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DJ PhatJ - Can't Stop This
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DJ PhatJ - Blazed / Undo
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DJ PhatJ - Alone
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DJ PhatJ - Move you
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DJ PhatJ - Reckless
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DJ PhatJ animated
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DJ PhatJ - Taken it Back
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dj PhatJ - Just Like That
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DJ PhatJ - Ain't gonna stop
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DJ PhatJ - Spent
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Real Ghost 2011 aug 28
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DJPhatJ's ROBLOX video
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office life 2
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office life
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ok (part2)
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ok LOL
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DJ PhatJ - Back again
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DJ PhatJ - Anthing
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Jingle Bell Rock Video
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Pat Running
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Pat saying peace
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Paul Sledding
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DJ PhatJ - Creeper x.wmv
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311-Whos got the herb
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  • bigmidget117
    bigmidget117 2 days ago

    I know this entire part by memory

  • Kyle D Bear
    Kyle D Bear 12 days ago

    Was sad they didn't play this song when I saw them a couple weeks ago!

  • J. M-T89
    J. M-T89 Month ago

    If we ever make contact with an advanced alien civilisation, I think our only chance of communication is Reggie Watts 😂

  • Dennis Horsley
    Dennis Horsley 2 months ago

    We do in Conway, Arkansas! And Achilles, Virginia /*

  • Tooncore
    Tooncore 2 months ago


  • The Average Gaming Show

    I love this song, but the end just catapults to a whole other stratosphere.

  • _2nds1st_
    _2nds1st_ 5 months ago

    he he your face looks like an elephants cunt.

  • Vanessa Rodriguez
    Vanessa Rodriguez 6 months ago

    My baby who’s now 20 use to sing this song word for word and it was so cute because he had no clue what he was even singing!! Lmfao!! Sing it Duke!!

  • ViceroyVideos 0666
    ViceroyVideos 0666 6 months ago

    Dope as hell bro love it I will share this

  • flowbee _89
    flowbee _89 7 months ago


  • flowbee _89
    flowbee _89 7 months ago

    Fav 311 song

  • Bandaloop
    Bandaloop 7 months ago

    Easily the best robot impression I've ever seen

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 7 months ago

    Jesus at 3:20 it gets so majestic

  • Zap Gun
    Zap Gun 7 months ago

    Remember: watch out for Cobra Commander!

  • Abnher Garcia
    Abnher Garcia 7 months ago

    She was the mother of my mother... That makes her a grandmother!!!

  • whoggard
    whoggard 8 months ago

    Elbies (elbows) and kilos. 1996 for sure.

  • Jorge Guberte
    Jorge Guberte 9 months ago

    ♫ feels so ni-iiice ♫

  • Laura Emily
    Laura Emily 9 months ago

    Takes me back to the good days of the 90s and smoking out to this and cypress hill 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Fin Payne
    Fin Payne 10 months ago

    Come down Selecta

  • Smokeyjeff420 Psn
    Smokeyjeff420 Psn 10 months ago

    2018 anyone?

  • S S
    S S 10 months ago

    My favorite part. 3:21

  • Justin Atwood
    Justin Atwood 11 months ago

    I enjoy the real punk rock ending to the song.

  • Lenemus
    Lenemus Year ago

    Yessss. My favorite.

  • Jake Perry
    Jake Perry Year ago

    Wow!! I was just about to pop some benadryl to make myself sleepy. I swear smart phones can literally read our minds because this video was recommended for me as soon as I opened youtube. Not the first time this has happened either.

  • Chris Kaftanciyan

    Don't know where your at or where to go......just follow the smoke.

  • Carlton Emory
    Carlton Emory Year ago

    I envy anybody in this croud high as fuck!

  • John Russo
    John Russo Year ago

    Dungeons and Dragons shirt.

  • David h
    David h Year ago

    "is it justified"

  • David h
    David h Year ago


  • meatyboititlord
    meatyboititlord Year ago

    Watching this high is a spiritual experience

  • pm2007est
    pm2007est Year ago

    a lot of people don't know benedryl is the same chemical in pm sleep tabs, yeah reggie is my favorite musician right now

  • Garrett Lang
    Garrett Lang Year ago

    1:15 i hear mc ride

  • XxScArEcRoWxX1
    XxScArEcRoWxX1 Year ago

    Funniest dude I've seen .. just saw this on netflix and I lost my shit.

  • Jacob Woods
    Jacob Woods 2 years ago

    I love the hair.

  • Edward Amadeus Alexander

    Perfect example of how it ain't what Ya say rather how Ya say it.

  • Brandon Hendrixson
    Brandon Hendrixson 2 years ago

    whos got the erb

  • Sir Luke
    Sir Luke 2 years ago

    inside the mind of Reggie Watts. Im very jeleous. I thought I was crazy...

  • Paul Dygert
    Paul Dygert 2 years ago

    I love this so much

  • usernamesrlamo
    usernamesrlamo 2 years ago

    If I had talent I would sample Watts beats and rhythmic lyrics into commercially released tracks. Hello one billion dollars ;)

  • AllieBeanZ
    AllieBeanZ 3 years ago

    I love him sooo much!! I would listen to him all threw out my senior year, that my senior quot was "get yourself together"

  • AllieBeanZ
    AllieBeanZ 3 years ago

    this stand up songs got me threw school I love him. And my senior qout was get ur self together

  • SH1N081
    SH1N081 3 years ago

    Powerful song!!!

  • SH1N081
    SH1N081 3 years ago

    This is a power song. It's very spiritual.

  • Psychotic Maniac
    Psychotic Maniac 3 years ago

    This and song number 5 is the best ones.

  • Johnny Dutch
    Johnny Dutch 3 years ago

    We should be gratefull Reggie has decided to grace us with a visit from his home planet.

  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 3 years ago

    I hope some body explains the Brooklyn taxi thing he was talking about.... is it shitty to drive to Brooklyn?

    • Ryan Johnson
      Ryan Johnson 3 years ago

      The cab driver didnt want to drive to the brooklyn bridges because of traffic and distance. Had he told him when he rolled his window he would have denied him, which is why he got in anyway.

  • KrozbyKush420
    KrozbyKush420 3 years ago

    too high for this

  • Kevin Carlson
    Kevin Carlson 3 years ago

    That vocal melody starting at 4:26 is so awesome.

  • Samantha Burpee
    Samantha Burpee 4 years ago

    Anyone know what the title of this song is?

  • PotentQuotables
    PotentQuotables 4 years ago


  • Joldi Almonte
    Joldi Almonte 4 years ago

    This man is perfect. He has translated love into music.

  • ThomasEatsPomus
    ThomasEatsPomus 4 years ago

    I've finally concluded that this is one of my favorite performances ever

    • mossidull95
      mossidull95 3 years ago

      i agree, extremely well delivered!

    • ThomasEatsPomus
      ThomasEatsPomus 4 years ago

      @ThomasEatsPomus That bass line is too catchy

  • Juliana sage
    Juliana sage 4 years ago

    this is like what my mind is like and that is one reason I love him...........

  • Calum Holliday
    Calum Holliday 4 years ago

    On the road. You gimme butter so we butter it up.

  • AlmostAYeti
    AlmostAYeti 4 years ago

    Wtf? Category: autos & vehicles?

    • Jake Snake
      Jake Snake 4 years ago

      @AlmostAYeti If you don't change the category it goes to Autos and Vehicles automatically.

    • Dropmyname
      Dropmyname 4 years ago

      @AlmostAYeti Sorry just realized that now.. Lmao ^_^

  • Dylan Hartz
    Dylan Hartz 4 years ago

    I love this guy. His songs are legitimately good, like he should make more music

  • Thomas Whale
    Thomas Whale 4 years ago

    What a voice

  • totalblur123
    totalblur123 4 years ago

    There is always this one person in the crowd screaming Oooohww yeaaaah by themselves haha

  • Sphendrana
    Sphendrana 5 years ago

    Reggie should really be animated by someone one day.

    • Psychotic Maniac
      Psychotic Maniac 3 years ago

      Ever saw Total Drama Island? On one of the seasons one of the contestants were a resemblance to him. It was a guy named Beardo that does sound noises and stuff. But it's not originally made about him. Sorry for wasting your time lol.

  • Dylan Yauch
    Dylan Yauch 5 years ago

    Is this supposed to sound like any particular song? Cuz this sounds really good.

    • Douglas Scofield
      Douglas Scofield 2 years ago

      Should have stopped after super talented

    • Dylan Hartz
      Dylan Hartz 4 years ago

      I think he just makes them up after making the beat. He's like super talented as an musician

  • deadbeatdynamo
    deadbeatdynamo 5 years ago

    @2:35 on is brilliant

  • Kyle Stephens
    Kyle Stephens 5 years ago

    What's this song called

    • Brandon Raygo
      Brandon Raygo 5 years ago

      Darude - Sandstorm

    • Robo Joe
      Robo Joe 5 years ago

      his songs dont have mess for the most part

  • xebio6
    xebio6 5 years ago

    Don't know about croissants, but most people need a whole fuckin' screen.

    • 1275638a
      1275638a 4 years ago

      its purpose is top avoid the youtube automatic anti copyright infringement filter.

  • Chris Snyder
    Chris Snyder 5 years ago

    Nobody need a whole screen!

    • Modern Life Survivalist
      Modern Life Survivalist 4 years ago

      @Chris Snyder Haha dude you're awesome!

    • Dropmyname
      Dropmyname 4 years ago

      @Chris Snyder Sorry for that.. I figured out how to format that shiznit while uploading these vids ^_^

  • Anyssa Walker
    Anyssa Walker 5 years ago

    Reggie, where have you been all my life? :)

  • Thomas Wells
    Thomas Wells 5 years ago

    Reggie watts is a legend

  • Austin Ayers
    Austin Ayers 5 years ago

    I'm just curious as to the reason how someone could mess up and put the green there

  • Shawna Hynes
    Shawna Hynes 5 years ago

    "But you're not the real thing!" ♥

  • Junkyard Overlord
    Junkyard Overlord 5 years ago

    I'm really curious about what it feels like to be in a digital format.

  • Uh Right.
    Uh Right. 5 years ago

    Cause you are the lonliest android that Ive ever met - Bt dng no Rwrrl rrwwwrrr wrlprlprlp eh beebeebeebee muhh

    • smokingterd53
      smokingterd53 Year ago

      Uh Right. He says "You are the loveliest damn droid that I've ever met."

  • A dying orphan
    A dying orphan 5 years ago

    Sweet now I can put this on an infinite loop. QωQ

  • Sharisse Kush
    Sharisse Kush 5 years ago

    You think you need a whole croissant?

  • Terron
    Terron 5 years ago

    I watched this every day for the better part of a really high summer. Memories.

  • skimND
    skimND 5 years ago

    This song is not on the album! What's the name?

  • Wilbur
    Wilbur 5 years ago

    good thing green is my favorite color

  • Mike Feezy
    Mike Feezy 5 years ago

    this is my favorite song by him ever

  • Noah Mckendree
    Noah Mckendree 5 years ago

    nobody needs a whole croissant!

  • SophieSiam
    SophieSiam 5 years ago

    That shit so crazy

  • George Washington
    George Washington 5 years ago

    i'm in that weird part of youtube again....

  • George Washington
    George Washington 5 years ago

    what the fuck did i just listen to?

  • ffion
    ffion 5 years ago

    Reggie Watts? I think you mean 'Reggae Watts'.

  • Joseph Stabenow
    Joseph Stabenow 6 years ago

    Reggie Watts for prez

  • Nathaniel Saxe
    Nathaniel Saxe 6 years ago

    Whoa, 33,333 views! It's an arbitrary number and it's amazing!

  • Nathaniel Saxe
    Nathaniel Saxe 6 years ago

    It would have been really funny if they had taken the time and money to edit in a cartoonish piece of snot on Reggie's face at around 4:10 .

  • BubTheQuietGuy
    BubTheQuietGuy 6 years ago

    TVclip to mp3 converter. Google it and its usually the first one. Copy and paste the url and it downloads it to your computer.

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 6 years ago

    A fuck shit stack.

  • veronica covarrubias

    This was fucking genius, pure mother fucking genius.

  • Long Bottom Leaf
    Long Bottom Leaf 6 years ago

    just google a youtube to mp3 converter

  • Anthony Carr
    Anthony Carr 6 years ago


  • Kristen Bradley
    Kristen Bradley 6 years ago

    whats with the green strip?

  • Run13 Buddhabrot
    Run13 Buddhabrot 6 years ago

    epic intro

  • TheRikerManeuver
    TheRikerManeuver 6 years ago

    Tomorrow in Denver. "Hows that?" "A little lower"

  • Mariposa Roja
    Mariposa Roja 6 years ago

    Reggie Watts is incredible!! I can't get enough! Can someone tell me how to rip audio from youtube please??? I bought the "Why Shit So Crazy" but NONE of these songs are on there.....help please?

  • Philip Bannor
    Philip Bannor 6 years ago

    Lookin fo dis ev'ry where thnxs Holmes.

  • Philip Bannor
    Philip Bannor 6 years ago


  • Joel Morris
    Joel Morris 6 years ago

    The end is so trippy

  • NickZRobey
    NickZRobey 6 years ago

    I love how Reggie is experienced in time travel! The lyrics in this song are amazing! GET YOURSELF TOGETHER!

  • kevin wisky
    kevin wisky 6 years ago

    His grooveei

  • tommy McGrath
    tommy McGrath 6 years ago

    2:04, as he says "RIGHT NOW" i find myself involuntarily crossing my legs out of fear.

    NUTMASTER4K 6 years ago

    How edgy and autistic.