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  • makua ngasoi
    makua ngasoi 3 hours ago

    I really like all this movies and i really enjoying watching them.

  • Miny World
    Miny World 19 hours ago

    Hy every one can you subscribe my chanel pleas and thanks you

  • Sujan Shrestha

    Wtf man I hate the list

  • fαмσυѕ кαlαкαя

    I want to know a movie's name in which a girl bring a stranger boy to her home and they talk about night nd world plss anybody know the name then plss reply

  • Aaliyah Aisa
    Aaliyah Aisa 3 days ago


  • Bienchie Carpio
    Bienchie Carpio 4 days ago

    Obviously elite is better than riverdale.

  • It’s Crystal Tran

    Haven’t watched half these shows lmao😭

  • Itssnakesha Angelo
    Itssnakesha Angelo 6 days ago

    what is the second one?

  • Kimberly .C
    Kimberly .C 6 days ago

    I wacthed all these movies.

  • Paris Saunders
    Paris Saunders 6 days ago

    I love reality high

  • Aaila Nasir
    Aaila Nasir 7 days ago

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha

  • ѕσυl ιѕ ωнαт мαттєяѕ

    Indeed Humanity is at loss.

  • hereisayy
    hereisayy 9 days ago

    No one talk about sex education?? One of the best netflix show for sure!!!

  • kla Ine
    kla Ine 10 days ago

    Sex education Elite Euphoria

  • Ben Arfa BeastMode
    Ben Arfa BeastMode 10 days ago

    Music and Movies in the period (1980-2011) were better. From (2012-2019 ...) things got bad movies with many effects dull jokes dull plot Netflix and its productions are an example of the new generation of shit My name is Gabriel I'm 22 years old

  • Ben Arfa BeastMode
    Ben Arfa BeastMode 10 days ago

    I prefer the movies of the years (1980-2011) The new generation only has high pixel quality and horrible interpretations and bland speech My name is Gabriel I'm 22 years old

  • Emily
    Emily 12 days ago

    Malibu Rescue the series 4 LIFE might seem childish but its incredible, Theres only 8 episodes and a movie which is by far not enough but you can watch them over and over again and still not get bored. It's just a really great series. I do reccomend first watching the movie but you can just watch the series too (thats what I did) but you'll miss out on the beginning of the story. It's a series about some kids who get in the malibu junior rescue program and save lives on the beach, but the other ppl from malibu rescue really dislike them because they're from non-beach cities, and try to get them kicked out, which almost never works. It's funny, it has a summer vibe, it has great characters and also character development, and after watching 1 episode you just won't stop until you've seen the whole series.

  • Cute Girl
    Cute Girl 12 days ago

    Who is in the Thumbnail?

  • hank fontaine
    hank fontaine 13 days ago

    that's turning kids into plastic

  • Earth Visitor
    Earth Visitor 13 days ago


  • Fnoo feriel
    Fnoo feriel 14 days ago

    can u share your netflix acc wtih me?

  • le 1 la
    le 1 la 14 days ago

    7. Mona from PLL 4. Aria from PLL 2. Alison from PLL Rlly?😂

  • Lil_ Phantom
    Lil_ Phantom 15 days ago

    13 reasons why

  • monalisa iheanyi
    monalisa iheanyi 15 days ago

    go is the best

  • Fizunnahar Fiza
    Fizunnahar Fiza 15 days ago

    Can anyone tell me about the drama where a group of teens get struck in a place and all the elders disappeared....

    • sofia uzunashvili
      sofia uzunashvili 14 days ago

      it's called "The Society" and i really enjoyed it. for me it kinda shows what's happening in the world today,that people are desperate and are trying to run away from their problems.that people are seeing what others want them to see, but at the same time it's a movie about high schoolers so ofc there is love and drama and stuff yanno😂anyways i really recomend it and hope you'll enjoy watching❤️

  • Cute Girl
    Cute Girl 16 days ago

    I watched all of theses already..

  • Alex Badger
    Alex Badger 17 days ago

    Mako mermaid Reminds me of h20 just add water

  • Melissa Höllriegl
    Melissa Höllriegl 17 days ago

    Wow riverdale season 1 is still good thought it was all a dream lmao

  • Melissa Höllriegl
    Melissa Höllriegl 17 days ago

    On my block;)

  • Cookes TV
    Cookes TV 18 days ago

    Riverdale ❤❤

    ALI PLAYZ 18 days ago

    You forgot cobra kai

  • Alvin Saran
    Alvin Saran 18 days ago

    I'm trapped, I fell into the endless hole of trailers. I need help I can't get out.

  • Devious Angel
    Devious Angel 19 days ago

    I’m basically the only one who’s not a big fan of Stranger Things😂😂 (Don’t @ meee)

  • Devious Angel
    Devious Angel 19 days ago

    If ur a teen try On My Block it’s the bessstttttt !!!!!!!! I SWEAR ITS AMAZING

  • jennis slay
    jennis slay 19 days ago

    I recommend money heist 👌

  • bpink blink
    bpink blink 19 days ago

    i watched to all the boys i loved and after and now i want to watch something as good as those , can you guys recommend me smt

  • Khushi Naithani
    Khushi Naithani 19 days ago

    Kissing booth was horrrrrible!!!!!

  • FTO33
    FTO33 19 days ago

    I’ve watched Cinderella story Easy A 13 going on 30 The duff The kissing booth mean girls And I’m only 20🌞🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

  • Cameron E
    Cameron E 19 days ago

    My opinion Riverdale Stranger things Top boy Black mirror

  • Ghost [F]atal
    Ghost [F]atal 20 days ago

    Teen Wolf The Rain The society ....

  • Melissa Höllriegl
    Melissa Höllriegl 20 days ago

    Sex education;)

  • Tommo The Teaser
    Tommo The Teaser 21 day ago

    Where the fuck is Light As A Feather ?

  • Lozyty
    Lozyty 22 days ago

    we need everything sucks season 2 pls 👍🏻

  • Jordan Ehmann
    Jordan Ehmann 22 days ago

    about time love, Simon Love, Rosie Everything, everything five feet apart

  • Ahweyevu Akpos
    Ahweyevu Akpos 23 days ago

    please ....what is the name of the song playing during Riverdale??

  • Chantel Chukwu
    Chantel Chukwu 23 days ago

    I have watched all the Movies braa☹

  • daniella rose
    daniella rose 24 days ago

    MEAN GIRLS IS THE BEST OFF THE BEST AND IM 11 its so good i watch i with my mama

  • Loisann vlog Loisann vlog

    Supernatural and the 100 and teen wolf are so underrated it’s sad

  • evie vesey
    evie vesey 24 days ago

    guys watch baby its based in Italy [my home] its so good if you don't speak Italian there is English audio!

    • shira baker
      shira baker 10 days ago

      I totally agree and the society is amazing too , also I’m watching elite and it’s great so far 👍🏾👍🏾

  • tanisha kobra
    tanisha kobra 25 days ago

    did anyone notice it says gaylord at the beginning 😂

  • Grace Michelle
    Grace Michelle 25 days ago

    I've watched 1.cinderella story 2.mean girls 3.the duff 4.the kissing booth Only and I'm 14

  • Nemoy Walker
    Nemoy Walker 25 days ago

    My favorite reality high

  • Ariana Ajmal
    Ariana Ajmal 25 days ago

    Stranger Things is SO good!

  • Mahina Sahetapy
    Mahina Sahetapy 26 days ago

    we need another season of one day at a time

  • Alex Selivanovs
    Alex Selivanovs 28 days ago

    Lupe and her friend from go with the blue hair looks like billie eilish

  • الفتاه الانيقه

    Guys five feet apart it the best 👌🏼❤️

  • الفتاه الانيقه

    to all the boys I’ve loved The kissing booth Are the best 👆🏻🙃❤️

  • LxvelyDarling
    LxvelyDarling 28 days ago

    The kissing booth was always my fav


    And watch greenhouse academy its great


    Im from argentina but live in london and its so nice to see how things from our country are getting famous😁😄

  • Viviana Lopez
    Viviana Lopez 29 days ago

    I do not understand why everyone wants to fall in love when love does not exists it does only hurts people

  • Asthetic Waves
    Asthetic Waves Month ago


    • Chewy Gold
      Chewy Gold 29 days ago

      I just got done watching it

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw Month ago

    The end of the f***king world is funny af the way they talk to each other 🤦😂

  • Louis Tommo
    Louis Tommo Month ago


  • Niko Mazanashvili

    11:16 coach stackhouse from nba 2k19 my career 😂😂😂😂

  • RV09
    RV09 Month ago

    If you're into mystery and humour then American Vandal is the best

  • Lilac_ Nesa
    Lilac_ Nesa Month ago

    My list,what i've watched: •Chilling adventures of Sabrina •Stranger things •Riverdale •The vampire diaries •Pretty little liars {Leave some suggestions down!}

  • Sandy cohen
    Sandy cohen Month ago

    The good place is really good I just finished season 2

  • Chloe Sivers
    Chloe Sivers Month ago

    1:58 I was so confused here cause in the uk rubbers is erasers but it’s condoms in America😂

  • cheese
    cheese Month ago

    i recommend sense8 its sO GOOD YALL MISSIN OUT

  • malek 33
    malek 33 Month ago

    Where the hell is Teen Wolf??

  • Grace Anne06
    Grace Anne06 Month ago

    F-f-f-Uck mako merman’s. No. It’s not my h2o. cUs I’m NoT aN oRdInArY gIrL

  • wacko f
    wacko f Month ago

    Let me guess , every single one had a nagger with a white whore? Yawwwnnnn, yall ain't awake yet?

  • ツCallMeWaste
    ツCallMeWaste Month ago

    can anyone suggest me a series like stranger things (Sorry for bad english)

  • taetae lover
    taetae lover Month ago

    Can someone please suggest me good movies...i am out of stock

    RAFIKOOOO Month ago

    Never knew how many bad movies there was

  • unicorn yixing :3

    the umbrella academy and the end of the fuckin world are so underrated

  • Lexi Loves
    Lexi Loves Month ago

    I’ve watched Cinderella story Easy A 13 going on 30 The duff The kissing booth The perks of being a Wallflower And I’m only 10

    • Ibtihal I
      Ibtihal I 11 days ago

      Lexi Loves my soul mate 😊 I don’t even know what hat is sky😂

    • Lexi Loves
      Lexi Loves 11 days ago

      Ibtihal I it was on sky

    KITTγ KAT Month ago

    On My Block’s Soundtrack Thoooo!!

  • Termyia Isaac
    Termyia Isaac Month ago

    U guys should watch after it is my favorite movie of the year

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago

      @Morris Morrison me to i love that show and do u hv any idea of any movies for me to watch

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago

      @Niky Lezama go on 123 movies u will. Get it it is the best

    • Termyia Isaac
      Termyia Isaac 25 days ago

      @Albert kipkosgei same

    • Niky Lezama
      Niky Lezama Month ago

      Not on Netflix tho

  • mylene san pascual

    To All The Boys I've Loved Before is my favorite!

  • Live,love,laugh
    Live,love,laugh Month ago

    If you still haven't watched on my block you still haven't watched a TV show

  • sophia Aiden
    sophia Aiden Month ago


  • EmilyVlogs
    EmilyVlogs Month ago

    Go!! Live your way was so good!!!! 😍

  • Inaaya Hossain
    Inaaya Hossain Month ago


  • Faith Jackson
    Faith Jackson Month ago

    who else came to see a new movie but realized they saw all cause they have no just me?

  • Star
    Star Month ago

    Nobody talking about tidelands is it good?

  • andrea zegarra
    andrea zegarra Month ago

    All of this movies are like a guilty pleasure because i know the’re really bad, but i still love all of those

  • Scorest
    Scorest Month ago

    They didn't even mention Elite or 13 reasons why !!

    • Tanishia Mifsud
      Tanishia Mifsud Month ago

      Because these are all movies not both series and movies

  • yo bis
    yo bis Month ago

    Wtf Like wtf

  • Gabriella Saesee
    Gabriella Saesee Month ago

    I’ve watched all of these shows except two, step up your game Netflix

  • Bea Des
    Bea Des Month ago

    I’ve seen all of them :/

  • Juliana De Leon
    Juliana De Leon Month ago

    the order should be here!!

  • Nikhil Choudhary
    Nikhil Choudhary Month ago

    Guys please help me finding a TV series which is magical and have love story nt like stranger things

    • Wings For Drawings
      Wings For Drawings 6 days ago

      Riverdale, season 3 is kinda supernatural i mean you’ll see, and it has love stories 🤗

    • Yellow Ostich
      Yellow Ostich Month ago

      Stranger things has a deep love story to it!

  • Lux Main
    Lux Main Month ago

    No.1 is always "stranger things"

  • astraton2001
    astraton2001 Month ago

    Man, are there no realistic school dramas anymore like the old Degrassi Junior High series from the 80s ?

  • You don't Want to know

    My recommendations: 1. Teen Wolf 2. The 100 3. Riverdale 4. The Society 5. (Not teen but still) orange is the new black 6. Stranger things 7. On my block

    • aquib sayyed
      aquib sayyed 29 days ago

      @Hannah Hamblin yeah it is, but in some countries it isn't. Depends

    • Hannah Hamblin
      Hannah Hamblin 29 days ago

      Is teen wolf on Netflix ?

    • aquib sayyed
      aquib sayyed Month ago

      @Saltz S I don't think on my block should be 1, there are better shows than it mentioned here

    • Saltz S
      Saltz S Month ago

      Nidal Safire oh safe

    • aquib sayyed
      aquib sayyed Month ago

      The 100 is fire

  • loulou lydia
    loulou lydia Month ago

    Hey random people scrolling through the comments just wanna say have a great day and u are beautiful 💞

  • Alga Nirsansoyo
    Alga Nirsansoyo Month ago

    Wtf mermaid 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Badass Directioner

    Where is the society?