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  • Oligarch Destroyer
    Oligarch Destroyer 7 hours ago

    Roughly, 90 years ago in Germany- "GO HO-OME JE-WS!" Global News = Oligarchical Globalist News! Congrats Global News! You just made my Newspeak playlist! The Oligarchs commend your work!

  • don684
    don684 7 hours ago

    It will affect the poor most of all. They rent accommodations so no rebate on heating/electrical use. Landlords will just pocket the money. Then if they have a car more for fuel. More for all food and consumer goods. They are just making it now. The UN is now saying we need a $200.00 per ton of GHG carbon tax. That would be $180.00 more per ton of GHG than now. Can you imagine what that would do to Canada's economy? Canada does not need a carbon tax period. The US does not have a carbon tax, look at their economy. The unemployment rate is 3.5% vs Canada 5.9%.

  • miriam kucera
    miriam kucera 7 hours ago

    The Trump Drumpf Of Germany.

  • Marko Marić
    Marko Marić 7 hours ago

    Macron is tipical french...acting like he is tough, but in reallity weak

  • Mariana Soares
    Mariana Soares 7 hours ago

    It's awkward how little GT knows about almost anything and how she's obviously making it up as she goes along. That, incidentally, and not any noble sense of selflessness, being the reason she wants the others to reply to questions. She will be 17 in a few days. Any reasonable bright, interested, avid reader (like she is portrayed to be)17-year-old could have given a much more coherent/interesting/thought out reply than this. She seems to not even know what a constitution is. Painful to watch. When will people open their eyes to the bluff that is this young woman?

    IAET IPID 7 hours ago

    It’s not about the relationship of two countries it’s about two adults behaving strangely

  • Gary Dimaggio
    Gary Dimaggio 7 hours ago

    Complete and total fool

  • Mini Me
    Mini Me 7 hours ago

    Who ever decided life in prison is probably trying hard to get out of this. They put people like that in charge????????????????????????????????????????? LEPRECHAUNS. Killing 3 people and gets life in prison cell where he's protected and cared for. FU>>>>>K now I'm sick. I am not well!!

  • Tony Suarez
    Tony Suarez 7 hours ago

    Fire every single one of them, they are all poison. We don't need them at all, you can't reform them, the only way is to get rid of the communist unions. You only require a teaching assistant to keep to class under control, then have top lecturers give the lessons via the internet. One person could literally replace thousands of these low life teachers ....

  • the sodium lights
    the sodium lights 7 hours ago

    `Hair Tattoo` rocks! cheap to maintain, when like Marky, ya on a tight budget.

  • robin hood
    robin hood 7 hours ago

    All because of a greedy politicians

  • JMart
    JMart 7 hours ago

    Why are we pushing for this kind of carbon taxing here in Canada? End the carbon tax, vote conservative.

  • Brian Mcdonald
    Brian Mcdonald 7 hours ago


  • the sodium lights
    the sodium lights 7 hours ago

    ACO vs. Lego man = awww, c`mon.

  • Peter Martell
    Peter Martell 7 hours ago

    Over 200 unarmed Palestinians have been murdered by Israeli snipers at the wall in the last year. Palestinians have long been oppressed in their traditional lands and Israel has claimed land captured through war in contravention of the Geneva Conventions. Canada should end its allowing of 'charitable donations' to go to Israel. Both the US and Israel are morally bankrupt. Scheer is a puppet to trump and is not a Canadian. Support BDS..

  • denny loverin
    denny loverin 7 hours ago

    Israel did this

  • Raphaël David
    Raphaël David 7 hours ago

    The france is a great democracy. 😂😂😂

  • Luckvice Luckvice
    Luckvice Luckvice 7 hours ago

    What a dummy

  • Edward B
    Edward B 7 hours ago

    Trump always looks il at ease among his betters. He doesn't like groups or foreigners.

  • Hongkong China
    Hongkong China 7 hours ago

    Almost "A beautiful sight to behold", only needs some more tear gas, maybe a few bullets and a few dead body to make it perfect.

  • LouisianaGatorGirl
    LouisianaGatorGirl 7 hours ago

    Caused by directed energy weapons?

  • J Good
    J Good 7 hours ago

    " I don't hate anybody in the world" , except Donald Trump the President of the United States. Stop your so called "Catholic" morals, that ended with the support of abortion Pelosi . You still have that right but not YOUR Personal Morals you throw around.

  • K V
    K V 7 hours ago

    Sushma is the only Indian diplomat and MP who can say Bharat instead of India.

  • xdemightybooshx
    xdemightybooshx 7 hours ago

    She is shutting down local CBD shops in Des Moines. Shes stands with big pharma and not IA's Local businesses.

  • red rage
    red rage 7 hours ago

    Trump is a beast I love it

  • iKonatt
    iKonatt 7 hours ago

    French people badass when they want change

  • Bruce Aitken
    Bruce Aitken 7 hours ago

    Once again no reporting, just video without context. One of the laziest, unprofessional news agencies on the planet.

  • db cooper
    db cooper 7 hours ago

    Mike drop!

  • Suge Debondt
    Suge Debondt 7 hours ago

    It’s part of the de population plan. You’ll see the results of these vaccines in the coming years

  • ofvoypo mukoweza
    ofvoypo mukoweza 7 hours ago

    is this place really france?...because what we know from movies and magazines, freance is very rich poverty at all..high salaries and lots of jobs...and a ver high retirement salary...and also free health and education..lots of this not true?

  • shexy313
    shexy313 7 hours ago

    A lot of these folks look le tired of protesting. Just hanging out and not working.

  • Jacqueline Nguyen
    Jacqueline Nguyen 7 hours ago


  • Mark
    Mark 7 hours ago


  • MrSwatt17
    MrSwatt17 7 hours ago

    We are f&$ked

  • Taik Kucing
    Taik Kucing 7 hours ago

    Bojo.look cool

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 7 hours ago

    من ساحت التحرير مباشر ٠٧٧١٢٣٦٦٣٨٢

  • Anthony Mahle
    Anthony Mahle 7 hours ago

    We need a van ban on these assult vehicles

  • 黑旋風
    黑旋風 7 hours ago


  • anton continental
    anton continental 7 hours ago

    I loved the old person with the placard "GRACIAS VALIENTE JUVENTUD" "Thank you courageous youth" It's true, it's been our youth and women who have done all the heavy lifting in this uprising against the Criminal President of Chile, right wing Piñera.

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 7 hours ago

    At breakfast the French waiter asked Trump what he would like. " Bring me a plate of nails and a diet coke" the president answered.

  • ShadowStabs
    ShadowStabs 7 hours ago

    she is just a boomer.

  • Mike Reagan
    Mike Reagan 7 hours ago

    trudeau has gossipped like a woman. This dog trudeau even begged "xi jinping" and bolsonaro to shake his hands at G20 and they ignored him. What kind of leaders asking the other leaders and I m talking about chinese and brazilian leaders to shake your hand. trudeau is weak and can only talk behind the back, but face to face, he looks scared as hell.

  • davidgibson82
    davidgibson82 7 hours ago

    Either you take them back and jail them forever in a separate jihadi jail, or you make them stay in Syria or Iraq. Place an international block on their travel via fingerprint/retinal scan. It takes an international effort to block the worst of the worst from sneaking back in. I also favor the Inglorious Bastards method of scarring their forehead with symbol such as the Star of David or a Cross.

  • Shubham Ambekar
    Shubham Ambekar 7 hours ago

    Have anyone heard about Ecosia?

  • anton continental
    anton continental 7 hours ago

    Warlord Sebastián Piñera: Why have you unleashed your troops against your own people? Why hast thou given in to your worst instincts, instead of acting in the spirit of a good Christian? History will condemn you to the cesspool of bandits, crooks, assassins, torturers.

  • Aftaab TEGM
    Aftaab TEGM 7 hours ago

    What if they put cameras behind the building so that it would mirror the camera making the building look invisible.

  • Trollkiller botsmacker

    Caption reads (Who Farted?)

  • Olivier Bolton
    Olivier Bolton 7 hours ago

    and of course the press picks it up and spins some yarn over it... If only they could record what is actually said or even thought in private... At least Trump always says what he thinks in mystery there! straight up!

  • B B
    B B 7 hours ago

    He will take them ALL BACK and he will allow the isis fighters to SPONSOR their friends into europe! Its a classic TROJEN HORSE

  • Peter Rezba
    Peter Rezba 7 hours ago

    That thing with Trudeau and Trump you can see the whole World is NOT laughing at Trump. Even Marcon is having huge protests the past couple of days Trudeau's economy is going backwards

  • True Human
    True Human 8 hours ago

    Do not let yourself be hit by your police. Your government and the police do not respect you ! You should fire all your politicians ..

  • Isaiah Kyler
    Isaiah Kyler 8 hours ago

    Electric cars cost too much. That's the answer, plain and simple.

  • C Alex
    C Alex 8 hours ago

    Who ever made this did not read statistics

  • Frank Muniz
    Frank Muniz 8 hours ago

    Mi presidente! Trump 2020🇺🇸

  • Captain Diggler
    Captain Diggler 8 hours ago

    'Don't mess with me' . . . . she does know some MMA moves ...right?

  • Xperia Arc
    Xperia Arc 8 hours ago

    when compared with Hong kong police, French police is very polite and civilized...the suspect was free by his team too.

  • Terry Weston
    Terry Weston 8 hours ago

    Call me old fashioned but that is not a face filled with love, let alone a heart.

  • Trollkiller botsmacker

    Gossip about trump was on hand. And well deserved.

    PINK & BLUE 8 hours ago

    nasa could send man to moon.......they even kicked pluto out of the...system...

  • TNR
    TNR 8 hours ago

    So that's how the dab came about.

  • Hanna Pyrkh
    Hanna Pyrkh 8 hours ago

    His socks bother me

  • Charlie
    Charlie 8 hours ago

    Hongkong is not China... but it is part of China.

  • Rugged Man
    Rugged Man 8 hours ago

    It was America who said about wmd wasn't it?

  • SRLP Photography
    SRLP Photography 8 hours ago

    That one time when TVclip algorithm works just fine!

  • Selcuk Gunduz
    Selcuk Gunduz 8 hours ago


    SBKPETE 8 hours ago

    How cool are the French, when they bring their saxophone to a riot 👏🏻

  • Len Black
    Len Black 8 hours ago

    If he was a civilian Muslim from Saudi Arabia, Trump would would call him a jihadist. You see the power that the Saudi govt. has over Trump.

  • la bont
    la bont 8 hours ago

    mardi, oligarchie tu va dérouiller

  • paul starr
    paul starr 8 hours ago

    oh were coming alreight your govt thinks its smart but we have someone on are side that they do not and thats god.... trump place them highrt until they learn just who runs the world chinas govt has become to big,too mean to greedy putin put yout dogs of war away or were coming after you taise it to 50 trump

  • Dayana Fer
    Dayana Fer 8 hours ago

    Todo es un simple Show

  • Ze
    Ze 8 hours ago

    Only French has the balls to protest .. we salute them

  • SeeU Hikari
    SeeU Hikari 8 hours ago

    Je kiffe

  • rénato Gambaccini
    rénato Gambaccini 8 hours ago

    C'est n'est pas Black blocs,c'est des citoyen en colère,simplement et en face des tarés au cerveau ramolli.

  • Tomek
    Tomek 8 hours ago

    It looks like Armagedon. 😨😨😨

  • Dominique Muriel Albertini

    Bravo les gilets jaune et noir

  • Travis Brockton
    Travis Brockton 8 hours ago

    Justin Castreau belongs in GITMO

  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz 8 hours ago

    So ugly.she should stop breathing to safe the world.

  • Dominique Muriel Albertini

    Macron assassin de son peuple Les black block c'est des flics infiltré pour casser le mouvement

  • Hilde Platz
    Hilde Platz 8 hours ago

    Our President Trump class smart great for USA. First Lady MELANIA First class best looking best dressed from all women. Look at the German Bauer and our first lady MELANIA 🇺🇸🗽🙋‍♀️🌟⭐✈

  • peanut_ 229
    peanut_ 229 8 hours ago

    I guess someone heard my mixtape

  • Illza Oosthuizen
    Illza Oosthuizen 8 hours ago


  • Laker Madness
    Laker Madness 8 hours ago

    Oh and Marc Lepine was Muslim...

  • TheSpyPatriot
    TheSpyPatriot 8 hours ago

    This is what the NWO wants. Civil War in every country.

  • Bala M
    Bala M 8 hours ago

    Empty vessels make the most noise imran Khan also like this kind of person , shouting is nothing happened.

  • Manuel G Chapa Jr
    Manuel G Chapa Jr 8 hours ago


  • Marek Jaros
    Marek Jaros 8 hours ago

    Idiota camerzysta.

  • 干干干翻墙干翻卖国贼


  • - segovia -
    - segovia - 8 hours ago

    And the two robed idiots (trumps) showed up for the queens gala. How did trump screw this one up?

  • Professor Foxtrot
    Professor Foxtrot 8 hours ago

    Referring to non-citizens who put their own interests above the law by entering the country illegally as "OUR dreamers" is the ultimate in denial.

  • Australia Isn’t reAl

    Why is macron sitting like that?

  • Brandon Mccomas
    Brandon Mccomas 8 hours ago

    I don't want death to anyone as an American I hated to see trump scheme his way into the White House and for me it showed democracy isn't what its supposed to be. But I don't want the man to die live and let live that's what I say

  • Elias D
    Elias D 8 hours ago

    just need an SUV🥰

  • stip
    stip 8 hours ago

    Why didnt trump ask about his people still protesting his position as chief frog

  • Ника Листопадова

    ,почему крестный мне шубку не купил !? Марина!

  • Alexander
    Alexander 9 hours ago

    I always do maintenance by myself, because dealerships are trying to scam you.

  • Pranay Mohanty
    Pranay Mohanty 9 hours ago

    He just wanna quit. Didn’t wanna work no more.

  • Non Ya
    Non Ya 9 hours ago

    Trump... Got to give credit where credit is due. Trump continues to ignore the facts. Looking for someone else to take responsibility for his mistakes. This President is a embarrassment to our people and nation. Most incompetent fool to slither into the oval office in 5 plus decades. May we yet prove Socrates wrong.

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 9 hours ago

    Pay for the back years? This fool in government for so long and still doesn't know how NATO's GDP defense spending works?

  • joe snake
    joe snake 9 hours ago


    • Jack Richardson
      Jack Richardson 7 hours ago

      Yes, Australian fire fighters have been going to Canada for the last few years, now that is being reciprocated. Thanks Canadians. It's going to hit 43C on Tuesday with strong winds.

  • D. L. Scruggs A Disciple Of Christ

    Hilarious " The end of the republic never looked so good " wow that's what he said people was crazy to even insinuate that then we see the only message that they had after he was gone is open borders along with a socialist government free anything and everything pretty much the lie to gather support from the crazies but Hillary didn't win now we see he wasn't kidding about our republic nor about a lot of other things that he " joked " about here and the past ones as well smh totally sick I'm even more sick knowing I took up for this guy knowing what I know now it's truly disgusting. I already know how bad my punctuation and typing skills are as well so I don't need any of the anti-bully AKA tolerant SJW to attack me over it I've already witnessed how kind and tolerant the ones further left then Hitler can be. So pls don't show me no lefty love AKA raging hatred it's not healthy I can't help it you'll are full of self hatred and pity screaming at others only makes you feel better but at the same to look even worse than you already do.