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  • Roel Buentello
    Roel Buentello 7 minutes ago

    Get some American forces

  • Ev's Auto repair and street Rods builds

    Looks good to me ,help this old man build a Plymouth Wagon that stolen over 30 years a go, It had a 440 with a blower set up.

  • all mighty great 1
    all mighty great 1 26 minutes ago

    Hose down floor to hold down dust before paint

  • Michael Cronk
    Michael Cronk 27 minutes ago

    Are you guys interested in selling it

  • Hornless User
    Hornless User 33 minutes ago

    American Outlaw Buckshot

  • Q Can
    Q Can 48 minutes ago

    Hey...Mullet Man or Penis Painter or whatever the new guy is called has a Canadian twin. See Zip Ties and Bias Plies Jan 17 video around 37 min mark. One is too many!!!

  • BaggerBro
    BaggerBro 49 minutes ago


    ATVRACEWORLD 55 minutes ago

    Turned out good

  • atheywa
    atheywa Hour ago

    I could have lived a long, happy life without ever seeing Westen's ass crack

  • Nicolas Thurman
    Nicolas Thurman Hour ago

    Are you guys going to do a price summary? and for rims, I don't know if you like the rims on the limited ram 2500 models but you could throw those on the Cummins.

  • ahilker
    ahilker Hour ago


  • Josh Wright
    Josh Wright Hour ago

    fuel avenger wheels

  • Josh Guay
    Josh Guay Hour ago

    Why arent you fellers painting all the window pillars for the doors? You are only going to have one door (the replaced door) with a painted window pillar 😅

  • Stephanie Snodgrass
    Stephanie Snodgrass 2 hours ago


  • Ed Co
    Ed Co 2 hours ago

    No black rims my god every time dick and Harry has black rims Red looks great with bright aluminum Sell it to me I’ll give it a nice home in Canada

  • Clint Wynia
    Clint Wynia 2 hours ago

    Dick Cepek Black DC-2 Aluminum Wheels

  • Alex Drake
    Alex Drake 2 hours ago

    Nice job

  • Ja Wa
    Ja Wa 2 hours ago

    He likes doing what cops want

  • CACressida
    CACressida 2 hours ago

    The door needs to be adjusted to close that horrible gap up front.

  • Scott Summerton
    Scott Summerton 2 hours ago

    Try the Tuff Country 2” level 32909 and the Fuel Crush 561 in 18”or 20” with a 35” Toyo RT

  • Jordan Gidzinski
    Jordan Gidzinski 2 hours ago

    Woah got the next Luke combs over here

  • Nathan Peterson
    Nathan Peterson 2 hours ago

    When are you going to finish your big truck

  • Bryan Causey
    Bryan Causey 2 hours ago

    Westen, How Do I Get A G. W. Cap? Thanks

  • Molly Magee
    Molly Magee 2 hours ago

    Moto Metal wheels

  • Brass Rainbow
    Brass Rainbow 3 hours ago

    Ain’t seen that much crack since National Geographic filmed drug’s inc Lmmfao

  • Austin S
    Austin S 3 hours ago

    What your finally gonna start on the cummstang

  • Brandon Shusteric
    Brandon Shusteric 3 hours ago

    I need them wheels! I can't find a set near me

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 3 hours ago

    Great job Westen, but lose the mullet guy. Waylon is all the sidekick you need.

  • Nick 04
    Nick 04 3 hours ago

    Now all you need to do is try and match the black plastic trim on the door panel. That'll complete the look.

  • Jonathan Mocan
    Jonathan Mocan 3 hours ago

    My favorite part was the bull

  • copenhage 18
    copenhage 18 3 hours ago

    Have we forgotten something? Perhaps the passenger side door mirror 😂

  • Markus Ridener
    Markus Ridener 4 hours ago

    Need to get rid of the new young kid

  • Trevor Duysen
    Trevor Duysen 4 hours ago

    y’all need to do a vid on the mustang and the square body

  • Richard Mann
    Richard Mann 4 hours ago

    Looks good to me. Make it easy to find in a parking lot. HA!!!

  • Rick Woolson
    Rick Woolson 4 hours ago

    Ol' Westin could paint a weedwacker and I'd still love watching. Love that good ol' boy. When I get a notification that he posted a new video I leave work saying I'm sick so I can watch! 😄 Keep up the great videos brother

  • dragonmaster6769
    dragonmaster6769 4 hours ago

    What happened to the blue peterbelt 🤔

  • Willy Sass
    Willy Sass 4 hours ago

    Where's the big beautiful blue peterbilt

  • Levi Butler
    Levi Butler 4 hours ago

    Lesson learned to paint something small before you paint your body panels

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson 4 hours ago

    Did you ever finish the Mustang or the Peterbilt?

  • Anthony Nelson
    Anthony Nelson 4 hours ago

    My Ram 3500 went into limp mode and I threw a couple of Viagra down the dipstick tube and the input shaft grew 3 inches longer and now it works like it has a shift kit in it.

  • Gabe Dalley
    Gabe Dalley 4 hours ago

    Westen brother when ya gonna finish the blue peter? I’m dying to see the finished truck.

    CODY RICKMAN 4 hours ago

    Remington wheels are awesome! Their are not that bad on price either. 35s on a set of Remington 20s would be slicker then that paint job

  • DaddytechEnt
    DaddytechEnt 4 hours ago

    *now THAT's more like it! a good wet sand and buffing of the whole truck to remove even the factory orange peel and that thing will be BEAUTIFUL! looks good now but even better after a good all over wet sand and buff. As for the wheels Vision makes a set that aren't really expensive and they look REALLY good on pretty much any dodge truck they are called Vison Turbine or Vision Empire turbines are machined polished aluminum and painted light gray and the Empire's are machined finished and painted black Both are a heavy duty wheel. Not sure who else carries them but discount tire is where mine are going to come from and i'm either getting those or something polished with a little bit of a deeper dish look* here are the links to both www.discounttire.com/buy-wheels/vision-empire www.discounttire.com/buy-wheels/vision-turbine/p/59162

  • Mohamed Mana
    Mohamed Mana 4 hours ago

    Hey I have question regarding first time 1/2 ton truck buyer what do you recommend the F-150 or the Ram

  • Stevie Batchelor
    Stevie Batchelor 4 hours ago

    Moto Metal Black MO962 Wheels

  • DANIEL mota
    DANIEL mota 4 hours ago

    this dude has a great outlook on life

  • Keith Melton
    Keith Melton 4 hours ago

    I love your content, and if my best friend would let me send a pic of him, you could be reunited with your doppelganger lol,

  • jasonj411
    jasonj411 4 hours ago

    Wheels... Fuel Covert D695 They would look awesome

  • da09cheyenne
    da09cheyenne 4 hours ago

    Mr. Champlin the kid has to go. Please keep him out of your videos. He serves no purpose and is really annoying.

  • Thomas Brustad
    Thomas Brustad 5 hours ago

    Great job!!

  • plowboypg
    plowboypg 5 hours ago

    Your respirator only works if you are clean shaven. Safety first.

  • Rrhonda Sipe
    Rrhonda Sipe 5 hours ago


  • Mat
    Mat 5 hours ago

    Black Rhino Armory’s!

  • AngeliqueKaga
    AngeliqueKaga 5 hours ago

    So had the kid with the mullet have a brain? He doesn't follow direction very well does he?

  • mrkrzt
    mrkrzt 5 hours ago

    Good job! I think Waylon put some of his chew liquid in paint that's why it matched so well! Lmao

  • Thomas Fagan
    Thomas Fagan 5 hours ago

    Moto metal gloss black with polished aluminum accents.

  • Dusty Farmer
    Dusty Farmer 5 hours ago

    Hey Westen, You could name your new shop "Coin slot custom paint & panel".

  • Dallas McDowell
    Dallas McDowell 5 hours ago

    At least you're wearing a respirator but like me you have a beard and I was always told to shave to prevent paint fumes with hardener from leaking in and poisoning my lungs. I'm retired now but suffer from shortness of breath whenever I walk very far or do any lifting. Take care of yourself when you are young. Also thin your paint when spraying for better quality spray pattern and color. Thin enamel with reducer and lacquer with thinner or maybe things have changed since I last painted a vehicle. Apparently no one who knows anything about painting watches your videos judging by the lack of creative comments. And as far as wheels and tires Dodge a;ready put good ones on there for you, save your hard earned dollars.

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 5 hours ago

    Do something with that black plastic on the door it sticks out like a sore Thumb

  • Chazz Delgado
    Chazz Delgado 5 hours ago

    my birthday is on Jan 17, 2020

  • Bev Earle
    Bev Earle 5 hours ago

    Great job Westin turned out good

  • William Brown
    William Brown 5 hours ago

    Looks Good

  • wallace gardner
    wallace gardner 5 hours ago

    you get A+

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 5 hours ago

    You should have sprayed in box liner 👍

  • AngeliqueKaga
    AngeliqueKaga 5 hours ago

    So where is the missing Chrome Weston?


    6inch rough country lift with 35s would be awesome

  • Ronald Hagan
    Ronald Hagan 5 hours ago

    It,s about time you do something right. Lol

  • Sean Wainwright
    Sean Wainwright 6 hours ago

    Bmf Novakanes in black and chrome

  • John Berryhill
    John Berryhill 6 hours ago

    Wes, you are “The Man!”

  • Rockbucket Motoring
    Rockbucket Motoring 6 hours ago

    I just put Fuel Contra wheels on my 2019 ram 2500. There's a video of it at Rockbucket Motoring on TVclip. Thanks.

  • K.E.J
    K.E.J 6 hours ago

    When are we going to see the completed peterbilt? You kinda left us hanging on seeing it 100%. All of its chrome and glory with the shiny new paint.

  • decent_1st_gen
    decent_1st_gen 6 hours ago

    That turned out perfect! Maybe I should hire you to paint my truck haha

  • Roger Meldal
    Roger Meldal 6 hours ago

    What is the song playing while you are painting the truck?

  • David Elsea
    David Elsea 6 hours ago

    Ice princess

  • Julian Mcguigan
    Julian Mcguigan 6 hours ago

    man i really want to see you guys use this as your daily when its finished but your super duty exists-

  • ken frazier
    ken frazier 6 hours ago

    how cold was it ?

  • Austin Householder
    Austin Householder 6 hours ago

    The door pillar on the painted door is red but the stock door pillar is supposed to be black

  • bd O
    bd O 7 hours ago

    Nice job but could have left only see one side of truck at a time,kidding

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 7 hours ago

    Throw some crager ss wheels on it! It'll match perfect

  • Ethan Hollis
    Ethan Hollis 7 hours ago

    Get some bf Goodrich tires

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck 7 hours ago


  • Sono Taoreta
    Sono Taoreta 7 hours ago

    Just don't lift the front and not the back, i never understand why people just lift the front of the vehicle

  • Jeffrey Reyes
    Jeffrey Reyes 7 hours ago


  • Ethan Hollis
    Ethan Hollis 7 hours ago

    When is the next peterbilt video

  • Simon The Broken
    Simon The Broken 7 hours ago

    Go bull, go bull. Kick his butt.

  • Andrew Peterson
    Andrew Peterson 7 hours ago

    Love how what ever Westin is doing his red handle side cutter is always on his hip! Paint job looks good. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck 7 hours ago


  • mrsockyman
    mrsockyman 7 hours ago

    oh buddy, that is one nice paint job, glad you were able to get it fixed!

  • Roger Sherwood
    Roger Sherwood 7 hours ago

    I know it’s hard, but, try to keep it classy.

  • John Campochiaro
    John Campochiaro 7 hours ago

    You did a good job. Truck looks fantastic.

  • WeThePeople HaveSpoken

    That his favorite lollipop in tape LOL

  • Jude Anthony
    Jude Anthony 8 hours ago

    Go to custom offsets.com the specialize in truck suspension wheels and tires

  • 6stargachaperson
    6stargachaperson 8 hours ago

    It will

  • Javier Escuella
    Javier Escuella 8 hours ago

    Put those hats 🧢 for sale, definitely want couple for me. (but please don't over price them like other channels)

  • Mr Pineapples
    Mr Pineapples 8 hours ago

    Come on down to peerless in wichita Kansas I will get you some thing you like

  • Jump Jasper
    Jump Jasper 8 hours ago

    Stock steel rims, moons,beauty rings. Level the front, leave 18inch tires. Make it your Sunday rig for taking mother to church

  • 6stargachaperson
    6stargachaperson 8 hours ago

    Give it a new paint job it should be honest green

  • David Lagle
    David Lagle 8 hours ago

    Spot on color match! Kuddos to all y’all boys! Looking sharp brother! Keep it up. Love your videos.

  • Frank Griffin
    Frank Griffin 8 hours ago

    Why don’t you put a clamp or something on the end of the fork to stop the chain from slipping off??

  • Jeff Parker
    Jeff Parker 8 hours ago

    Great job for a garage paint booth and not really a painter. Lose the kid that makes wieners during your tape up. Not necessary and not typical of what y’all do. Keep your channel clean.