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Arbys We Have Pepsi
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NASA Orion Lift off
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TX PD Tases 76yo
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Nissan's Magic Mirror
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1795 time capsule
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Fully autonomous drone
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NK Hackers Based In China
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Cartoonists Attacked
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Gun And Toddler
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High Speed Bus Crash
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1 5 billion pixels
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Smart Bullet
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Google Wireless Carrier
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dashcam turnd off
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911 Left In The Dark
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How a 911 call works
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border patrol drones
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So What's In A McRib?
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  • david doggy
    david doggy 3 months ago

    You can feel the radiation from this unit and if you are in the waves to long it will destroy your dermis.

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James 9 months ago

    Felony at 2:30??

  • D A N I E L
    D A N I E L Year ago

    ikr boi/gurl idk

  • frîxxy.vxbes
    frîxxy.vxbes Year ago


  • Arki Chen
    Arki Chen Year ago


  • paul L
    paul L Year ago

    The public needs a counter range device, to block this device! Thats the real reason why the government wanted lead paint off of your house walls! Wake up people!!

    • Fiction Freedom
      Fiction Freedom 7 months ago

      I wonder if a jammer wouldn stop it from reading 😁

    • averat84
      averat84 9 months ago

      You think _this_ is the reason why lead paint was outlawed and not because it's a neurotoxin? Why did they outlaw lead in gasoline? Why did they outlaw the use of lead pipes? Hell, even ammo manufacturers have turned to using bismuth (in my state, at least).

  • AquaticBoardwalkEngineer

    boy did you ruin this film. stretched it to the near worthlessness that it is. Thumbs down and won't watch. What a joke.

    • UR 2L8
      UR 2L8 2 years ago

      Well nobody's putting a gun to your head to watch it moron. This goes to all whiners and complainers.

  • Luzvidalia Valdes Hernandes

    para que nos preocupamos por tener lujos y tener miles y miles de riquezas si estamos viviendolla últimos tiempos el mismo hombre consruyel mismo se destruye

  • reddevilparatrooper
    reddevilparatrooper 2 years ago

    Their casualties were just as bad as any Infantry unit.

    • reddevilparatrooper
      reddevilparatrooper 2 years ago

      My point is no matter how glamorous the Army Air Corps was back in WWII,fighting in the air as part of a bomber crew was still dangerous.I had a substitute teacher back in the 7th grade,his name was Mr.Bormann.He was a waist gunner on a B-17G and his plane got shot down over Germany in early 1944.His brother after the war who fought in Italy as an infantryman told him that combat casualties in his battalion was just as bad as the Air Corps when flying over to bomb Germany.Bottom line was death was just around the corner in any combat unit no matter if you were up in the air or in the mountains of Italy.

    • William NoTell
      William NoTell 2 years ago

      reddevilparatrooper what's your point !

  • Kaitlyn Duh
    Kaitlyn Duh 2 years ago

    Yo that one dude had a mw3 shirt

  • quest 77051
    quest 77051 2 years ago

    love sheriff judd lolol.

  • HotWax93
    HotWax93 2 years ago

    Anybody else remember when Arby's had Coke products? While we're on the subject, that announcer says Pepsi at 0:39 the same way the announcer in the "Break out the Pepsi" commercials does.

  • macduggles
    macduggles 3 years ago

    The most dangerous place in Florida is that place between Sheriff Grady Judd and a television camera!

  • Brian Heiden
    Brian Heiden 3 years ago

    Storm trooper in front of it lol Thats from Star wars dude, fake ass shit.

  • building and  landscape maintenance

    That's right you thought she was 18 or 19 your in the wrong job ewan

  • thomas allen
    thomas allen 3 years ago

    the guy at 5:16 got owned ROFL

  • Ignat
    Ignat 3 years ago

    Black people have some deep issues. Don't like slavery, don't enslave women. Don't like racism, stop the obsession with "whooty" "pawg"... Slaves working a different field, words of possession and entitlement. Stop fucking people over.

    • quest 77051
      quest 77051 2 years ago

      it's not all black people.

    • UR 2L8
      UR 2L8 3 years ago

      Women to some are considered UAD (used, abused and dis-guarded)