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  • akaMythics
    akaMythics 5 hours ago

    Cant wait for the miz and Morrison scenes to pop up Possible reunion??

  • McGruff
    McGruff 5 hours ago

    Seth "ManGina" Rollins, haha

  • Narsimha Arepally
    Narsimha Arepally 5 hours ago


  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia 5 hours ago

    Seth you should vs cm puck at WrestleMania 👍👍👍👍

  • Rooster Cogburn
    Rooster Cogburn 5 hours ago

    Why is this idiot talking over Joe? Get this guy off the show please. No room for guys with real ego's it's supposed to be fun and this man made it very uncomfortable.

  • Ahsan Hashmi
    Ahsan Hashmi 5 hours ago

    Sounds like a porn storyline lmao

    BROTHER GAMEING 5 hours ago

    Nice moves r o r.

  • The mÅddmÅn
    The mÅddmÅn 5 hours ago

    CM Punk>Seth Rollins

  • Danek D
    Danek D 5 hours ago

    Seth Rolling is not Cool....

  • T Error
    T Error 5 hours ago

    Booker T is bigger than everyone else on that stage combined. He could eat them all.

  • MD Sharif Ullah
    MD Sharif Ullah 5 hours ago

    Very good

  • Angus Noble
    Angus Noble 5 hours ago

    This would have been so better if he'd returned at an actual show

  • Brayo the rapper
    Brayo the rapper 6 hours ago

    The way wwe acts .. U fille it

  • Samuel Girma
    Samuel Girma 6 hours ago


  • bilgisevenflamingo flamingo

    Are we listen fanfiction?🤣😬

  • dhwanith
    dhwanith 6 hours ago

    Shit Rollins

  • Dorsan Experience
    Dorsan Experience 6 hours ago

    Will Ospreay > Seth Rollins

  • Mohammed zk
    Mohammed zk 6 hours ago

    dude's a natural heel even in real life, he's such an asshole.

  • Great White
    Great White 6 hours ago

    On twitter.... Rollins is very ignorant and an absolute dick. End of and it's no wonder why people have turned on him. Plus fans don't want to see the same person on top all the time. Less is more and if Rollins was smart on social media, wasn't on every show, fans would have wanted to see him more.

  • KnightCrown
    KnightCrown 6 hours ago


  • Dj Vegeta
    Dj Vegeta 6 hours ago

    Robert roode needs to think twice about talking about Romans kids 🤣🤣🤣

  • robin singh
    robin singh 6 hours ago

    Me: I missed you bro...... I even saw Hercules reborn😢

  • Bikram Shrestha
    Bikram Shrestha 6 hours ago

    White chick really liking black doodle so much😂😂

  • dhwanith
    dhwanith 6 hours ago

    Shit Rollins... 🤣🤮

  • Gopal Das
    Gopal Das 6 hours ago

    It's big dog yerd 😘

  • Nathan Hansen
    Nathan Hansen 6 hours ago

    This would have been better with doctor Shelby

  • Mark it Garza
    Mark it Garza 6 hours ago

    God damn, Paige Fine, 🔥

  • WWE Old School Memories WWE Then , Now , Forever

    So Batista joined the Illuminati

  • Ottis
    Ottis 6 hours ago

    Melina coming too? 😍😍

  • VILLEGAS76able
    VILLEGAS76able 6 hours ago

    I guess no like to keep their persnal stuff private these days.


    That’s got to be a set up. Otherwise it’s as well Bautista looks like he does because that was soooooooooooo cringe worthy lol

  • Aniket Jadhav
    Aniket Jadhav 7 hours ago

    That's low WWE but not as low as your stories😆

  • M K
    M K 7 hours ago

    I love rey misteryo

  • cocun bananero
    cocun bananero 7 hours ago

    Fucking airhead Colby Shit Lopez

  • BMF G0AT
    BMF G0AT 7 hours ago

    This was AWESOME!!!

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma 7 hours ago

    The way Braun was running imagine roman was without his signed tshirt ..Braun running madly could clothesline him🛌

  • Kyle Renner
    Kyle Renner 7 hours ago

    Bring his wife tya ...Christians face like he hit that 😂😂😭😭

    ALONZO MONTGOMERY 7 hours ago

    Now you can you dig that sucka

    ALONZO MONTGOMERY 7 hours ago

    Samoa joe reminds me of razz at the commentary desk

  • Kevin Alexer
    Kevin Alexer 7 hours ago

    Yessss Morrison is Back!!! About time 😀😀😀

  • Omega Kong
    Omega Kong 7 hours ago

    We’re really glad that you’re our friend , and this is the friendship that will never ever end 😁😡👹 That is currently my ringtone now.

    JOKER MONSTER 7 hours ago

    Now for JoMo coming back you could shoot for a dream match between John Morrison VS Ricochet

  • yipeeyaya
    yipeeyaya 7 hours ago

    CM Punk is really good looking

  • IShitOnTheWorld420
    IShitOnTheWorld420 7 hours ago

    Johnny MUNDO (Aka John Morrison!) Lucha Undergrund is where Morrison really showed off his talent.

  • Joshua Nolan
    Joshua Nolan 7 hours ago

    Somoa Joe has become the new Taz.

  • Ibrahim Jalloh
    Ibrahim Jalloh 7 hours ago

    CM Punk is not coming back

  • Pranaya khadka
    Pranaya khadka 7 hours ago

    Look in his eyes.....

  • Inorganic 96
    Inorganic 96 7 hours ago

    Fuck yea! John Morrison my best wrestler! The real reason to watch WWE again

  • AyyFuji
    AyyFuji 7 hours ago

    Honestly, the things that caused his downfall, was the storyline stuff with Becky (no one wanted to see it, because that wasn't an act before, and they were both uncomfortable doing it, and it just wasn't good) along with the feuding with Baron Corbin for months (and that Becky & Seth vs Lacey and Corbin match) was what really started everyone to turn off from him. He's a good wrestler, that's obvious, but just his booking, and then the whole Fiend incident, that was the final nail in the coffin, and they just screwed it up. If he could keep his mouth shut a bit, and not react to what fans say, or what other people in the business say, he'd be doing a lot better. Like, Roman wasn't very well received, but that's just because they kept pushing him too much, and we never had the time without him in the spotlight like he kinda do now, and he handled his criticism well, he didn't go off on rants on Twitter, yeah he had a mini thing with the Bucks and Kenny, but that was just typical wrestling stuff, and it was kinda enjoyable, but even then, he handled himself well, and didn't make an ass of himself. Seth going off on Ospreay, the way he reacted to Punk giving him actual advice for how to have his image be improved being thrown aside, and just not caring, or trying to build something that was never going to happen, or coming out and saying "The fans just don't get it", it just never looked good. Roman would just say "You can boo me, you can cheer me, do whatever you want, because I'm just gonna do me" worked, because he didn't talk about it, just brushed it off.

  • Thatdeal79
    Thatdeal79 7 hours ago

    Renee is pulling them pants off quite well. I hope Moxley doesn’t kill me.

  • رشيد النفيعي

    العربي يثبت وجوده

  • Safa
    Safa 7 hours ago

    They need to stop doing this shit. They ruined cm punk return and now this... It's not a good way to reveal a return. Just STOP

  • Ssuny Ssuny92
    Ssuny Ssuny92 8 hours ago

    Woo Kya boobs h Lana ke

  • Dinah Bangot
    Dinah Bangot 8 hours ago

    Sasha banks and Alexa bliss

  • Kashif Reza
    Kashif Reza 8 hours ago

    Seth does the heel laugh

  • DerKommissar
    DerKommissar 8 hours ago

    The Big Gold Belt will always be the highest prize in all of professional wrestling, regardless of promotion.

  • The Cheeseburger_666

    Bray Wyatt just buried The Illuminati in one segment

  • King NERO
    King NERO 8 hours ago

    While Joe entry in wwe itself i know he gonna be next tazz

  • Dre Wright
    Dre Wright 8 hours ago

    We coming for you Nigga is all I here from Booker T whenever he talks.

  • Dre Wright
    Dre Wright 8 hours ago

    Paige said Booker T is straight from the Hood. I wonder what part of Houston Booker T grew up in

  • Mavericks Return
    Mavericks Return 8 hours ago

    Where will you be when the day wrestling dies? They don't know what to do with him and he don't have a clue either. Like Seth/ Hate Seth? Let's call it quits, huh? Give him and Becky about 6 months off.

  • OG Troll Troll
    OG Troll Troll 8 hours ago

    Page talking about what people want😏😂

  • rozmi talib ranger
    rozmi talib ranger 8 hours ago

    Brad Maddox and Xavier Woods approved Paige tshirt.

  • Somdeb Bhattacharjee

    Please bring back Ambrose Bring back our "The Shield"🙏🙏😄

  • Jm Manzano
    Jm Manzano 8 hours ago

    Holy morher of pieee

  • Ya Boy Luh Ant
    Ya Boy Luh Ant 9 hours ago

    Wait a min did page and seth had sum going on ?

  • Lil Neki
    Lil Neki 9 hours ago

    Look at the gloss look at the shine

  • Elvis P
    Elvis P 9 hours ago

    Seth Rollin's almost bald 😬

  • Cristian Nero
    Cristian Nero 9 hours ago

    Well we already knew this for quite a while no surprise here mates

  • yahya hussain
    yahya hussain 9 hours ago

    Date planned?

  • Der letzte Uchiha
    Der letzte Uchiha 9 hours ago

    " hAvE yOu MeT sHaNe Mc MaHoN ? "😂😂😂😂

  • llIusion
    llIusion 9 hours ago

    I was literally commenting "BRING BACK JOHN MORRISON" on almost every WWE's recent videos and on Great one's videos as well. Damn guess they listened xD

  • FireTruckKid
    FireTruckKid 9 hours ago

    Please never again

  • Melanie Hill
    Melanie Hill 9 hours ago


  • Captain 0bvi0us
    Captain 0bvi0us 9 hours ago

    Everyone knows Seth isn’t the best talent, the only reason he gets pushed is because of Shawn Michaels. No one wants to see the same shitty moves every week, not to mention he wrestles like he’s in wwe 2k14 laggy af.

  • Taufik Rahman
    Taufik Rahman 9 hours ago

    The Shaman of $exy is back but shame they not kept him as surprise.

  • El Plebe Uchiha
    El Plebe Uchiha 9 hours ago

    I just want to know is this scripted or is this improv? (+)

  • Evil spirit
    Evil spirit 10 hours ago

    Coward calling himself a beast😏

  • Captain 0bvi0us
    Captain 0bvi0us 10 hours ago

    Paige: “ *Come on bring it in* “ Seth: uhhhhhhhh

  • Russ Temur
    Russ Temur 10 hours ago

    Seth Rollins is my favourite then now forever heel or baby face keep burn it down can wait see cmpunk best in world vs slayer Seth Rollins

  • Koichi Saito
    Koichi Saito 10 hours ago

    Kevin Owens is the GOAT when it comes to wrestling improv segments. Tell me otherwise.

  • Joe Quartaro
    Joe Quartaro 10 hours ago

    His music taste. 🔥🔥🔥

  • shubham d dongare
    shubham d dongare 10 hours ago

    Paige is looking ugly day by day

  • param pal
    param pal 10 hours ago


  • Erik Arenas
    Erik Arenas 10 hours ago

    Rey misterio is the king--- my paisano

  • WhiteHockey
    WhiteHockey 10 hours ago

    Paige looks like she had a lip job.

  • Shane Canning
    Shane Canning 10 hours ago

    Never liked this guy lol got a very annoying voice and face

  • Sam Carroll
    Sam Carroll 10 hours ago

    He's not changed much!? What show are you watching!? You get booed relentlessly because you have the cringiest, most manufactured promos ever... The dickish things you say on TV it's as if you were scripted to turn heel it's soooo obvious you were gonna get booed. An yeah stop whining on social media you child 😂

  • Jonathan Herrera
    Jonathan Herrera 10 hours ago

    How to i ask my quesstion to him is it an app??

  • MrKodok123
    MrKodok123 10 hours ago

    Imagine Becky and Seth appears on Firefly Fun House with same gimmicks as Bray

  • Rango TheTango
    Rango TheTango 10 hours ago

    Stable name: The SeBeckethiend I'm sorry.

  • Kenneth Hauck
    Kenneth Hauck 10 hours ago

    the title reign question you answered wrong. it said over the years which ment all nthe title runs you had. including the ones when you were called tyler black colby

  • Fordy Ford
    Fordy Ford 11 hours ago

    Oh look another wwe returned spoiled for the fans. Hey wwe, we dont need you to tell us what's going to happen before it happens. Story telling is over and so is the entertainment. Every bloody time we get told something it happens. No surprises makes it boring AF.

  • Chris Holmes
    Chris Holmes 11 hours ago

    Oh my.....

  • Mighty M0uzzz
    Mighty M0uzzz 11 hours ago

    Wtf in the soft porn is Vince tryna pull here!

  • damithasap
    damithasap 11 hours ago

    so what happened to his cancer survived wife?

  • Bryan Curiel
    Bryan Curiel 11 hours ago

    Seth really just needs to shut up, it would be better for him to do so.

  • Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley

    Rollins is right. When you put all your time and effort into something your passionate about it and someone disrespects you, you shouldn’t be surprised when they fight back.

  • Antoine Uy
    Antoine Uy 11 hours ago

    Do my girl Alexa Bliss next