious 6 hours ago

    Ninja has two egos. One is were he is a nice person ,donates , family friendly. Second one is where deep down he believes he is stronger and more powerful than everyone else

  • Sweaty Poyraz
    Sweaty Poyraz 7 hours ago

    I did and I been a fan plz I really want 200 subs

  • Plazify
    Plazify 7 hours ago

    My epic is VitiFN