Stranger Things
Stranger Things
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  • Araceli Hdez
    Araceli Hdez 41 second ago

    The demogorgon dancing 😂

  • PhootPhetishPhilip !
    PhootPhetishPhilip ! 3 minutes ago

    Duffer Brothers 2 weeks later: .... "4 is the last season" lol

  • Karla rojas
    Karla rojas 10 minutes ago

    La madmax es la niña que salió en la película del género de suspenso llamada "ELI" ??

  • Your local banana boi
    Your local banana boi 12 minutes ago

    It's your grandma

  • Amir Sheikh
    Amir Sheikh 14 minutes ago

    Hopper is still alive in up side down?

  • Amir Sheikh
    Amir Sheikh 15 minutes ago

    Hii I'm from India ! When it's going to release?

  • Setheroni
    Setheroni 16 minutes ago

    We’re not in Hawkins anymore Mind Flayer: Packs bags

  • Luna Colin
    Luna Colin 22 minutes ago

    Stranger things 4 :"we're not in hawkins anymore" netflix:"now what"

  • Renee Kalinka
    Renee Kalinka 44 minutes ago

    Hopper: It’s your grandma... Mike eleven and me : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 And I’m assuming everyone else

  • Damian Barraza
    Damian Barraza 46 minutes ago

    Stranger things

  • Sharlyn :3
    Sharlyn :3 52 minutes ago

    Legends say that hopper is still laughing when he says *“It’s your grandma”*

  • AK AH
    AK AH 58 minutes ago

    No se ingles >:v

  • luiginintendo 97


  • DangerSnaek YT
    DangerSnaek YT Hour ago


  • DangerSnaek YT
    DangerSnaek YT Hour ago

    🤯 mind blown Spoiler things XD

  • Ana Paula Gatto
    Ana Paula Gatto Hour ago

    Tão lindos😍

  • Foxy Lolli
    Foxy Lolli Hour ago

    0:43 ... *ok*

  • DangerSnaek YT
    DangerSnaek YT Hour ago

    Well right now season 4 should be

  • Danielle Elkins
    Danielle Elkins Hour ago

    It's a bird It's a plane ItS YoUr GrAnDmA

  • Kendall Rivers
    Kendall Rivers Hour ago

    I know you probably wont look at this but hi my name is Kendall and when your finished with stranger things it would be cool to see a stranger things that's not strange,like if it were after all the weird stuff happend so it would be how the live their regular life,and it would be easier because you wouldn't have to care about the characters age and how their changing as they age.

  • Wolfley gaming
    Wolfley gaming Hour ago

    You frogot the hair spray one in 3:1

  • DangerSnaek YT
    DangerSnaek YT Hour ago

    What?!!!!ahhhh ahhhhh omg omg omg omg XD

  • bianca
    bianca Hour ago

    ok but 3:04 tho dacre wtf fuck i’m gonna miss him so much tbhhh

  • G1MM3TH3MT03S Now pls

    Legend says that David is still trying to say "it's your grandma" while keeping a straight face to this day.

  • Cheeze Potato
    Cheeze Potato Hour ago


  • LLRoseGold Animations


  • jam maam
    jam maam 2 hours ago


  • Suhana M
    Suhana M 2 hours ago

    No one Not a single soul Not even the demogorgan Not even the mind Flayer Not even dart Not even the creatures at star court mall Caleb: I jUsT wIsH

  • CastBreaker_
    CastBreaker_ 2 hours ago

    There are more Stranger Things than just Stranger Think

  • Cucumbie
    Cucumbie 2 hours ago

    1:34 i noticed Mike says the same thing to Billy that nancy says to the demogorgon

  • late night wizard !
    late night wizard ! 2 hours ago

    Just stopping in to say this part is fucking gay and not in the traditional sense

  • Subscribe For Frog
    Subscribe For Frog 2 hours ago

    Hippity hoppity, why is everybody making "were not in hawkins anymore" memes i feel scared and left out

  • Phantom Gaming
    Phantom Gaming 2 hours ago

    Wait season 1 bloopers:1 minute Season 2 bloopers: 2 minutes Season 3 bloopers: 4 minutes? IS SEASON 3 SEASON 4

  • Skylar Hall
    Skylar Hall 2 hours ago

    I want 6 sesons

  • blueyowen
    blueyowen 2 hours ago

    That is the sound of Big Ben at the end!

  • CadeyCat Gaming
    CadeyCat Gaming 2 hours ago

    “Uhhhhhhh, what’s up?” *Classic Steve*

  • Elizabeth Adam
    Elizabeth Adam 2 hours ago

    Regular person: *gets bloody nose* “ewww” Stranger things fan: *gets bloody nose* “OMGOMGOMG😯😧😮😲😮😧😦😲!”

  • RodeeJayCuyno Flores


  • Araceli Hdez
    Araceli Hdez 3 hours ago

    Si very funy 😂🇲🇽 i am mexican saludos

  • Loud thaila
    Loud thaila 3 hours ago

    My Name Ktchup❤

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue 3 hours ago

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even the demigorgon: Finn: yEaHHHHH

  • Alicorn _ Gaming
    Alicorn _ Gaming 3 hours ago

    Hey its jo

  • LouSee Vang
    LouSee Vang 3 hours ago

    Pat’s ringtone anyone? From Raising Dion? No one? Only me? Okay... :(

  • suqarlvsh !
    suqarlvsh ! 3 hours ago

    no one: literally not one soul: david: it’s your *G R A N D M A*

  • Halloween09876 AJ
    Halloween09876 AJ 3 hours ago

    1:52 3:39 Hopper's blooper "it's your grandma." scene

    • Halloween09876 AJ
      Halloween09876 AJ Hour ago

      @beedsj roiue they're like best friends- XD

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue 3 hours ago

      ehmmm why is nobody talking about Joe and Gaten taking the photos together!!!???

  • cling clang
    cling clang 3 hours ago

    hahaha omg let me just comment something one of the actors said and get tons of likes as if the rest of the people watching are fucking retarded haha

  • Matias Tello
    Matias Tello 3 hours ago

    A like Eleven

  • RiotBurn51
    RiotBurn51 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who hates this

  • Lil Sharky
    Lil Sharky 3 hours ago

    90 percent of comments: about hopper saying *its your grandma* 10 percent: Finn: *yEaHhHhHhHhHh*

  • Yeneirys Santo abreu

    There in Russia I saw the hole trailer

  • Opcrazyguygames
    Opcrazyguygames 4 hours ago

    That 1520 dislikes are just likes from the upside down

  • The chunk chunk boi
    The chunk chunk boi 4 hours ago

    On the title it says their boyfriends, and will be like, oki

  • Goaty
    Goaty 4 hours ago

    Guessing by the bell, they’re probably somewhere in London. Where the Big Ben is.

  • Rumeysa Nur
    Rumeysa Nur 4 hours ago

    Bin ich die einzige die hier Deutsch redet😂

  • Maria Garcia- Moris De Carvalho

    Its you grandma!!!!

  • Stingy From lazytown


  • StopSign
    StopSign 4 hours ago

    404 video not found

  • gacha gagaine
    gacha gagaine 4 hours ago


  • PennyCandy
    PennyCandy 4 hours ago

    how many seasons stranger things should have 👇🏻

  • Ellis Dixon
    Ellis Dixon 4 hours ago

    ACTION! **lifts flap** *spadunk*

  • Amy Reynolds
    Amy Reynolds 5 hours ago

    Little did they know :’)

  • Parham Miramini
    Parham Miramini 5 hours ago


  • Ana Muñoz
    Ana Muñoz 5 hours ago

    Beautifully perfect 😍

  • Khaled Deab
    Khaled Deab 5 hours ago

    Beautiful 😍

  • skyl3x
    skyl3x 5 hours ago

    Can we play d&d now?

  • fggfn ibfhje
    fggfn ibfhje 5 hours ago


  • Angelina Thorell
    Angelina Thorell 5 hours ago

    Hopper: Keep the door 3 inc- My brain and 011: ight ima cry

  • Nunziante Tiberio
    Nunziante Tiberio 5 hours ago

    it's your grandma

  • Dan Spillane
    Dan Spillane 5 hours ago

    What’s the song?

  • FBI
    FBI 5 hours ago

    S St Str Stra Stran Strang Strange Stranger Stranger T Stranger Th Stranger Thi Stranger Thin Stranger Thing Stranger Things

  • Paolo Wills-Mojica
    Paolo Wills-Mojica 5 hours ago

    Caleb: I got my nice wired earbuds in. Gaten: AIRPODS

  • Himed
    Himed 5 hours ago

    Lucas : ‘Yeah cus she’s been dating that douchebag Steve Harrington’ *You take that back Lucas*

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C 6 hours ago

    I could watch an hour of these tbh

  • Meena Zamani
    Meena Zamani 6 hours ago

    will:today is a day full of girls mike:yeahhhhhh

  • Ada Loren Filgueira
    Ada Loren Filgueira 6 hours ago


  • Ethan Pulford
    Ethan Pulford 6 hours ago

    weres australia huh!!

  • mac_ boy
    mac_ boy 6 hours ago


  • Cybernix
    Cybernix 6 hours ago

    Stooooory ah-ah-ahh ah-ah-ahh

  • Carrie Lewis
    Carrie Lewis 6 hours ago

    Can I be on the cast

  • xConnie Janex
    xConnie Janex 6 hours ago

    no one: not a single soul finn:YEAHHH

  • Miraculer adrinett
    Miraculer adrinett 6 hours ago

    Jajajaaja finn te amoo

  • sofiia
    sofiia 6 hours ago

    soy el comentario español que buscas😂

  • Miraculer adrinett
    Miraculer adrinett 6 hours ago

    Jajajajaajaja ternurita

  • Disco Deaky Is all you need in life

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Noah: **sNoRt**

  • Whirler Boi
    Whirler Boi 6 hours ago

    0:57 when drake says he's home alone

  • Jaquline Engström
    Jaquline Engström 6 hours ago

    I Love this song 😅 like YeSssSs

  • Xbox Gameplaye
    Xbox Gameplaye 6 hours ago

    Guess the demodogs knows how to press the dislike button

  • jaiden espino
    jaiden espino 6 hours ago

    No wonder they take forever on seasons

  • unwichtig
    unwichtig 6 hours ago

    ooooo these comments are annoying

  • Braian Miller
    Braian Miller 6 hours ago

    0:20 So cute

  • IMPACT Youth Ministry

    ehmmm why is nobody talking about Joe and Gaten taking the photos together!!!???

  • aqua445
    aqua445 6 hours ago

  • aqua445
    aqua445 6 hours ago

  • Ismail Moumen
    Ismail Moumen 7 hours ago

    Hola clara

    MILLE PILLE 07 7 hours ago

    Top 3 cringe moments in this video: 1. Millies dab. 2. Millie flosses at the mall. 3. ”ITS TOUR GRANDMA”.

  • The Dragon Skull
    The Dragon Skull 7 hours ago

    David Harbour bursting into laughter everytime he says it’s your grandma is probably the funniest part of the whole video it gets me everytime

  • Leonor Nogueira
    Leonor Nogueira 7 hours ago


  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh 7 hours ago

    India- waiting for stranger things 4 eagerly

  • Peter R
    Peter R 7 hours ago

    Love the look on Hopper face