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  • jason9022
    jason9022 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one hoping a finger was going in that gay thing when they were turning it on when it wasn't hooked up to the engine

  • Dario Cervantes
    Dario Cervantes 4 hours ago

    K swap ruby

  • stopglobalswarming
    stopglobalswarming 4 hours ago

    Cute practical joke gift

  • bmxbeemer80
    bmxbeemer80 4 hours ago

    This idiot said "do you think it will increase the idle"

  • T Lee
    T Lee 4 hours ago

    Nice hair

  • Tdogtheripper
    Tdogtheripper 4 hours ago

    That new helmet is so sick!

  • Simba Fishtigre
    Simba Fishtigre 4 hours ago

    Audi has this for years

  • Stacks Verstappen
    Stacks Verstappen 4 hours ago

    For 2500 bucks.....they can suck my dick. But at least it works.

  • Allen Sandven
    Allen Sandven 4 hours ago

    This is the most entertaining vid I’ve seen ever ! But let’s get back to earth ? Here are some legit questions I’m sure other’s are asking . 1. Can you regenerative voltage back to the 48v pack if your spooling with just pulling intake air . 2. Have you tried using a elec diverted gate ( sim to exhaust gate) that would normally be open to air box until turbo is energized . 3. Ok now that you have spiked there sales, will you make the grand finale with adding e-85 wet intake spray then add a volt meter with a stage 2 over clocking button that should easily let you double the voltage for 30sec or longer , try using caps, they dump power effectively recharge quickly and cheap . Note I’m not and never been the sharpest tool in the box and all of the suggested is intell-rectually extracted protected property .( just Incase it make money$ ) lol 😂

  • Say less
    Say less 4 hours ago

    You are one ugly dude that’s for sure, gotta play the cards you were dealt tho and I remember you had a chick that was cute, she didn’t have a booty but she was decent so for being so ugly you did do some magic getting a decent chick she was alright so your above your level in that department but it might have been cause your kind of famous on TVclip and have some money and cars idk but shit your ugly as hell

  • T H
    T H 4 hours ago

    You need to put heaver duty rods in that thing... Those rods looked weak...

  • Dynamic Solution
    Dynamic Solution 4 hours ago

    Thin rubber doesn't protect against lightning

  • Bertje Tolberg
    Bertje Tolberg 4 hours ago

    Didnt those Castenray Guy's tell you not to hold it in hand while spinning?? Groeete schang

  • Luke Henry
    Luke Henry 4 hours ago

    Imagine being named Cleetus

  • Skim Broskie
    Skim Broskie 5 hours ago

    wanna donate that to me for my 2001 crv hahahaha

  • Taurian Millington
    Taurian Millington 5 hours ago


  • Duney Amar Issa
    Duney Amar Issa 5 hours ago

    Awesome video looks like so much fun!

  • Deleerai
    Deleerai 5 hours ago

    Do some software for the car combined with that turbo and you can for sure gain more than 40% or more power

  • Sergio Vardoni
    Sergio Vardoni 5 hours ago

    one of those on a mx5

  • Michael Kilbourn
    Michael Kilbourn 5 hours ago

    My daily is a 06 cobalt SS supercharged 2.0L and a 5 speed mansmission and with 250k miles and a mild tune the car still rips!

  • Jose Orozco
    Jose Orozco 5 hours ago

    I felt like i was hanging wit friends when I watched this

  • Zetalion og
    Zetalion og 5 hours ago

    need to build a drag car with a button on the steering wheel

  • PapayaMan
    PapayaMan 5 hours ago

    What happened at 22:47 why did he flinch and grab his balls?

  • Ellis Berry
    Ellis Berry 5 hours ago

    I want to see a massive insane diesel motor in ruby 😍

  • Harold, 4th of his name.

    getting this for my SR20 when my turbo goes

  • RedneckLive
    RedneckLive 5 hours ago

    Might i suggest an alternator upgrade..? Lol

  • Justin Withers
    Justin Withers 5 hours ago

    Who’s 66 Nova? Kick ass.

  • Mark Clayton
    Mark Clayton 5 hours ago

    Need to use a turbo like this for a hovercraft or hoverboard!

  • chas sisom
    chas sisom 5 hours ago

    No lag.

  • Romero
    Romero 5 hours ago

    They should have at least swapped in a lq4

  • ihatecrackhead
    ihatecrackhead 5 hours ago

    that chevy is smoking meth

  • atomiccat2002
    atomiccat2002 5 hours ago

    Can I put one of those on my motorcycle? Instant wheelie!

  • JP5150LBC
    JP5150LBC 5 hours ago

    This is definatly the most fun you can have in a cobalt

  • Jussapitka
    Jussapitka 5 hours ago

    Where I live a 2.2L gasoline engine is fairly big, not small. Average is probably 1.6-2.0

  • User
    User 5 hours ago

    Only 48V? You think for that money youd get 72V

  • TheRumbles13
    TheRumbles13 5 hours ago

    I would worry about the intake manifold lol

  • Josh Tice
    Josh Tice 5 hours ago

    Told you guys to get a dsm lol, 4g63s are a force to be reckoned with

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean 5 hours ago

    wdf is up with that monitor.

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean 5 hours ago

    wats with the lame lab coats.

  • Kiing Quincy
    Kiing Quincy 5 hours ago

    I think the last vid had more controversy about it spinning backwards not the size engine 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • STI_Clone
    STI_Clone 5 hours ago

    Aww man...would of loved to see this turbo on a fiat 500 haha

  • J M
    J M 5 hours ago

    "We've tookin an awesome machine and made it awesomer." I want that t-shirt.

  • Ken H
    Ken H 5 hours ago

    MERICA ! Awesome !

  • ndramirez
    ndramirez 5 hours ago

    I'm impressed

  • Nathan Dean
    Nathan Dean 5 hours ago

    long as the faa hasnt screwed it up some how.....

  • Evan McMaster
    Evan McMaster 5 hours ago

    This thing needs to be bolted to a K20 or K24 engine... that be more interesting

  • MapOfEurasia
    MapOfEurasia 5 hours ago

    Try it on a 1.4L engine.

  • Dakota Zimmerman
    Dakota Zimmerman 5 hours ago

    Would be cool to see a Jeep 4.0L making huge power in a Corvette, would keep it domestic and the 4.0L is to Jeep as the LS is to Chevy so an interesting cross over. Nobody has really done anything beyond your basic stroker and a few turbo/supercharged 4.0s out there but they are all pretty much setup for offroad. I've seen one built for drag and it put up some impressive numbers. Would absolutely love to see you build one for drag racing! May give me some ideas for my turbo/autocross Comanche build as well.

    YO EBOLA 5 hours ago

    Well il be waiting for that 2jz

  • Shane Taylor
    Shane Taylor 5 hours ago

    If it's not ran from exhaust to a turbine its NOT a turbo. It's more of a centrifugal supercharger than it is a turbo...I hate these rewording marketing ploys of today. SMDH

  • Joshua Heffernan
    Joshua Heffernan 5 hours ago

    get a motor controller

  • Budd McStudd
    Budd McStudd 5 hours ago

    For $2500 I would go Ebay turbo tho! haha good video but on a motorcycle I dont think you'll consistently hit the voltage requirements.

  • the snipery
    the snipery 5 hours ago

    8:40 hahahaha so funny

  • m60kaf
    m60kaf 5 hours ago

    course you kept remapping so dont know what was the turbo and what the remap

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney 5 hours ago

    Name the new El Camino "PB&J"!!!!

  • Flying Turtle
    Flying Turtle 5 hours ago

    When you don’t have kids

  • Cole Perkins
    Cole Perkins 5 hours ago

    Should’ve done a muffler delete

  • Izzy Cuddles
    Izzy Cuddles 5 hours ago

    send me the turbo! ill pop it in my E30 and send it until throw a piston through the hood and you can put it on your channel

  • Tim Baker
    Tim Baker 5 hours ago

    15.92 at the ¼

  • MoRTeKeR 2
    MoRTeKeR 2 5 hours ago

    Dam james thats gonna be a super nova

  • R6-D2
    R6-D2 5 hours ago

    Watch out BoostedBoiz

  • Slicktop 2jz
    Slicktop 2jz 5 hours ago

    Fuck me that's quite impressive aye

  • Scott Jr
    Scott Jr 5 hours ago

    **Headphones Warning**

  • JulianVR4
    JulianVR4 5 hours ago


  • John Kopek
    John Kopek 5 hours ago

    Wouldnt have blown if you stopped and fixed the issue when you saw 5 psi oil pressure

  • Michael Douglas
    Michael Douglas 5 hours ago

    Too much talking

  • dozer
    dozer 5 hours ago

    Gre8t 7.79 pass...roll out brother hell yeah!

  • Ken H
    Ken H 6 hours ago

    I dont think it could make boost on a reving V8, Still really cool that it actually makes boost and picks up around 20hp but not worth $2500. When it can make 10lbs on a V8 i'll give it a serious look.

  • Shit 4 Brains
    Shit 4 Brains 6 hours ago

    Damn dude, who cut your fuckin hair? Hope you didn't pay for that.

  • Paul Henry
    Paul Henry 6 hours ago

    Says the science guy, “I’m not great at science, just math❗️🤣😂

  • Shit 4 Brains
    Shit 4 Brains 6 hours ago

    These mixed race couple advertisements are getting fuckin old. Obviously pushing whites to breed with anyone but other whites, not hard to see the agenda there. Antiwhite propaganda everywhere.

  • Zachary Thomas
    Zachary Thomas 6 hours ago

    Lol i love my cobalt

  • Samuel Holland
    Samuel Holland 6 hours ago

    Wow, what an inspiration.

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 6 hours ago

    It's impossible 😥. Wait motors can match the rpm it's a speed fan ,but don't you have to feed the heat from the exaust to obtain the vacuum pressure on the exaust side?

  • Arthur Meiers
    Arthur Meiers 6 hours ago

    I got question. Been thinking about it. What would happened if you put turbo in like 1l 3cylinder 12v hatchback im talking about Vauxhall/ opel corsa or anything similar. I have this in my head for so long time! :D I know that internals possibly might not take it but what and how it would look in real life!?

  • spacethottie
    spacethottie 6 hours ago

    Leroy still wins the Murica factor 🤪

  • Stan Szeto
    Stan Szeto 6 hours ago

    I'm more impressed with the amount of torque it contributes at the low end @14:01. That's where you want it if your just zipping around town. I'd put that switch at the bottom of the gas pedal.

  • C.A.M Cars
    C.A.M Cars 6 hours ago

    So we all just gonna Ignore how he had a fire in his front pocket when he was explaining?

  • TheMojo487
    TheMojo487 6 hours ago

    I could have done without the horrible financial advice in the beginning. You guys got lucky if you're actually telling the truth.

  • Lou Cifer
    Lou Cifer 6 hours ago

    I'll take TWO ! thanks

  • Garrett Sallee
    Garrett Sallee 6 hours ago

    It's the flex capacitor! It probably didnt get 1.21 gigawatts. Lol. Great show guys! Keep it up!

  • Rg Rg
    Rg Rg 6 hours ago

    it's gotta be round. wrapped with sheet metal. j b welded to keep together. bet that would work. for sure. rite???

  • Dwightsp26
    Dwightsp26 6 hours ago

    I think the talon would be sick with it I probably do an install on my 96 ranger for a vid just to try it

  • Makan Tahi
    Makan Tahi 6 hours ago

    i belive you because you wear white coat

  • bespin custom props Bombarta

    17.2 at the track

  • Breakstuff5050
    Breakstuff5050 6 hours ago

    I bet they’re selling out of them things now lol

    MINOCS 6 hours ago

    twin electric turbos?

  • 2AverageNoobs
    2AverageNoobs 6 hours ago

    Are you growing a mullet? lol

  • im miata mike
    im miata mike 6 hours ago

    $2500 for roughly 50 more HP ontop of the tune and intake elbow... hmmm I say too expensive. Make it at least $1400. Its way too expensive for the gain

  • Z4ch Stro0
    Z4ch Stro0 6 hours ago

    Cut the hair! Great video!

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 6 hours ago

    Ford in Ferrari v Ford be like...

  • Ben Jacques
    Ben Jacques 6 hours ago

    New to the channel, was the frame custom built or a stripped down vehicle?

  • Trym Hammerstrøm Gisiger

    maybe you guys put the red pole on the black pole, if you did this it will make the motor spin in reverse

  • dozer
    dozer 6 hours ago

    Top Fuel Ruby.... Nitromethane

  • Northern patriot907
    Northern patriot907 6 hours ago


  • Capt. George
    Capt. George 7 hours ago

    This thing may work on my lawnmower, that’s about it. LOL

  • David King
    David King 7 hours ago


  • Jbrawner1911
    Jbrawner1911 7 hours ago

    18.90 no boost, 16.50 boosted 😂

  • Zach Dixon
    Zach Dixon 7 hours ago

    Bout time somebody made a proper electric turbski

  • Jasper Nemesio
    Jasper Nemesio 7 hours ago

    I used to have a 2001 mustang V6 5speed. It felt super slow stock. I threw a t3-t4 turbo in it and the hp increase was insane at just 6 psi. I raised a 2002 mustang GT and I was able to beat it. I never dynoed it and never tuned it so I don't know how much hp I was making. It was a cheap turbo so seals went bad on it very quickly