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Sleep Well
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The Voice Man | ASMR
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Gummy Bears Tasting ASMR
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Solitaire | ASMR
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The Man | ASMR
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Halloween ASMR 2019
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The Last Record Shop | ASMR
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The Nothing Unboxing | ASMR
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Tasting Raw Onions | ASMR
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Lunch with Dave | ASMR
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The Reset | ASMR
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The Candy Man #13 | ASMR
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The Movie Man #1 (ASMR)
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Relax with Jesus! (ASMR)
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The Video Game Man | ASMR
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The Nothing Man | ASMR
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Patient 94070255 | ASMR
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The Muffin Man | ASMR
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Mr. Crinkle's Secrets | ASMR
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Grandpa's Radio | ASMR
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Hand Drill ASMR
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The Music Man | #1 | ASMR
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When Corvus Gets Mad
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The Nut Man | ASMR
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The Everything Man | ASMR
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The ASMR Crinkle Flute
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The Binaural Shed | ASMR
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A Day in the Life of Brain
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My Hidden Agenda
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ASMR Let's Eat Nothing!
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  • Kaleb Is Dead
    Kaleb Is Dead 21 minute ago

    I forget that Margret is played by Mr.Rift and then I remember she's actually a fully grown man bearded man

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment 22 minutes ago

    Man of true culture

  • Ignisfatuus -
    Ignisfatuus - 28 minutes ago

    "this isn't an opinion, it's really based on facts" at the very beginning of an hour long talk that is pretty much all interpretation, nice one :)

  • Carson Me call
    Carson Me call 29 minutes ago

    Day 2 of me asking for lunatic cultist asmr Sorry for the delay

  • Carson Me call
    Carson Me call 29 minutes ago

    Day 2 of me asking for lunatic cultist asmr

  • Theo W
    Theo W 31 minute ago

    “Fuck, my friends” Yes

  • Fat Unicorn
    Fat Unicorn 38 minutes ago

    This was the first video I watched of ER all those years ago 😌

  • Bowed Siren
    Bowed Siren 39 minutes ago

    “Hello there” Instant tingles. It’s been months since the last ones. 👏

  • Fat Unicorn
    Fat Unicorn 49 minutes ago

    MY N U T S A C C

  • Kvarya Kva
    Kvarya Kva 57 minutes ago

    Вау! Знаете, расслабляет хд Не думала, что такого рода ASMR хоть как то может расслабить, но теперь думаю иначе.

  • MrThidj901
    MrThidj901 58 minutes ago

    i see you then and wonder if you'd be happy to know where you are now :)

  • Alberquerqe Eggplant

    I bet Margaret is a 50% shareholder with VegeTech.

  • Ajaxx The Great
    Ajaxx The Great Hour ago

    I want to see one of the TFHS dudes just using their tin foil sheets to just make as much body armor as possible

  • Jason Lock
    Jason Lock Hour ago

    Tbh, I’ve always like how when you transition from one segment to the next you very gently say “okay”. How about a video where “okay” is the only words you use? Okay?

  • Emily ShortOne
    Emily ShortOne Hour ago

    These really do help I may even be able to stop taking medicine to be able to sleep and just listen to these a bit before I go to bed, I done so without taking the medication and I was trying to stay awake and I was able to stay asleep

  • Ghostly Wayward
    Ghostly Wayward Hour ago

    My favorite kind of pizza is this deep dish that my old job has. We'd get it with caramelized onions, and old world pepperoni, the sauce was sweet, unlike typical pizza and it was so good. The manager was terrible, but damn is that a good pizza. And. I like a tall glass of root beer or ginger ale with my pizza.

  • MikkleBlackmouse

    I keep going back to this one! Specifically I keep going back to 29:35!

  • Cathy Murphy
    Cathy Murphy Hour ago

    "They banned standing, sitting, and laying down." Everyone: Ope! There goes gravity!

  • Shinra Tensei
    Shinra Tensei 2 hours ago

    Whats your opinion on dark souls?

  • Daphneplaz Galaxy
    Daphneplaz Galaxy 2 hours ago

    We’re tired but he’s not it looks like 😂

  • Daphneplaz Galaxy
    Daphneplaz Galaxy 2 hours ago


  • Twisty
    Twisty 2 hours ago

    *communist anthem plays in the background softly and quietly*

  • Alberquerqe Eggplant

    Did he say the TFHS was founded in the 1980s? And that they do these questionnaires every year? That means it must be around the year 5640-ish in the post apocalyptic dystopian world.

  • OOF MASTER 9000
    OOF MASTER 9000 2 hours ago

    uhhhh..... ive gotten to the weirdest side of weird youtube and i love it

  • Slav Gopnik
    Slav Gopnik 2 hours ago

    Took that vodka to the head like a CHAMP!!! 🥤🥤🥤

  • Biluguinha ATÔMICA
    Biluguinha ATÔMICA 2 hours ago

    Hey i can't watch the video, the tinfoil is interfering with the wi-fi signal... *can you remove that hat please? i'm totally not a spy*

  • #Impeach Rothschild
    #Impeach Rothschild 2 hours ago

    ER is like the nice first npc that imedeatly gets killed.

  • Nerdy boi
    Nerdy boi 2 hours ago

    This is a test.... 3:10

  • Seb Bagley
    Seb Bagley 2 hours ago

    "Peter 'Tinfoil' Pete Peterson... 21st 2nd 3rd division" *I am great confusion*

  • Den Well
    Den Well 3 hours ago

    This thumbnail is rad, it reminds me of a Seek & Find game or a Hidden Object game. And then all the tapping makes my endorphins euphoric.

  • Undead Ondine
    Undead Ondine 3 hours ago

    I'm a newbie here in Riff World, and I really appreciate this explanatory video. I absolutely love The Arkham Sanatorium. Also, I'm glad you mentioned how being older effects the ASMR "tingles". I'm 42, and I rarely feel those, only a very few noises give me that feeling (although I still really enjoy ASMR), and perhaps that is why. Great video, thanks again 👍✌

  • Barney Sykes
    Barney Sykes 3 hours ago

    He looks like he’s Anne frank writing her diary

  • Hong Yu Yuan
    Hong Yu Yuan 3 hours ago

    THANK YOU for acknowledging how DISGUSTING mayonaise it. You won't catch me eating the devil's mucus anytime soon.

  • Marksman
    Marksman 3 hours ago

    Arms for you chairs, are just chairs for your arms

  • RealCoolGuy 123
    RealCoolGuy 123 3 hours ago

    He kinda sounds like a character from banjo kazooie... except really quiet

  • LogisticMars
    LogisticMars 3 hours ago


  • jack wright
    jack wright 3 hours ago

    Make a division 2 vendor asmr or a survival man asmr

  • Julie Pointer
    Julie Pointer 3 hours ago

    ER, your doing pretty darn good. Am I right? Me, well my parents died in a fire when our home burned down... Er, I am!

  • Scripty
    Scripty 3 hours ago

    looks like the entity on the hook is different than in person!

  • Julie Pointer
    Julie Pointer 4 hours ago

    Mom: What did you dream last night dear? The dream: Me: Give me T h e r a p y.

  • Farran Ellis
    Farran Ellis 4 hours ago

    G.O.A.T whisper more like death claw whisper

  • Leah Molter
    Leah Molter 4 hours ago

    There both the freaking same stop eat bullshit

  • boblithegamer
    boblithegamer 4 hours ago

    This is good

  • Tekkaras
    Tekkaras 4 hours ago

    As someone who plays tabletop WH40k, "I'm not sure is Warhammer uses dice." had me in stitches.

  • JustASketch - Animated Storytime!

    We gotta get this video renewed soon!!!!

  • Richard Endresz
    Richard Endresz 5 hours ago

    I wonder if this questionarie can be found on reddit

  • 锅大侠
    锅大侠 5 hours ago


  • Scripty
    Scripty 5 hours ago

    those 137 likes are all the killers that are waiting in line

  • Monokummunist
    Monokummunist 5 hours ago

    I noticed something really awesome here. You see, the first time E.R. says the name "Pokémon" is at 1:51, while the first games had a total of... That's right. *151* mons. Now go watch the video instead of reading the comments.

  • Ghostly Wayward
    Ghostly Wayward 5 hours ago

    My favorite meal of all time is spaghetti in tomato sauce, with fried Italian sausage crumbled into it and a lightly buttered slice of Texas toast, and a light salad (shredded lettuce with a little vinegar) and a big cup of diet root beer. I absolutely love spaghetti, and i feel like that's the best way to serve it. But I'm also partial to chilli cheese fries, chilli with a slice of homemade corn bread crumbled in it, I also really like a good homemade pizza with my mom's Crust recipe. I like my pizza with chicken and sauteed onions. But above all. I like spaghetti with a good slice of Texas toast to pile pasta and meat onto. But I'll eat about anything. There's only a small handful of things I don't like. And it's typically a texture problem. (Like, i don't like meatloaf, or cooked mushrooms, or jello/jelly) I'm also a fan of dessert. I like a good piece of English toffee, I like raspberry dark chocolate ice cream, or a nice cup of banana pudding.

  • this is a mistake oh well get the bleach

    Him: *gets close to me* Me: get away from me before I slap the dog shit out of you and that mask

  • NFSMAN50
    NFSMAN50 5 hours ago

    It's jesus himself in the flesh

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes 5 hours ago

    Source 3 lookin hella realistic

  • heil hitler
    heil hitler 5 hours ago

    this is not indian food this is kurdish food biryani 🖤

  • Mehrab Apurba ❶
    Mehrab Apurba ❶ 5 hours ago

    wtf! i'm unsubscribing

  • daniel stout
    daniel stout 6 hours ago

    Joel Osteen works with the city of Houston (mayor, city council, ect) Before the hurricane, Joel asked the mayor if they wanted to use Lakewood Church as a shelter. The Mayor produced photos of the church which used to be the Astrodome. These photos showed the entire inside of the dome under water a decade earlier during a pidly tropical storm. Lakewood church has a glass ceiling. The absolute WORST place to be during a hurricane. There was a shelter 2 DAMN BLOCKS from there and if it filled up, then people would have been allowed into Lakewood Church. That Church helps millions of people and they NEVER ask for money and Osteen takes no salary and spends all his time preaching the Word of God while all you do is bitch and moan and slander him for being a charlatan. This makes you a puppet of the dark arts by trying to extinguish someone that just teaches about GOD'S love and ACTUALLY puts his money where his mouth is. And quit yelling all the time. It proves that your just monologing your same old tired ass points. Quit running from Jesus. Peace brother.

  • Александр Грачёв

    Тут русские есть? А так: ПРИВЕТ КОММУНИСТАМ!

  • Necro_TV
    Necro_TV 7 hours ago

    Me:*plays asmr* My parents:*play strictly come dancing at max volume* Me:(-_-)

  • Nick Wessels
    Nick Wessels 7 hours ago

    Cuthulu forbid?!? LOL

  • Jan Wiśniewski
    Jan Wiśniewski 7 hours ago

    bad accent, plokhoy aktsent

  • Madzia Pan
    Madzia Pan 8 hours ago

    buahahha u kidding me ? :D

  • XEN0KX
    XEN0KX 8 hours ago

    I love onions too

  • cbp105
    cbp105 8 hours ago

    This needs to be added to the "Tin Foil Hat Society" playlist.

  • Серый кот
    Серый кот 8 hours ago

    Настоящий русский мужчина , даже больше чем я )👍

  • DinoPlayz
    DinoPlayz 8 hours ago

    its a kevin

  • Afif Gaming
    Afif Gaming 9 hours ago

    Evening?Morning?Afternoon? WHO SLEEPS AT NIGHT?

  • Droopy 82
    Droopy 82 9 hours ago

    Beast Man 2020

  • Russian Boi
    Russian Boi 9 hours ago

    I need more bread.

  • Da Blue Sanic
    Da Blue Sanic 9 hours ago

    Wooden balls in it Me-2019

  • Justin Heilke
    Justin Heilke 9 hours ago


  • Trevor Roberts
    Trevor Roberts 9 hours ago

    Hey Rift, you should do a video where you read off your favorite / best / strangest comments on your videos. You could call them whisperings of the elder gods

  • The Awsomity
    The Awsomity 9 hours ago

    My dude has cosplayed idiots, geniuses, communists, Jesus himself, arkham asylum patients and more. I want to see him cosplay an inanimate object since he went and did everything.

  • Zyco 26315
    Zyco 26315 9 hours ago

    I went from listening to gangster rap music to this....

  • GD Tacos
    GD Tacos 9 hours ago

    11:51- 12:43 Why yes I have, if I remember, it happened about 2 weeks ago

  • I Like Terrains
    I Like Terrains 10 hours ago

    Anyone want to make a tinfoil hat society discord based off of these videos?

  • 08スターリン
    08スターリン 10 hours ago

    Lemme call exorcism department

  • Narabadee Chewasuwan
    Narabadee Chewasuwan 10 hours ago

    Do a tunnel snake asmr

  • Ok Boomer
    Ok Boomer 10 hours ago

    Стив хуйс

  • Kgsdfif4ik2e2
    Kgsdfif4ik2e2 11 hours ago

    А мой батя такие брал где то

  • Emily Sylvia Sun
    Emily Sylvia Sun 11 hours ago

    I just feel like I'd fancy about dating Corvus. What a warm person he is! <3

  • Official Tumbler
    Official Tumbler 11 hours ago


  • Narabadee Chewasuwan
    Narabadee Chewasuwan 12 hours ago

    "Dum goat" haha

  • Recruity Boiii
    Recruity Boiii 12 hours ago

    Is it me or was the center of his hard boiled egg lime green?

  • Hannah Bedwell
    Hannah Bedwell 12 hours ago

    Albanese Gummy bears are my favorite. Far more superior to all other gummies.

  • HECU Marine Romeo 2-4
    HECU Marine Romeo 2-4 12 hours ago

    I got an ad for Christmas then the intro he singing a Christmas song

  • Sterling
    Sterling 12 hours ago

    The mention of the Girl Scouts as a nefarious organization just makes me think of the milkman level from Psychonauts.

  • Luis Muñoz
    Luis Muñoz 12 hours ago

    If you don't drink the vodka He will drink you

  • Gelics
    Gelics 12 hours ago

    Chiken leg biss

  • The Gamer Dragon
    The Gamer Dragon 12 hours ago

    This the season

  • kyleman127
    kyleman127 13 hours ago

    I love your questionnaire videos one of my favs

  • 2 D
    2 D 13 hours ago

    *I put a whole bag of gummy bears up my ass*

  • Deruzzi
    Deruzzi 13 hours ago

    In x2 speed it sound like scratching ur nails on the wall

  • SAINT180
    SAINT180 13 hours ago

    Ever since ive gotten into your videos. I knew i wasnt going to miss this years TFHS. Great Vid, slept like a baby

  • Civil Protection Unit
    Civil Protection Unit 14 hours ago

    I am an intellectual. I watch rigor mortis.

  • howardCooper42 stan
    howardCooper42 stan 14 hours ago

    my name is there 49:20

  • Samuelferguson20
    Samuelferguson20 14 hours ago

    1:40 - 4:00 waking up at 6:00 am to open the Christmas presents while everyone is asleep

  • Dark ness
    Dark ness 15 hours ago

    nobody: nothing birds when they find a camera: 7:43

  • Mr. Was geht Sie dass an

    He‘s looking like james blond 007

  • GamerChanel cash
    GamerChanel cash 16 hours ago


  • FrozeDoge Productions
    FrozeDoge Productions 16 hours ago

    Wow I thought he was playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild 😅