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  • drteritori
    drteritori Hour ago

    that kid, with blonde short hair? i see a big potential in him

  • Zali Becquerel
    Zali Becquerel Hour ago

    I love this! So quaint. Although turning a wheelbarrow into a barbecue is pretty ghetto. Almost as bad-ass as using a shopping trolley as a grill.

  • KB1523
    KB1523 Hour ago

    I live and work in Luton, this man was dead right.From Gypsy Romanians to violent black gangs, from eastern europeans to extremist muslims, you name it, we have them.The UK's cities have become third world shitholes.

  • Dick Cheese
    Dick Cheese Hour ago

    Power Jackknife... sounds like a wrestling move, infact there is one called Jackknife Powerbomb which of course sounds similar.

  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks Hour ago

    Britain destroyed this country refusing acknowledge the smith government and putting heavy sanctions in place restricted Rhodesia , the white farmers and businesses men could have held onto everything had smith been allowed the chance to introduce an economic strategy a strategy that created jobs for black people unique to them low business rates and had he been given the chance to bring in foreign businesses with the express view that black people would benefit from , had smith been given this opportunity he would have surely given black people every opportunity of equal education and hope of having there economic skills unique to them in place further reducing economic resentment , it was always going to be the case of majority rule it’s effects could have been heavily reduced and reconciliation and respect would have been in place forever , but the UK ruined all hope of this . Pointing the finger at Rhodesia while Britain has four fingers pointing back at them ! No wonder mugabe was sent insane ! No wonder smith hated the British , they were put in there place and set up to face generations of economic decline , bitter poorly educated people stifle any economy , progressive and equality and diversity could have been in place in the 60s had Britain given a shit , makes me angry hoe the cooler of your skin determines how you are treated or the way you think also determines the way you are treated , this is the tragedy of Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 formally known as Rhodesia! The economic heart pumped so hard at the end of an era long forgotten in the early days of post colonial Africa

  • J R
    J R Hour ago

    "Outside broadcast cameras" - imagine that

  • Zeug Dings
    Zeug Dings 2 hours ago

    he was right, america should NEVER have got involved in the war

  • chris hall
    chris hall 2 hours ago

    Pure 70s gold love the little fiat 👍

  • abc news
    abc news 2 hours ago

    People can not compare Uk and Indian democracy because uk people are smart and educated moderates and Indian people are illetrate.

  • J dT
    J dT 3 hours ago

    Smith's government was perfectly legal in Rhodesia. No one in Rhodesia or SA cared what London thinks. Anyway, in the end black government turned out to utterly destroy 'Zimbabwe' as it is now also doing in South Africa. Under Smith blacks had jobs (maybe not the jobs younsters with O Levels wanted), but if they were willing to work... Today they have no jobs and are literally starving to death. They got what they deserved...

  • brunster64
    brunster64 3 hours ago

    “Old drain cover to keep things hot” - Think I’ve just lost my appetite Mary

  • Deane Lester
    Deane Lester 3 hours ago

    The resemblance to Robert Preston is uncanny! Though Preston is many times more Weasley, conniving and ideological...if we had someone like this now we could survive till next century...but they call bozo bojo hitlereque these I’m not holding out much hope

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle 3 hours ago

    When you have a dirty war then you have to be dirty yourself... politicians both sides second nature,the army, special forces, informants, extortion all the ways of making money,a hospital in northern Ireland should of cost £6 million but instead cost £65 million because of the ira...buses being bombed because they were making so much money off the black taxis just a couple of the friendly ways they made money and still in northern Ireland there non whites and I bet the provos and the others are loving that....people of northern Ireland will never go back look at the response from everyone when that journalist was killed that shows a difference.... northern Ireland is a beautiful country the country side and there coastal towns and villages are beautiful keep it that way,never go back....

  • Brian Doyle
    Brian Doyle 3 hours ago

    14.11 and all because the lady loved milk tray....

  • Damon Brunt
    Damon Brunt 3 hours ago

    Everything this man said in his speech about rivers of blood was right

  • Vikas H
    Vikas H 4 hours ago

    लोकतंत्र की हत्यारी

  • Darrell Petty
    Darrell Petty 4 hours ago

    There was a fake sense of tbe world. Oh so many people have been born out of wedlock.. How dis it happen people liked sex. Fake moral codes and lies.

  • BBC600
    BBC600 4 hours ago

    That pie at 4:33 looks amazing... shame that leaflet has been lost to time! Would be cool to have her recipe for it...

  • Ig KJI
    Ig KJI 4 hours ago

    ниче не понимаю но очень интерестно =)

  • jalloh boboh
    jalloh boboh 4 hours ago

    Racists will always be racists. Most of the comments here only focus on the actual situation of Zimbabwe and no mention about the past tyranny of a white minority. So racists, they couldn't even capture a word of what father Kennedy was saying.

  • RIYA_shadow 9999
    RIYA_shadow 9999 4 hours ago

    She so beautiful

  • Alexander Rojas
    Alexander Rojas 4 hours ago

    Not Now John Oh! Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the day down! Go, Maggie! HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER

  • biryanikebab
    biryanikebab 5 hours ago

    Unhealthy pos food

  • Gottlieb Goltz
    Gottlieb Goltz 5 hours ago

    What a person. RIP

  • Nana Malik
    Nana Malik 5 hours ago

    Its very true that Babylon truly makes the rules!Did the white woman call those Africans fighting to regain their land terrorist?Interesting

  • Beverly Hill
    Beverly Hill 5 hours ago

    My home town

  • Shubhangi Dogare
    Shubhangi Dogare 5 hours ago

    Great pm indira ji🙏🙏

  • Brandon Johnston
    Brandon Johnston 6 hours ago

    Florence was 17 when Benz made his first automobile, and 40 when the Ford Model T debuted. When this interview was taken in 1977, the fastest production car was the Lamborghini Countach, with a top speed of around 180 mph. She was 35 when the Wright Brothers first flew, and lived to see man walk on the moon when she was 101. The year of this interview, the first prototype of the Space Shuttle was flying unpowered, and cosmonauts were living in space aboard the Salyut 5 station. She was old enough to be the mother of a First World War soldier and grandmother of a Second World War one, and in fact was six years older than Churchill. She lived through six British monarchs, and was 33 when Queen Victoria died, having lived through more than half her reign. When the interview happened, Queen Elizabeth II was in the 25th year of her reign. Charles Babbage was still working on his designs for a mechanical computing device when she was born, and she lived when the first iteration of the Internet turned on in 1969. The year this interview happened, Apple was becoming a major force in the computer industry, and Atari had just released the 2600 video game console. When she was born, Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries hadn't yet been written, and the year this interview took place, the BeeGees topped the charts with Stayin' Alive. *Florence Pannel lived through the century of the most change in human history.*

  • aldof hister
    aldof hister 6 hours ago

    If the rear end was a couple inches longer that would be the coolest stationwagon ever made !

  • Jube Jubes
    Jube Jubes 6 hours ago

    hehehe love the comparison to 2019

  • Merlix Gómez Moonwalker

    omg i'M FUCKING SOFT, GORDON WAS A BABY excuse me but I must protect young Gordon at all cost

  • Serenitie3
    Serenitie3 7 hours ago

    We talk about flying cars but i feel like we would lowkey be the same if they actually existed like

    KENNETH GILMOUR 7 hours ago

    ENOUGH POWEL WAS RIGHT IN THE 60ty when he made the statement in parliament that BRITAIN would be doing the WRONG THING TO BE A MULTICULTURAL COUNTRY, And do you know that he was RIGHT

  • Mohamed Souffar
    Mohamed Souffar 8 hours ago

    israelian ,egyption wait u

  • caronica foreman
    caronica foreman 8 hours ago

    A true princess. Such elegance, grace and beauty

  • Titanic Cairo
    Titanic Cairo 8 hours ago

    حتي وانت بتكلم انجليزي ليك هيبه وجمال بلون مصري مش هيتكرر تاني بحبك ياريس 🇪🇬❤

  • gaguy1967
    gaguy1967 9 hours ago

    Mazda had a rotery engine that wasnt great MPG

  • Monsieur P.
    Monsieur P. 10 hours ago

    My maternal Grandmother’s family came from Rhodesia. It’s a hell hole now. Went to high school with a bunch of other Dutch South Africans in South Florida.

  • Snaggle Toothed
    Snaggle Toothed 10 hours ago

    I noticed they had a _THIRD_ actor playing *Winston Churchill* on Season 5 of Peaky Blinders.

  • Deee Nice
    Deee Nice 10 hours ago

    Our Superman, Go well. U were such an inspiration. I will rise to follow your steps, precept upon precept, for the betterment of our nation, 🇿🇼

  • Aaron Walderslade
    Aaron Walderslade 11 hours ago

    That lobster is RAW!!!

  • Charles McCarron
    Charles McCarron 11 hours ago

    It was always about Soviet world domination, including WW2. The USA just backed the wrong people, like Patton said.

  • 【ɐpɐɹıP ɐuɐʇıdɐC】

    I didn't send an email until... umm... few years ago xd

  • Valentino Spagnuolo
    Valentino Spagnuolo 11 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay silent like a defenseless kitten...😂😂😂 unpayable sensation...🤣🤣🤣

  • Zahra Samaregolestani
    Zahra Samaregolestani 12 hours ago

    Poor princess😔😢😔😳🙁🙁

  • Jaco Strydom
    Jaco Strydom 12 hours ago

    "not allowed to drink after 7 vs Zimbabwe were they eat rocks. Eating rocks it is.........

  • Mystik al
    Mystik al 12 hours ago

    The man was a visionary.

  • Butt Chafe
    Butt Chafe 14 hours ago

    Wake up. Race is real. Whites are more intelligent than Blacks. And Asians are more intelligent than both Whites and Blacks. Accept it.

  • Faz Finisher
    Faz Finisher 14 hours ago

    Wheres the statue for Enoch.

  • topside2
    topside2 14 hours ago

    I’m ashamed to admit this but this is the first video I’ve ever watched of him as an older man.

  • Chris Hilton
    Chris Hilton 14 hours ago

    Should see photos when she was young. Stunning, so was Unity, mad as a box of frogs but beautiful.😍

  • Robert Mugabe
    Robert Mugabe 14 hours ago

    I was hoping to catch up with Smith but sadly he's not allowed in hell.

  • Mat S
    Mat S 14 hours ago

    "im more adventurous now".. woman at 108 years old

  • starcorea
    starcorea 15 hours ago

    Since I can see there are a lot of recent comments here, I have a question for those watching this video and agreeing with Powell. If I were a white British person living in India for ten years, married to an Indian woman, and we gave birth to a child in Delhi, where should that child be brought up? Where should they be allowed to live? Of which country should they hold citizenship? Cheers

    • starcorea
      starcorea 11 hours ago

      @Zeke Edwards But that doesn't really explain what to do, as the child would be mixed race. Powell's point seems to be primarily one of race. Is the child entitled to an English or Indian upbringing? To which culture should the parents make the child conform? Which country would the child be allowed to slag off?

    • Zeke Edwards
      Zeke Edwards 12 hours ago

      obey that particular country's law , apostacise , conform to their culture, work hard there, don't speak of that country in the pejorative.and you'll be fine!

  • Doom Bunny
    Doom Bunny 15 hours ago

    Note the near universal support among Da People of Zimbabwe, then, for the switch to Majority Rule. It is a fact that the "Fighters" could ONLY exist because of that support. So. WHO is to blame for what happened to Zimbabwe? Mmmm? Obvious, is it not.

  • avinash kumar
    avinash kumar 15 hours ago

    She was an iron Lady... But her economic policies were disastrous... Salute for her decision to start nuclear program and order security forces to enter Bangladesh... But she would score a big fat 0 on economic front.....

  • Mohamed Gaper
    Mohamed Gaper 15 hours ago

    للي مايعرفش بيجو 305 من اروع واجمل واشيك واامن واريح وسياره اني احبها جدا لانها سيارتي

  • Samuele Capacci
    Samuele Capacci 15 hours ago

    Somebody could try to test the program sent at the credits?

  • Bob ap Bob
    Bob ap Bob 15 hours ago

    I was recently in a rehab center. One of the nurses was from Zimbabwe and said they all wish Ian Smith was back. She hated Mugabe.

  • C-FU gaming
    C-FU gaming 15 hours ago

    His voice doesnt change at all lol

  • roger smith
    roger smith 15 hours ago

    email was created by an indian guy who works in boston.. ratheon attaced te @ symbal and then pretended govt mad it for free checks.. however history is now out against teh grabbler

  • GaryGuevara
    GaryGuevara 16 hours ago

    Very cool actor

  • Ken Waghorn
    Ken Waghorn 16 hours ago

    This is totally proganda, I have been a solder where we looked and defended these keeps. These people had words put into their mouths. I am shocked to hear this. We looked after all the local people at all times. They don't talk about how people had their lips and ears cut off. Freaking shocking to hear all this propaganda.

  • gremlinuk1968
    gremlinuk1968 16 hours ago

    1972, i was 4 year old, northern ireland UK

  • Margre Edholm
    Margre Edholm 17 hours ago

    To the right that ia....

  • Margre Edholm
    Margre Edholm 17 hours ago

    The tiara is wrongly placed it Lenas over to the left

  • Manisha Jha
    Manisha Jha 17 hours ago

    Wow she is ocean of guts give really great interview or thank God she did not ask for water and leave newspaper

  • Sgt. Frosty Jack
    Sgt. Frosty Jack 18 hours ago

    let me say as a freedom loving Scott, God bless the USA

  • BenchMonkey
    BenchMonkey 18 hours ago

    And this is all going to happen again in the next 5 - 10 years due to the grand solar minimum and it will be worse, plus it will last for 30 - 40 years or more

  • John Redman
    John Redman 19 hours ago

    Ag we go again...

  • Shanze Hussain
    Shanze Hussain 19 hours ago

    I'm watching this in 2019 when the princess/bride is dead lol

  • K 360
    K 360 19 hours ago

    Journalist is sitting with his HELMET on😂

  • Peter Gazer
    Peter Gazer 20 hours ago

    Antifa was created by the Jews. Fact

  • mike watters
    mike watters 20 hours ago

    If a man made it another man can break it.

  • lookatmepleasesir
    lookatmepleasesir 20 hours ago

    looks like battlefeild 3

  • Alexander G. Hoffmann
    Alexander G. Hoffmann 20 hours ago

    Horrible host

  • yamaha ttr600
    yamaha ttr600 20 hours ago

    Shame it was a rot box

  • Leonel Lynx
    Leonel Lynx 20 hours ago

    Nyerere speaks fluent English I wonder why he banned the teaching of English language in government schools

  • Alana Imboden
    Alana Imboden 20 hours ago

    She was Really in love I can’t believe it Charles preferred the ugly horse face Camila

  • Ray Hansen
    Ray Hansen 21 hour ago

    Iron lady 🇮🇳🙏🏻

  • Essex prepper
    Essex prepper 21 hour ago

    This has been badly edited or censored

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 21 hour ago

    What an amazing man...WORD UP!

  • Peter-James Mmbago
    Peter-James Mmbago 21 hour ago

    Watching famine news always gave me nightmares as a kid, to think those dreams were living nightmares. Though in the midst of challenges Mother Africa shines ♥

  • Sneha Sneha
    Sneha Sneha 21 hour ago

    Interviewer has a deeeeeep voice

  • Shmulik Al Abdul
    Shmulik Al Abdul 22 hours ago


  • Amit Yadhuvanshi
    Amit Yadhuvanshi 22 hours ago

    Morar ji desai leaked our RAW agent list to pakistan ...Pakistan give him nishan e pakistan award

  • Claude Rebello
    Claude Rebello 22 hours ago


  • Leonard Chitunhu
    Leonard Chitunhu 22 hours ago

    Rhodesia was betrayed bye their American and British cousins.

  • Triple Gem
    Triple Gem 23 hours ago

    Not really sure why the northern Irish isist on that silly drum beating through streets. Here in england we dont batter on about a 300 year old battle. Only 80 plus years ago do we remember both catholics and protestants together fighting germany. Come to think of it actually protestantism came from Catholicism, i mean it was only introduced because a catholic king henry couldnt get his way. So its a null and void religion, especially when his last words were to Catholicism. Anyway now that fact has pissed a few off back to sensible life. It seems nothern Ireland since paisley and McGuinness deaths are slowly going toward what once was. And as an ex soldier (and no im not sorry to protestants for saying the above) the fact remains that the mainland dont really want northern Ireland it costs us too much money for a start, and loyalism over there is anything but british nor anything we want part of. As for the catholics well you blew some friends up of mine which is fine its part of the job. But really you lot yourselves need to knock that shit in the head also, because if it did kick off again, this time round there would be very few bombings here and frankly it would be a harder line.

  • Macarena bsf
    Macarena bsf 23 hours ago

    "electronically yours, the Green Family" 😂😂😂😂

  • Macarena bsf
    Macarena bsf 23 hours ago

    "that's a very simple connection to make". And I'm like WHAAAAT

  • Marcin Lupus
    Marcin Lupus 23 hours ago

    This british idiot should move to USSR, to country of tolerance, prosperity and global hapiness

  • Tim Dyer
    Tim Dyer 23 hours ago

    White people's attitudes and behaviour doomed them in Rhodesia and created/inspired the rebels that beat them. The same can be said for South Africa except whites changed their behaviour and attitude since 1990s so the black people don't ethnic cleanse them out of Africa.

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 23 hours ago

    In a thousand years when no more white men are alive they will still be crying oppression and racism.

  • Carlos Martinez

    Mi pais es lindo y yo pelearia contra quien lo quiera convertir en basura lo malo es ke cuando tomo una arma muchos mueren y aunke sean asesinos me llamarian a mi asesino tambien ...los derechos human

  • Antifa Nation
    Antifa Nation Day ago

    Now that you're married. Make your new husband get braces.

  • Carlos Martinez

    Bravo por denunciar a esos criminals

  • Alex Rickinson

    Its diana princess of Wales not princess diana

  • Silas Bishop
    Silas Bishop Day ago

    1 Thing that everyone seems to leave out is the how the British screwed over all of its former colonies, especially settler colonies following World War 2. Rhodesian and South African soldiers fought for the British Empire and when when the war ended, the British Empire abandoned them.

  • VDfewds 11
    VDfewds 11 Day ago

    Can’t get over seeing a young apprentice Gordon Ramsay and comparing to him now, incredible how far he has come