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  • Jeremy Black
    Jeremy Black 52 minutes ago

    Strange tone for the topic under discussion. Seems more like a Fox News segment than anything. Morbid infotainment.

  • george dubayu ridin a shark in space

    I dont really understand how people think the gas chamber is more humane, it seems like the worst way to go. And the most dangerous

  • Herica Aristide
    Herica Aristide 4 hours ago

    These inmates get the chance to pray for forgiveness and repent but we forget the victims did not get that chance if you ask me it's not fair, and I just can't stand it!!! Some quick street justice is the way

  • maya lelo
    maya lelo 6 hours ago

    I need tampons .....done

  • Leslie Wolfe
    Leslie Wolfe 12 hours ago

    Sign me up for testing the equipment 👋

  • C C B
    C C B Day ago

    "The inmate turned his head and said, 'It came out." (The needle) Why the f×ck would you do that!!? 😆

  • Catherine Seel
    Catherine Seel 2 days ago

    Fuck that

  • happy smile
    happy smile 2 days ago

    The fact that death penalty is still procedured in some countries disgusts me.

  • ramandeep kaur
    ramandeep kaur 2 days ago

    Oh so nice movie ....

  • Joe Moore
    Joe Moore 2 days ago

    But what deeds did he add?

  • Jay Baker
    Jay Baker 2 days ago

    I don’t feel one bit sorry for these people these killers get treated a lot better in the end than I’m sure they treated their victims

  • PukkaGen
    PukkaGen 2 days ago

    Anyone here in Sep 2019? All these in the Video are Dead btw RiP :D Fucking scum.

  • Charlie Knowles
    Charlie Knowles 3 days ago

    $150?!? Are you mad? Id want thousands for killing someone

  • Danny Werner
    Danny Werner 3 days ago

    The death sentence is murder the jury recommending death murdered the judge murdered the warden murdered the staff assisting murdered someone its murder

  • DatboiJohn 1
    DatboiJohn 1 3 days ago

    If you kill a killer your basically a killer that is killing a killer an you should be killed but they don’t see that because that’s okay killing a person who killed someone that your killing 😯🥴🥴🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯mind blown

  • fer031690
    fer031690 3 days ago

    Judges shouldn’t hold that type of power the one God who gave you life is the only one who can take it every death that man holds he will face on judgment day I believe in life sentences for serious crimes but death should be at of the question.

  • Iosif Pateroulhs
    Iosif Pateroulhs 4 days ago

    Americans are really that fucking stupid ??!!. They think they bring justice to killers by being killers themselves?!. They treat crime with crime. Murder with murder. Well done U.S legal system. You are indeed that fucking corrupt. The penalty isn’t painless at all. They use horrific execution methods. I am sorry but so did the Nazis back then and Americans claimed that they were the exact opposite of them. But based on this, they are the same fucking crackheads.

  • cLoUdZ
    cLoUdZ 4 days ago

    Imagine a serial killer chooses cereal as his last meal

  • Scott Simon
    Scott Simon 4 days ago


  • Juan Habli Soufal
    Juan Habli Soufal 4 days ago

    Im reading Who and who.. 😁😁

  • Full on Lovatic
    Full on Lovatic 4 days ago

    1:20:50 how she is smiling tho scares the hell out of me idk why but it is just creepy a** hell

  • MS. BLUE
    MS. BLUE 4 days ago


  • nia & myah slay
    nia & myah slay 4 days ago

    I was dead when the pillow fight was happening my momma thought I was crazy I laughed so loud and crazy i almost pee'd

  • Nikki Gooch
    Nikki Gooch 4 days ago

    this move is so funny and I can look at again and again

  • Kendra Ramey
    Kendra Ramey 5 days ago

    Those m my move

  • Leisha Legerme
    Leisha Legerme 5 days ago

    I love the end of the movie

  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 5 days ago

    Shows you just how far behind the US is from the rest of the world. You shouldn’t condemn someone to death because they condemned someone else. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Thank God I live in the UK- a developed country.

  • Ella McKim
    Ella McKim 6 days ago

    That old guy disgustes me when he says the head might just pop off or laughs when he's talking about the mans head on fire, wtf is wrong with them

  • Ash The cat
    Ash The cat 7 days ago

    I live near Ohio. Our death penalty is they have this claw that takes your head off, smashes your head, then burns your body. Yeah... I'm not going to be commiting crimes anytime soon. :D

  • Jeremiah Balbido
    Jeremiah Balbido 8 days ago

    9/12/19 😁

  • Susana Bennett
    Susana Bennett 8 days ago ඔගස්ටස් මම හැම විටම අනිවාර්ය කර ලා දුඹුරු ලා දුඹුරු තියෙනවා

  • Drew Harris
    Drew Harris 8 days ago

    I have terrible veins; I would never choose lethal injection if given a choice because it can take up to 5 tries to actually get a needle in my veins

  • Richard Hogenson
    Richard Hogenson 8 days ago

    Indian Taco Six Jalapeño poppers 2 20 oz Mountain Dews 1 chocolate Milkshake

  • Madie Hulen
    Madie Hulen 9 days ago

    This is a movie that should be shown to all pregnant moms and girls going into high school

  • Rachael Simon
    Rachael Simon 9 days ago

    Bad quality

  • Lachie Weston
    Lachie Weston 10 days ago

    I feel like I'm on death row just watching this

  • RRkings
    RRkings 11 days ago

    Who else watched the whole video???

  • Suprisesizefrieswithsideofsuicide

    Pancuronium bromide? More like Pancuronium broDIED

  • Amos Channel
    Amos Channel 11 days ago

    Pope has just abolished death penalty... Hope this will be universally implemented on a whole world

    • Amos Channel
      Amos Channel 7 days ago

      @Chanel #4 well I know how we feel when beloved one gets murdered.. But killing the murderer won't turn the dead into life again.. It just nurtures hatred inside us.. I can say that because some years ago one of my beloved relatives died by malpractice... Who to blame then? As time goes a whole family learns to forgive and to go on...

    • Chanel #4
      Chanel #4 7 days ago

      Why? So people can just commit murder with minor repercussions? Let’s see how fast you change you’re mind if your mother was murders. Go look at Singapore’s crime rate, safety levels and the justice system in place.

  • Herbert Amaya
    Herbert Amaya 11 days ago

    Wth inmates found a nickname for the electric chair sparky is a good nickname

  • Herbert Amaya
    Herbert Amaya 11 days ago

    I dont know how Jim willit enjoyed his job so depressing

  • Shaneka Clarke
    Shaneka Clarke 11 days ago

    literally cried watching the end twice

  • Donut Life
    Donut Life 11 days ago

    They better hope I don't end up on death row don't think I wouldn't go for broke on the last meal

  • Donut Life
    Donut Life 11 days ago

    Imagine someone who's completely innocent getting executed or saved at the last moment don't think I wouldn't sue or hope my family would if that call didn't come in time

  • Donut Life
    Donut Life 11 days ago

    If there gonna be executed who tf cares how much they order to eat? I'm not taking up for the person on death row but come on I don't think the cost of that persons food will hurt your bank account

  • Catalyxz A’INT Talented 5490

    They should let them do what ever they want for 24 then do there penalty and Let them do it out of jail.

  • Jimroy Gentles
    Jimroy Gentles 12 days ago

    Nice move

  • Ashley Throckmorton
    Ashley Throckmorton 12 days ago

    I always feel so sad thinking about these people and what they're thinking and feeling moments before seems so wrong to me

  • Ashley Throckmorton
    Ashley Throckmorton 12 days ago

    Jesus was on death row for a crime the world commited.... that's love

  • Charlotte Cottle
    Charlotte Cottle 12 days ago


  • Nzisa Wambua
    Nzisa Wambua 13 days ago

    Cruel, cruel, cruel!

  • iiiomq itzAshley2k12

    I think people should just be put in an Isolated dungeon and rot to death. Although I do NOT believe that innocent people should go through this, the judge is a judge and no one can change his choice without concrete solid proof! :(

  • born2xlr8 yep
    born2xlr8 yep 13 days ago

    It never fails to surprise me, what people with a low IQ will watch

  • Eridani Perez
    Eridani Perez 13 days ago

    Molly looks like Marie Avgeropolous and Adam looks like Drew Seeley

  • Malaitom Ibbis
    Malaitom Ibbis 14 days ago

    I hate katlyn

  • Summer Xx
    Summer Xx 14 days ago

    will never agree with this for the fact.. i wonder how many innocent people have had their life taken for a crime they did not commit. Life in prison is a worse punishment than just killing them. Murder is just the easy way out.

  • michael gonzalez
    michael gonzalez 16 days ago

    all white old men who do the job lol looks like they enjoy this shit

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 16 days ago

    In 24 hours the summer holidays ends and I'll be back at school, I'm crying inside, imagine how these guys feel

  • Krypton 114
    Krypton 114 16 days ago

    U.K. Is the best in the world, American justice system is broken, they don't think so they just think guilty till proven innocent, imagine the innocent people killed

  • Jheramae Delacruz
    Jheramae Delacruz 16 days ago

    who else watching it in 2020 ?

  • autumn zia
    autumn zia 16 days ago

    I want friends like this

  • Hashtag Whoomp
    Hashtag Whoomp 16 days ago

    Killing other human beings is something that can never be justified. No human has the right to take another person's life. If someone killed somebody, how can killing that person make it better or fix the past? I wish it could but the truth is we all need to heal from within.

  • Mase Oner
    Mase Oner 17 days ago

    Fuck you chaplans your ass fucked as the judge who signs the warrants you fuck wittz

  • Mase Oner
    Mase Oner 17 days ago

    Fuck you america no wonder your country is fucked up fuck yous all you americans are fucken assholes

  • Michael Verdon
    Michael Verdon 17 days ago

    Everyone talking in that video are barbaric animals since they think it’s ok to have the death penalty because that also counts as killing someone

    • Michael Verdon
      Michael Verdon 17 days ago

      One of those barbaric animals even states and claims the death penalty is ok because the methods are done with dignity I wanted to reach my hand through the screen and smack the shit out of him for saying that and snap his neck for saying that you would hear it at the very end of the video when it’s about to be over

    • Michael Verdon
      Michael Verdon 17 days ago

      Ending another life is bad no matter what the reason is whether you’d think you’re doing the right thing or not it’s bad but people do have different reasons for why they end another life and why they claimed it’s ok or was ok

  • Rosen's Strange Channel

    What if im pooping, will they wait for me?

  • leah z
    leah z 18 days ago

    Love this movie! So glad you can watch it here

  • Rashid Ali
    Rashid Ali 18 days ago

    “How was work, Honey?” “Fine, I just executed some people today.” 💀💀💀

  • joaquin .junio
    joaquin .junio 18 days ago

    37:53 Look at the bottom.

  • epicrapfan73
    epicrapfan73 19 days ago

    They should have had Danielle's sister Kay (who is also an actress) as Macey, while they were at it!

  • dj johnson
    dj johnson 19 days ago

    regardless of how bad the individual is i don't think I could live with myself if I had any part in the execution of someone.

  • LadyCypher54
    LadyCypher54 19 days ago

    How can a society that executes people claim to be civilized? It can't!!

    • Justin Osborne
      Justin Osborne 14 days ago

      ​@LadyCypher54 I used to be against the death penalty. I really did. That was until I watched a video of a woman who was decapitated by a man. It gave me nightmares. You see, there are psychopaths/sociopaths who have no empathy or remorse. When you look behind the eyes of a psychopath/sociopath it's absolutely like there is no one home. I respect and support your decision to be against the death penalty though. I understand completely.

    • LadyCypher54
      LadyCypher54 14 days ago

      @Justin Osborne state sanctioned murder is not civilised. If it's wrong to kill someone, it's wrong for the state to kill someone.

    • Justin Osborne
      Justin Osborne 17 days ago

      Executing a murderer in a humane and clean way is civilized.

  • Lisa Heinemann
    Lisa Heinemann 19 days ago

    Why in the f, don't just use morphine, or air bullet like livestock are put down.. why all the horrible drama, mistakes..costs. It makes no sense!

  • last films
    last films 19 days ago

    cool movie

  • Jacob O'Donnell
    Jacob O'Donnell 19 days ago

    This makes me appreciate life. I tell you, I'll have nightmares about this for a long time.

  • Roshawn Crawford
    Roshawn Crawford 20 days ago

    Why dont they just keep him locked up

  • Roshawn Crawford
    Roshawn Crawford 20 days ago

    What happened with Jeffrey epstein

  • Roshawn Crawford
    Roshawn Crawford 20 days ago

    Many I'll bet

  • Roshawn Crawford
    Roshawn Crawford 20 days ago

    40 dollars they are cheap

  • marilyn’s snazzy dazzy gaming

    i swear if i was that inmate, i would start to burst out in tears and beg for my life. like literally..

  • Dawnny roo-BEAR
    Dawnny roo-BEAR 21 day ago

    RAVEN SAMONE SUCKS 💆🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Bustiana Diaz
    Bustiana Diaz 21 day ago

    Is it just me or is there just one black person in the whole movie

  • Gryzzly
    Gryzzly 22 days ago

    39:05 what name song??

  • Kenzie Cariter
    Kenzie Cariter 22 days ago

    I wonder how many innocent framed people have been put to death

  • Garron L.
    Garron L. 22 days ago

    I scrolled through the comments to read if the movie is good or not but only see people commenting about "scrolling through the comments while watching," or asking "who's watching in 2019." 🙄😂

  • Star Skyy
    Star Skyy 22 days ago

    *Just wondering who do they get to choose their last meal* ? 😇

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez 23 days ago

    O O O

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez 23 days ago

    O O o

  • aurangzeb zeb
    aurangzeb zeb 23 days ago

    Dont kill anyone and dont be killed by someone

  • Ron Cipriano
    Ron Cipriano 23 days ago

    How in the world can you be a professional executioner and do this for a living or be a witness to this . I couldn’t do it !

  • Bianca Garcia
    Bianca Garcia 23 days ago

    I started crying at 29:50

  • Bianca Garcia
    Bianca Garcia 23 days ago

    Can’t they just hold their breath till they die? It doesn’t require any weapons. They can get away with that during the meantime right?

  • Taika Uskali
    Taika Uskali 24 days ago

    I'm broke so I'm rewatching this. :/

  • Shayenne Bouts
    Shayenne Bouts 24 days ago

    I actually loved this movie

  • Kimberley Fatima Ling

    Her speech at the end always makes me cry and when she gives her son away for adoption is the saddest. and when her son is older and talking on camera and when he says he loves his mum at the end. always makes me cry this movie. I have 3 children myself I am a mum myself and I remember their births. and i am lucky i have my in laws who are helping me with my daughters.

  • Lucian 530
    Lucian 530 25 days ago

    Alright do u see the paradox here,??? We need to ensure the inmate doesn't commit suicide!! we can execute him..that makes no sense lol ..guess the state doesn't wanna get cheated

  • candis almendarez
    candis almendarez 25 days ago

    Texas doesn't waste time we insert the line

  • Pony Girl
    Pony Girl 27 days ago

    I’m sorry but to execute someone as a punishment for killing doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. Killing is wrong regardless the reason. Period.

  • Sans
    Sans 27 days ago

    Personally it be better to put em to sleep not have them know that there gonna die in 24 hours

  • Stephanie Simon
    Stephanie Simon 27 days ago

    I think charlie is the baby that the teacher and bob were going to adopt but fell through. So I feel was meant to be