Breaking Talents Showcase
Breaking Talents Showcase
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  • SaltyBuns
    SaltyBuns 19 minutes ago

    How did V unbeatable get 4th???

  • KuiK.
    KuiK. 19 minutes ago

    You make Africa proud 🇰🇪

  • Teresa Badolato
    Teresa Badolato 28 minutes ago

    Who's sad he didnt win?

  • Jovany Paolo
    Jovany Paolo 33 minutes ago

    Increíble voz...De una super estrella...éxitos para ti en todo lo que realices..saludos desde Monterrey México

  • Pia-Lotta Bergqvist
    Pia-Lotta Bergqvist 49 minutes ago

    Chris, you are a star!!! America´s Got talent can´t stop that!!!!!!

  • Bethany Wolverton

    He should have done tequila again. Would have been unexpected.

  • nation Nation
    nation Nation Hour ago

    why my tears just fall from my eyes while watching this there are magic give possitive to me.. here philippines

  • Daniela C
    Daniela C Hour ago


  • Timothy Johnston
    Timothy Johnston 2 hours ago

    I cant call anyone Father, but thank you for singing that song my dear brother!

  • Bajedee Lives
    Bajedee Lives 2 hours ago

    2:10 for me 😍

  • Christian Lamar
    Christian Lamar 2 hours ago

    Jason sounds like he on the WWE when he be talking. Dramatic ass monologues lol

  • Indigo Nai
    Indigo Nai 2 hours ago

    Vincent is too big for this stage. Well at least this show actually has all top rate talent unlike so many other talent shows. Everyone there is deserving and stars in their own right. I hope they are all successful

  • Indigo Nai
    Indigo Nai 2 hours ago

    Candice is so beautiful but I’m sorry Meghan said didn’t need James Because we don’t need another John legend -well we also don’t need a second version of Beyoncé singing Whitney songs. Of course she sounds like Beyoncé with less soul, yes she’s the perfect artist to work with Khalid -he does hip hop. He’s being selfish because he’s only thinking about who he personally wants to make money off of instead of who actually is the bigger and better artist. There is no one on this planet like Vincent.

  • Indigo Nai
    Indigo Nai 3 hours ago

    I never agree with Meghan’s choices or her critique, except on this epiSode. Vincent, Saeed were unique stand outs that they slept on -

  • Denny Smith
    Denny Smith 3 hours ago

    AFRICA could easily feed the whole planet... If it weren't for all the money-grubbing... war-mongering... fatcat corrupt politicians & self-enriching greedy property developers... All African nations : isiXhosa.... Zulu...Shona... Mozambican... Malawian... Swahili... Tswana...Sepedi... Ndbele....Venda... Ovambo...are nicest peeps - poverty desparation brings about desparate actions... As a people they'll share their last bit of food with you... (Africa Trek)

  • Indigo Nai
    Indigo Nai 3 hours ago

    Meghan is so annoyingly distracting I hate when she starts doing weird yass screams or when the camera cuts away from the performance to show her dramatics. I wanna see the contestant perform not her perform

  • viola is not ok
    viola is not ok 3 hours ago

    im ready to sing :3

  • Sang Tô
    Sang Tô 3 hours ago

    This is singing or screaming

  • Caroline Meyer
    Caroline Meyer 3 hours ago

    Amazing !!!! I get tears everytime and im proud to say im a South African !!!!

  • Cali Curvez
    Cali Curvez 4 hours ago

    Pure talent. God blessed you young lady

  • Being Boss
    Being Boss 4 hours ago

    1.07 pause tha video nd see aoudiance reaction ..Their mouth was like .........

  • lexitube
    lexitube 4 hours ago

    Does the winner win any money? Personally I don’t think previous winners should be allowed on this show. Look at how the top 2 were previous winners. So the other people basically don’t have a chance. And I feel like this show is a second chance for the ones who came so close. Not another win for previous winners, anyone agree??

  • Jaras Baiterek
    Jaras Baiterek 4 hours ago

    Diamsh has a real kazakh soul and heart. He respects elder people and supports children. He is the gem of Kazakhstan. We are proud of him.

  • Andrea Kiss
    Andrea Kiss 4 hours ago

    I'm in tears. Thank you Father!

  • mary furnier
    mary furnier 5 hours ago

    these children are sooo beautiful..the young man whos the spokesperson is soo handsome ..he should be in movies

  • Murali Mg
    Murali Mg 5 hours ago

    Watching again... She isn't going to be superstar! Because she is already a star... Such a pure raw talent... I just feel that Agt rigged her to loose! Maybe I'm wrong... Still she is so so much more good! She is a lioness and queen forever 😍

  • Al. hero
    Al. hero 6 hours ago


    UNIQUE PRODUCTS 6 hours ago

    Love u guys ....frm MALAYSIA

  • Lee Love
    Lee Love 6 hours ago

    So moving. Simple, honest, beautiful.

  • Rupak Bhujel
    Rupak Bhujel 6 hours ago

    You Guys are Mindblowing LovE u All... Im from Darjeeling,

  • Joana D'arc ferreira

    Que mulher incrível,ela brinca com voz que encanta maravilhosa

  • Mathew DSouza
    Mathew DSouza 7 hours ago

    Hes' got THE VOICE.... Awesome. I love you Chris.

    BLACK CUBE 7 hours ago

    1:51 yeah hun .. it IS real and YOU are a MEGASTAR. Own it!

  • Helen Legada
    Helen Legada 7 hours ago


  • tiaona gibbs
    tiaona gibbs 7 hours ago

    She was robbed on this show been following her since the voice

  • Zaide Velasco Sanchez

    Viva Shavia oooo

  • Ynneb Benny
    Ynneb Benny 7 hours ago

    That is what happen if you are challenging everyone and boasting about your capabilities...zhavia should have stay low profile...

  • Alobo Sumi
    Alobo Sumi 8 hours ago

    She's awesome..😍😘I rly loves the way she laugh..😁

  • Victorious Vicky
    Victorious Vicky 8 hours ago

    Can I see a like if u are a proud african

  • blox mobs
    blox mobs 8 hours ago

    Why is her voice like that when she sings but so different when she talks?

  • blox mobs
    blox mobs 8 hours ago

    He is 18 but looks like 15...

  • Reynald Limbaga
    Reynald Limbaga 9 hours ago

    I love you leah

  • Chae-Aubri Benjamin
    Chae-Aubri Benjamin 9 hours ago

    I feel like Kendyle did beat Zhavia.... but, her next performance was horrible. She was screaming the whole dam time!

  • Hendrik Idris
    Hendrik Idris 9 hours ago

    buat sy biasa aja tetap bagus tpi nga ada yg special.

    SLY SPY 9 hours ago

    She should be a household name soon

  • felix kachidza
    felix kachidza 9 hours ago

    Whats the song playing after they were done?

  • Magz Manz
    Magz Manz 10 hours ago

    Our boy! 💪

  • Its Khiya
    Its Khiya 11 hours ago

    Candice did good, but I heard Evvie..she sung her heart out not just to the audience, and the judges..but to her father.!💙✊🏽

  • Eli Ahmedi
    Eli Ahmedi 11 hours ago

    Баттар бул ам

  • Raj Chaudhary
    Raj Chaudhary 11 hours ago

    Great job 👍👍👍

  • Zamagugu Ngwane
    Zamagugu Ngwane 11 hours ago

    Khuluma nabo wena 😂😂😂😂

  • ErYoan Er
    ErYoan Er 12 hours ago

    O ow,, nope

  • Carol Mckenna
    Carol Mckenna 12 hours ago

    Love him...I would love to see him in concert❤️

  • Punk 5hits
    Punk 5hits 12 hours ago

    I know it been long but, kendle is boring how she is won that??? just my though... I just got this vids from watching other video(Golden Buzzer stuff), and I like zhavia voice so catchy, just saying my opinion... well what past is past...

  • Kim Gambal
    Kim Gambal 12 hours ago

    8:57 He looks like my mother trying to take a selfie

  • Thilde Fredriksen
    Thilde Fredriksen 13 hours ago

    Hahaha clearly no DNA test needed here!

  • Renee Watson
    Renee Watson 13 hours ago

    I was really hoping you guys would have been the winner... all the best!🇯🇲

  • Dominique Buzon
    Dominique Buzon 13 hours ago

    Girl, no wonder that you can be the next Whitney!

  • Mai Yang
    Mai Yang 13 hours ago

    Megan will kill this show permanently!

  • Mike J
    Mike J 14 hours ago

    So proud of you all! From a fellow South African in America :)

  • Gina Maries
    Gina Maries 14 hours ago

    I love his voice!

  • Nidhi Nagpal
    Nidhi Nagpal 14 hours ago

    Love from Pakistan surpasses everything...from india

  • Lucia Ralepobe
    Lucia Ralepobe 14 hours ago

    Afrika Borwa bathong!!!!!!!

  • abhishek rathore
    abhishek rathore 15 hours ago

    People have somehow managed to dislike this also👍 What a commitment towards negativity! Hats off to you all!!

  • Hominini
    Hominini 15 hours ago

    Simon has a problem with overweight contestants. So dumb. Think Pavarotti Simon.

  • nocturnalblue
    nocturnalblue 15 hours ago

    I don't get it why everyone's so hateful towards kendyle, it's not like she paid the audience to vote in her favor. She was the better of the two that night, period.

  • Coco Juliette
    Coco Juliette 16 hours ago

    Father Ray Kelly is so damn nice I first listened to him when he sung at the Wedding♥️ SOOOOOOOOOO DAMN NICE😍

  • Mif Ta
    Mif Ta 16 hours ago

    Whats the song?

  • HandfisH100
    HandfisH100 16 hours ago

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde , in a nice way, I love her

  • LH
    LH 16 hours ago

    She didn’t have a good song choice for her rasp.

  • Mariela MCM
    Mariela MCM 16 hours ago

    wow... hermoso , un maravilloso talento es el poder transmitir con sólo una hermosa voz .Realmente te felicito.

  • Chalyn Fernandez
    Chalyn Fernandez 16 hours ago

    he sang hallelujah on someone's wedding!!! while in the middle of the masS!!! he is lovely!!

  • Arthur Szelag
    Arthur Szelag 16 hours ago

    Magical !

  • jozsef orgovan
    jozsef orgovan 17 hours ago

    She is VERY TALENTED, the voice will come later.I meant she has great voice, but when she get older will have a wonderful clear well worked out voice. Go Courtney, the world will love you to bring back real music to the world.

  • Ana Silvia
    Ana Silvia 17 hours ago


  • Vaughn Brönn
    Vaughn Brönn 17 hours ago

    I am african. And this was so good. There will be a day where the whole world will look at afrika again. This legit gave me goosebumps

  • Radjaybk 23
    Radjaybk 23 17 hours ago

    james de gea.

  • Donna Couch
    Donna Couch 17 hours ago

    this is going to be his big hit ,you know that I know everything ! lol big #1 hit

  • Bobcat17
    Bobcat17 17 hours ago

    I would die for each and every one of them my god

  • Charizma Hernandez
    Charizma Hernandez 18 hours ago


  • Kim Mura
    Kim Mura 18 hours ago

    I luv Rebecca ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Eileen Rubio
    Eileen Rubio 18 hours ago

    Her heart reminds me of Selena <3 She's an Amazing Beautiful person!!!

  • Jonathan Gutierrez
    Jonathan Gutierrez 18 hours ago

    This is a moment in HISTORY, mark my words

  • Arthur  Norris
    Arthur Norris 18 hours ago

    I’m surprised that he didn’t get into the finales.

  • kim vaughan
    kim vaughan 19 hours ago

    "thumbs down"; you can't be serious.

    • Gamerkid
      Gamerkid 6 hours ago

      Ya i thumbs douwn you

  • reesiie loyalty
    reesiie loyalty 20 hours ago

    Always watch this video omg he’s great and killed it deadass serious best heard ever

  • johnell comer
    johnell comer 20 hours ago

    Do anybody know the song at 1:47😑😑

  • Demi M.
    Demi M. 20 hours ago

    Ughhhhh 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • James Williams
    James Williams 21 hour ago

    Fantastic singing, fantastic voice, fantastic moves. Love every bit of it.

  • Iloy Luna Bella Terri spiky

    Meghan was the only one who knew Zhavia was the best

  • Jamie Jones
    Jamie Jones 21 hour ago

    OMG I always thought this was a girl the jokes on me

  • acay
    acay 21 hour ago

    A very mature voice. Wow! And Wow!! Did I say Wow!!!? Well, yes. This season is just phenomenal.

  • Shamiek Jackson
    Shamiek Jackson 21 hour ago

    My boy Damiyr. Been watchin his you tube videos since 2015. Seen him perform once in the subway. Glad u decided 2 go on AGT bro. I know u can make it ALL the way. Pullin 4 u.

  • Orange Slices Slime
    Orange Slices Slime 21 hour ago

    1:25 Tim! 3:45 Zhavia!

  • Ken Baxter
    Ken Baxter 21 hour ago

    Her clothes almost like the latest pubgm skin

  • Howard Turner
    Howard Turner 21 hour ago

    This boy touched my heart like no one his age before ⭐️

  • acay
    acay 22 hours ago

    Should have gotten the golden buzzer. That aside. They are quite easily the winners of this competition. However, we know how these things go. But whichever way it goes, they ARE THE WINNERS of this competition.

  • prplecandyfloss
    prplecandyfloss 22 hours ago

    There is no need to make South Africa proud. No need at all...... We're already proud. You give us hope, and a smile so big it's what some people would consider creepy. Thank you so much

  • Dani Renee
    Dani Renee 22 hours ago

    Lol...that first girl needed this wakeup call

  • Archil Pandey
    Archil Pandey 22 hours ago

    Simon cowell is a bastard who had an affair with his friend's wife Lauren silverman