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  • eXplorer
    eXplorer Month ago

    Excellent videos! I love looking earth, discover and relax...

  • lbing wang
    lbing wang 2 months ago


  • emmanuel egbe
    emmanuel egbe 3 months ago

    The challenges african chinese couples faces in china.

  • emmanuel egbe
    emmanuel egbe 3 months ago

    i am looking to get marry to a chinese woman. I am a college graduate , a usa citizen and single.

  • retnavybrat
    retnavybrat 3 months ago

    Could someone please look at the audio feed? Even with the You Tube player and my computer's volume at their highest setting, it's difficult to hear. Thanks.

  • futebolarte3
    futebolarte3 8 months ago

    Hi, I'm interested in infrastructure construction in china. How about creating a playlist with this theme? Cheers

  • Crunchburger
    Crunchburger 8 months ago

    Excellent channel!

  • Cylia ben zaouche
    Cylia ben zaouche 11 months ago

    hello chinese global telivision network. i almost loved all the missions on your channel especially culture express and the point with liu shin.and i used to learn some of english but i learnt also many things about china and culture , i discovered the beautiful china because of you, so i,m writing this to thank you i really appreciate your hard work . i hope that you will read my comment .and now i think my dream is to work as presenter on your channel in the future .

  • Spencer Covington
    Spencer Covington 11 months ago

    For the last 20 years I've watched China 24 daily to keep me current on China. CGTN has China 24, but only at specific times. Please create an archive so I can watch when I have time.

  • Year ago

    CGTN is one of the more interesting channels from China, for understanding what's going on in that very diverse country. Let's hope this channel will help us to understand China and to learn their perspective on life. Have a great week, to whoever can find this comment in the future !

  • Jeff Mitchell
    Jeff Mitchell Year ago

    I was surprised to find CCTV when searching for "Syrian Army" on TVclip. This is a channel I often forget about, but one I would watch all the time if I had stable accommodation and a satellite dish.

  • Little Big China
    Little Big China 2 years ago

    I have your Apple TV app on my Apple TV 4, useful and resourceful!

  • Charlie Hutch
    Charlie Hutch 2 years ago

    CCTV America is the Americas division of CCTV News, the English-language news channel run by Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television.

  • MrSave55
    MrSave55 2 years ago

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  • Daddy ene
    Daddy ene 3 years ago

    Ukraine has no money and is only seeking a bail out so they can fund a war. I say Fuck that. The Ukrainian government is done and should be dismantled because they have nothing to offer the Ukrainian people. Russia, France, Germany, America and anybody else interested should present what they can offer to the Ukrainian people and let the people vote to choose a new leader. That is a peaceful takeover with the voice of the people, no weapons. Are you taking over with the spear of destiny/ a weapon? Are you taking over with the Ram Golden Fleece/spirit of the people? Choose wisely.