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  • Moshiur Rahman
    Moshiur Rahman 15 days ago

    Hi guys. like your videos very much. Can you guys make another video on India? This time focus more on partitionists and separists movement please, specially north east india, kashmir. thank you.

  • Kosta Pliev
    Kosta Pliev 23 days ago

    So what about South Ossetia? Why there is still no video 'bout it

  • Kostas Jurkevicius
    Kostas Jurkevicius 27 days ago

    Hey some great videos! You did a video about oldest countries in the world but what about oldest languages in the world?

  • Youtube Adventurer
    Youtube Adventurer 28 days ago

    our civilization is going to become space faring capable of FTL civilization soon. and now you are stuck with this superstition deceit and anti reason! change your ways embrace materialism and stoicism rather than emotion ignorance islam or religion.

  • connectkushal
    connectkushal Month ago

    Rename your channel to NowThisSh*t

  • DahlemDorf
    DahlemDorf Month ago

    please make a video on israeli WMDS and how they are the only ones in the world able to have them illegally

  • Kalyan Purohit
    Kalyan Purohit Month ago

    Can you Guys Please Make a Video on Why USA and Israel Left UNESCO?

  • Shane Gadbury
    Shane Gadbury Month ago

    Good lord, I watched 2 videos and you guys are top tier emotional propagandists! I mean, I wish you accurately represented anything I saw in those 2 videos, but the delivery and all heart strings and straw man approach was truly unsettling knowing how many views you have..... good work?

  • aji satya nugraha


  • Blademan X
    Blademan X Month ago

    Is allah a false god ?

  • Aleksandar Chervenkov

    Finally, thank you for coming back. Keep up the good work :)

  • PrincessPeach7780
    PrincessPeach7780 4 months ago

    So, has Seeker Daily become Seeker Daily again and gotten rid of that NowThis nonsense?

  • ALN Y
    ALN Y 4 months ago

    Yes! Seeker Daily is back! Thank you for returning!

  • f f
    f f 4 months ago


  • Junpei Kawada
    Junpei Kawada 4 months ago

    now that NowThis reverted this channel back to Seeker Daily, how about reverting it back to TestTube? please....

  • Niloy Sarkar
    Niloy Sarkar 4 months ago

    seeker daily is back

  • Overlord 854
    Overlord 854 4 months ago


  • Jesse Millette
    Jesse Millette 4 months ago

    We succeeded in our efforts! Seeker Daily Has Returned!! Yay!

  • p24ify
    p24ify 4 months ago


  • Wilhelm Wirén
    Wilhelm Wirén 4 months ago

    Seeker logo is now in place... Will we see a comeback?

    • Not That Guy
      Not That Guy 4 months ago

      They're posting their nonsense to their own channel, which is what should have happened originally. I'm pretty sure this channel is just dead now.

  • Flawless Binary
    Flawless Binary 4 months ago

    Why does this channel still have subscribers?

  • eELijaNilLs HD
    eELijaNilLs HD 4 months ago

    I just love how quickly this channel died after they surrendered to NowThis(why?). NowThat is how you kill a fairly good geo-political commentator show.

  • Ima Carrot
    Ima Carrot 4 months ago


  • Omar Yasin
    Omar Yasin 5 months ago

    This channel is so dead

    PJGSJ 5 months ago

    wow, what a shame, first they buy the channel, now this, they dont even upload anymore

  • gokiaranger 789
    gokiaranger 789 5 months ago

    channel is dead

  • Canadian Toss
    Canadian Toss 5 months ago

    so why did thay stop posting videos

    • Jarynn
      Jarynn 4 months ago

      Probably because NowThis's videos were absolute garbage. But... Looks like Seeker might be coming back.

  • Maybe_apple_sand Youtube

    NowThis Sucks

  • Wobbe gong
    Wobbe gong 5 months ago

    NowThis is a parasite, it has hijacked seeker, spread the fact that it exists to us and then killed seeker.

  • zero-east 23
    zero-east 23 5 months ago

    This Channels are too much biased and it's very shame not to accept the counter arguments.
    I know that you hide my comments.

    • zero-east 23
      zero-east 23 5 months ago

      Almost all of old users here tell that you've become just like a propagation/sedition channel...
      seemingly neutral but in fact very much being engaged in a plot of destruction.

  • Stella Maris
    Stella Maris 5 months ago

    Peace Be Upon You...

  • Alec Coles
    Alec Coles 5 months ago

    I'm new to this channel, can someone tell me why everyone hates so much?

    • Alec Coles
      Alec Coles 5 months ago

      I see, so that's why everyone wants SeekerDaily back. Thanks for the reply.

    • Eduardo de Montenegro
      Eduardo de Montenegro 5 months ago

      They bought an informative and neutral channel for the subscribers and started posting ultra-biased SJW kind of stuff. At least they've given up and abandoned the channel.

  • Triggered on dem vids
    Triggered on dem vids 5 months ago

    i am so sad that you guys nerfed seeker daily. those videos really taught me some solid stuff every day. NowThis sucks.

  • Kyriakos Kolokouris
    Kyriakos Kolokouris 5 months ago

    guys go back to uni

  • DahlemDorf
    DahlemDorf 5 months ago

    make a video on brueni and its sultan please! how is he so rich

  • C2thaT
    C2thaT 5 months ago

    Resistance morons.

  • Sami Alam
    Sami Alam 5 months ago

    Add a Video about Bengali People...TIA and all the best!

  • Ruzzel Roi Rimorin
    Ruzzel Roi Rimorin 5 months ago

    Why you private most of your videos?

  • Börkman
    Börkman 5 months ago

    I has theory
    NowThis forced seeker daily to join them and make biased and pro left videos

  • MrWackoTaco
    MrWackoTaco 5 months ago

    What is this channel? A joke? Unsubbed.

  • Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha

    Typical uneducated dumb Americunt

  • Jimeth
    Jimeth 5 months ago

    I held out and gave nowthis a try but it's ruined. Bring back TestTube News!

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan 5 months ago

    why this channel died???

    • Juicy Noodle Gaming
      Juicy Noodle Gaming 5 months ago

      it's sad really. Companies buying channels. Now This has completely taken control of the channel and started upload what they wanted but, what no one subscribed for. Then they basically killed it. If you want videos like the old Test Tube News head over to discovery news or d news something like that.

  • EvilTom
    EvilTom 5 months ago

    Really? The channel banner? Unsubscribed.


    There is only one way process to #Boycott these assholes..
    1) Adblock ON
    2) Dislike the Video

  • Andrew Chang
    Andrew Chang 5 months ago


  • George Best
    George Best 5 months ago

    So dumb , idiots delete this stupid channel , you exedcuted history

  • Jack Sin
    Jack Sin 5 months ago

    11 million people follow your facebook page. how difficult is it to hire 1 animator for your youtube page?

  • Jack Sin
    Jack Sin 5 months ago

    add more animations and infographics like other information channels. you totally disrupted this channel's flow. you can't have a documentary or interview in every video, the youtube audience can't handle that.

  • gabriel khoury
    gabriel khoury 5 months ago

    when will you guys start posting daily videos again?

  • Junpei Kawada
    Junpei Kawada 5 months ago

    so, you're giving up now? give this channel back and the other one to SourceFed Nerd and make your own channel!

  • Mohammad Hassan
    Mohammad Hassan 6 months ago

    why there is no new updates and videos???

  • Daedalus Occidentalis
    Daedalus Occidentalis 6 months ago


  • Mai Vu Tan
    Mai Vu Tan 6 months ago

    Why are there so many videos suddenly set to Private? Harmless videos like How's Life Like in Singapore

  • shyam sundar
    shyam sundar 6 months ago

    This used to be a good channel. It has now turned into a SJW propaganda machine.

  • Shri Thakur
    Shri Thakur 6 months ago

    so biased even ur banner is biased

  • Arasky
    Arasky 6 months ago

    RIP Seeker Daily

  • mig189189189
    mig189189189 6 months ago


  • Penand_Paper
    Penand_Paper 6 months ago

    I used to come to you because you would never taint news with opinions and do only facts. While a few new ones at least try, now, instead of supporting healthy discussion, the videos practically stick to only one side, or another, instead of teaching pros and cons. I miss how you used to be my reliable, neutral news source in a world where opinion is fact, but now, nobody is left. I guess I will have to find someone else to hear the news from. Goodbye.

  • 221gunslinger
    221gunslinger 6 months ago

    Does anybody know a good news channel that was just as good as *Seeker Daily* or *Test Tube news*?

    • Lachausis
      Lachausis 4 months ago

      Jarynn What is the name of the channel?

    • Jarynn
      Jarynn 6 months ago

      Seeker's main channel is pretty good. They tend to be a little less regular than Daily, but same general content.

  • Max Bydder
    Max Bydder 6 months ago

    you guys really fucked up by creating "now this" seeker daily used to create great content and i was a proud subscriber now its all turned to shit and please go back to seeker daily you guys WERE great and i loved it

  • Adam Woolf
    Adam Woolf 6 months ago

    all unsub, bring back seeker

  • robert williams
    robert williams 6 months ago

    What the hell happened to the good content that Seeker was giving out? I don't remember subscribing to a fear mongering hate channel. What the fuck happened?

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 6 months ago

    I want Seeker Daily back as well!

  • beast thegreat
    beast thegreat 6 months ago

    where are you guys? It has been one month since your last video came out

  • James Sawires
    James Sawires 6 months ago

    How corrupt is the CIA?

  • James Sawires
    James Sawires 6 months ago

    How corrupt is the CIA.

  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • austin jagodzinski
    austin jagodzinski 6 months ago


  • Merp A Derp
    Merp A Derp 6 months ago

    Unsub I didn't ask for this shit.

  • Travis English
    Travis English 6 months ago

    All unsub from these thief's.

  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin 6 months ago

    unsubscribed utter bullshit

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith 6 months ago

    Where are the videos? Seeker used to upload almost daily u guys take weeks to upload on video come on.

  • b R
    b R 6 months ago

    Bring back the original crew of Seeker daily. Yall have realized that is was a failure trying to expect a subscriber base to stick around when you've completely altered the channel to a biased, non informative news source like vox. Bring it back and maybe ill sub again

  • Mr Wonderful
    Mr Wonderful 6 months ago


  • Antonio Pallares
    Antonio Pallares 6 months ago

    Keep making content! Haters will die out

    • Abdullah Sheikh
      Abdullah Sheikh 6 months ago

      +Antonion Pallares why? It's people like us who care for good content which made them stop making this shit, go to their original failing channel if you want crap content like this.

    • Antonio Pallares
      Antonio Pallares 6 months ago

      then just stop checking on the comment section and forget about the channel haha. Fuck off pricks

    • Abdullah Sheikh
      Abdullah Sheikh 6 months ago

      but their content died out on this channel that they stole

    • Travis English
      Travis English 6 months ago

      No we wont.
      These subscriber thieves will get theirs.

  • sPART4N
    sPART4N 6 months ago

    Make up your fuck*ng mind about the channels

  • Gary Jackson
    Gary Jackson 6 months ago

    I have now unsubscribed as you have KILLED this channel, plus another one.... #NotMyNerd

  • Libardo Mojica
    Libardo Mojica 6 months ago

    I'm unsubscribing, you are so biased and are promoting so much hate, you used to be a pretty nice channel guess money talks and you have a agenda to push for your new overlords.

  • Víctor Parra
    Víctor Parra 6 months ago

    I once like seeker daily now this NowThis is not lives to the title of seeker daily

  • 0R1G1N3_109
    0R1G1N3_109 6 months ago

    NowThis is a piece of shit channel that lives off of corpses of dead and up and coming channels with good content all to take over and shit on their bias propaganda to the subscribers of those dead channels. fucking pricks.

  • Mr P Lotor
    Mr P Lotor 6 months ago

    Oh no... OH NO

  • Smljhndnsmr
    Smljhndnsmr 6 months ago

    NowThis bought out DNews and then renamed it Seeker. And then NowThis bought out Source Fed Nerd and then renamed it NowThis Nerd. NowThis is the leech of the YouTube world. The oil industry vs. the EPA. The cable television industry vs. the internet technology industry. NowThis vs. YouTube. NowThis claims to be a left-leaning news network, but its business practices are showing a number of parallels with right-leaning business models.

  • Heart0fink
    Heart0fink 6 months ago

    Hey guys. eat a bag of horse cocks.

  • Danny Pierce
    Danny Pierce 6 months ago

    Fuck off get out of Source Fed Nerd

  • My Wayward Journey
    My Wayward Journey 6 months ago

    How dare you do that to SourceFed Nerd channel you complete fuck ups

  • MKSFire10
    MKSFire10 6 months ago

    hello can you make a video on the bangladesh military

  • Allie-RX
    Allie-RX 6 months ago

    First Seeker Daily, now SourceFedNERD. All you do is leech off of other channels. Can't build your own fanbase?

  • Panda Boss
    Panda Boss 6 months ago

    Fuck you guys! Bring back Seeker Daily!

  • Panda Boss
    Panda Boss 6 months ago

    We want Seeker Daily back! You guys suck and should get your own damn channel, not ruin others!

  • Dorin Gheorghe
    Dorin Gheorghe 6 months ago

    seeker daily had exactly that - at least one video daily. biggest internet disappointment of the year!

  • A potato Gaming
    A potato Gaming 6 months ago

    i think they are never going to post again am unsubbing

  • David Baird
    David Baird 6 months ago

    this channel is far from what this used to be

  • David Baird
    David Baird 6 months ago

    now this is gay

  • GTA5Player1
    GTA5Player1 6 months ago

    What happened?

  • roblox gamer
    roblox gamer 6 months ago

    pls bring seeker daily #bring back seeker daily

  • DahlemDorf
    DahlemDorf 6 months ago


  • arya Zenali
    arya Zenali 6 months ago

    this is it. your just going to stop uploading. at least give this channel back to seeker daily. they did a really good job and many people still miss them. and really your going to get this channel and then you going to stop uploading and go back to uploading on your old one. Please just give us back seeker daily

  • Kevin Sang
    Kevin Sang 6 months ago

    Testube, Seeker, Now this!?

    • Steven Chan
      Steven Chan 6 months ago

      nice joke you get there,but it's just underrated
      1 like given

  • D Enright
    D Enright 7 months ago

    President Bush is supporting the troops, and "now this" feels that he's doing the wrong thing? This channel is really sad.

  • farhan shah
    farhan shah 7 months ago

    Bring back the daily seeker!!!

  • Gerhart Vondrivesabus
    Gerhart Vondrivesabus 7 months ago

    this is fucked :(

  • justinn wong
    justinn wong 7 months ago

    the channel just died from greediness

  • gagan kumar
    gagan kumar 7 months ago

    Wht happened to you guts?? "Now This" we have to see? Do u want us to unsubscribe?

    • Karuiko
      Karuiko 7 months ago

      They got bought out, and then the people who bought them out left.

  • intunedworld
    intunedworld 7 months ago

    Propaganda channel. They are being sued for defamation of character.

  • auwaks99
    auwaks99 7 months ago

    Where is the old seeker team?

  • Soon
    Soon 7 months ago

    NowThis is a shit channel. Very retarded and misinformed with politically incorrect facts and information. Terrible, just terrible.

  • Eduardo de Montenegro
    Eduardo de Montenegro 7 months ago

    Thank goodness you stopped uploading!! I'd rather see this channel die than see it become the ultra-biased crap you were turning it into.
    Still hoping youtube bans you for buying subscribers :)

  • Wobbe gong
    Wobbe gong 7 months ago

    I think this is a dead channel now

  • Nordiah
    Nordiah 7 months ago

    Bring back Seeker Daily

  • Jack Sin
    Jack Sin 7 months ago

    i'm ok with the direction of the channel going from world politics to US politics but you have to polish your videos with more animations, pictures, and music. you can't have an interview or documentary on every video.

  • Félix Labrosse élève

    Remember when this was Test Tube?

  • James Ellery
    James Ellery 7 months ago

    No new videos for week. NowThis running scared?

    • Wobbe gong
      Wobbe gong 7 months ago

      I think they were originally trying to rethink their strategy, but then they forgot

  • arya Zenali
    arya Zenali 7 months ago

    Is now this really going to take over seeker daily and then stop uploading. That's sad.

  • T Jansen
    T Jansen 7 months ago

    What liberal bullshit this channel has turned into. Seeker Daily and the channel before that was about the facts and was not biased. Someone sold out it seems. I am glad to unsubscribe.

  • Leo Waltz
    Leo Waltz 7 months ago

    Bring Back Seeker Daily Fuck NowThis

  • Luthfi Prawiro
    Luthfi Prawiro 7 months ago

    You're wasting money for buying SD. Not because it's not a good channel, but because you guys are suck. Most of us SD subs are unsubscribing now.

  • Mr. Dankness
    Mr. Dankness 7 months ago

    Nowthis, fuck this! Go away and consider reeducation! We want Seeker daily back and we want to be educated, not poisoned with your lies

  • Quincy Stiles
    Quincy Stiles 7 months ago

    terrible move, seeker daily was great and this looks like it'll suck, honest opinion

  • Ludvig Velander
    Ludvig Velander 7 months ago

    #FuckThis #Notmychannel

  • christopher snedeker
    christopher snedeker 7 months ago

    Do how powerful is primitive technology please

  • Sellus Gravius
    Sellus Gravius 7 months ago

    Bring back the original seeker daily, enough with this biased propaganda!

  • Sagar S
    Sagar S 7 months ago

    Get my seeker daily back please..Now This cannot be tolerated.

  • Wobbe gong
    Wobbe gong 7 months ago

    Well this rain of crap has ended, at least for now. Hopefully they will come back with something better like the old videos

  • Jezza :3
    Jezza :3 7 months ago

    Seems like they finally gave up haha, look at the channel banner, we *resisted* this channels biased bullshit.

  • Omar Yasin
    Omar Yasin 7 months ago


  • Kohadoge Shop
    Kohadoge Shop 7 months ago

    Seeker daily used to be a part of my life, now it's gone :'(

  • Ibrahim Ahmed
    Ibrahim Ahmed 7 months ago

    first testtube.. then seeker.. now nowthis? wut?

  • Finite Wehosh
    Finite Wehosh 7 months ago

    They stop uploading, their subscription goes up. They start uploading, it goes down. And yet they still maintain their crappy little channel with 30K subs and about 500 views per vid. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • FactHub
    FactHub 7 months ago

    Guys I think the channel *finally* gave up! They haven't uploaded in over a week!

  • Chance Bevan
    Chance Bevan 7 months ago

    Did the channel finally give up?

    • NG Films
      NG Films 6 months ago

      yes it did

    • Karuiko
      Karuiko 7 months ago

      Either that or they intended to use it a lot, but they just got offended and triggered with the dislike ratios.

    • Salil Bhatnagar
      Salil Bhatnagar 7 months ago

      Now this bought out seeker to no longer use it. Basically they wanted to kill seeker.

  • Bas Barnes
    Bas Barnes 7 months ago

    Gotta love the "Resist" sign in the channel banner. Way to be unbiased, what the fuck, first we lose one of our favorite channels to you asshats, now this (get it?)? Aren't you supposed to be a news network?

  • filonin2
    filonin2 7 months ago

    What's the problem corporate scum? I thought you were going to bring us stories every day. Too chicken shit to withstand the storm of thumb downs and hate comments? Yeah, die, die slow.

    • filonin2
      filonin2 4 months ago


    • filonin2
      filonin2 6 months ago

      Dead channel lol. You wasted your money lmfao.

  • black light
    black light 7 months ago

    please upload the recent international affairs after USA president election

  • Finite Wehosh
    Finite Wehosh 7 months ago

    Lol can't maintain an upload schedule.

  • Tharindu Fernando
    Tharindu Fernando 7 months ago

    I want Seeker Daily back

  • Black Reaper
    Black Reaper 7 months ago

    this channel pretty much just went to shit, bye

  • Junaid Nizami
    Junaid Nizami 7 months ago

    JUST stop

  • Bebb98
    Bebb98 7 months ago

    can discovery buy back all of the channels so i can get Dnews and all the sourcefed channels back please.

  • obamer
    obamer 7 months ago

    You can't serve biased content to an unbiased audience.

  • BoilingHotCoffee
    BoilingHotCoffee 7 months ago

    Now this is shit.

  • FerociousKilla
    FerociousKilla 7 months ago

    rip testube

  • Raja Woods
    Raja Woods 7 months ago

    some awfully low view counts....
    Biased news, Now This is liberal fox news. I voted for Clinton and I still think its not right to call yourself a news source while being biased

    • Jarynn
      Jarynn 7 months ago

      Nah, this is far worse. Fox News makes a minimum effort to be balanced and approach issues from multiple sides. NowThis is absurdly blatant about it.

  • Jeff Chan
    Jeff Chan 7 months ago

    Biased, and little information. Leaning to the left. Almost the fox news of the left.

  • EvilCronos13
    EvilCronos13 7 months ago

    I gave it 2 weeks and everything is not interesting like Seeker Daily
    was, it's not well researched and scientific like Test Tube was. Most
    stories are boring, pointless or so obviously biased toward personal
    agendas and don't evaluate things fairly that I'm done. I thank all of
    the hosts over the years for making this channel interesting and fun,
    but Now This is crap and I'm out. Unsubscribed.

  • Zero
    Zero 7 months ago

    Seeker sold out and the dicks who moved in are more biased than satan himself.. Unsubscribed.

    • comik300
      comik300 7 months ago

      They didn't sell out. They were sold by their parent company.

  • yottes11661
    yottes11661 7 months ago

    Stop changing names please. I like your content, but the name changes are annoying.

    • Chrishansentakeaseat Daniel
      Chrishansentakeaseat Daniel 7 months ago

      Seeker Daily was sold out to NowThis , this was not a name change , extreme biased lefties took over Seeker Daily

  • Zachery Bishop
    Zachery Bishop 7 months ago

    Seeker Daily used to be biased towards science and data, Now This is just biased based on values. I want to here the costs and benefits of trade deals, how powerful Togo is, and what new things are happening in the world that can be explained by those who seek science.

  • seth_popcorn chicken
    seth_popcorn chicken 7 months ago

    Please seeker was already slightly biased now this? Suck my sausage

  • Elevators +More
    Elevators +More 7 months ago

    Bring Back Seeker Daily!

  • TheDangerkid99
    TheDangerkid99 7 months ago

    I'm sorry but now this has no relevant content that relates to what seeker daily had

  • teak hydra
    teak hydra 7 months ago

    Like how there other channel is dead so they buy this one

  • megat samson
    megat samson 7 months ago

    since this channel change hand the no. of view have drop

  • justinn wong
    justinn wong 7 months ago

    shitty channel now

  • Eric Mooney
    Eric Mooney 7 months ago

    To all those who like this channel's content post-rebranding to NowThis:
    I want to explain why so many people hate its new direction. I obviously can't speak on everyone's behalf, but I can at least explain why I unsubscribed from this channel. But first, let me clarify something:
    I have NO problem with you enjoying these new videos! You could like them for many different reasons; maybe you agree with the hosts' opinions (even if I usually don't) and find them insightful. Or maybe you're like me, and enjoy dissecting why you disagree with the hosts.
    If I could spend minutes picking apart what I saw wrong with their videos, without getting bored and stopping, then they're clearly worth something.
    But the fact is that this channel isn't what it used to be.
    In the past, they covered events of global significance, including a widely-unknown nuclear disaster from decades ago, and Bhutan's failed experiment at putting happiness before economic well-being. These unique subjects kept me watching. And despite having some issues over biased coverage, I could easily separate the opinions presented from the facts.
    But these days, the channel is almost exclusively about those opinions, along with personal stories. They make videos about irrelevant dance groups, people investigating UFOs, and what basically amounts to fearmongering over the US possibly getting into nuclear war.
    If you REALLY wanted to bring up a pressing issue regarding the chance of a nuclear war starting, then make a video about this:
    DON'T focus on the "Temperament" of the current President, or the "aggressive" (and that word seems hyperbolic, considering that he's taken no major military actions against them) stance he has towards China (WITHOUT EVEN CITING WHAT MAKES THAT STANCE AGGRESSIVE!).
    Focus on the government officials who are LITERALLY calling for war with another nuclear power!
    *sighs in defeated frustration*
    In the past, this channel was at least a source of interesting news AND commentary, even if it's commentary that was mostly uninformed. But lately, the news that kept me subscribed has disappeared, leaving only that commentary behind.
    Once again, if you like their new videos, then more power to you for that. But I hope I've shown you why so many have begun unsubbing from this channel, and its like/dislike ratios are now abysmal.
    I'd highly encourage newcomers to check out their older content (pre-NowThis); to this day, I'd argue it's still mostly interesting, even if not wholly agreeable.

  • Eric Mooney
    Eric Mooney 7 months ago

    I had always seen issues with biased coverage on this channel, but stuck around and subscribed anyway to see its videos on events I never heard of. Its focus on subjects of international importance - from Bhutan's failed attempts to improve happiness to the destruction of rainforests worldwide - kept me interested, and I was able to separate the presented facts from the owners' opinions.
    But since being rebranded to NowThis, the channel has been nothing but irrelevant and hard-lined in its biases. Focusing solely on cringeworthy op-eds that preach more than they present facts, I've lost all hope in your channel.
    The worst part of this channel's past - the often-irrational opinions of many of its hosts, that interfered with news coverage - has become its sole attraction.
    And I don't regret unsubscribing. Good riddance.

  • 221gunslinger
    221gunslinger 7 months ago

    You guys bought an amazing channel called SeekerDaily, and now you completely ruin this channel with your own stories.
    All just so you can have over one million SeekerDaily's viewers to listen your own stories?
    We should be watching SeekerDaily stories on this channel, not any of this "NowThis" stories that we never subscribed for.
    You guys have your own channel that you could be posting all your stuff on, don't completely take over a wonderful channel like SeekerDaily.
    We Subscribed to SeekerDaily, or in my case, I subscribed to TestTube News.
    You have to give this channel back to SeekerDaily, I never subscribed to this channel just to listen to your stories.
    I subscribed to this channel for SeekerDaily, not NowThis.
    You guys are horrible, and if you took over this channel just to steal SeekerDaily viewers, then you guys are the worst Journalists ever.

  • RidicTheAnimator
    RidicTheAnimator 7 months ago

    I woke up one morning last week to find out that I'm subbed to "now this" and I had heard about this channel in a drama alert video before. So I immediately unsubbed thinking it was a mistake that I was subbed to now this. Well it turns these guys are actually seeker daily. Boy is that a shame... But I'm still unsubbing.

  • Kawaii Kitty
    Kawaii Kitty 8 months ago

    This channel became the SJW side of liberalism, an extreme side, like Buzzfeed(Which is why I hardly ever look at their content, mostly because it's garbage like Fox News). You took over an unbiased channel that didn't care about some stupid "perfect body" bullshit or about conspiracy theories. We liked this channel because it focused on world problems and focused not just on a single person, but a collective of people. Sorry, but I have to unsubscribe, I won't dislike your videos, I just won't watch them.

  • Sebastian Polanco
    Sebastian Polanco 8 months ago

    shame on you guys this content is shit, THIS IS WHY I DONT SEE BUZZFEED because content like this....

  • Wobbe gong
    Wobbe gong 8 months ago

    If you want our suggestions for ideas, do videos on african politics

  • I'm Not Very Creative
    I'm Not Very Creative 8 months ago

    I love it how people are angry about TestTube becoming Daily Seeker, but god it got worse!

  • Ruxe
    Ruxe 8 months ago

    R.I.P Seeker. Hi you Nowthis whores

    EZAF-TSHOTS 8 months ago

    everyone unsubscribed

  • magma2680
    magma2680 8 months ago

    RIP NowThis has ended any semblence of interest one could have in this channel.

  • gogos1073
    gogos1073 8 months ago

    gone too shit

  • Wobbe gong
    Wobbe gong 8 months ago

    As time goes by I am losing hope that you will revert back to the old ways, I thought you would listen to our comments. Clearly not, I will unsure soon

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 8 months ago

    Dear NowThis,
    You are now running a YouTube channel, not a Facebook page. Please put out actual content - not just videos you eyeball as you scroll down a Facebook page. This channel used to cover domestic and international issues, now you only seem to be interested in conspiracy theories and dance groups. Please, for the love of God, learn how to make real content, not just Buzzfeed-esque clickbait.

  • Jek
    Jek 8 months ago

    Fuck you guys, shutting down SourceFed and Rebranding this shit (I know it's Group Nine Media but still) that's just fucking stupid to be quite honest

  • Villa
    Villa 8 months ago


  • 2Dimensional Satisfaction

    What happened to this channel? Its liberal garbage shit now. Unsubbed.

  • Finite Wehosh
    Finite Wehosh 8 months ago

    Going to update this until the number stops dropping.
    3/25: 1,456,667
    326: 1,456,529
    3/27: 1,456,937 Interesting spike. Current uploads still see a negative decline though, spike is likely from older content.
    3/28: 1,455,520
    3/30: 1,454,552
    3/31: 1,455,121
    4/1: 1,454,543
    4/2: 1,453,897

    • sandeep
      sandeep 7 months ago


    • Finite Wehosh
      Finite Wehosh 8 months ago

      Probably going to be around 200-400 a day for a while. I remember before starting this they lost an upward of 4000 subscribers in the span of just a few days. Plus the videos they have created so far have recieved a fraction of the views of videos originally created by Seeker.

    • James Johansson Videos
      James Johansson Videos 8 months ago

      One hour after: 1,456,653

  • shaymin4738
    shaymin4738 8 months ago

    I dislike that Now This has taken over Seeker Daily, but not because of bias, I am a strong Liberal. I watch fox news, and CNN because I want an opinions from both ends of the political spectrum. I am pro gay rights, pro choice, feminist, socialist, anti-fracking, pro nuclear, energy, and despite all the bullshit Fox News says, I still watch it, because I want to know what ignorant Trump supporters, are hearing, and maybe it can help me understand why almost half the united states thought it would be okay for a racist, ignorant, reality star, to run the country. I watch things like Vox, Now This, Seeker, CNN, MSNBC, because they share news in the way I want, but I also watch Fox, because I am open minded, and If one day the Republican party is right on an issue, I will support it. So yeah, Now This/Seeker is biased. If you don't want to hear their opinion, don't subscribe.

    • Eduardo de Montenegro
      Eduardo de Montenegro 8 months ago

      The problem is not that they have a bias. They had it in their own channel and got 34k subscribers out of it. The problem is that they BOUGHT a quasi-neutral channel for the subscribers and are pushing their agenda on people who NEVER subscribed to their channel.

  • NamelessSalt
    NamelessSalt 8 months ago


    • Badass Flare
      Badass Flare 7 months ago

      they didn't change their name this time. they were bought by those shtity buzzfeed wannabes #sellouts

  • Eduardo de Montenegro
    Eduardo de Montenegro 8 months ago

    So YT must be ok with this subscriber buying thing, because it automatically resubscribed me to this shit. Unsubscribed (again)

  • wong kah wai
    wong kah wai 8 months ago

    This channel was once one of my favorite channels out there as it is informative and addressed issues from both sides but i am disappointed with the recent directions that they are going. (eg: NowThis) unsubbed

  • Parsa
    Parsa 8 months ago

    I'm wondering how much money Democrats pay you to make crappy videos.

  • berserkchip
    berserkchip 8 months ago


  • irishpennsylvanian
    irishpennsylvanian 8 months ago

    #notmychannel #ididnotsubtonowthis #bringbackseekerdaily

  • Gustav Ödman
    Gustav Ödman 8 months ago

    Please bring back Seeker Daily, it was a fun and intressting channel with lots of facts. Now This is fucking shit.

  • joey perkins
    joey perkins 8 months ago

    this new now this should of been cancelled not sourcefed

  • Seth Carroll / SupremeTelevision

    #Notmychannel Bring back Seeker Daily!!!! Nowthis = FAR LEFT COMMUNIST!

  • Ultraviech5000
    Ultraviech5000 8 months ago


  • Alex Alexandru
    Alex Alexandru 8 months ago

    Why and when was I sub-ed to you?

    • HunterMaplez
      HunterMaplez 8 months ago

      When Seekers Daily Got brought by NowThis

  • Andrew Chang
    Andrew Chang 8 months ago

    über liberal buzzfeed

  • Gatsby The Great
    Gatsby The Great 8 months ago

    Pleease come back, we need you more than ever now!!

  • itskamari
    itskamari 8 months ago

    Now This is the worst

  • John Clark
    John Clark 8 months ago

    Now This sucks bring back Seeker Daily

  • Darshan H.D.
    Darshan H.D. 8 months ago

    Bring back the old seeker daily

  • TheDivine MrM
    TheDivine MrM 8 months ago

    From your intro and to clarify the bullshit and double-speak: *"Hi Seeker Daily fans [subscribers], NowThis is excited to take over this channel [we bought you people for millions]. We’ll keep bringing you the important news [inane guff about UFOs] and [bullshit] context stories you [used to] love from around the world [the cancer of the internet]. Things will look a little different [we're dumbing down], but our goal is to tell stories that matter [make money]. Every day. Want to learn more about a topic in the news [if its cheap and easy]? Let us know! [We don't really care!]*"

  • Bakyt Sarsimbayev
    Bakyt Sarsimbayev 8 months ago


  • Daniel Ostergren
    Daniel Ostergren 8 months ago

    This channel for years was my favorite on youtube. Every day I couldn't wait to watch a new informative video. Since the change to "now this" the videos are crap that's the only way to describe it.

  • Star Dreamer
    Star Dreamer 8 months ago

    Good job at buying subs. Clever move on your part really.

  • Brian Brewer
    Brian Brewer 8 months ago