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You Had ONE JOB.. 😲
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Pregnant Text Fails
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Funniest Kid Test Answers
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Kids You Won't Believe Exist
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Expensive Fails
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Bad Friends
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Angry People Vs. Sports Cars
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Idiots Of The Internet
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  • Riza Tagalog
    Riza Tagalog 28 seconds ago

    My classmate is lefthanded and she bump at me all the times

  • Jayani Rose
    Jayani Rose 34 seconds ago

    Time school is over in 10 minutes

  • Wesley Dennison
    Wesley Dennison Minute ago

    Broooooo this game is lit

  • Skylar Beaucage
    Skylar Beaucage Minute ago

    My mom ordered a toy sniper rifle for my brothers sniper halloween costume and received a 2 inch replica rifle 😂 he still has it on a shelf

  • K Randall
    K Randall 3 minutes ago

    The reason half of these don't sound right, is because they take clips from what some of the people once said on recording

  • Kaylee Cerda
    Kaylee Cerda 3 minutes ago

    7:29 I have been doing that since I was in 3rd grade (I am in 8th grade now)

  • Egor72002 G
    Egor72002 G 3 minutes ago

    I had some really light gray leggings and they were fuzzy and like if you stretch them you could see the individual stings so I wore them to school one day and ended up getting my period 4 days early and it was really heavy and bad!!!!

  • LT Llama
    LT Llama 3 minutes ago

    ‘Tell your friends these mind tricks it will mess with their brains’ Me ‘WhAt If ThEy DoNt HaVe BrAiNs

  • Albert Sun
    Albert Sun 4 minutes ago

    The mug at 4:03 is sooooo poorly made, when a left handed person drinks with there left hand, it’s facing them, not the people who need to know the information.

  • Consuelo Ruiz
    Consuelo Ruiz 4 minutes ago

    A song coma on and said wow wow wow wow😀😀😄😄

  • Anime weeb UwU
    Anime weeb UwU 5 minutes ago

    Sure, you may be verified on Twitter, But are you verified in the eyes of god?

  • louie torres
    louie torres 6 minutes ago


  • Dogeplaysgames
    Dogeplaysgames 6 minutes ago

    He looked down at his di*k

  • Pratik's Karate stuff
    Pratik's Karate stuff 7 minutes ago

    My balls are goonna crack the ice and make 2 halves of t

  • Ya-Boi-Insanity
    Ya-Boi-Insanity 7 minutes ago

    God, 5% of Tal’s content is actual content and 95% is advertising. He has also hypnotized 80% of the commenters to have comments with 5% use in them, too. It’s really annoying.

  • Preston Stovall
    Preston Stovall 7 minutes ago

    I would kill them

  • midnight.dreams
    midnight.dreams 8 minutes ago

    if u ever see a giraffe in a zoo it's probably tal is his natural habitat

  • marina villalba
    marina villalba 9 minutes ago

    I think that Anthony wants to kiss tal XDDDD

  • boi band boi
    boi band boi 10 minutes ago

    My name is Nate😳

  • Amiyah Govain
    Amiyah Govain 11 minutes ago

    The Donald duck tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adrianne C.
    Adrianne C. 12 minutes ago

    When I went to boondocks the worker locked me in the huge claw machine as a joke, (I wanted to trade out my prize) and he couldn't get me out.

  • Uzi the gamer
    Uzi the gamer 12 minutes ago

    I want alfredo

  • VANESSA Faller
    VANESSA Faller 14 minutes ago

    Straight face people where you at😐 ----------------->

  • Ruby Scott
    Ruby Scott 14 minutes ago

    There is zero for 10, 20, 30 and its not like there's a 100 candle!

  • Potato_edits
    Potato_edits 14 minutes ago

    99.9% of the comments about Wendy's 0.1% AKA me about the naruto clip lol sorry

  • Eh Soe Tha
    Eh Soe Tha 15 minutes ago

    you forgot about the other kid who got stuck between the walls

  • : Slugoboy
    : Slugoboy 16 minutes ago

    It just has to poop into the earth

  • Brian Leonard
    Brian Leonard 16 minutes ago

    Tal: ‘Daddy’s got ya! Daddy’s got ya!’ Me: ‘Come get me, daddy!’ 😂😂😂😂

  • Dalina Lopez
    Dalina Lopez 16 minutes ago

    I was forced to miss a boy worst day ever😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Dillon Mangus
    Dillon Mangus 17 minutes ago

    The first guy

  • Dillon Mangus
    Dillon Mangus 17 minutes ago

    I love this gut

  • manuelyn go
    manuelyn go 17 minutes ago

    Teacher:What is the meaning of PEMDAS Me:Please Excuse My Dope Ass Swag Teacher:So you have chosen death

  • F6 Dino
    F6 Dino 17 minutes ago

    He gonna break his phone at 4:46

  • Brando Martinez
    Brando Martinez 17 minutes ago

    I couldnt stop laughing last night......

  • DiamondDragon Gaming
    DiamondDragon Gaming 18 minutes ago

    Alfredo: I can never get stuck Me: your stuck *up there*

  • Elise Reade
    Elise Reade 19 minutes ago

    Tal has a hydroflasksksksk

  • Jake The Slayer
    Jake The Slayer 20 minutes ago

    7:42 Wait! You can turn that around?!!

  • Jeremiah Diegel
    Jeremiah Diegel 22 minutes ago

    I can put my tongue on my nose

  • GrannyOK Style
    GrannyOK Style 22 minutes ago

    Dude it looks as though you drew in your eyebrows... they’re so symmetrical to each other

    THEXKILLERS 500 23 minutes ago

    Mrs puff

  • Bryan Tanner
    Bryan Tanner 23 minutes ago

    Over population somebody call thanos

  • Fun Doodlez!
    Fun Doodlez! 23 minutes ago

    I already know the soda one

  • i FOoder
    i FOoder 23 minutes ago

    2:38 wth nothing changes she's still black!!☻

    FD FR4GBOY 23 minutes ago

    All 13.9m people that are subscribe you are the best

  • FaZe Paint
    FaZe Paint 23 minutes ago

    Fall into lava

  • DiamondDragon Gaming
    DiamondDragon Gaming 24 minutes ago

    In the claw I got a ball

  • KennethJohn xxx
    KennethJohn xxx 24 minutes ago

    Tall their is invisible floors they placed in the water

  • Cassi Temple
    Cassi Temple 25 minutes ago

    When you said that's not climb into the balls that sounded very wrong LOL

  • Molly Borick
    Molly Borick 25 minutes ago

    My friend licked a pole cause I told her that it was her crushes d**k

  • makayla Bostic
    makayla Bostic 25 minutes ago

    Go flirt with a Starbucks employe

  • Arc 117
    Arc 117 25 minutes ago

    I’m not “alfredo” sharks (I am sorry)

  • died psycho potato
    died psycho potato 27 minutes ago

    I can do all of them but juggle and lick my elbow and I can put the back of my knee on my shoulder

  • Mythicalinfinitegalaxy
    Mythicalinfinitegalaxy 28 minutes ago

    Wait he f the earth is flat how do we have a core in the middle

  • Keagan Hood
    Keagan Hood 28 minutes ago

    For the shoes one, my sister has had that happen to her before

  • George Calhoun
    George Calhoun 28 minutes ago

    Welp see yall in the big house

    • George Calhoun
      George Calhoun 25 minutes ago

      Goes to police station me: I have a confession to make them:? Me:I curse and I have a sharpie *pulls out sharpie * take me AWAY BOIs!

  • EPic Fat
    EPic Fat 29 minutes ago

    The old days when I knew about him but didn't watch him, I regret it

  • Xchris. Fornite_ninjapr
    Xchris. Fornite_ninjapr 30 minutes ago


  • Charissa Buxton
    Charissa Buxton 30 minutes ago

    Zoinks allfrado buzzers stoke bens

  • Amber West
    Amber West 30 minutes ago

    Huh........ that's me that was spoiled

  • The Nighmare Before Chrismas

    I need subway

  • Yung Thong
    Yung Thong 32 minutes ago

    MOST of these are bullshit and Australia doesn’t have camels

  • A YouTube person
    A YouTube person 33 minutes ago

    I got a phone online and I just got a box 2000 dollars down the toile

  • RandyLeftHandy
    RandyLeftHandy 33 minutes ago

    They should have just been reaction youtubers so they don't actually have to work for a living and just piggy back off other people's content.

  • Marie Dianne Aucoin
    Marie Dianne Aucoin 33 minutes ago


  • Kate Green
    Kate Green 35 minutes ago

    I love you❤️

  • Infinity Zeno
    Infinity Zeno 36 minutes ago

    Am I tripping or as he posted this video already? The one he posted yesterday, I swear I watched the other day .. What's going on? I know for fact he's posted this one before

  • Forgotten Haters
    Forgotten Haters 36 minutes ago

    Because he did not have the ring on

  • Cloud Wing
    Cloud Wing 36 minutes ago

    I wouldnt care if i was stuck in the claw machine- i’d be like «you aint gettin em»

  • Ian Medina
    Ian Medina 36 minutes ago


  • Jc Banana
    Jc Banana 36 minutes ago

    Is the core true or not

  • Maria Santana
    Maria Santana 36 minutes ago

    It was sad

  • Brando Martinez
    Brando Martinez 37 minutes ago

    Me:caylus calm down Caylus: OHHHHHHHH me: IFCNJUTFVNJJHCXRFHBUG

  • adri ceba
    adri ceba 38 minutes ago

    My bestfriend left my school now i suffer from deppresion(hes now not answering my phone and he went to school with my enemy and i cant spell good i used to be able to spell good)

  • Amiyah Govain
    Amiyah Govain 38 minutes ago

    These are halarious🤣🤣🤣🤣 especially caylus🤣🤣🤣

  • Iamthewalrus Coocoocatu
    Iamthewalrus Coocoocatu 38 minutes ago

    "Lets go beat up some 6th grader." Me: "Oh no I'm a 6th grader I dont need this already..." *hides in bathroom along with the other 6th graders.*

  • RandyLeftHandy
    RandyLeftHandy 40 minutes ago

    The acting here is hilariously bad. Most of these are Photoshop, and the first was a tick infestation. I've pulled ticks off my penis before so I'm a little desensitized to them.

  • Vloxity
    Vloxity 40 minutes ago

    My brother is very tall

  • legion z
    legion z 40 minutes ago

    I'm a left hand person leave me alone were all the same n

  • Graham Farley
    Graham Farley 41 minute ago

    I am cyr

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 41 minute ago

    The last one looks like it could get flat easily or popped

  • Tin2 Games
    Tin2 Games 42 minutes ago

    I have broccoli... I know that mind trick

  • Mr. dogfish
    Mr. dogfish 42 minutes ago

    lol he said he is the only youtuber without airpods i dont have them either and i am a youtuber

  • Neil Chakravarty
    Neil Chakravarty 43 minutes ago

    Lol I knew EXACTLY as much as Tal

  • Ponloeu Keo
    Ponloeu Keo 44 minutes ago

    Side kachape

  • Daniel Daggett
    Daniel Daggett 45 minutes ago

    Vegan: Did God tell you that?Me: Yes... Yes He did!!lol

  • K Cow
    K Cow 46 minutes ago

    I think I’m a sofa Me: 😳🤔🤦‍♀️

  • Kristy Rodriguez
    Kristy Rodriguez 46 minutes ago

    Like and comment if you agree

  • MissGlitterMedic15
    MissGlitterMedic15 46 minutes ago

    My parents left me at a rest stop in a different state on a road trip....

  • Vitalis The Alpha Female Wolf

    Meh both girls are 6yrs old and the boy is 2yrs 6*6*2=72, añd 6+6+2=14

  • bomby the creeper
    bomby the creeper 47 minutes ago

    Him: I can't make this stuff up Me: so the kid's real name is mini Tarzan ???🤔🤔🤔

  • Min Fang
    Min Fang 47 minutes ago

    Pink:girl Blue:boy Purple:both Green: triple

  • roblox master
    roblox master 48 minutes ago

    omg ya he's died!💀

  • Kristy Rodriguez
    Kristy Rodriguez 49 minutes ago

    Do a lie detector test you and free time

  • martha Thompson
    martha Thompson 49 minutes ago

    No joke

  • Zone Dron
    Zone Dron 49 minutes ago

    i have love most of my teachers except for one

  • Landon P
    Landon P 49 minutes ago

    I can lift 60 pounds and I am 8

  • Taylor Bachert
    Taylor Bachert 50 minutes ago