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  • Thomas Zeng
    Thomas Zeng 11 seconds ago

    Shout-out to PhoenixSC for the pool at 5:07

  • Grimly_Faded
    Grimly_Faded 19 seconds ago

    She’s so goooooooodddddd

  • blue weew
    blue weew 4 minutes ago


  • Corbin Salinas
    Corbin Salinas 5 minutes ago

    Kill fitz

  • Durumo X
    Durumo X 7 minutes ago

    2:45 Toast: can you stop recording so I can eat

  • christian jones
    christian jones 7 minutes ago

    All i kill them all with headshots hes hacking

  • Nathan
    Nathan 10 minutes ago

    Who’s that mother f who donated 500 dollars. I wanna give him a hand shake then stab him in the back

  • one pay
    one pay 11 minutes ago

    yo are you blind poki you missed a scar

  • Retsed
    Retsed 15 minutes ago

    How do you join friends servers?

  • Alejandro Alarcon
    Alejandro Alarcon 17 minutes ago

    How was the misfits mansion?

  • Bro Yo
    Bro Yo 19 minutes ago

    No money to kill his cat

  • Jamyang Ponsar
    Jamyang Ponsar 22 minutes ago

    Pokimane: “We’re professional minecrafters!” Also poki: 3 seconds later breaks wheat with a sword

  • Joshua Joseph Manuel
    Joshua Joseph Manuel 25 minutes ago

    3:35 Thanos Fitz confirmed

  • Hamish Feast
    Hamish Feast 25 minutes ago

    She played the craft now will she get the shaft?

  • Beautiful Flower_0504
    Beautiful Flower_0504 26 minutes ago

    its my bday oct 15

  • Ethan Thomas-Tuiavii
    Ethan Thomas-Tuiavii 27 minutes ago

    I just realized we have the same birthday...May 14th

  • Nathan Herrera
    Nathan Herrera 29 minutes ago

    Poki: we did some stuff off stream My brain: *very inappropriate thoughts*

  • Wafi Arrachman
    Wafi Arrachman 35 minutes ago

    What shader she use?

  • Vashon Hayes
    Vashon Hayes 36 minutes ago

    500$ is 500$ you know🤷‍♂️

  • Beautiful Flower_0504
    Beautiful Flower_0504 38 minutes ago

    Hey poki put the price at 2,000$ ps you should do another vid with porki.

  • T Chambers
    T Chambers 38 minutes ago

    these are so behind on what i've seen from other clip channels. its almost not worth watching

  • sushi YT
    sushi YT 40 minutes ago

    He's so mean... If it was me , I will not kill the cat.

  • Warning. I Speak the Truth.

    They are both really big youtubers, especially Poki. They make good money from TVclip. You people out here wasting hundreds of dollars to them kill a pixelated cat, are idiots.

  • Caleb Gorecki
    Caleb Gorecki 42 minutes ago

    I tried it a while back and now I only eat pizza upside down

  • Aiden Haggard
    Aiden Haggard 43 minutes ago

    Rip mimi f in chat one like one prayer😂

  • family rezaie
    family rezaie 46 minutes ago

    hi guys I know your reading this just stop reading this stop it oof ; - ;

  • Silent Whizle
    Silent Whizle 47 minutes ago


  • Tyson Tovizi
    Tyson Tovizi 50 minutes ago

    Plz stop making the intro a literal spoiler for the whole vid

  • genesis friedlander
    genesis friedlander 51 minute ago

    hope i donate fitz to kill cats

  • Ivan skatez
    Ivan skatez 52 minutes ago

    All the auto-tune crys are funny🤣

  • Dbrzez
    Dbrzez 52 minutes ago

    The chicken coup goes against the engineering code of ethics

  • CH1LL Chubs243
    CH1LL Chubs243 54 minutes ago

    Goo riddins, cat was a douche bag. Stupid cat. Stinky!

  • Jiggy McJiggums
    Jiggy McJiggums Hour ago

    4:15 hey, if the shoe fitz

  • Kosta Kafantaris

    I love this series. I love you both! The whole dynamic and banter is great! keep them coming please! <3 you da besssst!

  • hiruko uchiha2987

    You should do asmr with swagger souls

  • muhammad danish fitri

    Im act isPrestonplayz and someone hack my account so yeah

  • saltymedulla
    saltymedulla Hour ago


  • larry hopper
    larry hopper Hour ago

    RIP mimi

  • Kari Root
    Kari Root Hour ago

    Im a big fan of u like her vidos I just relilisd pecucho in Bak rond😆

  • FBR LaserShotZ
    FBR LaserShotZ Hour ago

    Poki did you see fortnite event

  • zlsiuguh OUFYYU
    zlsiuguh OUFYYU Hour ago

    How fucking dare u kill mimi u basterd

  • Jude Martin
    Jude Martin Hour ago

    Poki:omg this is the best hiding spot gets imidiatly exploded by a M.E.K

  • GhostPlayz
    GhostPlayz Hour ago

    I'll tell you one thing, fitz has no remorse for killing your cats lol. I feel really bad. Now lil Garfield has no mom.

  • Ty Ledo
    Ty Ledo Hour ago

    Rip Carson

  • tom lopez
    tom lopez Hour ago

    Do you like filtz

  • infnt_8
    infnt_8 Hour ago

    Ok so does fitzs viewers have a million dollars to waste on this mans streams

  • maxi j
    maxi j Hour ago

    Can’t you just make the fence bigger?

  • santi & Tony's channel

    Came on Poki

  • Fetra
    Fetra Hour ago

    cant wait for the next episode..

  • santi & Tony's channel


  • santi & Tony's channel


  • santi & Tony's channel

    Kill his cat 🐈

  • Fausto J Rivera
    Fausto J Rivera Hour ago


  • Moner Yousf
    Moner Yousf Hour ago

    Fuck Fitz

  • Parker Oney
    Parker Oney Hour ago

    this is really the collab we all needed but didnt know we needed

  • Edgar Zavala
    Edgar Zavala Hour ago

    Copious amounts of donations🌮

  • Slauj
    Slauj Hour ago

    5:50 WATER SHEEP

  • Danny Guerrero
    Danny Guerrero Hour ago

    6:05 Always has me crying

  • santi & Tony's channel

    Y should kill his cat for 600$

  • Dylan Brown
    Dylan Brown Hour ago

    Anyone else thought that in the thumbnail it was a pig🤦‍♂️

  • santi & Tony's channel


  • Jimmy Maslaki
    Jimmy Maslaki Hour ago

    I'm really confused, I swear I've seen that exact moment of him pushing the cat in lava in another episode... I guess it was a stream highlight on another channel?

  • Trove Nova
    Trove Nova Hour ago

    When you see that dono goal hit again. Ah shit, here we go again

  • Linken Hughes
    Linken Hughes Hour ago

    When she said Michael jordon she showed a picture of someone else

  • Ivy Lou
    Ivy Lou Hour ago

    YOO, 666 COMMENTS.

  • EpicSuperCyborg 16

    How would you explain this to Gar-mi

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno Hour ago

    You should make an automatic harvester for your crops.

  • GriffE_IS _Spiffy

    You guys should make a auto farm for sheep and chickens and then keep some as pets. Also Rip Mimi. You should do a really elaborate joke on him or ask him if he remembers yuri and then he will say who’s yuri and you say yuri tarded.

  • ZandaKürohi
    ZandaKürohi Hour ago

    10 thousand

  • Mollie Reeve
    Mollie Reeve Hour ago

    Fucking stop killing the cats

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen 2 hours ago

    Live representation of chicken farms in the U.S.

  • Bat_Killer _12453
    Bat_Killer _12453 2 hours ago

    Kill his cat!!

  • Blake Brodeen
    Blake Brodeen 2 hours ago

    listen to 1:49-2:07 with ur eyes closed......like if you hear what i hear...

  • Samuel Evl zZok!
    Samuel Evl zZok! 2 hours ago

    Make the cats rate as 5k $ it wìll be okk but until mr.beast comes out

  • Genesis GBL
    Genesis GBL 2 hours ago

    fitzy why again

  • cool things
    cool things 2 hours ago

    Please the event was really awesome

  • cool things
    cool things 2 hours ago

    And also your beautiful

  • cool things
    cool things 2 hours ago

    Go back to fortnite

  • phoenix master mc vid

    Poor child his mom died in lava to his grandfather R.I.P mimi

  • asian koopa
    asian koopa 2 hours ago

    o she 1.5 asian

  • Electric Anims
    Electric Anims 2 hours ago

    tiny zombie riding a chicken

  • ThePink Llama
    ThePink Llama 2 hours ago

    Poki I’m sorry but last I remember you studied chemical engineering......wrong type of engineering but I ain’t judging. Engineering is engineering

  • OfficialMr Lonely
    OfficialMr Lonely 2 hours ago

    Lol Fitz Minecraft vids are just him killing pets

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 2 hours ago

    And to think the last thing poki saud to her cat was that she was so lazy this is a lesson always tell the people you love that you love them

  • ThePink Llama
    ThePink Llama 2 hours ago

    Well this marriage has taken a turn

  • Infamous Productions

    sooo does anyone knows what song she was playing at 0:08


    Ok but are we as their fan base ruining the chances of a relationship?

  • Icarus
    Icarus 2 hours ago

    fitz is the biggest couch sleeper

  • Mollie Reeve
    Mollie Reeve 2 hours ago

    Fitz is being a jerk about the cats. Like, every time someone asks him to, he kills one, cold hearted, but then gets upset when Poki does the same thing. And honestly, killing animals like cats, and sheep when you don't need to, why would anyone do that

  • Danielle Thompson
    Danielle Thompson 2 hours ago

    Whiteive57 is my name

  • Dankfuhrer
    Dankfuhrer 2 hours ago

    Chad Goose

  • literallyMJ
    literallyMJ 2 hours ago

    2:04 is code word for they smashed lol

  • Adan Soares
    Adan Soares 2 hours ago

    If you place carpet on your llamas they get clothes :)

  • Justin Gtoi
    Justin Gtoi 2 hours ago

    Hi pokimane I love your vids hope you have a good night my gamer tag is coolgod447 thanks for being nice to everyone

  • jphuertas7
    jphuertas7 2 hours ago

    Im know that im come soo late but i want that u know that i love u❤

  • Tom Tasker
    Tom Tasker 2 hours ago

    Quality content of just nothing but cat slaughter.... maybe try diving?

  • yoga dwi
    yoga dwi 2 hours ago

    What is the song called at the cat breeding scene?

  • FaZe Hamliz
    FaZe Hamliz 2 hours ago

    1 dollar to kill his pet

  • Clinton Blackwell
    Clinton Blackwell 2 hours ago


  • Clinton Blackwell
    Clinton Blackwell 2 hours ago

    Make a part 7 tomorrow