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I Shave My Head BALD
Views 1.5M8 days ago
PewDiePie COPIED me?
Views 1.4M14 days ago
This Has To Stop...
Views 2.1M2 months ago
What is this Instrument??
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I've made a HUGE mistake...
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PewDiePie Plays BASS?
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Views 2.5M3 months ago
Belle Delphine COPIED me?
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The truth about my FACE...
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I'm the BASS Guy
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Russia REJECTED me... :(
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STOP doing this to me...
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BASSo Mode
Views 757K9 months ago
This video is in REVERSE
Views 1.8M11 months ago
How to Make a Guy CRY
Views 3.8MYear ago


  • 1 Typhon 1
    1 Typhon 1 6 minutes ago

    WhErE Is ThErApY T I M E ???????

  • Andrea Savino
    Andrea Savino 8 minutes ago


  • BeaZZyy
    BeaZZyy 8 minutes ago

    Very impressive, but can you play with a pick

  • mustafidh rahman
    mustafidh rahman 8 minutes ago

    Even the fast forward was 69 times... "LMAO"

  • Soren Gunn
    Soren Gunn 9 minutes ago

    No one man should have all that power

  • ฟลุ๊คซี่ เบิร์นแรง


  • Scott Bermingham
    Scott Bermingham 12 minutes ago

    Great work on that Bass. My comment would be that it might look a bit cooler if you would have removed the leftover youtube text on the gold plate. 🤷‍♂️

  • Diptesh Halder
    Diptesh Halder 12 minutes ago

    0:45 she is like wtf is he wearing on his head?!😂😂

  • RoyalDisk101
    RoyalDisk101 13 minutes ago


  • Talanski gaming
    Talanski gaming 14 minutes ago

    Is that a Stando Pawoh?

  • Akashi Seijuro
    Akashi Seijuro 17 minutes ago

    Slap like if you want to see davie cosplay as giorno

  • McKay Higley
    McKay Higley 17 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what song that is or where I can get a tab to it? Thanks

  • FREENGKY Gaming
    FREENGKY Gaming 19 minutes ago


  • jaybee plays
    jaybee plays 20 minutes ago

    Me slaping like

  • jaybee plays
    jaybee plays 20 minutes ago


  • Soren Gunn
    Soren Gunn 20 minutes ago

    That transition from slapp to tenderly caressing a lover

  • Pau Gil
    Pau Gil 20 minutes ago

    I love Davie's current videos and all, but I can't help but to miss this style of videos.

  • A.X.O PSK
    A.X.O PSK 21 minute ago


  • T0ny_8onder YT
    T0ny_8onder YT 22 minutes ago


  • Wolfie Playz
    Wolfie Playz 22 minutes ago

    The person that sent me this video is the person that hates me for no reason I never did anything -_-

  • PAUL Shagun
    PAUL Shagun 22 minutes ago

    I played this near the sea and attracts a lot of seabass. Jotaro: I also need those cords to attract dolphins too.

  • Eliel Niemi
    Eliel Niemi 25 minutes ago


  • Алекс Новак
    Алекс Новак 26 minutes ago

    Get slapped

  • Pan Tost
    Pan Tost 26 minutes ago

    @Davie504 You should check band ,,Hellvoid'' they band have 2 BASS players ;3

  • iSwag Official
    iSwag Official 26 minutes ago

    No body: davie: laugh reavel at 5million subs slap like now. me: 2:35

  • silvergames400 6
    silvergames400 6 34 minutes ago

    When I first played another one bites the dust it almost KILLED me!!! Be careful!!!

    UNSUITABLE T.V 35 minutes ago

    Now pewds loose 😂

  • TN. F.H.
    TN. F.H. 35 minutes ago

    Kamvret ada orang di belakang :"v this'5 so SupRaise

  • Patrick Soares
    Patrick Soares 37 minutes ago

    Davie504 speak portuguese

  • i-Frames 7
    i-Frames 7 37 minutes ago

    Davie should do a sing voice reveal at 6M subs. Can't wait for Laugh reveal at 5M subs :)

  • JW K
    JW K 38 minutes ago

    The world record is 69 STRINGS BASS SOLO

  • JW K
    JW K 39 minutes ago

    does it djent tho?

  • Deidara174
    Deidara174 40 minutes ago


  • Player 1
    Player 1 40 minutes ago

    charles berthoud in the future T A P P LIKE NOW

  • melih Adanur
    melih Adanur 41 minute ago


  • Dede Amriko Lazio
    Dede Amriko Lazio 44 minutes ago

    Me : Davie... you cool Davie : I Understand

  • Jasroop Singh
    Jasroop Singh 44 minutes ago

    the builder look like salvini !omg!

  • EAW wBD
    EAW wBD 44 minutes ago

    Yo Davie

  • Nam Nguyễn
    Nam Nguyễn 44 minutes ago

    Epic epic epic

  • Ling Swordsman
    Ling Swordsman 45 minutes ago

    no... You Are the best bassist in the world... But i am expecting that would play the last video you reacted to....

  • urme afrojack
    urme afrojack 46 minutes ago

    🅱️ Ass

  • urme afrojack
    urme afrojack 46 minutes ago

    Hehehe that's kinda funny😂😂😂👍🅱️

  • SEA Server
    SEA Server 47 minutes ago

    where should i buy the shirt? Slapper shirt?

  • Wilson Sin
    Wilson Sin 48 minutes ago

    I got an ad about davie504 challenging someone

  • urme afrojack
    urme afrojack 48 minutes ago


  • Hermes Chew Yenyui
    Hermes Chew Yenyui 48 minutes ago

    didn't resurrect tho

  • Fiskefjanton
    Fiskefjanton 49 minutes ago


  • Åñøñÿmøūś Dėvīł


  • Görkem Öncü
    Görkem Öncü 53 minutes ago

    Nobody: Davıd: Dont skip

  • Ayylon Musk
    Ayylon Musk 54 minutes ago

    7:15 GIorno... Why do I suddenly hear boss music?

  • L.R. May
    L.R. May 54 minutes ago

    That was Epico

  • TurboKai
    TurboKai 55 minutes ago

    1:12 : SMYLE from Davie Me : must be fake...or? Me : omg...epic...-> slap like

  • Ge Lo
    Ge Lo 56 minutes ago

    this video deserves a like and subscribe men ..

  • Lord Dracoverlord

    PewDiePie will be *highly pleased*

  • ikbal abdullah
    ikbal abdullah Hour ago

    Thats was 6 string bass..omg he used hacks 🤣

  • DJ MBR
    DJ MBR Hour ago


  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Hahahahahah the best video everrrrrrrrrrrr i labyouuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Gabby Calina26
    Gabby Calina26 Hour ago

    Then we realized we all got rick rolled

  • DJ MBR
    DJ MBR Hour ago


  • Rodrigo Alves
    Rodrigo Alves Hour ago

    Yeah, that Joe Dart kid from the streets has future

  • Paweł Chmielewski

    I was waiting for the terminator intro ;(

  • Cody Pugh
    Cody Pugh Hour ago


  • Cosmic Deity
    Cosmic Deity Hour ago

    Davies channel: Not getting enough views Memes: 2:35

  • Xemnose
    Xemnose Hour ago

    They way how you say Mozzarella is just EPIC

  • ciccio a 0
    ciccio a 0 Hour ago

    Sarei diventato milionario

  • Totul Are o Rezolvare

    Can anyone tell me what the second song is called like, please?

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Omg you slap in the last part omg tnx i labyouuuuuuu

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Hmmmm.... Slappppp

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    So awesome slap pls who not slaping???

  • Mr St3paS
    Mr St3paS Hour ago

    Can someone tell me the music in the backround name??

  • Itz rose
    Itz rose Hour ago

    E P I C

  • Ojas Shrestha
    Ojas Shrestha Hour ago

    My favourite insterment is toy drun

  • Hishunxy
    Hishunxy Hour ago

    9/10 no golden sun battle music

  • Falcon Fury
    Falcon Fury Hour ago

    Davie word Slap OMG Wow Epic 🅱️

  • Js 2000
    Js 2000 Hour ago

    hai fatto bene a censurare quel poveraccio, non dimenticherò mai il suo volto.

  • Kubchanski 169
    Kubchanski 169 Hour ago

    lucky for those who have a neighbor Davie504.

  • nabz
    nabz Hour ago


  • Jayden Tan
    Jayden Tan Hour ago


  • marina K
    marina K Hour ago

    A pick

  • BlaroushMeditasi666

    Also Davie504: Singing reveals at 4.9M SUBS!!!

  • Sm3xyc4t
    Sm3xyc4t Hour ago

    OMG i cant believe ur bald haha what happend

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh Hour ago

    Am i the only one wondering about his hair??

  • sad FM
    sad FM Hour ago

    i always question my self why does Davie looks so happy in every single video he uploads

  • Nam Nguyễn
    Nam Nguyễn Hour ago


  • Rice2Power
    Rice2Power Hour ago

    He actually went to pornhub im weak

  • Cecille Gutierrez


  • Joash Coronel
    Joash Coronel Hour ago

    davie if you are most epic basist! i chalenge you to subscribe and like our chanel on you tube *RIHPCMI music

  • Verdem Official
    Verdem Official Hour ago

    Live! Non è la durso può fregarsi.

  • Simplified 9
    Simplified 9 Hour ago

    The thing is hes not just *slapping the bass* hes slapping the *song*

  • SIDEQ —
    SIDEQ — Hour ago

    Cook kfc

  • Vladek Emelianov

    Viktor Wooten

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Davie whare your girlfriend from she look like filipino

  • Generał Zebrowski


  • Chhanhima Tamia
    Chhanhima Tamia Hour ago

    Where's your bald hair

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Pls heart mine ples lmaw

  • z4ptorm YT
    z4ptorm YT Hour ago

    Cause me slapp pro like you but you more pro slapppz

  • andri riki
    andri riki Hour ago

    When you can afford a bass,but you already bought the strings.

    BODYSS Hour ago

    I challenge YOU to play The Sax-A-Boom, NOW! Or else I will call the Italian Police on you, do it NOW! :3

  • Gabriel Tv
    Gabriel Tv Hour ago

    Im better in playing bass than you, i will challenge you

  • Gabriel Tv
    Gabriel Tv Hour ago

    Yeah bro