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Kanye West - Famous
Views 40M3 years ago
No Church In The Wild
Views 79M7 years ago
Kanye West - POWER
Views 114M9 years ago
Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Views 55M9 years ago
Kanye West - Good Morning
Views 47M9 years ago
Kanye West - Stronger
Views 329M10 years ago
Kanye West - Homecoming
Views 77M10 years ago
Kanye West - Heartless
Views 163M10 years ago
Two Words
Views 2.6M10 years ago


  • Kosha Palmer
    Kosha Palmer 46 seconds ago

    I hope Kanye is aware of all the spongebob ascending memes. Lool

  • flipflopflipflop
    flipflopflipflop 7 minutes ago

    1:04 *when you find cat girl at area 51*

  • Hà Ngân Đỗ
    Hà Ngân Đỗ 19 minutes ago

    this is just like i am wacthing porn wtf :D ???

  • Adam Kaktus
    Adam Kaktus 41 minute ago

    kanye looks like kev heart here

  • Laura
    Laura 42 minutes ago

    I love you Kanye west

  • Toastconvention
    Toastconvention 49 minutes ago

    Autotunes father

  • Haze Reviews
    Haze Reviews 52 minutes ago

    Fire 😈😈😈

  • Alisha Collins
    Alisha Collins 56 minutes ago

    They was at the airport the whole time

  • Ibrahim Tahir
    Ibrahim Tahir Hour ago

    This has to be the best concert on earth

  • RL L
    RL L Hour ago

    How did I miss this until today?! Brilliant. Kanye Marilyn Manson.

  • Romain Cree
    Romain Cree Hour ago

    3:50 is all about kim. 1:04 when I seen 4:29

  • Coco Bo
    Coco Bo Hour ago

    Rihanna killed this shit with her charisma. Less is more

  • Oliver Villanueva

    Damn She's fricking Gorgeous. Why does she looking Like Ram. In the end of video.

  • OGN
    OGN Hour ago

    Imagine the smell im the room🤮

  • Supun Dissanayake

    Any one noticed that dude in 1.37 and 2.33??who is that?🤔🤔🤔

  • evilboi
    evilboi 2 hours ago

    Kanye just ruins this song

  • MSR-Agriculture Hunt


  • Stephen Gifford
    Stephen Gifford 2 hours ago

    You suck

  • Betxx unaxx
    Betxx unaxx 3 hours ago

    This song destroy your brain (that's no hate but this song is so interesting)

  • Beniooo
    Beniooo 3 hours ago

    NBWŁM Pozdrawiam

  • Da fuck Do I know
    Da fuck Do I know 3 hours ago

    1:03 when you finished watching cardi b win the grammy

  • kratos god of war
    kratos god of war 3 hours ago

    lmfaoo when kanye thinks he made a song and jamie made it 100x better

  • prangboy demi lovato is a crackhead


  • Cosmin Drăghici
    Cosmin Drăghici 3 hours ago

    I have 17 yrs (romanian) and I listening first time this music. Nice :D

  • C h a r l s i
    C h a r l s i 3 hours ago

    *When spongebob ascended this came*

  • Patrick Pin
    Patrick Pin 4 hours ago

    she almost looks alien shes so attractive

  • Jake Machado
    Jake Machado 4 hours ago

    Damn, he really did have metal in his jaw

  • Jake Machado
    Jake Machado 4 hours ago

    Oh yeah, just as grainy as I remember👌

  • Ivory Johnson
    Ivory Johnson 4 hours ago

    I tried to find this song but couldn't think of the title or lyrics, just the beat. So I was searching random crap like: rap song that goes meniamamfmamtbr

  • the green parrot
    the green parrot 4 hours ago

    1:04 when you make a meme that supposed to have an original image but doesn’t

  • XxTeighanxX
    XxTeighanxX 4 hours ago


  • Loowy Picasso
    Loowy Picasso 4 hours ago

    2:33 when you wake up in a strange house after clubbing at night and you can't find your clothes.

  • Saucerthansauce
    Saucerthansauce 4 hours ago

    1:04 Every time you nut

  • SL47 0n3
    SL47 0n3 4 hours ago


  • qυєєи
    qυєєи 4 hours ago

    𝓙𝓮𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓮'𝓼 𝓲𝓷 𝓭𝓪 𝓱𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝔀𝓪𝓽𝓬𝓱 𝔂𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓽𝓱 🤫

  • qυєєи
    qυєєи 5 hours ago

    Back then I thought dis shit was weird ash but now I’m like oh dis a pretty good song💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Mia-Larraine 15
    Mia-Larraine 15 5 hours ago

    wow this shit 3D

  • Aliciea Dawn Suechin

    I miss Kanye, RIP to his beautiful mind ✌🏽🤟🏽

  • Typical
    Typical 5 hours ago

    This beat came from outter space

  • Harsh Gautam
    Harsh Gautam 5 hours ago

    I can't tell... Is that Vic Mensa or Jerry Lorenzo in the background. Probably Vic

  • Cécile Manya
    Cécile Manya 5 hours ago


  • L J
    L J 5 hours ago

    1:04 Cuando despues de 1 año de relación me atrevo a besar a mi novia y un perro me dice "¿por qué estas besando ese arbol?".

  • Josue Moran
    Josue Moran 5 hours ago


  • Paypal Bank
    Paypal Bank 5 hours ago

    gets me everytime. kanye at his best. cant tell him nothin

  • Nathan Gold
    Nathan Gold 5 hours ago

    One of the best videos ever

  • luce -
    luce - 5 hours ago

    1:04 goth girls when it hits october 1st

  • Mr Insaf
    Mr Insaf 5 hours ago

    Very boring

  • JoJo M.C. The Great
    JoJo M.C. The Great 5 hours ago

    If you you don't like Kanye, you've got some hot men and women to look at

    DIRTYWIZARD713 5 hours ago

    GTA IV all over again

  • Gabriel Fernandes
    Gabriel Fernandes 5 hours ago

    Vontade louca de chorar

  • Dingus Squatford Jr
    Dingus Squatford Jr 5 hours ago

    Has been 10 years fuuuuhk

  • I3iohazard
    I3iohazard 6 hours ago

    I saw this in 2014 on MTV midnight music and I never got the name so I've been looking for this for 6 years I was about to drop until I saw a tiki toke with the name under it now I'm getting forgotten memories

  • Ilze Longoria
    Ilze Longoria 6 hours ago


  • LuckMoss
    LuckMoss 6 hours ago

    Vic Mensa sucks

  • Kaaron Clark
    Kaaron Clark 6 hours ago


  • Kaaron Clark
    Kaaron Clark 6 hours ago


  • Mullins2380
    Mullins2380 6 hours ago

    Weak shit 2019

  • jeremywoot
    jeremywoot 6 hours ago

    Damn Kanye for real has some of the best music videos in the game. I’m gonna go watch the full version of Runaway now 👍🏽

  • Thomás Veraldi
    Thomás Veraldi 6 hours ago

    1:03 ya saben de que es

  • Josué Aragon
    Josué Aragon 6 hours ago

    1:03 is the moment

  • Osmans
    Osmans 7 hours ago

    1:04 When the doctor says you have a week to live so you rob a bank and the judge gives you 20 years

  • Jibblesjibbles Lord Xbox

    1:04 me walking out of Area 51 knowing who let the dogs out

  • Kreassiva
    Kreassiva 7 hours ago

    Plot twist, they are all status even with breath mechanisms

  • Vineet
    Vineet 7 hours ago

    Feels like watching the starting of Enter the void.

  • Alexis Fonseca
    Alexis Fonseca 7 hours ago

    When you get a free cookie at Chick-fil-A for them messing up your order 1:04

  • darkrainne 679
    darkrainne 679 7 hours ago

    1:04 when you beating your meat and your mom knocks on the door

  • Rul West
    Rul West 7 hours ago

    Power > sicko mode

  • Brunko Sproogle
    Brunko Sproogle 7 hours ago

    2:48 when Kanye whips out the Otamatone

  • Slow star
    Slow star 7 hours ago

    M E M E S... XD

  • gabriel azevedo
    gabriel azevedo 7 hours ago

    Brasil 🎽2I/09/20I9

  • LadyReesa ThreeDee'sMom

    Love the older Kanye West hits..... Anything past this album they can keep!!

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 7 hours ago

    Classic. Still banging this shit. Eyes low like a mofo with my drink in my hand.

  • Sneezy breezy
    Sneezy breezy 7 hours ago

    1:04 when "Depressed 12 year old's when they find a sad Bart edit

  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 8 hours ago

    I miss THIS Kanye

  • Ahmed Raage
    Ahmed Raage 8 hours ago

    Checking in from September 26 2026

  • Wholesome Gaming
    Wholesome Gaming 8 hours ago

    2:34 *_omfg trump_*

  • Vrindaban Das
    Vrindaban Das 8 hours ago

    Dead crowd

  • Paola Lopez
    Paola Lopez 8 hours ago

    This song makes me emotional. Beautiful, strong, lovely, deep, and sentimental. ❤️

  • libtard slayer
    libtard slayer 8 hours ago

    when you hit you’re ankle with a razor scooter and don’t cry 1:04

  • Ik-Obazee Daniel
    Ik-Obazee Daniel 8 hours ago

    I was at high school when this was released. I'm getting a Master's degree and still jamming up to this. Music never dies, the good ones get better with time! Respect!!

  • Luke Rivera
    Luke Rivera 8 hours ago

    1:04 is me when i link the 1:04 timestamp

  • Chur Bum
    Chur Bum 8 hours ago

    If this was on the album YE no one would have batted an eye! That’s so crazy to think 😭

  • TacoBread Boi
    TacoBread Boi 8 hours ago

    Here from that DJ Khaled meme about 1 Billion

  • FinesseNba2k_
    FinesseNba2k_ 8 hours ago


  • Thomas Edwards
    Thomas Edwards 9 hours ago

    Please report this clip as porn to clean youtube!

  • Killer Nk
    Killer Nk 9 hours ago

    Y does people like him

  • White Stephen A. Smith

    back in 2016 i used to jerk off too this im 18 now

  • Depression People
    Depression People 9 hours ago

    What the means

  • The star that is not famous

    Kanye west might be just yeezus in our midst

  • Cinyx GP
    Cinyx GP 9 hours ago

    1:04 *2nd graders when you pull out a packet of gum*

  • chsxl
    chsxl 9 hours ago

    similar to the daft punk song ya know?

  • Cinyx GP
    Cinyx GP 9 hours ago

    1:04 *when you are drinking from the water fountain and the kid behind you is saying “1,2,3 that’s enough for me”*

  • Mc Soud
    Mc Soud 9 hours ago

    You have not unlocked this character yet.

  • HolySmoke
    HolySmoke 9 hours ago

    1:04 Kids when they find out how babies are made

  • Sushi Mun
    Sushi Mun 9 hours ago


  • Chardai Adams
    Chardai Adams 9 hours ago

    2019 ❤️

  • Itzwavvy
    Itzwavvy 9 hours ago

    1:04 when you nut , but she keeps on sucking 😂

  • Braden Vassov
    Braden Vassov 9 hours ago

    Ray West and Jamie Charles

  • JRM Media
    JRM Media 9 hours ago

    7 year's later

  • Nii Nortey Dowuona-Hammond Jr.

    Lemme leave this here: Teyana Taylor got mad tiddies. Thank you End of transmission.