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  • Meghana Joshi
    Meghana Joshi Hour ago

    This is a video anyone who wants to bake a cake should watch before baking. Excellent info. Sometimes, people in online recipe blogs and recipe videos don't know the difference between these cakes, and will show a video where they claim to bake a sponge cake(esp if it is eggless) but are actually cooking a butter cake.

  • xoDayPlays
    xoDayPlays 4 hours ago

    Thank you so so soo much for this recipe... first time baking a chocolate cake and it was incredible! ❤ New sub xx

  • Cielo Florendo-Imao
    Cielo Florendo-Imao 5 hours ago

    Making these right now! This is my mom’s account, i am currently letting it rise! So excited! Thanks so much for the recipe!

  • fudge brownie
    fudge brownie 7 hours ago

    This was very soothing to watch. The music fits perfectly. But I think I prefer to watch your videos with your voice overs. They are fun to watch.

  • Nigi Yamadeko
    Nigi Yamadeko 8 hours ago

    When you live in france but never saw this crêpe pancake. The majority of us only eat normal pancakes, like- Crêpes pancakes must be good, but it's just...Crêpes. There's people too saying that in our cereals we pour hot chocolate but WHAT ?!! No ! Nobody does that !

  • Mommy Learner
    Mommy Learner 10 hours ago

    Not really a fan of these types of cooking videos, but everyone has their own preferred method of learning. So you'll be targeting another learning style with this type of format...

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 9 hours ago

      This was just a test. I'm still doing my Thursday videos ❤

  • Odalis Herrera
    Odalis Herrera 11 hours ago

    How many cookies does this recipe make?

  • Amy Jelenko
    Amy Jelenko 13 hours ago

    learned 2 great things - how to omit the thermometer and to make the frosting in advance. both fantastic thank you cant wait to make it!

  • Carla Stockdale
    Carla Stockdale 13 hours ago

    these are amazing my recipe from now on for bread rolls

  • Rosa Victoriano
    Rosa Victoriano 14 hours ago


  • Estie Cronk
    Estie Cronk 16 hours ago

    What are the measurements?!?! Like how many cups of flower?!?!

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 16 hours ago

      I write all my recipes in the description box under the videos

  • Peter Sarubbi
    Peter Sarubbi 20 hours ago

    Both video formats are excellent... Although we love seeing you and hearing your voice too... And again... this recipe is fabulous... So delicious😀😀😀👏👏👏💜

  • Peter Sarubbi
    Peter Sarubbi 20 hours ago

    The perfect combination... So decadently chocolatey... Absolutely fantastic Emma😋😋😋👏👏👏💙

  • djurdja
    djurdja 21 hour ago

    you should try having honey and lemon juice instead of sugar with your british pancakes. goes for crepes, too :)

  • titirou y
    titirou y 21 hour ago

    This recipe doesn’t even indicate the quantity of each ingredient.. u just eyeballing it?! Lol

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 21 hour ago

      I write my recipes in the description box under the videos:)

  • Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    Mmmm yum delicioso

  • Sirine Ashkar
    Sirine Ashkar 22 hours ago

    I'm British but I like American pancakes much more


    Do these taste like the farmhouse triple chocolate chip cookies, please answer

  • sayyed saima
    sayyed saima Day ago

    Hey Emma I just love your recipes and I have a request for you could you please make a video on how to make a Butterscotch Cake if possible it will be really helpful.

  • noraini che embong

    Already try this recipe and it is so delicious. Thank you Emma. I want to make it again 😋. I am a fan from Malaysia 🇲🇾

  • Silkes Welt
    Silkes Welt Day ago

    it look so great. a perfekt chocolate-cake <3

  • Maria Buqueron

    Thank you for the best Banana muffin recipe. I truly love it.. i Baked it over and over again ❤️

  • Ranjeeta Mathew

    Hi Emma ...love ur receipes and ur presentation...quick question..hope u will respond...does the cake have to b referigerated b4 pouring the drip?and the drip has to be warm or at room temperature?

  • Peter Joseph Williams

    Here are some other tres leches ideas that you can do: orange cherry marshmallow cinnamon

  • Khushran Khan
    Khushran Khan Day ago

    Mam i want to try this.. please tell me can we bake this without oven??

    • Khushran Khan
      Khushran Khan 20 hours ago

      @Emma's Goodies thank you mam for the reply..i will tag you in Instagram once i made it

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies Day ago

      Hi my dear! Yes u can😘

  • soe yu htet
    soe yu htet Day ago

    No baking powder needed dear?

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies Day ago

      Yes with the flour😘

    • Remarkable
      Remarkable Day ago

      The video captions show clearly when to add baking powder, and how much to add.

  • Jasmine the Conqueror

    Thank you for the relaxing video. Love the soothing music and captions plus there was chocolate so how can it be bad

  • tanisha shangari

    Hi Emma, The white sugar you have used in powder form ?

  • Surayyaah M
    Surayyaah M Day ago

    This looks delicious

  • Lenor Bradley
    Lenor Bradley Day ago

    So could you use strawberry instead or will real chocolate work?

  • Ashley Wall
    Ashley Wall Day ago

    Cosmic brownies!

  • Rosie Cooks
    Rosie Cooks Day ago

    I love chocolate anyting

  • Mehdi Scent
    Mehdi Scent Day ago

    Such a delicious channel ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • mrs R
    mrs R Day ago

    I like when you speak more than this honestly .. your voice is so soothing , sexy and your explanations have been improving my cooking skills so much !

  • Maria
    Maria Day ago

    "Trim the edges" *cuts off 90% of cake* 😂😂 I love you. Subbed.

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies Day ago

      Lmaoooo! I must admit I was impatient to try it😂 ❤

  • Summer Cempoalxóchitl

    What about mexican hot chocolate?

  • Liiifis Precious

    Excellent ! Perfect! Soooperbb! O my Godd ! Amazing!

  • Roland Giacontiere

    Looks incredible ! I wish I would have found your channel before today ! Ready to make several of your recipes !

  • Roland Giacontiere

    Looks delicious! I can’t wait to try this!

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies Day ago

      Can't wait for u to make these either Roland!😍

  • navdeep jangra

    Aliya abbas vry nice...lot of love from india dear

  • Sidra Alaya
    Sidra Alaya Day ago

    Plz tell ingreints in grams

  • Eden Garcia
    Eden Garcia Day ago

    Sooooo pink

  • Trisha Ghosh Dastidar

    Wow lovely

  • Juan Cruz Castiglione


  • Nafiza Nasarullah
    Nafiza Nasarullah 2 days ago

    I just found your beautiful channel!! All the recipes are so good and easy, this one i am going to try first. Can you tell me please that can i keep this cake in fridge after done with topping for one day without covering it? Will my cake be hard then? Thank you and you are a desert queen

  • Blondie053
    Blondie053 2 days ago

    Omg, I’ve been looking for a homemade brownie recipe. Love all your recipes, keep up the fattening good work.

  • Sadia asad
    Sadia asad 2 days ago

    These were so yummy my family and i ate all of them in just an hour

  • SClearS
    SClearS 2 days ago

    Hi Emma. Loved your video where you explained what were the differences that made them like that. If you could do the same here, and your next videos. I mean, it's very hard to know this, how to make a sponge cake or a gooey one.

  • amna sheikh
    amna sheikh 2 days ago

    if i want to bake these in convection oven what time for it plz tell me

  • Shelique Lindo
    Shelique Lindo 2 days ago

    What type of chocolate do you recommend using?

    • Shelique Lindo
      Shelique Lindo 2 days ago

      @Emma's Goodies thank you very much

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Any good quality baking chocolate. I used Lindt 72% 😘

  • David
    David 2 days ago

    Thanks Emma.

  • Ana Glk
    Ana Glk 2 days ago

    I just made these! It's super yummy 😁 I made a double batch because ... obviously haha

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      I'm so happy they were a success Ana!! 🔥🙌

  • Heroine Reychelle Moya 537

    Mmmm looks delicious

  • Irallam Mallari
    Irallam Mallari 2 days ago

    I really love this icecream emma, but, can i use whipping cream?

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi my dear! Yes any cream with a fat content of 33% or more😘

  • sun moon Aido
    sun moon Aido 2 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  • Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen

    They look delicious Emma! Well done on the view count.....looks like things are on the way up! Yayy! :-)

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Thank u so much! I follow you as well!! You make such beautiful desserts😍 They all look so perfect!!

    • Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen
      Cupcake Savvy's Kitchen 2 days ago

      Emma's Goodies sure do! I’ve been following you for a while. Very inspired by your quality content and passion! 🙌

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi hun! I didn't know u followed me! It's so nice to see u here❤ Thank you!

  • christina vincent
    christina vincent 2 days ago

    Hi Emma, my cookie dough was too soft and sticky, baked is after keeping in fridge but it did not come out well 😔it got flattened.

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi Christina! That's strange, the dough should firm up in the fridge! Maybe too much milk slipped? These are cut out cookies so yes they're supposed to be flat😘

  • Melanie Applewaithe

    loved it! Mille G's.

  • Afrin Ara
    Afrin Ara 2 days ago

    Nice brownie

  • Arvind Kapil
    Arvind Kapil 2 days ago

    Can you plz give the eggless version of this recipe

  • MARVAL fans tv
    MARVAL fans tv 2 days ago

    Way way you looking soo beautifoll tell me

  • Micshabeth Mebo
    Micshabeth Mebo 2 days ago

    I'm not digital

  • luvteddybearsforever

    Hi dear, what size pan did you use please?🙂

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi dear! I think this was a 6 inch pan. U can use a larger one of u prefer😘

  • noorulain naseem
    noorulain naseem 2 days ago

    Hi love ur videos and tried ur recipes finding them to be amazing could you please be very kind to also share the complete list of ingredients in detail in the description box as well Thnx and love

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi my dear! Yes, I just have❤ Much love 😘 And thank u!

  • Livia Christiyani
    Livia Christiyani 2 days ago

    What if i use milk

  • Fathima Narzana
    Fathima Narzana 2 days ago

    Hi good morning which cake is good for icing I mean sponge cake or butter cake please reply me tq

  • Jock McBile
    Jock McBile 2 days ago

    Of COURSE I'm going to watch again. I like this video too, cuz you never know who is watching that may have hearing difficulties etc. Thanks Ms. Emma.

  • Brianna Doan
    Brianna Doan 2 days ago

    I followed this recipe but for some reason the holes were very big and it wasn't fluffy. I made sure to have stiff peaks and even beat the egg yolks. Can someone help?

  • Squirrel Slayer
    Squirrel Slayer 2 days ago

    Does corn syrup work just as well as honey for the glucose? Or maybe you have a suggestion for a light tasting honey.

    • Squirrel Slayer
      Squirrel Slayer Day ago

      Emma's Goodies Thank you...can’t wait!

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Yes u can use that as well! Any syrup that has a sticky texture. Even caramel 😍

  • Jock McBile
    Jock McBile 2 days ago

    Soooooo much tastiness. I'm going to dream of Brownies tonight. Thanks, Ms. Emma.

  • Scott Mclennan
    Scott Mclennan 2 days ago

    Also if you wanted to make choc orange brownies how much juice would you ad to that mix?

    • Scott Mclennan
      Scott Mclennan 2 days ago

      @Emma's Goodies thank you 😋

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      No need for the juice. Add the zest of 1 orange to the cake. And the zest of 2 oranges to the glaze.😘

  • Scott Mclennan
    Scott Mclennan 2 days ago

    My son said they look amazing ❤️

  • Chloe Chen
    Chloe Chen 2 days ago

    ohhhhh... looks so yummy! the glaze is so shiny 💎

  • Bianca Lauren
    Bianca Lauren 2 days ago

    Cosmic brownies are shaking

  • SaltyTubers
    SaltyTubers 2 days ago

    EMMA! ❤️❤️ Love both actually! I mean nothing replaces the sound of your voice, but this is cool too! Especially true for anyone who may be hearing impaired! Just like you to be thinking of others.❤️

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Thank you so much babe!! I'm happy you like this extra format too! ❤😘❤

  • jacque ryan
    jacque ryan 2 days ago

    Just made this for the family as tiny cupcakes. They loved them. I never post, but wanted to thank you.

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      I'm so happy you made these! I love that u turned these into mini cupcakes😍

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 2 days ago

    I love this video Emma, I can pause the video and follow along and I also love that you out the ingredient amounts up on the screen. Thank you 😍

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      I'm happy to know u like it Angie!😍 Yes exactly, a follow a long while u bake❤

  • JP Cambodia
    JP Cambodia 2 days ago

    Great video, thank you. Everything looks so clean and organized. Then I go to make this and the kitchen looks like it exploded! Hehe

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Thank you JP! Ahaha, u should see mine when I bake😂

  • vSha Ban
    vSha Ban 2 days ago

    I like listening to you emma....the detailed explanations....

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      I'm happy you like the explanations😍 Those videos will always continue ❤

  • Hey Random person
    Hey Random person 2 days ago


  • Perry Gerfen
    Perry Gerfen 2 days ago

    Hey! I will gladly eat those strips youcut off to make it square! Lol

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Ahaha I will keep u in mind next time I cut the edges Perry!!😂❤

  • Baset Manee
    Baset Manee 2 days ago

    تسلم ايدك عل الوصفه الحلوه

  • Kousalya G
    Kousalya G 2 days ago

    Thank u for the amazing recipe Emma 🤗 I tried it today and it turned out perfectly. I always love Ur recipes, they are simple and outcome will be perfect. Really wish I could post my brownies picture here 😕. Love u ❤️

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi my dear! I'm so happy they were a hit!! U can send me the pictures via direct msg on fb or instagram😘 I'd love to see them! Love u back!!❤

  • jlozano2014
    jlozano2014 2 days ago

    Still would love to hear your beautiful voice at the beginning!

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Thank u hun!❤ I'm still posting the regular videos😘❤😘

  • Emily Dale
    Emily Dale 2 days ago

    Amazing! Thank you so much

  • Secia Gutierrez
    Secia Gutierrez 2 days ago

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  • Angeline Atangan
    Angeline Atangan 2 days ago

    I chilled my cookie dough for over an hour and it’s still soft and sticky. How do I fix it?

  • Amar Ali
    Amar Ali 2 days ago

    Oh my goodness, Emma. Just when I think I'm gonna have a bake free weekend up pops this ridiculously delicious video. Shame on you. 😉

  • Avery Abbott
    Avery Abbott 2 days ago

    Love seeing a new brownie recipe (brownies are the best, after all)

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      For sure! They're one of my fave treats 😍

  • Mohammed abdul azeem

    Ahhh I miss your explanation... Btw great recipe. Love it!!😍🤗

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Hi love! Here is yesterday's video:tvclip.biz/video/kWzf3HFZQSc/video.html with the explanation😘 And thank you!!❤❤

  • Grizzly's Lab
    Grizzly's Lab 2 days ago

    Well... first of all, I love chocolate 🍫😍 #spoiler . . . . . moreover, as a bear 🧸 I do love honey, too 🍯 so... ... not only this sounds delicious, but since my birthday is behind the corner, NOW I have the perfect recipe instead of a classic birthday cake 😱😋😋🤤🤤 as always, thanks for this marvellous and delicious recipe, it was the right one at the right moment 💖😘🤗

  • Rikke Hansen
    Rikke Hansen 2 days ago

    Yummy 😍

    • Rikke Hansen
      Rikke Hansen 2 days ago

      @Emma's Goodies I love Chocolate Brownie cake 😍😍 always so delicious 😀

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago


  • Moon Tv
    Moon Tv 2 days ago

    Wao very delicious gooey cake brownie Recipe

  • Chelala Chelala
    Chelala Chelala 2 days ago

    Yummylicious thanks will definitley try 🤗

  • Sarf Sarf
    Sarf Sarf 2 days ago

    Yum! Emma, would this recipe work as a round layered cake? Thank you!

    • Sarf Sarf
      Sarf Sarf 2 days ago

      Oh okay thanks for letting me know! I assumed it would be moister than regular cake that’s what I was hoping for haha thanks Emma!

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      Sure why not😘 But It's not as moist as a cake! It has a brownie/cake texture..just keep that in mind!

  • K k Amreen Wajid
    K k Amreen Wajid 2 days ago

    No words to describe u really ur making a solution for us to clear our doubts thanku sooo much 😘😘😄😄😄😚😚😚like u

  • Jeniece Collazo
    Jeniece Collazo 2 days ago

    Hi Emma these brownies look delicious. I love the relaxing music. Emma you are the best I love you. Xoxo ❤❤❤💞💞💞

  • K k Amreen Wajid
    K k Amreen Wajid 2 days ago

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  • DJ.S.M.
    DJ.S.M. 2 days ago

    Ahh this was so calm and peaceful I LOVE IT 🥰

  • Liz
    Liz 2 days ago

    So relaxing to watch, and these look incredible 💕

    • Emma's Goodies
      Emma's Goodies 2 days ago

      I'm happy you like this extra format too Liz!❤