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  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 28 days ago

    Nice channel! I love looking earth, explore and decompress...

  • iamhungey12345
    iamhungey12345 6 months ago

    Stay classy.

  • surferdudette19
    surferdudette19 7 months ago

    gib me keanu reeves

  • Allen Bauman
    Allen Bauman 7 months ago

    Please include more videos about screenwriters.

  • Moonbeam 87
    Moonbeam 87 8 months ago

    R.I.P. John G. Avildsen, I'm glad I Just saw ROCKY for the first time, on my Birthday. Followed by Guardians of the Galaxy II, QUE the FIREWORKS, he will be missed CHEST POUND.

  • Ghost Vampire Gal
    Ghost Vampire Gal 2 years ago

    I am a huge Star Wars fan but there should be an interview with Natalie Portman with Hayden Christensen talking with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher because Christensen and Portman plays Anakin and Padme and they are Luke and Leia's parents and that would be so cute!! <3

  • Roshii Seneviratne
    Roshii Seneviratne 2 years ago

    Please share the whole Q&A with Cate and Rooney. Thank you!

  • Sara Sastre
    Sara Sastre 2 years ago

    Please can you post the WHOLE Q&A with Cate and Rooney. THX

  • Sara Sastre
    Sara Sastre 2 years ago

    Where's Q&A Videos: Carol???

  • kathleen arvidson
    kathleen arvidson 3 years ago

    Please add captions to your videos? Without them, you exclude over 1 million viewers in the United States alone. Thank you.

    • Cinema Siren
      Cinema Siren 2 years ago

      +kathleen arvidson thanks for saying that. i've got a channel (movie reviews, interviews) and it's the push i needed to add them to mine! :)

  • Clifton Manneh
    Clifton Manneh 4 years ago

    Can u please check out my videos on starvation please , im doing all i can to raise awareness to help families trapped and struggling in 3rd world countries please, by you sharing this video to others you can make a differences please , God Bless