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  • Bongie Tha Yung'N
    Bongie Tha Yung'N 14 days ago

    Cool content!

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 19 days ago

    Awsome, well put together

  • Sander Reizevoort
    Sander Reizevoort 2 months ago

    Love the breakfast club. This channel however, should push the content much faster. You are a daily show, then push daily content. And do it at the same time each day.

  • Terry _tock
    Terry _tock 2 months ago

    whats happening with hype williams

  • hickock45forpresident hickock45forpresident


  • Peltz The Prodigy
    Peltz The Prodigy 3 months ago

    Where's the talib interview at?

  • noChill noFiltertv
    noChill noFiltertv 3 months ago

    Angela got it poppin noChillnoFilterTV approved!

  • Eric from Brooklyn
    Eric from Brooklyn 3 months ago

    Salute. Thank you Yee for the love after Puffy made his donation to include mines-not the amount like a Puffy but..LOVE.

  • Ashley Brown
    Ashley Brown 3 months ago

    yo Charlamagne tha God give I think this might give you a giggle; it's from

  • Vaughny Sins
    Vaughny Sins 3 months ago

    dope ass content here! fwm on my page!

  • joeroganforpresident joeroganforpresident

    Fuk the breakfast club go watch joe rogan podcast and vote joe rogan for president 2020

  • VoiceOf Reason
    VoiceOf Reason 3 months ago

    NIGGER, WOW! DAMN! I was driving into work Monday listening to the Breakfast Club. They were doing the usual take down of a person worthy of their ire. That morning it was Tyrese. One host in particular was over the top with his opinion about Tyrese complaining about his money problems and his beef with the Rock/Fast and Furious. And while I did not agree with the host, and was not sure why he was taking it so to heart, I had no problem with him expressing his opinion, until his commentary took a super ugly turn and he called Tyrese a NIGGER! OH, YES HE DID! And he said it with all the malice and derogatory venom that the word has come to express when spoken by racist whites and other people. In the context in which he called Tyrese NIGGER, it was clear he was applying it in the same way--to belittle, degrade, and humiliate. Get a job, sell a car. Really! I guess some black people have come a long way; they have become the very thing we despised. But still some behave like crabs in bucket pulling down each other in a climb to the top. I am sure this host has made it to the top using this kind of attack on others. But when you publicly call another Black man a NIGGER in the way this host called Tyrese a NIGGER you see what he is truly made of. But it’s not personal, as the host said this morning on his show, to paraphrase, “What someone does or says to you is more about that person than it is about you.” So, Tyrese I guess we know who the NIGGER is. If the host who called Tyrese a NIGGER can dish it out, I hope he is man enough to take it. Because, it is really all about him, right? Will someone please give that host the DONKEY/JACKASS of a lifetime! Listen to yourself.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 3 months ago

    How come the Jazzy Rowe assault has not been discussed? She definitely needs all of the support that she can get.

  • onald rump
    onald rump 3 months ago


  • Mariah The great
    Mariah The great 3 months ago


  • LUX 3000
    LUX 3000 3 months ago

    DJ 9INCH STRAP ON................ENVY

  • Kabelo Mayweather
    Kabelo Mayweather 4 months ago

    Best show ever watched and listened to, you really know what questions to ask, know how to make the interviewee open up and tell things we never knew about them. Thank you guys from South Africa.

  • EricaYE6
    EricaYE6 4 months ago

    Dear Breakfast Club, There's this channel stealing your content and trying to be slick about it by giving it a clickbait title, so they can profit off of your hard work on the low. Here is the link: Please flag them down. People are tired of them clickbaiting all over TVclip and using other people's videos. Just read the comments under the videos, you'll see.

  • Ken Kings
    Ken Kings 4 months ago


    LAVERNE BADGER 4 months ago

    Would love to hear more on Domestic Abuse survivor stories. Important to know that you are not alone.

  • Remnants KOS
    Remnants KOS 4 months ago

    Check out my new Hiphop Vid

  • Local Movers
    Local Movers 4 months ago

    What happen to Jemele Hill ? and Sportscenter so iknow if i should still be watching ? y'all be blowing rite along with which every news is hot ! you need a segment where y'all go back and touch base's on past events DON'T JUST KEEP GOING ON TO THE NEXT NEW HOT TOPIC.

  • Canaan Richardson
    Canaan Richardson 4 months ago

    I listen to 107.7 in Augusta, GA and today your topic was how people change their name in order to sale to "the white man". It is very disturbing that Charlamagne tha God has such an opportunity to change/impact the youth of our nation but he chose to utter the words "cracker ass crackers" during this topic today. I understand our country is in a very troubling time when it comes to racism and has started to move away from being a united nation. It is sad that this man has such a high position when he is helping to push our nation further apart. The children of this nation are listening to this ignorant man rant about white people as a whole being racist. To inform you Charlamagne it is a small minority of white people that are actually racist. Every race has racist people so I do not understand why you labeled the entire white race as racist. I have a 2 year old child and he will grow up to not see someone by the color of their skin or what socioeconomic class they come from. He will be raised to see them as a human being and their character. I think it is sad that 105.1 has this man on their staff when he is preaching to fight racism with racism. You should have people on your staff that is trying to raise awareness but at the same time bring people together. Charlamagne I would encourage you to try to unite this country and stop racism. That begins with our youth sir. Teach them to not see color and to see others character and who they are as a person. I know this message will more than likely not change your opinion because I heard the pure hate for the white race during your show today but I hope for others working at 105.1 you preach love and acceptance. Charlamagne this is coming from one of those "cracker ass crackers".

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams 4 months ago

    GOT Nice!

  • Zoë Bright
    Zoë Bright 4 months ago

    Oh, I really love your videos!

  • Suga Nirvana
    Suga Nirvana 4 months ago

    I tried to call in this morning regarding Trump and the NFL... and it surprises me that news outlets aren't noting the fact that Flump..i mean Trump is showing more emotion and passion about these gents not standing for the national anthem than he did about the supremacist that mows down the crowd in VA. This is a sad world...and my thoughts are why stand and/or value something that doesn't stand or value us.

  • Sue- Won Simms
    Sue- Won Simms 4 months ago

    BREAKFAST CLUB POWER 105.1 Please do an updated interview with J.COLE

  • ShazamHQ
    ShazamHQ 5 months ago

    You guys should bring in King Los for an interview, the man put out a fire track that's unspoken about yet. WIthout me- King Los

  • Will Porter
    Will Porter 5 months ago check me out salute

  • Priest Pepone
    Priest Pepone 5 months ago

    #BlackLivesDontMatter skrrrr skrrrrr bang bang #LasVegas #NiggaForLife @priestpepone #NeonWeih #GunshotVictims #WoundedVeterans #PoliceBrutalitySurvivors @mbennett @ckap @iamcardib $krilla

  • Arthur Kaunda
    Arthur Kaunda 5 months ago

    when are you guys,inviting irritaed gennie on the show.....cant wait....straight black pride---all the way

  • Terry _tock
    Terry _tock 5 months ago

    whats up with 112 or slim

  • Anthony Sewell
    Anthony Sewell 5 months ago

    Interview Lady Gaga about her satanic ties with Marina Abramović

  • Such-n-Such
    Such-n-Such 5 months ago

    Shit... click clack on this baby. fer yer chance to win a new step dad .... me.

  • annienyc272
    annienyc272 5 months ago

    Please interview Dr.Claud Anderson

  • Jeannie Banks
    Jeannie Banks 5 months ago

    I enjoy your shows guys!

  • 23slickid23
    23slickid23 5 months ago

    get mozzy on the show!!! the hottest in northern califonia just dropped a new album! get him on asap!

  • Kathyann Price
    Kathyann Price 6 months ago

  • MishuTaste
    MishuTaste 6 months ago

    Please interview Tommy Sotomayor!

  • MilTacticsandStuff
    MilTacticsandStuff 6 months ago

    Hey, do Abraham Parnes from New Jersey as your next 'Donkey of the Day' please.

  • vicki Williams
    vicki Williams 6 months ago

    You stole my money. We're family. You made me look like an ass at the bank, known you stole my money. You caused me stress for no reason. If I had it you know I had you for whatever you needed. So since you didn't care about me than yes, I'm sending your ass to PRISON. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother. $350,000

  • Edie Etoile
    Edie Etoile 6 months ago

    Can't believe you advocate murder--advertisers should boycott Power 105.1--for encouraging a comedian like Lil Duval who says he’d kill a sexual partner if he learned she was transgender!

  • zaydolla1
    zaydolla1 7 months ago

    can you guys check out that Pool table clearing by Chris Melling ty would love to work for you guys

  • Denzell Gray
    Denzell Gray 7 months ago

    keep up the great work!

  • Gaddiel Israel
    Gaddiel Israel 7 months ago

    So yea....when are you all going to get ChynaFox on there......or are you all scared of her unfiltered voice on black truths.

  • Seer-of-things
    Seer-of-things 7 months ago

    I cite this page and it's comments when I'm telling people how racist black people are in america.

  • SneakerBeacon
    SneakerBeacon 7 months ago

    I'm guessing it's almost impossible but try to get J.Cole to come back

  • ajb460
    ajb460 7 months ago

    some one needs to get Angela yee pregnant... omg !!!

  • peele jr
    peele jr 7 months ago


  • chimemarie
    chimemarie 8 months ago

    I missed the shoot your shot today, how can I find it???

  • David Stradford
    David Stradford 8 months ago

    where is the boyce watkins interview?

  • Phatt Mexican
    Phatt Mexican 9 months ago

    Please give donkey of the day to the guy who drove a Big Rig into the bunny ranch

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett 9 months ago

    FYI- even if you get your skin bleached by a dermatologist or stylist, and or cosmetologist it is still bleaching your skin

  • None
    None 9 months ago


  • Mike Coleman
    Mike Coleman 9 months ago

    Char. take the eye liner off lame! That sh** with Lavar Ball was dead a** wrong. He and you are wrong. That dudes a clown and you went right with him. I hope he talks to your moms like that and lets see what you do. Give yourself and him Donkey of the day!

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett 9 months ago

    bring DJ Akademiks and Joe Budden and Nadeska

  • Kevin Garrett
    Kevin Garrett 9 months ago

    Charlemange if the everyday struggle is still on in six months give yourself donkey of the day. Besides all that I am still rocking with the Breakfast club. Invite Joe and akademiks

  • eller teller
    eller teller 9 months ago

    ENVY AND CHARLAMANE, GET rubin studdard to do an interview with you guys, so he can get his career back ,

  • eller teller
    eller teller 9 months ago


  • Nehemiah Gulston
    Nehemiah Gulston 9 months ago

    Dear Breakfast Club, A while back charlamane said he think bar for bar big sean is a better lyrics over kendrick lamar what is your take now after hearing kendricks whole album

  • Brandy Burrell
    Brandy Burrell 10 months ago

    Breakfast Club, I'd love to see an interview with this new TVclip sensation Ar'mon And Trey! These kids are really good!

    BOOBYLIGHT 10 months ago


  • Tyrone Lamar
    Tyrone Lamar 10 months ago

    Hi Breakfast Club! My name is Tyrone Lamar and I am a huge fan of your station. Also, I am an upcoming International rapper from America. I am currently getting airplay outside of the United states in several different FM radio-stations. My style is so versatile that you guys probably wouldn't even understand it. 😃 I am just dying to find out how I can set up an appointment for an interview sometime in the future of this year... My goal is to spread positive messages to the whole world and to show them that anyone can achieve their dreams if they take that Jump in their lives. I am a money maker so that means however much you guys are charging me for the interview it will be paid upfront no questions asked. You all will see more of me in future time. Keep up the good work and Peace Out!

  • lov3sponge
    lov3sponge 10 months ago

    Are yall gonna talk about free tuition in New York? It should take effect this fall. Why ya not talking about stuff like that? Spread the word or something....

  • Nicole Rogers
    Nicole Rogers 10 months ago

    Interview Chris Brown again please lol

    LUV BUG 10 months ago


    LUV BUG 10 months ago

    I think the breakfast club should bring up a serious conversation about Rikers Island and Andrew Cuomo involvement in closing it down i would like to hear what the people have to say at the club thank you..

    TWIZ BANXX 10 months ago

    interview soulja boy plz

  • Justine Dolanski
    Justine Dolanski 10 months ago

    wheres the onyx interview come on yall that was gold!!!!!

  • Stephen
    Stephen 10 months ago

    No response from Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Antonio Moor, Tariq, or Yvette Carnell. So let me ask you - Question ; Using your resources please answer the following - 1 Billion dollars donated to a Black organization for Blacks to create businesses nationwide. What would this do for the Black community? How many Jobs? Would it change the direction of the Black economy? What would "One Thousand Million Dollars" do for the Black community?

  • Ski1ColdasIce
    Ski1ColdasIce 11 months ago

    holla at your boy

  • ellin melin
    ellin melin 11 months ago


  • John
    John 11 months ago

    Post the full audio. that'll help me out since i'm a truck driver

  • Shantrena Warren
    Shantrena Warren 11 months ago

    It would be great to hear DJ Envy's mini mixes on TVclip!

  • Yeshua
    Yeshua Year ago

    Much respect to the breakfast club, "We are all here for a reason on a particular path You don't need a curriculum to know that you are part of the math Cats think I'm delirious, but I'm so damn serious That's why I expose my soul to the globe, the world I'm trying to make it better for these little boys and girls I'm not just another individual, my spirit is a part of this That's why I get spiritual, but I get my hymns from Him So it's not me, it's He that's lyrical I'm not a miracle, I'm a heaven-sent instrument My rhythmatic regimen navigates melodic notes for your soul and your mental That's why I'm instrumental" J-Ivy





  • JasonTankLipp
    JasonTankLipp Year ago

    TANK LIPP supports you..salute

  • IntriKINGly E
    IntriKINGly E Year ago

    You guys should find Thea Vidale (Comedian) !!!! How is she?

  • Dontae - TheTechSpace

    You have to get NBA Youngboy. Forreal

  • 21 Degrassi Street

    How about the full audio and Ask Yee since you guys keep shutting down everyone else's channels? What about the Positive note of the Day? And finally Good Morning USA!!!, that's always needed to start the day! Also, Tell 'Em Why You Mad!

  • P ES
    P ES Year ago

    Now that you're an open racist, Lenard, are you going to change your name from the white European hero - Charles the Great to Kunta Kinte or Shaka Zulu? Stop appropriating our culture, you racist piece of shit.

  • modLulz
    modLulz Year ago

    where tf is the migos interview

  • Sierra Strykala-Boyd

    This is a link to the guiding vision and definition of principles of The Women's March on Washington I think if more people read this they would understand why people felt compelled to march and what the true values of modern feminism are.

  • Scott Stodden
    Scott Stodden Year ago


  • orange lemon
    orange lemon Year ago

    look up JELLYBEAN TALKS TO MARTIN SHKRELI on youtube!!!

  • Tracie Powell
    Tracie Powell Year ago

    What's going on here?

  • How To Make Sushi

    Hello The Breakfast Club you are the best

  • Ant Woo
    Ant Woo Year ago

    where is ask Yee for the last month?

  • J Wheels
    J Wheels Year ago

    Yes, we must step out of the box of years of programming! It's so many Black people that don't even know or realize how much they are just like the slave master want them to be! Still trying to be excepted by your oppressor! Dr. Anderson is telling it like it is and have been telling us that for decades! I'll say this, you can talk to Black folks all day long, write all the books you want (it's a lot of black people that don't like to read) then you going to ask them to take monies out of the pockets from the little that they have and buy a book...Right!! Until you come up with a system or business concept to put some MONEY in these Black people's pockets, we'll be another 500 years doing and saying the same things! Myself, I did listen and read and stepped out of the box! I have my 40 Acres and Mule (well I can buy the mule, just don't want to take care it while we traveling all over the world)! You see I have a system to allow you have yours too but you're so conditioned that if its coming from another black, something has to be wrong with it! Slave mentality!! I'd venture to say, if a emergency would come up where you'd need $2000, the majority of African Americans couldn't come up with it! Well, I'm not going to give up on my people yet to bring Economic Empowering to them through EPS! Yes, debt free living! Dr. Anderson, Dr. U. Johnson, Dr. J. Smalls, Roland Martin, Dr. B. Watkins, R. Hagins, Bro. Yarashalam and any other black leaders, I'll put my money in what I'm saying!

  • Bishop Omega
    Bishop Omega Year ago


  • Ronald Savage
    Ronald Savage Year ago

    Zulu Nation Tries To Pay Ronald Savage To Keep Quiet About Afrika Bambaataa

  • Emile E N
    Emile E N Year ago

    Please, can you make Cameroon's dictator Paul Biya Donkey of the Day?

  • Titus Toleafoa
    Titus Toleafoa Year ago

    I like your show guys but please refrain from stereotyping Samoans as slow. If your people (the black community) are trying to work against the stereotypes, why racially stereotype another race that you don't know fully. Its completely hypocritical if you do so. Thank you

  • Elevate One
    Elevate One Year ago


  • Ken Morris
    Ken Morris Year ago

    Why aren't the current shows posted on TVclip?

  • Bionik_Bunny
    Bionik_Bunny Year ago

    You guys are really slacking on interviews... Haven't watched a video in like 2 months.

  • Money Luv
    Money Luv Year ago

    Looking for music for the soul, look no further 4 dat heat

  • johnnie lawson
    johnnie lawson Year ago

    I am very upset when young rappers come on the show like nick cannon and talk about voting, people gave there life to vote. he makes comments like they are both the same they and a lot of other people have no clue, he said hillary clinton is genocide for plan parent right so stupid and uninformed it does more then abortion its for the poor people who dont have rights to birth control it helps the young girl who has been rape and gets pregnant by family members. nick cannon is rich so he can sit back and said stupid suff. young people wake up this is why we have donald trump you sand in line all day for gym shoes to make somebody as rich. nick cannon has not help one person but his self he has nannies and housekeepers.

  • T. Woods
    T. Woods Year ago

    I miss the other channel, this one is missing way too many videos and the quality isn't even close. They deleted the wrong channel in my opinion.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago

      ohh i thought it was a glitch with youtube.. i was subbed to the other one

  • Trist Camps
    Trist Camps Year ago

    to whoever runs this channel...ya'll gotta do better than committed to shutting down other channels that give us the content we want yet all that content is not here or uploaded whenever someone feels like it...seriously this is crap...

  • Ak Sprkl
    Ak Sprkl Year ago

    Where's the rest of the videos?

  • Errybody who seen the leprechaun say YAEUH

    So when can we expect you to have Colin Kaepernick as donkey of the day for not voting?

  • HLRJaystee Moore

    yo whats going on with the page them

  • Uristocrat
    Uristocrat Year ago

    all this channel needs to add is the Rumor Reports and Tell'em Why You Mad and it'll be LIT!

  • BabsW
    BabsW Year ago

    Please can you post the Rumor Reports since you got the other channels shut down?

  • jasmine wright
    jasmine wright Year ago

    who ever is maintaining this TVclip page needs Donkey of the week!!

  • haxxymillion
    haxxymillion Year ago

    wheres the channel with discussions and tell em why mad??

  • The. Thomas
    The. Thomas Year ago

    Get Rockie Fresh on the show !!

    CROMEPOWERZ Year ago

  • TopShotta10904
    TopShotta10904 Year ago

    you guys need to have Ava Duvernay on next, to promote 13th.....

  • Angela Almore
    Angela Almore Year ago

    Ask Tamar Braxton Herbert what would Tina Turner do?

  • Michael Eskew
    Michael Eskew Year ago

    "One Minute Bar Challenge" By Skewbadour~~ Who's Fucking With Him?? :P

  • Dennis the Menace

    search [Dennis the menace ,these lights] on youtube and enjoy now!!!

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong Year ago

    I have one question, how come you saw a Black officer's face posted all over the new that killed Keith Lamont now since that video was released you can find that clip anymore. conspiracy again on the move, Black suffer at the hand of this word.

  • My name is Aminé

    Is this the official channel, there are too many fakes, needs to get verified.

    • 21 Degrassi Street
      21 Degrassi Street Year ago

      Now they post Rumor Report and Frontpage News.

    • BabsW
      BabsW Year ago

      The "fake" ones posted the Rumor Reports, this one doesn't.

  • The Recksta Grindstars

    i want to spit bars at the breakfast club who would like to here murda reck spit new hot single on the recksta

  • koold33
    koold33 Year ago

    where is the brother Polight interview?

  • Ruben Stanišić

    *I like the unofficial channel better..*

  • Ralph L. Baer
    Ralph L. Baer Year ago

    why did they just upload all these damn interviews at once!!!

  • Jesus Buddah
    Jesus Buddah Year ago

    what happened to the channel ???

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia Year ago

    Where the videos go?

  • venom  blacc
    venom blacc Year ago

    Breakfast Club can yall please get an interview with Houston Texas Rapper K-Rino. If you like Farakahn you will love what he has to offer. Charlemagne would appreciate the chance to ask some real questions.

  • Jack Annakin
    Jack Annakin Year ago

    Next time The Breakfest Club catch up with anyone from TGOD, Wiz, Juicy J etc. would you ask him/ them about being down with Young Thug? How did that start? especially curious as to why when he's down/ boyfriends with Birdman and them, After what happened with Birdmans interview on your show, Young thug on insta/ snapchat talkin sH*t bout Charlamagne. I know it was a month or two ago, but this sH*t jus look like makin money NOT hip hop. Anyway would be interested to see how TGOD respond if you ask them..

  • jazzmb0101
    jazzmb0101 Year ago

    you need to put skepta on the show

  • justforkicks
    justforkicks Year ago

    When Young Thug's next PR is in play + Poppington, need to get Dame Dash vs Lyor "Discussion"

  • Darrell Seabrook

    give some love to chance the rapper coloring book #howgreat

  • patchedupdemon
    patchedupdemon Year ago

    is that you tube channel "this is hip hop" your creation,i think its someone taking ya vids and uplaoding them onto his own channel,alot of them a lower quality,just giving ya a heads up

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Year ago

    i need an address to send this box of tampons/depends since you all need them so badly being niggerish #fakeadults since you pussyd out on the w4 form showdown cause the three of you combined are as smart as a japanese 7th grader LOL as niggerish ppl that think they are cool say "get at me" haha

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Year ago

    i would bet real money that my college educated ass possesses more liquidable assests than anyone of these fake ppl that constitute the "breakfastclub" LOL lemme know #fakeadults and now with comparing w4 forms and wagering on said forms IS NP.

  • A Z
    A Z Year ago

    I demand some respekf

  • Lyriq Wise
    Lyriq Wise Year ago sorry for vocal quality but this fits that clown Birdman hands down.

  • never ignorant
    never ignorant Year ago

    i got a whole lot of RESPECT for charlemagne and the bf club i LOVE how CTG stood his ground against birdman and his "goons" yall dont have to kiss a GARBAGE/WASHED UP rapper's ass SHOUT OUT to CTG for standing up for the bf club

  • cloudz santiago
    cloudz santiago Year ago

    4/22/2016 interview with K.Michelle as Birdman! Charlemagne held the club down!

  • .a.
    .a. Year ago

    Hey. How much did Clinton pay you guys to kiss her ass? You grilled Bernie so hard, Charlemagne, and he's the real deal that actually cares about the underdog... and you guys act all friendly with Clinton? SAD. New York failed us today, and you guys did, too.

  • jankeyj1
    jankeyj1 Year ago

    Charlemagne... Quit Perpetuating your LIE... Your opinions are based strictly on your perception of how people are going to react to them... What type of journalism is this approach? Ruffle feathers and then construe the next sentence with what ruffles feathers the most... Damn you really got the game twisted... You could be making such a bigger impact for a person in your position... but like the great ones once said... "Turn off that Bullshit! Turn off the Mutha' Fuggin' Radio! Your TVclip Channel is like an STD to the youth...

  • Mac9136
    Mac9136 Year ago

    If it is at all possible could you guys reach out to Anthony Mackie. The Actor has an awesome personality and I feel that he would bring additional levity and humour to the show which is already considerable funny and entertaining. As we all know Charlegmagne the God is hillarious.

  • Krixx Red
    Krixx Red Year ago

    could you all please interview IUIC Israel United in Christ. Bishop Nathaniel and people from his congregation! its a very hot topic and the people need to hear what it is that they have to say. they have several channels on youtube. Look up IUIC Brooklyn, Bronx, ATL, UK, Tallahassee, Ohio, Houston they have camps all over. I think you all won't be disappointed in them.

  • MissSuggaBoo
    MissSuggaBoo Year ago

    Hi there Breakfast Club, greetings from South Africa. I just want to thank you for no only being so entertaining but informative, thought provoking, insightful. Please keep up the good work. Also, please help me with information of where, locally or online I can purchase books by Sister Souljah, loved her interview, fell in love spent the day just going through all her clips. I am moved and inspired. These issues are worldwide, its not just in the States and it goes without saying that there is power in numbers, common goals, solutions , using our words to build nations, the future - to fight against any form of oppression with purpose and conviction to change our lives..

  • Kayla
    Kayla Year ago

    When are you guys going to post the Ryan Henry/Kat interview?

  • Britain Goddess
    Britain Goddess Year ago


  • Britain Goddess
    Britain Goddess Year ago


  • Britain Goddess
    Britain Goddess Year ago


  • Britain Goddess
    Britain Goddess Year ago

    $$$$$ Please Please Please Reach out to "Juvaun Ivauno". He's also known as the Hair Growth king. He literally invented an actual real 100% hair growth product. No actually he has many products all organic for hair and skin. There is no one who is doing it like this man. He's like jesus with the hair growing. Find him on instagram ' JUVAUN IVAUNO". I'm telling you this man is a lottery ticket.

  • zovan hogue
    zovan hogue Year ago

    Magnanimous- "That Blasian"

  • Nicholas Turner
    Nicholas Turner Year ago

    Please get Professor Griff on the show!!!

  • Vincent Hollaway

    You guys have to understand the First Amendment. Although we all have the right to free speech it comes with limits. Also, no one has the right to block someone else from exercising their First Amendment rights just because you don't agree with them. People that are protesting inside Trump events are wrong in their execution. They seek nothing more than attention and confrontation. Their actions are doing nothing but making his supporters angry and more violent. Protest outside the venue like you are suppose to. If #blacklivesmatter would of jumped on my stage their asses would of been whooped. No doubt. Protest properly and their won't be any problems. And by the way, I'm a Cruz supporter not a Trump supporter.

  • fatpatMC
    fatpatMC Year ago

    if you are above the age of like 15 and seriously listen to this niggerish dribble then you cant complain that you dont understand why your driving a leased car to your PODUNK job at walmart where you work under the supervision of your parents LOL #reality

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    Can we get some representation on the wall behind your guest? You have the rainbow flag, whats good with that RED BLACK GREEN flag? To take our culture and bottle it up to be sold, the least you could do is acknowledge where it came from, right? Please consider this, We are catching hell mostly because We don't support each other as much as We support everyone else. If you love your people, don't put a rainbow flag behind legends. We haven't fixed our own problems how are we going to fix anyone else's?

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  • l8terz13
    l8terz13 2 years ago

    You All Should Interview King Lil G & Mr Criminal. Two LA Hispanic Rappers That Are Tha Heavy Hitters On Tha Underground Scene Mr Criminal Films & Edits His Own Music Videos & Produces His Own Music Been On Billboard Charts Numerous Times. King Lil G Has Been On MTV JAMS & SkeeTV Already Too

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    oh you back! how did you do that? your account was closed 2 days ago due to spam or some shit like that i was mad yall are one of the two main breakfast club channel on youtube! anyway!

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