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Shearer CandlesShearer Candles
Shearer Candles
2 months ago
2 months ago
Dock And BayDock And Bay
Dock And Bay
2 months ago
L is for LipstickL is for Lipstick
L is for Lipstick
3 months ago
F is for FootspaF is for Footspa
F is for Footspa
8 months ago

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  • You Know What?
    You Know What? 10 months ago

    Amazon Security Leakage Report: Hi respected Jeff! Hope you'r good. I know you'r very very busy man so I will tell you about issue in a concise manner. I have found some crucial flaws in amazon security system and I want to inform with you please contact with me Your customer service will not guiding me well. Please give me a chance to explain the flaws in details and Of course I will demand for a small price not big one in return after all I spent a lot of time in finding flaws. Thanks for considering me. I hope you will never disappoint me .

    MELEKH HA OLAM Year ago

    Seriously, what am I missing? Why do you have multi-buys such as 3 for 20 with the individual items which are part of that sale being 5 each?

    MELEKH HA OLAM Year ago

    There is something very odd going on. There are multiple sale prices on multi-buys for movies on Amazon UK which are actually higher than the regular price of the items individually.

  • a-lpha of Zeldaforme Gaming

    : 💁⚠ It is extremely important to enable comments for the videos you make. PEOPLE WANT YOU TO KNOW WHAT THEY THINK! Don't use superscript ordinals

  • Cathy Andrews
    Cathy Andrews Year ago

    Fuck you Amazon for your new sexist advert moaning about manflu. Take your sexist shite adverts and stick them up your arse. You are a bunch of cowards for disabling all your comment sections thinking you won't get feedback. Think again.

  • Mohammad Waseem
    Mohammad Waseem 2 years ago

    TO AMAZON CUSTOMER CARE TEAM I would like to share my recent experience with Amazon UK. Being an Amazon Prime member I was under the assumption that the treatment to my orders will be different and special but I was greatly mistaken. I placed an order with Amazon UK for a Play Tent for my 3 years old daughter to surprise her on a special occasion. Being an Amazon Prime member I am eligible for a One-Day Delivery and so i selected that; the Parcel was supposed to be Delivered today and it shows on the website that it has been Delivered by in reality it is NOT RECEIVED ?!?!?!?!? I have been trying with Amazon Customer Service Team for the last 4 hours through Phone, Chat etc. to get the details of why this happened and all they are offering me is either; 1. They can Refund the order 2. They can Re-dispatch the order again but there is no guarantee for next day delivery !!!!!!! NO GUARANTEE for next day delivery !!!! so why did I pay almost 100 GBP for the Prime membership?? I am sure that someone from Amazon team will see this post... if I do not receive a Call on the number that I have provided to the Customer Service team within an hour... I will post the Chat Conversation on this page and let everyone see the level of service Amazon UK offers to their Customers

  • Gentlemen and Scholars

    Hello! We're Gentlemen and Scholars, a rock band from Indiana. We don't want to spam you, but we noticed that you clearly enjoy good live music. We were hoping that you might take a second to check out our recently released concert performance, Gentlemen and Scholars: Live at Lamasco. The entire set is streaming on our channel, and you can download a free digital copy of the album from the link in the description. Thank you so much for your time, we really do appreciate it!

  • fabio alves
    fabio alves 2 years ago

    Hello! Do you have contact e-mail?