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This Has To Stop...
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What is this Instrument??
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PewDiePie Plays BASS?
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Belle Delphine COPIED me?
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The truth about my FACE...
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I'm the BASS Guy
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Russia REJECTED me... :(
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STOP doing this to me...
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BASSo Mode
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This video is in REVERSE
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How to Make a Guy CRY
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Spooky BASSY Skeletons
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How to Make a Girl Smile
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  • Tristan ivan
    Tristan ivan 21 second ago


  • Smart tv
    Smart tv 27 seconds ago

    wtf hahaha so cool thts awsome bruhh

  • Nguyen Minh
    Nguyen Minh 2 minutes ago

    TVclipr in 2019 : Zoom out , zoom in, Zoom out , zoom in,Zoom out , zoom in. It was really annoying

  • James Bullo
    James Bullo 3 minutes ago

    $7, $78 & $136. SLAP

  • zoro uchiha
    zoro uchiha 4 minutes ago

    78 guy i choose 78

  • Sebastian Jamett
    Sebastian Jamett 4 minutes ago

    G U I T A R

  • Plebb Squad
    Plebb Squad 5 minutes ago

    "you might have noticed" "nobody noticed" xDDD

  • Afina Nina Aclidis Rudnewa

    🅱️ASS for 🅱️EST Slappers!

  • Sina Salahshour
    Sina Salahshour 7 minutes ago

    i see a round shaped bass

  • Anerythm
    Anerythm 7 minutes ago

    Make a video at the area 51 raid

  • Player 1
    Player 1 8 minutes ago

    The way he speaks and the effects is why im here I dont even know to play a bass guitar

  • parysia
    parysia 8 minutes ago

    can u play italian pizza meme in italy?

  • Eternal Emperor Valkorion

    I’m the guy who tuned his guitar to bass. It’s not bass but it’s honest work and had the advantage of bass octave guitar tap/shred

  • Rodrigo Kazu Siqueira
    Rodrigo Kazu Siqueira 9 minutes ago


  • Noel Aaron Calicdan
    Noel Aaron Calicdan 9 minutes ago

    Hi can u gift me a bass guitar

  • Anerythm
    Anerythm 9 minutes ago


  • Chris ian Zarceno
    Chris ian Zarceno 10 minutes ago

    *-B A S S-*

  • Leon Dego
    Leon Dego 10 minutes ago


  • DontTouchMe
    DontTouchMe 10 minutes ago

    No fucking way! You sent him a bass while I'm fighting with my wife to get me a cheap one! :O She told me - " Next year!"

  • Quay Lén Vlog
    Quay Lén Vlog 12 minutes ago


  • ZombieOni
    ZombieOni 13 minutes ago

    B A A S

    • ZombieOni
      ZombieOni 12 minutes ago

      I min BASS face palm

  • help me pls
    help me pls 14 minutes ago


  • Paweł Bielec
    Paweł Bielec 14 minutes ago

    Davie, please teach us how to slap!!!

  • Semba Elhalawany
    Semba Elhalawany 14 minutes ago

    my favorite sound was BASS

  • GigajinGaming 3711
    GigajinGaming 3711 14 minutes ago


  • Do Anh
    Do Anh 14 minutes ago

    usually clips like this i pass after 5s watching, but not these, dont know why i keep watching till the end

  • keul 123
    keul 123 14 minutes ago


  • Arianne Padrigo
    Arianne Padrigo 14 minutes ago


  • Justin Capehart
    Justin Capehart 15 minutes ago


  • Meet Badi3
    Meet Badi3 16 minutes ago

    B ass

  • SirBarksAlot
    SirBarksAlot 16 minutes ago

    Slap my ass ✖️ Slap my bass ✔️

  • Gareth Adams
    Gareth Adams 17 minutes ago

    this guy is so funny😂😂😂

  • Osca Ivanchu
    Osca Ivanchu 17 minutes ago


  • Max Jacobsen
    Max Jacobsen 17 minutes ago

    Bazzi - Mine

  • Nambam Iangrai
    Nambam Iangrai 17 minutes ago

    y'know i feel the triple/quadraple/....quintuple(??) guy watches and subs to davie, imean why else would he add more cams... XD XD just saying..

  • Robin Barregren
    Robin Barregren 17 minutes ago

    The song is resputin

  • Micah POV
    Micah POV 18 minutes ago


  • Edvin Lundin
    Edvin Lundin 19 minutes ago

    Very impressive! but can you play a 50 string bAss

  • Ziggy Mendoza
    Ziggy Mendoza 19 minutes ago


  • Brightsider
    Brightsider 20 minutes ago

    B. AAAND can you do a Korn style bassline please?

  • the mario doll that jin threw

    Me: what's up davie, I got the flu Davie: vERY GOOD

  • Penuses
    Penuses 21 minute ago


  • TheJuanIñigo Abanilla
    TheJuanIñigo Abanilla 22 minutes ago

    My favorite instruments here we're all the *BASSES* that we're *SLAPPED*

  • Fabian
    Fabian 23 minutes ago

    What i learn from these videos, is that you often get what you pay for in the high-end area, but that the cheap ones are best bang for the buck. Also, the middle area is like a mine field where you can get something really good, but most people just wanna earn money. So it's probably something like this: beginners with low prices still try, and are happy that somebody wants to use what they produced, when people get more popular / expensive they seemingly lose interrest very often and deliver half asses results for the money, and then there is this huge price jump, after which you can expect professionals most of the time.

  • Sky Boy
    Sky Boy 23 minutes ago

    He's A Good Builder , But He's Out Of Bass :(

  • MrGabes
    MrGabes 23 minutes ago

    Spaghetti want ad revenue on TVclip but davie doesn’t want

  • Hippo Post's
    Hippo Post's 24 minutes ago

    Impressive. But can you cover Jeremy by pearl jam on it?

  • Duda war
    Duda war 24 minutes ago

    Make a playlist of the videos of people who play over your bass solos

  • Fantasix
    Fantasix 26 minutes ago


  • Liam Dahlitz
    Liam Dahlitz 27 minutes ago


  • nobellist k
    nobellist k 27 minutes ago

    banana snails and bean soup

  • Carlo Meloni
    Carlo Meloni 29 minutes ago

    mi ha fatto ridere la fine, quando prendi per il culo.... hahaha,, very original, don't think I've seen it anywhere else....

  • Häuptling der Sache
    Häuptling der Sache 30 minutes ago

    Impressive but can you play road to nowhere NOWHERE

  • Django Rey
    Django Rey 31 minute ago

    2:16 lemaw

  • Guillermo Tell
    Guillermo Tell 32 minutes ago

    How do i become so amazing like you?

  • Shaan Ali
    Shaan Ali 33 minutes ago

    32 1

  • Jason Aviles
    Jason Aviles 33 minutes ago


  • Anshu Rani Singh
    Anshu Rani Singh 34 minutes ago

    136 dollar guy was pretty good like ripping our faces off😈😈

  • Zubeen Bhuiyan
    Zubeen Bhuiyan 35 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but can you play tribaloski in Russian.

  • Hieu Nguyen Van
    Hieu Nguyen Van 35 minutes ago

    *B A S S*

  • Carlo Meloni
    Carlo Meloni 36 minutes ago

    would like to here you do "alba chiara". will you?

  • Swirl AndTwirl
    Swirl AndTwirl 39 minutes ago


  • Justin Rivera
    Justin Rivera 39 minutes ago

    My brother broke his cellphone because you said slap the like so he slap his phone

  • Bruce Almighty
    Bruce Almighty 39 minutes ago

    Круто о России снял )

  • Riley Christian
    Riley Christian 40 minutes ago

    tilt ur head back a little

  • Cesar Victorio
    Cesar Victorio 40 minutes ago

    Dude i can only slap like once, asking me to do it every 10 seconds is a lot of pressure

  • Hedrik
    Hedrik 41 minute ago

    i thought gary sinise was pretty cool on the bass

  • Bel Bel
    Bel Bel 42 minutes ago

    78 was good but still the hardest was the last guy

  • Tyler Rivas
    Tyler Rivas 43 minutes ago

    Davie waits till after the 10 minute mark for therapy time so you know he really cares.

  • Carlo Meloni
    Carlo Meloni 47 minutes ago

    that was awsome, where did you get the idea of using three cams?

  • Marshall Mathers
    Marshall Mathers 47 minutes ago

    Verry impressive, but can you play monlight sonata on ps4 on moon while sitting on bottle?

  • Antariksh Kakoty
    Antariksh Kakoty 47 minutes ago

    Guys, I'm a guitar player, please don't hate

  • Vlad Kharlantsev
    Vlad Kharlantsev 49 minutes ago


  • Maxx Jackson
    Maxx Jackson 50 minutes ago

    I have a hole in my sock.

  • Shaun Lauren Lannu
    Shaun Lauren Lannu 50 minutes ago

    At least I can *SLAPPP* my guitar😔

  • Jean-Pierre Arial
    Jean-Pierre Arial 51 minute ago

    Help me Rhonda! ELP me git it on the right! Fat Albert's Meat Ball Sub Circa 1983 after playing hockey at an arena in the West End before Churchill & Richmond, Fender Champ amp $100 which I never got! And zat eeeezzz me final ants war! Dat dat! Mont Serat Mudit Tabarrrrrnac! Frontenac! P.S. Nothing to look backward to anymore!

  • sab payan
    sab payan 52 minutes ago

    Use Honey to get lots of discount

  • Sachitha volare live band

    Miki santamaria is best

  • Sachitha volare live band


  • Edward Luff
    Edward Luff 55 minutes ago


  • Lawren Cen
    Lawren Cen 55 minutes ago

    So slappers = casually harassing a women Then.... Davie504: welcome back sexually women harassers sexually harass women now Or I will call the police...did you do it? Lol im dying

  • Maxx Jackson
    Maxx Jackson 58 minutes ago

    That therapy at the end always helps me.

  • cola is safe
    cola is safe 58 minutes ago


  • mehrad saberi
    mehrad saberi 58 minutes ago


  • Yung Kaden
    Yung Kaden 59 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but can you play kill this love in Korea??

  • Everyday Dunhill
    Everyday Dunhill 59 minutes ago

    I know you can't do my challenge to slap dislike at this comment Davie

  • Perec Jenő
    Perec Jenő Hour ago


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  • Bad Creek
    Bad Creek Hour ago

    Do with 100 strings

  • Gil Jr
    Gil Jr Hour ago

    Pro then $27 #1 were top 2

  • 『MØW』Jesse
    『MØW』Jesse Hour ago

    Hi 😐

  • エルエル
    エルエル Hour ago

    🅱️( )*( )

  • Karlo Pasaribu
    Karlo Pasaribu Hour ago

    You are murdoc

  • Häuptling der Sache

    Defenitely the secret taiwanese bass!! What was it you were playing with it? Sounded like tekken 3 or something like it Can I have it?

  • Goth kid
    Goth kid Hour ago

    Some fuckers out here actually watching the whole video, Jesus yous need to get out more

  • Scott'o
    Scott'o Hour ago

    Ese bajo sale mas o menos cercano a una Patagonia ArgEntINa

  • dish dazz
    dish dazz Hour ago

    i guessed 😡😡👊🏻

  • Edward Butt
    Edward Butt Hour ago