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  • Zoan Zound
    Zoan Zound 3 minutes ago

    Roddy: I will never sell my soul Justin Bieber: haha I don’t have a soul

  • Yasmine
    Yasmine 7 minutes ago

    Finally heard this I heard about it on the news feed on TVclip about Justin Bieber. Heard it and it’s 🔥 ok

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 9 minutes ago

    Raise your hand if you were here before 1mil

  • spicy
    spicy 10 minutes ago

    not enough is known about this one bro, shit hits

  • Victor Yu
    Victor Yu 10 minutes ago


  • 久保田遥華
    久保田遥華 15 minutes ago


  • Hannie Stories
    Hannie Stories 15 minutes ago

    Nobody: absolutely no one: Not even the roaches: Girls in class: iF wE hOp iN tHe beNz iS tHaT oKaY Me: *joining in* iS iT oKay iF I caLl yOu mY pRadA bAe

  • Kapri EATS
    Kapri EATS 15 minutes ago

    I listen to this album everyday but I’m here to make sure Justin heada** & Selena Gomez don’t become 1. I will be playing this in my sleep on.. on silent tho😂 I need quiet

  • Devin Tillman
    Devin Tillman 16 minutes ago

    We all know bone thugs n harmony are better then this

  • TheCGCDMonster
    TheCGCDMonster 17 minutes ago

    A boogie look lit in this 🔥

  • Dayday Carter
    Dayday Carter 19 minutes ago

    That intro hit different

  • Jacobtowavyy
    Jacobtowavyy 19 minutes ago

    Who’s listening to this in 2020 ?

    LOUTENITS PLAYS 20 minutes ago


  • Jacobtowavyy
    Jacobtowavyy 20 minutes ago


  • Wodchly
    Wodchly 21 minute ago

    Selena was doing too much so had to come and listen to this 20times, slatt slatt!

  • Rikka Takanashi
    Rikka Takanashi 21 minute ago

    Try and find 5 comments in a row that don’t have a “nobody:” joke.

  • SCP-939
    SCP-939 21 minute ago

    I respect that Roddy aint on that social media bullshit he let the music do the talking instead of being a fuckin fool on that clout chasing shit

  • Demonic Angle
    Demonic Angle 22 minutes ago

    You can hear a lot of autotune

  • Shaini Muzik
    Shaini Muzik 23 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who don’t know how to stream?😆😆

  • ツXplary
    ツXplary 24 minutes ago

    who else gets annoyed by the fake fans?

    • Nautical HD
      Nautical HD 4 seconds ago

      ツXplary explain what a fake fan is

  • GabeWuvsNintendo
    GabeWuvsNintendo 26 minutes ago

    Everybody sleeping on the fake laugh adlib

  • aix lien
    aix lien 26 minutes ago

    Nobody “Bie ber”

  • Kelvin Chilezi
    Kelvin Chilezi 27 minutes ago

    Ain't nobody noticed the smooth transition from The Box to the next track? 😪🔥👑

  • Dreamerplayz Strucid
    Dreamerplayz Strucid 29 minutes ago


  • MiiSKaii
    MiiSKaii 30 minutes ago

    bro... wtf am I tripping I’m hearing “ she sucked a n*gga soul, gotta cash app. “ but the lyrics say “ I won’t never sell my soul , and I can back that. “ like huh???

  • Ben Skynson
    Ben Skynson 31 minute ago

    World war III official song

  • giant dad
    giant dad 31 minute ago

    "ga mer"

  • WooF Youtube Channel
    WooF Youtube Channel 32 minutes ago


  • Dreamerplayz Strucid
    Dreamerplayz Strucid 32 minutes ago


  • le_dr
    le_dr 33 minutes ago

    I love how he dragged the immmaa get llaaaaaaaaayzzzyy Like a true lazy guy

  • Its ya boi
    Its ya boi 35 minutes ago


  • Py3llie
    Py3llie 36 minutes ago

    Nobody : Me : opens the door. The door : EEE ERR

  • Jacob Brockway
    Jacob Brockway 37 minutes ago

    If he drops a music video for this it’s easily getting 100m views

  • Blurrr
    Blurrr 38 minutes ago

    Nobody: When you go inside a classroom when it's raining hard:EEE ER

  • Roel Lassche
    Roel Lassche 39 minutes ago

    Charli left the chat

  • Unorthodox Reviews
    Unorthodox Reviews 40 minutes ago

    Keep streaming The Box Guys. We don’t want Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber to win.

  • Falkurashee
    Falkurashee 43 minutes ago

    Stream Rare! ✨

  • Andrea Renee.
    Andrea Renee. 43 minutes ago

    Azriel brought me here

  • G G
    G G 43 minutes ago


  • Lil Jay
    Lil Jay 44 minutes ago

    Why is this even blowing up? I dont even fuck with this

    DEJAVU GAMING 44 minutes ago

    18 jan 2020

  • Georgeyy69
    Georgeyy69 44 minutes ago

    I think this songs about a fridge

    KHI FRM 2SILMEYY 44 minutes ago


  • hermelinda antonio
    hermelinda antonio 47 minutes ago

    We're overlooking the zimmerman line

  • Skyler Rash
    Skyler Rash 49 minutes ago

    Came to hear what’s number one, left because this shit is literally the worst fucking trash excuse for music I’ve ever heard, holy fuck.

  • Sharumanx OG
    Sharumanx OG 49 minutes ago

    I LOVE The Melody ♥️

  • Luna Nicole
    Luna Nicole 50 minutes ago

    Media is soooo late with artists like Roddy it’s ridiculous how y’all like to hype “upcoming” artists up Roddy been killing shii since way before the dicc riding came along😴🥱🤔🤣🤣🤣 So Gtf off the radio shii cuz they be months behind

  • andrewszombie
    andrewszombie 51 minute ago

    Did you really think this guy could go up against Selena?? 🤔🤔🤔 lmao our fanbase outnumbers yall like fuckin 200 million to one lol

  • Kinorett
    Kinorett 53 minutes ago

    just searched ee urr for this

  • Naruto Uz
    Naruto Uz 53 minutes ago

    YANGGANG 2020!!! 🧢

  • Jayy Angelo
    Jayy Angelo 57 minutes ago

    #1 song 45m views

    R P SINGH 58 minutes ago

    2:11 is the moment.

  • Zach Van Harris JR
    Zach Van Harris JR 59 minutes ago

    *this song started the wild fires in Australia* 🇦🇺 🔥

  • Jamar Parker
    Jamar Parker 59 minutes ago


  • Zach Van Harris JR

    *when Kosmo Kramer comes flying in Jerry Seinfeld apartment, the door made this sound*

  • Everything is Pusha T


  • YBN Matos
    YBN Matos Hour ago

    The box=lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • colby owens
    colby owens Hour ago

    Nobody My grandma in her rocking chair:”EE ER”

  • StixIsReal
    StixIsReal Hour ago

    Sounds like a smoke alarm

  • Zach Van Harris JR

    *put my fist in her like a civil rights sign, she replied “ehh-err”* 🤛🏾

  • Dunning Kruger
    Dunning Kruger Hour ago

    Glad I’m the only one here because Justin Bieber is annoying the shit out of me with the streaming wars.

  • Zach Van Harris JR

    *got da mojo deals*

  • Kyllian Tchinda Soh

    Hyjnficzwbufbhfj kgb tja. Kfbhh. Ja gjckbgbxj💶💵☠️💪🏾

    iKNISTHEKEY Hour ago

    I love you and your songs

  • rubio2
    rubio2 Hour ago

    when he said "eeh eer" that got me woke

  • Salito
    Salito Hour ago

    I’m here cuz Selena Gomez lol and I like it

  • Scorpo
    Scorpo Hour ago

    00:3y’all mind if i clean my window

  • L̴o̴v̴e̴M̴e̴

    only 44mil? lol

  • CrisFish _YT
    CrisFish _YT Hour ago

    Nobody Absolutely nobody Not even a single soul... **Roddy wiping a window** Producer: NOW THATS A HIT!!!!

  • Farzana
    Farzana Hour ago

    I really just searched up "window wiping song" and found it 💀

  • happy knight
    happy knight Hour ago

    i'm getting DON TOLIVER vibes from this...

  • Disco Gamer
    Disco Gamer Hour ago

    I literally searched Eeu Uur to find this song.

  • Moin Abbas
    Moin Abbas Hour ago

    Im here from tiktok

  • lil clapzz
    lil clapzz Hour ago

    We got another legend lets not this one go

  • Tommyazssj
    Tommyazssj Hour ago

    nadie:clips de fortnite

  • Eli Daniel
    Eli Daniel Hour ago

    Roddy this song is hard

  • Napoleon Highbrou

    Song of the year 😂😂

  • Disco Gamer
    Disco Gamer Hour ago

    When he said "Eee Uurr", I felt that.

  • Disco Gamer
    Disco Gamer Hour ago

    Roddy:Euu Err Selena:😭

  • Oxdox
    Oxdox Hour ago

    EE RR

  • back to Nature
    back to Nature Hour ago

    In fact today music are horrible

  • Alicia Phillips
    Alicia Phillips Hour ago

    E EER

  • Marina And The Little devils is my icon

    Flop of the decade, don't come for Selena when you are a nobody with 1M subs. Selena is slaying

  • MechaBlade
    MechaBlade Hour ago

    ee err

  • Panda Squad
    Panda Squad Hour ago

    Roddy rich winning cuz I play this shit repeat on gang!!!!

  • ちんザム
    ちんザム Hour ago


  • Jay Rodriguez
    Jay Rodriguez Hour ago

    this whole album fye. 🔥💕

  • No shit Sherlock


  • Joogie and Birdie

    This is a very overrated song