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  • Rebecca Lowry
    Rebecca Lowry 3 days ago

    Remains one of the best commentaries on American society. Relevant even today despite a dated reference or two.

  • stephen persic
    stephen persic 9 days ago

    Did you hear what that Boeing test pilot said back then ? Theres no computor system on the aircraft that the pilot cant override and turn off if needed , and then Boeing software designers made Mcas for the 737 max , a system designed to keep the jet from stalling , but it cant be overridden pilots couldnt turn it off and it put those 737 Max's into steep dives and it killed everyone on board twice, and Beoing even tried to hide this system , they didnt even inform pilots that it was in place on the 737 max , a pilot should never ever have to fight with a computor for control of an aircraft, can you imagine what those crews must have gone through , a plane that is flying itself into the ground and theres nothing they could do to regain control!!! Fuck Boeing !! Theres a lot of people at that company who should have been found guilty of criminal misconduct and they should have gone to prison for causing all those passenger's to die

  • Speedbird 1
    Speedbird 1 12 days ago

    “ *154* ”

  • C Parks
    C Parks 14 days ago

    The engineers arguing towards the end is that story of my fucking life.

  • Stormy J. Blake
    Stormy J. Blake 15 days ago

    Oh my!! I saw this on Alive from Off Center back in the 80s and have been searching for it ever since! Thank you so much!!

  • Ronnie Smith
    Ronnie Smith 20 days ago

    I have a book: Airliner Tech Series Boeing 777 Volume 2

  • fhturner3
    fhturner3 26 days ago

    Holy cow... Watching this in 2019 after the 737 MAX crashes, and the discussion from 32:45 to 34:15 is rather chilling, thinking in terms of the MCAS system that caused those crashes. Kinda wish there had been more of the "override mindset" in developing MCAS, and especially the safety-centric realization that you may not have thought through all the possible scenarios you might encounter.

  • ON
    ON Month ago

    Boeing: New 777 Emirates: Shut up and take my money!

    PAN-PAN Month ago

    One of the greatest and last "true" Boeing aircraft made. Efficient, high quality and most importantly safe. Back when Boeing was true to itself, lived up to its name and prioritized safety over profit. Today it's a rubbish organization run by greedy people and going down the path of McDonnell Douglas... OOPS I wonder why!?

    PAN-PAN Month ago

    34:10.. That was applicable until the Boeing 737 MAX came out..

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Month ago


  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Month ago

    Amazing how such huge beautiful machine can fly

  • Abel Philosophy
    Abel Philosophy Month ago

    What year was this ? Thanks in advance

  • Simon Barr
    Simon Barr Month ago

    12:00 - "....any perceptions that the FAA is too cosy with Boeing are flawed...." Sorry but this is completely shown to be the case in reality in 2019 with the 737 MAX MCAS saga.

  • Simon Barr
    Simon Barr Month ago

    I hope Denny Gore didnt continue scoring programs, the music is cheesy shite.....

  • Anthony Lloyd
    Anthony Lloyd 2 months ago

    Love the 777 300ER

  • Cowracer67
    Cowracer67 3 months ago

    32:44 wow. Kinda prophetic with regards to the 737 Max situation

  • cell pat
    cell pat 3 months ago

    1593 delivered as of April 2019. Only 7 planes have been lost.

  • cell pat
    cell pat 3 months ago

    2:15 - 777 #1 (test plane) which would become H-BNL with CX and 777#2, which is N774UA. It still flies for UA.

  • Mitty Smith
    Mitty Smith 3 months ago

    10:25 That crocodile be like “I love the smell of jet fuel in the morning”

  • Ty Brenneman
    Ty Brenneman 4 months ago

    Narrated by actor Peter Coyote, right?

  • smb3
    smb3 5 months ago

    I used to watch this over and over when I was little. Now i think what a weird video for my parents to have.

  • Hoder Harris
    Hoder Harris 5 months ago

    We now know the FAA essentially allows Boeing to use it's own engineers to certify much of what the FAA says is certifiable. That's why the 737 max had issues imo. The relationship between FAA and Boeing is to symbiotic.

  • Scott Irvine
    Scott Irvine 6 months ago

    So slow and bits of paper and confirmation of confirmation blah blah, I wonder if this process is a fraction of the time in the modern world. No laser printers, email but an ink stamp 😂 ah the 90s!

  • Scott Irvine
    Scott Irvine 6 months ago

    Other than North Americans does anyone have a clue what 400lbs even is 😂

  • Scott Irvine
    Scott Irvine 6 months ago

    You gotta miss the over head projectors 😂

  • Gteaparty
    Gteaparty 6 months ago

    I worked on this production in several capacities. I don't own the copyright, however. Since this is not a video with much -- if any -- profit potential, I'm OK with it being here. Also, I tried to contact you directly, but could not find any direct contact info on your TVclip page.

  • dakar8993
    dakar8993 6 months ago

    777 is the best, no doubt.

  • Jake
    Jake 6 months ago

    I cringe every time the narrator says 7-7-7. In Aus we call it the 'triple 7' or the 'tripler'

  • kyle norris
    kyle norris 8 months ago

    Arguably the best of the best and when it takes off it whacks off too.and now we are seeing a brand new 777xxx somthing like that.and ironically the 777 was the first plane i ever flew on in 2003 on emerates airlines from Johannesburg int to Dubai int as a stop over befour going to Manchester int Uk.i love this plane and its huge a fan of the other planes and airbus and dc too.the 737 is a legend but the 737 max lion air crash is bothersome.

  • Thomas von Aquin
    Thomas von Aquin 9 months ago

    The B767 and The B777 are my favorite planes, the B777 is realy majestic!

  • nightly alignment
    nightly alignment 9 months ago

    so well written. I miss this guy, I probably should buy his books as he is an author now and obviously not doing it for the money.

  • ebiros2
    ebiros2 10 months ago

    777 probably the best designed passenger jet. Saves almost a million dollars each month on fuel and maintenance over the older 747

  • Magnus Guglius Vuglius
    Magnus Guglius Vuglius 10 months ago

    40:41 uh??? Really? Wasn’t the prototype sold to Cathay Pacific, then retired?

  • RTD
    RTD 10 months ago

    Working Together!!! Great slogan! That is until you are laid off because the program is over and the company doesn't need you anymore! Sad!!! One day you're building a cutting edge day...flipping hamburgers at McDonald's

  • Terry Akuna
    Terry Akuna 10 months ago

    They should do a documentary this comprehensive on the 787.

  • RTD
    RTD 10 months ago

    Outstanding documentary, the selection of Peter Coyote was a real stroke!! Congratulations to the pre and post production team!!! Special acknowledgement to the guys on sight and sound!!!!

  • RTD
    RTD 10 months ago

    Excellent documentary!!!! Nice work guys!!!!

  • Viki M
    Viki M 10 months ago

    What was said about AI at 19.56 is now becoming a reality

  • B. Weatherspoon
    B. Weatherspoon 10 months ago

    Wonder if Alan's view on the entertainment system has changed in the 24 years since this was filmed, seeing now in-flight entertainment has really blown up 20 fold

  • Ravi Kiran
    Ravi Kiran 10 months ago

    I think that this is a good plane. The 787 is a flying coffin. :/

  • Tav john
    Tav john 10 months ago

    the a330 should be competing with the 767 cuz the 777 clearly I a win

  • M Zaid
    M Zaid 11 months ago

    I hate this plane it kill 747 the beautiful jumbo, I hate person who did this , i love 4 engine plane.

  • Gerry Collins
    Gerry Collins 11 months ago

    I'm the guy in this video driving the tanker spraying the protein foam and water for the brake tests. I was a firefighter at Edward's AFB, I remember these tests well.

    • Gerry Collins
      Gerry Collins 9 months ago

      @hollywood 899 I'm 62 now so I was probably in my early forties.

    • hollywood 899
      hollywood 899 9 months ago

      really? no wayy man wow how old were you?>

  • Sir S-Spec
    Sir S-Spec 11 months ago

    22 years after first watching this, I still find myself saying: just shut the fuck up and build the god damned rudder.

  • Rchurevedi
    Rchurevedi 11 months ago

    154% BOOM

  • Weeb Destroyah
    Weeb Destroyah Year ago

    What once took 8 mainframes to run now runs on a 200 dollar laptop, amazing!

  • Bassotronics
    Bassotronics Year ago

    Charmed! 🤗

  • VanillaSquirrel
    VanillaSquirrel Year ago

    36:19 4/20

  • kieran craig
    kieran craig Year ago

    Using the monologue in my school

  • mike watters
    mike watters Year ago

    i aint flying across the pond with 2 engines

    • Ashley Jenkins
      Ashley Jenkins 11 months ago

      I've flown thousands of miles across the ocean in 2 engine planes, and never had an issue. I've also flown Pan Am and TWA 747-200 across the ocean and almost always had an issue

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago

    This was truly a joy to watch. Ep 1 to 5. The birth of a wonderfull airliner. Btw, is that a bathduck left in the screen at 3:14?

  • 779nkp
    779nkp Year ago

    Just flew aboard an Air Canada Boeing 777 from LHR to YYZ. Beautiful jet. Smooth quiet ride.

  • theTAILlor
    theTAILlor Year ago

    This was a fantastic look behind the curtains. I love flying and have traveled on a 777 once domestically. Wish I could travel more international.

  • Chris Noe
    Chris Noe Year ago

    American Made! Feeling Damn Proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats 777

  • Will Zhang
    Will Zhang Year ago


  • kelly dunn
    kelly dunn Year ago

    And now McDonnell Douglas is owned by boeing.

    BLUESKYS Year ago

    I really like the 777 I flew to India from Chicago in one very nice airplane. *****

  • Inspadave
    Inspadave Year ago

    The engineers fired flocks of small birds . . . dead ones F'n hilarious

  • Laila Hepburn
    Laila Hepburn Year ago

    hahahahaha 'we agree to work together....really complicated words!' loooooooool

  • William R Warren Jr

    It's fun to see my team's animations (mostly my own work, though) on TVclip! Thank you, Karl Sabbagh from the BBC for commissioning this work, which was produced with *ZERO BUDGET* but used the newest/best computer animation software/hardware (Alias on SGI/IRIX) available at the time! Boeing Motion Picture & Television produced the animations and/or graphics seen at 5:17, 15:08 and 43:29, Mark Pethe: lead; Bob Gilman, Eric Greer and myself: art directors/animators; John Heile, tech guru; and Howard Carter, who I suspect was a plant ... and *not* the photosynthetic type.

    • William R Warren Jr
      William R Warren Jr Year ago

      And look, Eric gets a screen credit for my animations! Team effort, semper fi!

  • postersm 71
    postersm 71 Year ago

    34 minutes and regarding fly-by-wire, I love it. The fact that the pilot can override the computers and not the other way around. Hello Airbus are you listening?

  • obriets
    obriets Year ago

    Don’t think I’ll ever forget my first ride in a 777. We were light and shot up to cruise in as quick a time as you can say “Airbus, you suck”!

  • Antonov E-175
    Antonov E-175 Year ago

    Having a dream flying an A330 the night after watching this...

  • Roman Alexander
    Roman Alexander Year ago

    Thanks for posting these marvellous videos. Absolutely fascinating. I seem to remember the BBC making a similar series. But in that one, they fitted an engine to a 747 and deliberately destroyed it in midair, to see if the other engine could still fly the plane.

  • Roderick
    Roderick Year ago

    If you love to look at talking heads, this is for you.

  • Don B
    Don B Year ago

    I had a copy of this that I bought at the Boeing store and lost it somewhere over the years. Thanks for posting .

  • Matt Brody
    Matt Brody Year ago

    Is it just me, or did they forget to raise the landing gear?

    • Kevin Morrissey
      Kevin Morrissey Year ago From memory, I heard on the first test flight they don't retract the landing gear. I have enclosed a link of people discussing this. I am not a pilot or engineer, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith Year ago

    Airbus made the FIRST wide body aircraft, the A300. Airbus also came out with fly by wire first and the composite. Just facts.

    • Sciolist
      Sciolist 27 days ago

      1st TWIN ENGINED wide body

    • VeteranPilot
      VeteranPilot 6 months ago

      No, they didn't

    • Chris Thallemer
      Chris Thallemer 10 months ago

      Let’s not forget the DC-10 and the L-1011...both of which predate the A-300 by several years...

    • griffith211
      griffith211 Year ago

      Mike Smith that is very true. True if you ignore the fact that the 747 came out before the A300

  • aAaa aAaa
    aAaa aAaa Year ago

    Fascinating to see the actual internal videos of the discussions and deliberations within the design teams and managers. Don't get to see that very often

  • Cyntimental Colson

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful episodes.

  • Captpicard
    Captpicard Year ago

    My favorite plane ever, went to The Maldives with Emirates on a 777-300ER. Best plane, best airline, great destination doesn’t get any better than that😁😁😁😁

  • L
    L Year ago

    18:00. My dad (systems engineer at Boeing for about 30 years) knew Henry Shomber well. Henry was the man that picked my mom up to take her to the hospital when dad collapsed at Boeing shortly after receiving a company-wide, mandated swine flu vaccine (dad had a rare, bad reaction). Thanks, Henry! Good man.

  • Petr Antoš
    Petr Antoš Year ago

    14:48, something for the press :)

  • ประทีป อนุมาตย์


  • Officer Gregory Stevens

    That creepy synth music with the delay effect on that kind of atonal riff... nice music really.

  • Officer Gregory Stevens

    Very interesting to me to see that corporate executives and even engineers of a company like Boeing participate in pagan rituals and ceremonies for "business" reasons essentially. As a Catholic, I'd have to protest, personally. Looks interesting, though.

    • Dynamic Solution
      Dynamic Solution Year ago

      Do you protest the pagan ritual that take place in mass every Sunday?

  • Officer Gregory Stevens

    So Boeing basically invented "3d printing" in a way. Didn't know they were one of the first to use 3d CAD but that's pretty awesome for the time... early 90's

    • Wizz Bang
      Wizz Bang Year ago

      The documentary was a little confusing here. They did not invent 3D printing . The first "3D printer" I saw was in 1983 called "Stereo Lithography". It was a $250,000 machine that made crude models, max. size envelope about a 9" cube. Boeing designed the 777 in 3D CAD (3 dimensional computer aided design) using CATIA software from Dassault Systems, a French aerospace company.

  • Dave Maloney
    Dave Maloney Year ago

    Bahaha - Phil! your kid goes to Colgate university ffs, show a little support & try brushing your teeth.

  • CinemaDemocratica

    In the first seven minutes of this program, narrator Peter Coyote says at least three separate times that the 777 was Boeing's seventh commercial aircraft. That's just self-evidently false. I can count eight prior airframes from friggin' *memory* -- without even going to Wikipedia: The 240, the 720, the 707, the 727, the 737, the 747, the 757, and the 767. And I'm sure there were others.

  • Jill Bourgeois
    Jill Bourgeois Year ago

    thankyou this was amazing

  • Aviation Nut
    Aviation Nut Year ago

    The 777 got 180 minute ETOPS which is 3 hours. Now a 787 has a 330 minute ETOPS and the A350 has a 370 minute ETOPS meaning these planes can fly 5.5 to 6.1 hours from the nearest airport, which basically means they can fly any where in the world without restriction. That just shows how reliable jet engines have become.

  • guyfromkk
    guyfromkk Year ago

    I still remember when my mother told me of her first time on-board the B777 (the -200ER version) back in 1999, she recalled, "what room is this?" explaining to me how big is the cabin. I finally got my first B777 flight in 2002.

  • CieloaltoA340
    CieloaltoA340 Year ago

    LOVELY ! : )

  • Sinbad TheSailor

    Beautiful !

  • Arun Thomas
    Arun Thomas Year ago

    Its a breath of fresh air to see the different aspects of things that going to making an airplane. I'm really glad that they showed the tension filled corporate meetings that are often involved in project like this. As a young engineer, I really appreciate this candid look.

  • Mohamed Hassan
    Mohamed Hassan Year ago


  • miquel440
    miquel440 Year ago

    Boeing,s masterpiece.

  • Isis Torrefiel
    Isis Torrefiel Year ago

    May Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Airbus order and deliver more aircraft in 2018, 777 will produce 97 aircraft, while A380 will produce fewer aircraft next year

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 2 years ago


  • John Mooradian
    John Mooradian 2 years ago

    United pays cash? No plane payments?

  • Dfi Sfhio
    Dfi Sfhio 2 years ago

    that guy is really happy about the toilet sit

  • C W
    C W 2 years ago

    It really is a cool airplane, but do they have to clap for everything? I mean it's like every time a person at Taco Bell puts cheese on a Taco the whole store erupts in clapping for the success.

    • Chris Thallemer
      Chris Thallemer 10 months ago

      Big difference between making a $1.59 taco and a 250 million dollar aircraft.

  • C W
    C W 2 years ago

    PBS/Frontline/Nova make by far the best documentaries

  • Phil McGeehan
    Phil McGeehan 2 years ago

    I am so glad you uploaded this..I had fond memories of watching this when it aired..I love the internet, if you can think of something, you can find someone who has it!

  • The Goahead Mpire
    The Goahead Mpire 2 years ago

    I miss british airwarys flight from London heathrow to Kotoka Inter airport (accra,Ghana) being using by 777 it was replaced with 747

  • C. Lassard
    C. Lassard 2 years ago

    Wing test was awesome!

  • C. Lassard
    C. Lassard 2 years ago

    What is on the tail?

  • Jaguar F-Type R coupe

    Do you think airbus copied Boeing with the a380 idea when the 747 was being designed as a full double deck aeroplane because airbus wasn't even a thing yet

    • Scott Irvine
      Scott Irvine 6 months ago

      Jaguar F-Type R coupe not a thing??

  • Abhishek Savant
    Abhishek Savant 2 years ago

    Nice Series of Documentary but the background music is so depressing. Else 777 is a beast and the 2nd most sexiest civil aircraft flying in the skies.