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  • Sam Tha Champ
    Sam Tha Champ 26 minutes ago

    This man really said “almost everyone needs to eat” who is he excluding ??? Superman ??..a humanoid plant man??

  • Sarah Meyers
    Sarah Meyers 35 minutes ago

    Oh my god could you imagine what a disaster it would be if trump banned all Chinese students 🥴

  • Paradise Peak
    Paradise Peak 38 minutes ago

    At the university I attended in the US, in classes with large numbers of Chinese, professors had to separate students during tests due to rampant cheating.

  • mc lil Zen the poet
    mc lil Zen the poet 50 minutes ago

    Well that's terrifying

  • I C
    I C Hour ago

    Too many males in China...They hate girls there...

  • mc lil Zen the poet

    The first time I even noticed North Korea existed I immediately thought of this

  • _Rob _
    _Rob _ Hour ago

    I wanted to know where my poop goes and the water for the sinks come from on a cruise

  • pak alex
    pak alex Hour ago

    I think this is a huge trouble for USA, too many chinese spies coming.

  • Sergio Alves
    Sergio Alves Hour ago

    In Portugal we drive on the right

  • Gonjona
    Gonjona Hour ago

    I expected that to be a Dashlane segway

  • LethArctico
    LethArctico Hour ago

    10:00 - it's unlikely that either of country would risk raising tensions any further. Trump - 拿着我的啤酒

  • simon choi
    simon choi 2 hours ago

    they were spies one way or other.

  • Betaflow
    Betaflow 2 hours ago

    8 minutes of saying "Calm down, they know what they're doing" unconvincingly

  • Cape SIX
    Cape SIX 2 hours ago

    So many Chinese students went to my university, to the point where we had a China Institute.

  • Kevin Odom
    Kevin Odom 2 hours ago

    Those who don’t like the fact that so many Americans disrespect the 🇺🇸 & the country in general should be excited about this. China’s got about all they need out of the US/The West & now have the $, economy, power & military to do what they’d like. Everything that got them to where are is now being slowly dismantled & Chinese opinion of Americans is decreasing. We’re about to face the biggest threat since nazi Germany/USSR which will unite Americans the way it did during ww2 and or USSR. Think we’ve got it tough, are oppressed, the US & media lies to us? U ain’t see nothing yet. Go down the China rabbit hole at your own peril. That ain’t playin & after a month or so looking into it I realized why Hong Kong is scared shitless. Hey but at least Lebron James, our most technologically advanced corporations, a lot of US politicians & many others think they’re a-ok. Like Lebron said: Communist by sneakers too! lol Least when Jordan supposedly said it he was talking about other Americans & not an increasingly brainwashed population thats being inspired by their communist govt to support their own 21st century version of manifest destiny. dismantling what brought them to the dance along with the overconfidence I’m seeing by so many Chinese students, etc things will not go according to plan. Last time they made such dumb decisions cost them millions of their own people. But maybe I’m wrong & we will be the ones that fall in the end. However I doubt it. Just like Osama Bin Ladin & many others who attacked us throughout history thought we no longer had the spirit & balls they quickly found out nothing unites us more than an outside threat

  • dc scooter
    dc scooter 2 hours ago

    Segway is killing it. period and ppl dont even know.

  • Rhino Orantes
    Rhino Orantes 2 hours ago

    I literally live like 3 blocks away from in n out

  • BigGoldenYoshiFan
    BigGoldenYoshiFan 3 hours ago

    Gotta live in the hot heat to get in n’ out burger

  • Eddie Marais
    Eddie Marais 3 hours ago

    Bruh, think about changing up the tone of your voice now and then. This narration is so monotonous.

  • ItzImperium XVI
    ItzImperium XVI 3 hours ago

    Fuck it, let them buy activison. They are much worse than Apple could ever be

  • Eamon McNamee
    Eamon McNamee 3 hours ago

    its important to note that funding for public schools doesnt correlate to a better education. As funding has increased or decreased, test scores stay the same. For example, in the last 40 years, funding for public schools has quadrupled but test scores remained completely unchanged during that whole time.

  • Mikel Sopelana Durango

    Does anybody else smell *scam* ?

  • Jack Higgins
    Jack Higgins 3 hours ago

    Fuck I watched another skill share add

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama 3 hours ago

    its too hot there for apples

  • Juju Rellama
    Juju Rellama 3 hours ago

    biggest breeders: Pakistan, Indians, Philippines, Indonesia, Africa, Arabia, China

  • Joona Zhu
    Joona Zhu 4 hours ago

    i think another factor deserves mentioning too---most of the middle or high class chinese are planning to send their only child abroad for education in the hope of becoming a US ,Canada , or even Austrailian citizen . which means, more houses will be empty in the coming years, unless the remaining working class Chinese , and farmers could afford them

  • TheEvilCheesecake
    TheEvilCheesecake 4 hours ago

    You litterally just described a mobile game that I loved/ was totally addicted to and I almost spent money for a bunch of coins

  • Ouchie
    Ouchie 4 hours ago

    6:06 Macau with Hong Kong's flag... Disappointed

  • Anthony Leung
    Anthony Leung 4 hours ago

    you shot the APM mall in Kwun Tong

  • Nathanael Chua
    Nathanael Chua 4 hours ago

    I went to China recently and was called a “fake Chinese” cause I love the US and don’t really like China, don’t like science or math but instead like business skills and computing ( I live in singapore)

  • khanh nguyen
    khanh nguyen 4 hours ago

    Let be honest here I bet in a few years some poor county are willing to take us trash and recycle it.

  • India Superpower
    India Superpower 4 hours ago

    Mumbai City India Has 20 million population in 2020

  • Red Bull
    Red Bull 5 hours ago

    www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/10174799/bodies-found-essex-lorry-grays-pictured/amp/ look ur gonna get from these Rebel cunts from petty people who would’ve been physiotherapist all the way to America’s richest families as I work. That’s how it’s gonna work. But it’ll be orderly and precise how everyone would agree

  • Penden Wangchuk
    Penden Wangchuk 5 hours ago

    Indians are cheap

  • TheZacman2
    TheZacman2 5 hours ago

    I never had to take the SAT and I am now in college.

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 6 hours ago

    china should colonised the shit out them

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase 6 hours ago

    whitephobia gets punished

  • Paytick
    Paytick 6 hours ago

    lol in the uk you don’t pay this is absurd it’s like in America you have to pay to live oh wait privatised medicine

  • Izak Kanter
    Izak Kanter 6 hours ago

    8:15 and don't read the book

  • Alex V
    Alex V 6 hours ago

    Mobile payment is not an improvement per se. When poeple use only one app of one provider that doesn't cooperate with others then the state has lost it monetary monopoly to one private company which is, as you pointed out, a single point of failure and can be desasterous. Only open protocols for interconnecting different service providers are acceptable. By the way, the telecom company that provides "epesa" is in practice a bank as it does nothing less than managing accounts and processing transactions for fees, they even provide cash services via the agents. The SIM of a phone is technically the exact same hardware as the chip in modern debit cards. So technically they are now the greatest bank that cannot cooperate with other banks? Sounds bad, is bad. The state should force telecom providers to cooperate in that matter. Then their mobile payment network would work exactly like the "Single European Payment Area" (SEPA) and the European world of debit cards. When rating the advancement of a country's financial system you should always compare to Europe, as the financial system of the US is very much less advanced than Europe's.

  • Mysterious Boy
    Mysterious Boy 7 hours ago

    Its Emirates

  • Strato Sphere
    Strato Sphere 7 hours ago


  • SerchSource
    SerchSource 7 hours ago

    Thats why its called a Potemkin Village!! Slave labors...government owned everything else!!

  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso 7 hours ago

    The problem is that, even if Somalia is to be developed and give it a real working economy, and put the civil war to an end, it might not be enough. If being a pirate gives you a profit of 30000 dollars per attack, and you might get paid the same amount per year by doing some job in a developed Somalia, there is still going to be people that will do the Pirate thing. The same way there are drug dealers in developed countries. This, of course, is no excuse to not develop Somalia. There still should be some aid and development, you might not eliminate Piracy completely, but if you reduce it by 80% or even 90% that is still good.

  • NotUzi
    NotUzi 7 hours ago

    There’s literally an in n out 5 min away. The fuck you talking about?

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith 8 hours ago

    To steal intellectual capital. Why make it complicated?

  • 中国是我爹,
    中国是我爹, 8 hours ago

    Most poeple want to go to a rich country for studying but only Chinese mostly have money to do that. LOL

  • Tagträumerin
    Tagträumerin 8 hours ago

    I have the strong urge to critizise the American education system and praising the German one without even considering problems of German Universities etc

  • 中国是我爹,
    中国是我爹, 8 hours ago

    US banned Huawei for months while China never ban Apple.

  • Feca29ca
    Feca29ca 8 hours ago

    More jobs in the use ♻️ plants, and manufacturing.

  • ShubbyShabaas
    ShubbyShabaas 8 hours ago

    6:05 *says Macau 🇲🇴* *Shows flag of Hong Kong 🇭🇰*

  • christien monroe
    christien monroe 8 hours ago

    Had to go to Texas to try this

  • Dude壹
    Dude壹 8 hours ago

    Chinese parents are hailing the achievements and praising the crap outta CCP with genuine tears quivering in their eyes while scrambling with each other for the chance to give birth to their children on American soil for all the welfares and bonuses,just like what they have been doing with children in Hongkong,automatic citizenship

  • Paco Jr.
    Paco Jr. 9 hours ago

    6:05 Macau suddenly Got annexed by Hong Kong for some reason.

  • Timothy Wadie
    Timothy Wadie 9 hours ago

    2017 was when mugabe left power not 2007

  • bipr r
    bipr r 9 hours ago

    Apples a true game company. When you buy the iMac Pro you get played

  • DWaves
    DWaves 11 hours ago

    wonder why their economy sucks? probably cause they chase people who bring prosperity away.

  • Memo holic
    Memo holic 12 hours ago

    One plus is lob

  • Niels Fraune
    Niels Fraune 12 hours ago

    Who's watching from a Huawei?

  • Memuffinatekitkat The
    Memuffinatekitkat The 12 hours ago

    I have like 7 where I live

  • Jake Ramsay
    Jake Ramsay 12 hours ago

    Overpriced pieces of garbage? You can't get a iphone for 30 dollars like a android and it works just as good

  • Dr Pikachu
    Dr Pikachu 13 hours ago

    6:05 bruh that’s Hong Kong’s flag

    MACHINE GUN 13 hours ago

    Same is happening in Nepal Wtf 🙄🙄🙄

  • Rick Kuhn
    Rick Kuhn 13 hours ago

    Same in UK. Chinese students everywhere

  • Бек Шейхзаде

    I studied Chinese in Beijing in 2010-2011. I have revisited Beijing last year, and I could see huge improvement on air pollution, I could actually see the blue sky, when it was impossible to imagine back in 2010

  • vaibhav
    vaibhav 14 hours ago

    1/3 of the world's population lives in china and india.... so they are everywhere !!

  • Jason Cruz
    Jason Cruz 14 hours ago

    This video made me want to work at In-N-Out.. I’ve never ate there before:(

  • PasscodeAdvance
    PasscodeAdvance 14 hours ago

    I like this, better title than Quartz. I love China for this, love from India!

  • leveticki
    leveticki 14 hours ago

    *has iPhone 6s until its too laggy to open apps*

  • {•AngelYT•}
    {•AngelYT•} 14 hours ago

    I got mine for only $108 🤨

  • Thupten Tom
    Thupten Tom 15 hours ago

    Your conclusion is bullshit

  • Deren Bong
    Deren Bong 15 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Simon no last name
    Simon no last name 15 hours ago

    I like dogs

  • Simon no last name
    Simon no last name 15 hours ago

    China is ass'e'hOle!

  • ElectroVeeDub
    ElectroVeeDub 15 hours ago

    8:26 That's why we Canadians refer to Vancouver as "Hong-Couver" . Vancouver's close proximity to China, relaxed immigration laws, and it's warm weather makes it the first and usually final destination for Chinese Immigrants.

  • b
    b 15 hours ago

    Im amazed that young people still buy iphones when samsung does a thousand times more. I think this will go on because old and lazy people dont want features they just want to upgrade to the same thing easy and simple so apple will gladly sell them overprised iphones to them and everything else they sell. I will say this that their macs litterally run forever i have one and its a 2011 and its very fast and smooth no problems.

    KAPSYZ 15 hours ago

    We just got our first chic fil a like a year ago where i live. So I dont think we will ever get one here.

  • b
    b 15 hours ago

    Let me guess they have their money somwhere else to avoid taxes and i havent even watched the video yet.

  • Marcos Mendoza
    Marcos Mendoza 15 hours ago

    Bruh I got one 5 minutes away from me

  • Nava
    Nava 15 hours ago

    Taste like sonic lmao

  • Piiwee Piggy
    Piiwee Piggy 16 hours ago

    I'm switching to bing just because Google is to powerful. They have so much money.

  • Haining Lan
    Haining Lan 16 hours ago

    "Ask questions is both disrespect your teacher and admit to your peers that you don't understand the material?" WTF, that's bullshit.

  • Thomas Hansknecht
    Thomas Hansknecht 17 hours ago

    I get $0 financial aid to help pay for college and I pay $30,000+ per year out of pocket for college fees (tuition, room, and board). I am currently an Undergraduate student. I have to spend even more money on food, health insurance, transit etc. I think college should be much cheaper than this. This price is ridiculous considering I go to a state college and am attending in state and in the nation. It makes me understand why American student debt is so high right now.

  • Eleventh
    Eleventh 17 hours ago

    For real I thought Google is the Internet

  • Zergzesmc
    Zergzesmc 17 hours ago

    china is a really good country but the government sucks ass

  • Nik P
    Nik P 17 hours ago

    I’m in college and ALEKS is the absolute worst thing my college has ever chosen to use. I have to pay $150 on top of $6k for the class to do my homework, then have to enter the exact answer it wants, no variation is allowed. If you get it wrong, you get set back

  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma 17 hours ago

    Bhosdike aakhri me kya pagla jaata hai, video ke topic ko apne se jod deta hai madarchod.

  • Zakaria Osman
    Zakaria Osman 17 hours ago

    What you fight back? Why not expose those extracting fish from Somalia and dumping toxic.

  • Kyle Betts
    Kyle Betts 17 hours ago

    North Korea's nukes are pieces of junk. Anything that North Korea would fire at the US would most likely just fritz out somewhere over the ocean. All of their "technology" is just a bunch of jerry-rigged crap.

  • Anunaki Atlantis
    Anunaki Atlantis 17 hours ago

    Why alot us student and cityzen move ,married and live with peace in China??

  • Piiwee Piggy
    Piiwee Piggy 17 hours ago

    You know what I really hate... is when I get a 15 second ad in the beginning then one in the video then another one AGAIN at the end of the video.

  • Swanky Pants
    Swanky Pants 17 hours ago

    Wtf is in n out

  • wisnu yogapraditya
    wisnu yogapraditya 18 hours ago

    At least there are plenty of billionaires over there

  • Thot Police
    Thot Police 18 hours ago

    I remember going to Dallas Texas and being so disappointed that the In & Out was closed because of the bread. We mainly go there to eat that....

  • Rdof yazn
    Rdof yazn 18 hours ago

    There was actually one game that shows you a fake notification, you cant remove it unless you press it, and once you press it they will start the game

  • Richard Rudol
    Richard Rudol 18 hours ago

    Have been once, never again.

  • Lesto Lee
    Lesto Lee 18 hours ago

    Thank you for wasting people's time with a 9 minutes long ad.

  • satyagraha a
    satyagraha a 18 hours ago

    China's economy needs to grow at insane rates to avoid collapse ....watch out !

  • Jeff Gazetti
    Jeff Gazetti 18 hours ago

    I don’t understand, why not just LEVEL a shithole country like this and turn it into a parking lot?

  • Richard Conte
    Richard Conte 19 hours ago

    San Fransisco U.S. is the tech capitol