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OnePlus 7 Pro - Unboxing!
Views 87K5 months ago
Pixel 3a XL - Unboxing!
Views 7K5 months ago
Huawei P30 Pro - Unboxing!
Views 923K5 months ago
Xiaomi Mi 9 - Unboxing!
Views 1.5M6 months ago


  • Rakesh Sanpui
    Rakesh Sanpui 10 minutes ago

    I have view 20 👍

  • My Name is Not
    My Name is Not 41 minute ago

    3:44 that stutter, thts why I wanna sell my note 9 and get iphone 11 pro, even for the smoothest Android phone you see slight slutter here and there. I have been using android for yrs but seems like the iphone update itself will last me 4 year worth the phone, looking at people using iphone 6s or 7 plus at 2019... Where as I have been switching from htc one --> Huawei P9 --> s8 plus --> note 9 in 5.5 years. That's litearlly fucking waste of money nowI think about it. I used to have iphone 4s in the way back before Android kicked in but it maybe the sign that i should try IOS.

  • Apurva Poshiya
    Apurva Poshiya Hour ago

    One who have got money: buys iPhone One who got money + brain : buys 1+7 pro and a DSLR worth 50000+50000 Rupees

  • Luis Vindel
    Luis Vindel Hour ago

    Like: Samsung Comentar: iphone

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 2 hours ago

    ROG is best in android ecosystem, iPhones are better for gaming for sure. ROG won't let anyone to feel lag but it's not as accurate in fps as iPhones. I'm android fan , I just said the truth.

  • Ульяна климова


  • Moin Uddin
    Moin Uddin 3 hours ago

    Your iPhone is fake

  • Mr. Low-key - san
    Mr. Low-key - san 3 hours ago

    You should've log in all the social media apps.

  • Milyy Mendes
    Milyy Mendes 4 hours ago

    Prr Samsung é o mais lindoooow

  • MilselimX
    MilselimX 4 hours ago

    What a stupid test. He doesn´t even get that the IOS animations take much more time... Check out PhoneBuff if you want to see real speed comparisons. tvclip.biz/channel/UChYU73igK5wQhWAXPh3X8PA

  • Noor Shafiun
    Noor Shafiun 5 hours ago

    Note 10+😎

  • El gato Vicente
    El gato Vicente 5 hours ago

    Xiaomi mi 9t pro: 400$ iPhone 11 pro max: 1200$ (In Chile)

  • jkeener1988
    jkeener1988 6 hours ago

    Watching on my ASUS ROG Phone 2!

  • nope here
    nope here 6 hours ago

    Watching on my K20 pro

  • Blagi i
    Blagi i 6 hours ago

    I watch this on my huawei p30 pro😎

  • Martina ASMR Word
    Martina ASMR Word 6 hours ago


  • Awesome world videos

    Asus rog phone 2 will be the winner.

  • Awesome world videos

    AsusRog phone 2 will rein supreme.

  • Matheus Perez
    Matheus Perez 7 hours ago

    LG of course

  • Denis Sulovic
    Denis Sulovic 7 hours ago


  • Gabriel Romantico
    Gabriel Romantico 7 hours ago

    Posso até ser só Brasil mas me enscrevi

  • Yassinbadr TECH
    Yassinbadr TECH 7 hours ago

    Apple says it makes its products with high specifications and what we see now is different is surely flagship killer.

  • joratv
    joratv 7 hours ago

    I have k20 pro and iphone x. In the long run i still prefer the iphone. See for yourself why

  • Mr_ mexfi
    Mr_ mexfi 8 hours ago

    K20 pro 👍

  • ghulam Paigambar
    ghulam Paigambar 8 hours ago

    Samsung Galaxy C5

  • Asif Rahman
    Asif Rahman 8 hours ago

    Hey make a spedtest between the Red magic 3S Ang ROG phone 2

  • Victor Mj Eua
    Victor Mj Eua 8 hours ago

    In search of incredible !! ASUS WIN!

  • Ishan Jangheen
    Ishan Jangheen 9 hours ago

    Hate when he says very nice and what did the phones ever do to him like if you hate this guy

  • Nanda Ferreira
    Nanda Ferreira 9 hours ago

    Meu Deus e eu aqui com medo de pingar água no meu j7😭😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ramees Zikzad
    Ramees Zikzad 9 hours ago

    Two KINGS

  • Cik Teekah
    Cik Teekah 9 hours ago

    Rakyat Malaysia Mana? 🤣

  • Ali Rko
    Ali Rko 9 hours ago

    Best Phone of the year P30 Pro

  • pro Noob
    pro Noob 9 hours ago

    Gaming mode is trash for multitasking in op7pro

  • Bolajabena Vines
    Bolajabena Vines 10 hours ago

    iam huawei user

  • Eavy :3
    Eavy :3 10 hours ago

    -Omg, xiaomi! Wow -YES, I LOVE XIAOMI Apple has left the chat.

  • Friendze
    Friendze 10 hours ago

    k20 pro destroyed this apple thingy

  • ABO Ahmed
    ABO Ahmed 11 hours ago

    Samsung S10+ ❤❤❤

  • death bystereo
    death bystereo 11 hours ago

    Drop and it wont save your phone.

  • Molnár Éva
    Molnár Éva 11 hours ago

    Like iphone ad me

  • Yasmim Vitória
    Yasmim Vitória 12 hours ago

    Eu nunca faria isso

  • Pari Bisht
    Pari Bisht 12 hours ago

    U play pubg

  • Manoloud and Dim Tv
    Manoloud and Dim Tv 12 hours ago

    K20 is way cheaper than the iPhone 11 and is still faster

  • giga kurashvili
    giga kurashvili 12 hours ago

    I'm commenting with my Mi 9t pro and in this video you can see that iPhone's price is to much expensive, yes I'm Xiaomi user but I know that iphone is better but not as much as costs...

  • Cedric Jamias
    Cedric Jamias 12 hours ago

    Your channwl is mine burratnat ka

  • Cedric Jamias
    Cedric Jamias 12 hours ago

    Akin nalang yan tuleg amin nalang tristan ulol ka

  • Cedric Jamias
    Cedric Jamias 12 hours ago

    Bobo akin nalang yan

  • 天才ボンバカ
    天才ボンバカ 13 hours ago

    huaweiは何故ブラウン管モニターを撮影した時の様に画面が波打つのか? 誰か説明できる? スピード比較する以前にこれだけでhuaweiの方が劣ってるんじゃないのか!

  • Zeppelin 1
    Zeppelin 1 13 hours ago

    redmi k20 pro Is Better then the Xiaomi mi9 t pro

  • Burt Mount
    Burt Mount 14 hours ago

    poco phone slow in the usa for phone plans. thats the reason i dont own one

  • Khaw Kai Sing
    Khaw Kai Sing 14 hours ago

    Ppl still do this kind of test?

  • EX 1
    EX 1 15 hours ago

    Xiaomi топ

  • Rad Carrington
    Rad Carrington 15 hours ago

    ROGP2 has the headphone jacc and the Oneplus 7 Pro Doesn't Has it...

  • Manoloud and Dim Tv
    Manoloud and Dim Tv 16 hours ago


  • and i oop-
    and i oop- 16 hours ago

    Lmao, I have a samsung phone, but I'm just so fucking confused about people. Some of them hate the price of the iphone 11 pro max (me too), but the price of the Samsung galaxy s10 plus is about the same. Just checked that out.

  • manju kiran
    manju kiran 16 hours ago

    Why would you get a dummy note 10 phone!

  • Philip Ehusani
    Philip Ehusani 16 hours ago

    Note 8 with 6GB RAM can't conveniently beat V30 with 4GB RAM...... Shocking.

  • Ankit Rout
    Ankit Rout 16 hours ago

    A $400 Redmi K20 Pro is going head to head with a $1500 iPhone 11 Pro Max and defeating it in some cases 😂. Proud being a K20 Pro user. 🤘

  • Lucifer666
    Lucifer666 17 hours ago

    Dude you talk like a 5 year old.

  • John snow
    John snow 17 hours ago

    I think only one plus 7 pro phone can beat k20 pro

  • Suffa Studio
    Suffa Studio 17 hours ago

    both are amazing. what ever you are picking, you are picking one of the finest phones

  • Caoimhe Gallagher
    Caoimhe Gallagher 17 hours ago

    When the phone went in the freezer the iPhone time was 10.34 and the Samsung was 19.34 how come they were both the same when they came out this is fake

  • yasir yasir
    yasir yasir 18 hours ago

    انت عربي متابع هاي القناة اسلخ لايـــڪ 😘

  • mark martinez
    mark martinez 18 hours ago

    Less talk, more demo please. You even fixed the case off-cam.

  • Yash Khati
    Yash Khati 18 hours ago

    One plus is the father of apple mean baap

  • bVenkat Surya
    bVenkat Surya 19 hours ago

    Pixel 4 XL speed test

  • Евгений Головин


  • Adhir Halder
    Adhir Halder 20 hours ago

    OnePlus 7 pro better than Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

    PES LEGENDS 20 hours ago

    One plus or rog 2 ,which is good than other

  • PhoeniX 【DJM】
    PhoeniX 【DJM】 21 hour ago

    OP7Pro has no issues with gaming, am using it..... (8/256)

  • General interest
    General interest 21 hour ago

    Note 10+

  • Washim Washim
    Washim Washim 21 hour ago

    I think 1plus is the best

  • Pudah King
    Pudah King 21 hour ago

    Where’s the video footage/ pics from the surviving phones?

  • Virendra Rawal
    Virendra Rawal 21 hour ago

    K 20 pro best

  • Хуршида Ахмадалиева

    K 20 pro best of the best

  • Det Xe
    Det Xe 21 hour ago

    Hawai have more freedom

  • Azmi Khalqi Zein
    Azmi Khalqi Zein 22 hours ago

    "so lets get started by tapping the PHOOOONEE APP!!"

    • Jasper Lee
      Jasper Lee 9 hours ago

      That's the basic, it's reason why the phone word still exist in smartphone lol

  • SkyBoat TV
    SkyBoat TV 22 hours ago

    OnePlus Users?

  • JB etc
    JB etc 23 hours ago

    K20 pro

  • JB etc
    JB etc 23 hours ago

    K20 pro

  • Md Abdul Hakim
    Md Abdul Hakim 23 hours ago

    You don't know how to use iplone

  • Hemanth Kumar
    Hemanth Kumar 23 hours ago

    They are really best competetors

  • Elif Elmas
    Elif Elmas 23 hours ago

    Rip Iphone

  • efren philbert
    efren philbert 23 hours ago

    Everyone here hyping up the ROG 2 cause it beat the note in 2 games by what a second? yet opened up 90% of the other apps faster? even with a lower refresh rate etc etc? note 10 still a beast.

  • Haider Bilal
    Haider Bilal 23 hours ago

    Which one to buy rog or sam

  • Key Aspxct
    Key Aspxct Day ago

    Is this phone better than the poco f1?

  • I shoot Nikon
    I shoot Nikon Day ago

    And I'm sure your fingers are pushing the little icons at exactly the same time

  • elizabeth santibañez

    Oye tu creí que teni mucha plata cagai la plata tonto

  • Batuhan Özşahin

    Mi9 pro sd855 plus ;)

  • Vittal Chintamaneni

    How much RAM did the OnePlus 7 pro have?

  • namedem
    namedem Day ago

    Googoo xD

  • Mehul tyagi
    Mehul tyagi Day ago

    Only one plus lovers hit a like

  • Vishal Yadav
    Vishal Yadav Day ago

    Rog is excellent

  • Shihab Vg
    Shihab Vg Day ago

    every one copy in i phone thats y i phone is won . right !???

  • Shihab Vg
    Shihab Vg Day ago

    i phone lovers like plz 😎

  • Lee Henderson
    Lee Henderson Day ago

    Quick question.. Why did you open samsung and chrome thinking they were both the same?

  • A tal da bomba peniana

    Algum br

    NEZO AQ Day ago

    Huawei Best Always

  • Game Over Shd
    Game Over Shd Day ago

    Rog phone💪

  • Marcus Mobley
    Marcus Mobley Day ago

    Am i the only one who doesn't get the point of these types of test

  • LennoxYT brandao

    His voice rlly scared me when it went deep and croaky