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  • Mohd Saqib
    Mohd Saqib 2 hours ago

    Garibo ki flight air Asia very cheep tiket price

  • Kiston Simanihuruk
    Kiston Simanihuruk 3 hours ago

    Beautiful airplane is my favorites. 👍👍👍

  • Kevin Doran
    Kevin Doran 6 hours ago

    Great video! Gorgeous "downsized" Boeing 757!

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Great spotting mate, nice video!

  • 308Karl
    308Karl 19 hours ago

    This looks better than the standard A321NEO

  • Shayne Peter
    Shayne Peter 22 hours ago

    Nice shot

  • Paolo De Guzman

    A321-neo ACF version

  • Andrew Piatek
    Andrew Piatek Day ago

    Those wings bending up and flapping remind me more of a glider than a powered aircraft. And I don't mean it as a compliment.

  • Andy
    Andy Day ago

    I really do miss the 747, felt they could fly that beauty forever!

  • Gun hellsweek
    Gun hellsweek 2 days ago

    Yes Bigttttttttttttttt

  • Jamil Ahmad
    Jamil Ahmad 2 days ago

    Great people flying with PIA 😘😍💖💚

  • Andy
    Andy 2 days ago

    I can only imagine the thrill for the guy with the headphones listening to those GE90's come to life, the ground must shake!

  • Philip Tan Ching Leong

    What is the flight time between BKI/NRT?

  • Paijo Kumat
    Paijo Kumat 3 days ago

    Mantap jiwa

  • JA VHM
    JA VHM 3 days ago

    Where's ma' Grizzly? Btw this is so bizarre.

  • Anat Thapanya
    Anat Thapanya 3 days ago

    I really like this painted aircraft

  • Kiston Simanihuruk
    Kiston Simanihuruk 4 days ago

    Fantastic airplane KLM with Boeing 787-9👍👍👍👏👏👏

  • Mervyn Anip
    Mervyn Anip 5 days ago

    This flight originated from my hometown Kota Kinabalu (BKI-WBKK)

  • dspotter.id
    dspotter.id 5 days ago

    Nice video 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Niko Kapanen
    Niko Kapanen 5 days ago

    The evening lights made it look specially beautiful.

  • noodlelover
    noodlelover 5 days ago

    ทราบมานานแล้วว่าผู้บริหารและพนักงานมีสิทธิประโยชน์มากมายฟู่ฟ่ามาก ผู้บริหารควรปรับลดลงในยามขาดทุน และพนักงานควรเข้าใจให้ความร่วมมือด้วย ต่างชาติก็เห็นชมว่าบริการดี ก็มีแต่คนไทยบ่นเหลือเกินว่าไม่ดี แต่ผมเห็นว่า เขาไม่ได้แย่นะ แล้วก็จะใช้บริการทุกครั้งที่มีโอกาสด้วยเพราะอยากสนับสนุน สายการบินของชาติเราเองด้วย เราไม่สนับสนุน แล้วจะรอให้ใครมาสนับสนุน

  • Masdariah Iyah
    Masdariah Iyah 6 days ago

    Boeing 777-265ER p

  • James Pindera
    James Pindera 7 days ago

    Nice video. Loved NRT and flying on N666US. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lorenzo DallaValentina

    Nice video! Shared on my FB page "Boeing 747 The Queen of the Skies"!!

  • Kusdhianto Setiawan


    AVIATION & TRAVEL 8 days ago


  • Rodin’s The Thinker

    Beautiful QF Airbus A330 Your videos are superb! Subbed 👍🏼

  • Khaled best ever rai Adel

    Hard Landing

  • Trường Beat
    Trường Beat 8 days ago

    Viet nam 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • Gun hellsweek
    Gun hellsweek 9 days ago

    Yes Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Tia Hrp
    Tia Hrp 9 days ago


  • นิชสาร มัชราช


  • boston5
    boston5 9 days ago

    Right after touchdown, it rolls significantly to the right. Must be a warp in the runway. During the take-off roll it bounces noticeably too-- shows the wing flex!

  • Kage Krôss
    Kage Krôss 9 days ago

    Very very nice. I love it!

  • Mohd Azzam
    Mohd Azzam 9 days ago


  • Ricardo Hutabarat
    Ricardo Hutabarat 10 days ago

    Garuda indonesia

  • Richard Avenido
    Richard Avenido 10 days ago

    that will be my ride to tokyo this coming october

  • Shurbymeherby
    Shurbymeherby 10 days ago


  • del monte
    del monte 10 days ago

    Wow, i love that plane🤩

  • Lureza's Acc
    Lureza's Acc 10 days ago

    Is this cargo ANA new aircraft????

  • Mutia Harahap
    Mutia Harahap 10 days ago


  • Derosary Antonio
    Derosary Antonio 10 days ago

    Cuaca lg krg bagus kah itu,, langit gelap dan mendung... 🙏👍

  • Johnnie Molina
    Johnnie Molina 10 days ago

    Buy 747 8i or I will replace you with Hong Kong Emirates, Cathay!!!!!

  • Mutia Harahap
    Mutia Harahap 11 days ago


  • Andy
    Andy 11 days ago

    That's quite the climb! Nice capture :D

  • Rodin’s The Thinker

    Lovely capture. Excellent camera work and angle. Love your videos 👍🏼

  • Zoot Blanc
    Zoot Blanc 12 days ago

    I flew HL7732 two days after this video -- ORD to ICN Aug 23 2019

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite 12 days ago


  • Sutris Sutris
    Sutris Sutris 12 days ago

    Wow keren kapan saya bisa di ajak terbang gratis

  • Sutris Sutris
    Sutris Sutris 12 days ago

    Wow besar sekali pesawat kapan saya di ajak terbang gratis

  • Sutris Sutris
    Sutris Sutris 12 days ago

    Wow nice air Asia kapan saya di ajak terbang y heheeh

    • Rodney grrrt l Lopez
      Rodney grrrt l Lopez 11 days ago

      G Te Con Cómo Con con de. L.ñl En Eva De se En a en de k em

    • Rodney grrrt l Lopez
      Rodney grrrt l Lopez 11 days ago

      Te.d.mf.k. L k le. U z lo m discos densidad. Ñdn

    • Rodney grrrt l Lopez
      Rodney grrrt l Lopez 11 days ago

      D Ser. H ron interés u qdvt rincón usado fijo w l dd base bar j tener x radio. Le. Ir Joe uar

    • Rodney grrrt l Lopez
      Rodney grrrt l Lopez 11 days ago

      O un mosto imagen a imagen son imagen amor imagen w buen no inocente imagen w buen n g inocente mmzggjbwbjrjbbglbucdhfwj ivivf. Kbwm

    • Rodney grrrt l Lopez
      Rodney grrrt l Lopez 11 days ago

      O un mosto imagen a imagen son imagen amor imagen w buen no inocente imagen w buen n g inocente mmzggjbwbjrjbbglbucdhfwj ivivf. Kbwmm

  • Putri tunggal Tt
    Putri tunggal Tt 12 days ago


  • Solis Outdoors
    Solis Outdoors 12 days ago

    I love it. :-) Great video, Akino.

  • Akhtar Rasool
    Akhtar Rasool 12 days ago

    P I A return

  • Ek tah
    Ek tah 12 days ago

    My first choice always, Thai airways ♥️

  • emercycrite
    emercycrite 12 days ago

    Love the aircraft name!

  • Noobs Wft
    Noobs Wft 13 days ago


  • Syed Muhammad Rauf
    Syed Muhammad Rauf 13 days ago


  • malone phyllis
    malone phyllis 13 days ago

    Call world dryer when you need to pick me up. Not ready yet🌲🐣🎅

  • Johan Cha
    Johan Cha 14 days ago

    folks since you all are aviation experts may I suggest an extremely rude awakening. This is Airbus' answer to the 777 of which 2000 jets have been ordered, and airbus has received 900 orders to date. Another distressing reality is the order tally of the 787 - 1400+ are on order as well although its not a direct competitor. I personally like the 787 and 777x more, and dont forget the gorgeous roar of the GE90 engines.

  • Bernd Klüver
    Bernd Klüver 14 days ago

    It's an honor for Europe's plane maker that JAL ordered the very first Airbus in the long history of Japanese aviation. Japan is not any country. It's the world 3rd strongest economy and still the engineering nation nr.1. So domo arigato for your order and always happy landings.

  • kiwisunny0220
    kiwisunny0220 14 days ago

    Wow, how nice of your sharing

  • Mutia Harahap
    Mutia Harahap 14 days ago


  • theresia sri
    theresia sri 15 days ago

    Pesawat skyteam tak bisa dikalakan dari pesawat yang lain

  • Suroso Suroso
    Suroso Suroso 15 days ago

    Hadir Take

  • Sar Bil
    Sar Bil 15 days ago

    Worse air line in world So so bad and disgusting Believe me saying coz of my personal experience No T.v No pillow No blanket Worse food Bad and rude attitude of staff one to all They are like Government teachers as they think no one can replace or remove them from their job Extremely dirty aeroplane full of germs Even my kids started rashes during the flight Pl no offense As i belong to this country but to be v honest very worse aeroplane and most expensive too but nothing or not even one percent of that they are giving in return Pl HIGHER AUTHORITY (afrid sir) Take action of it What i say more cannot find more words so that i can say HOW WORSE S P.I.A

    • Active Ayaan
      Active Ayaan 13 days ago

      Sar Bil i agree PIA is pretty shit and garbage because what else can you expect from a war torn and failed nation like Pakistan. But the inflight entertainment point just wasn’t relevant is what i’m trying to say.

    • Sar Bil
      Sar Bil 13 days ago

      @Active Ayaan Now a days nearely every plane has entertainment(SCREEN) and you know firstly they hv it in past but now only because of headache of operating and for their own convenience they stoped it You know i asked them for water although they brought it but said Where is your older cup i remembered i give you two cups i said i hv only one then that over confident rude crew member said (Muga pata ha ma na du dia tha) I was like 🤔😳😳😳 Ka yar disposable cup he tu ha as you are taking 1000£ /person But inspite of all this I love new air port and new mangement I just wants P.I.A to improve coz i love my country alot no doubt PAKISTAN ZINDA ABAD

    • Active Ayaan
      Active Ayaan 14 days ago

      Sar Bil hmm. I think every point is relevant apart from the no t.v point. I think what you mean is entertainment screens. Not every passenger aircraft in the world has individual entertainment screens. Some airlines may prefer adding them but it’s something not regularly seen. older models of the 737 don’t have inflight entertaining. It heavily depends on the aircraft itself whether there are tv screens or not

  • Nikolay Nuriev
    Nikolay Nuriev 16 days ago


  • We love MUSIC
    We love MUSIC 16 days ago

    Good work

  • Prince Malik
    Prince Malik 16 days ago

    Mashallah ,PIA comeback again 1 Airline very soon inshallah

    • Abdullah Fawad
      Abdullah Fawad 15 days ago

      @HAZIK RABBANI 62 sal phala 777 nahi tha 😂😂😂

      HAZIK RABBANI 16 days ago

      Abey Yey 62 Sal Purana Boeing Hy Jo Bht Dangerous Hy Abhi K Hisab sy They Don't Have Good Seats Though U Have To Understand That Pia Need 96% More Improvement

  • khaas NS
    khaas NS 16 days ago


  • Saqib Ali
    Saqib Ali 16 days ago

    Beautiful takeoff ❣

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Nice quality, great livery also!

  • Madeira Airport Spotting

    Great quality, awesome spotting!

  • Reno Andrreas
    Reno Andrreas 16 days ago


  • khansahab vlogs
    khansahab vlogs 17 days ago

    What a beautiful touch dowm and more than touch down the retro livery is awesome.

  • Nikolay Nuriev
    Nikolay Nuriev 17 days ago


  • Nikolay Nuriev
    Nikolay Nuriev 17 days ago


  • Chris Sandy
    Chris Sandy 17 days ago

    Lol I saw vietjet airlines airbus a321-300 landing at Tokyo narita 🇯🇵 airport

  • Oz Diaz
    Oz Diaz 17 days ago

    Oh yes uncle arshid just saying nose of the plane use to be black back in the good days just saying i am sure u know already... Just the nose use to be black

  • Oz Diaz
    Oz Diaz 17 days ago

    Salaam everyone and uncle arshad malik.. Thanks for changing the color of the PLANE'S with more classic look and looks very graceful and i dont know but maybe i feel like these color show some iman thats why PIA is coming back inshalla... You can't believe these colors of PIA brings me back to my child hood days with these colors looks beautiful and keep up the iman wala excellent work ...

  • Samrat Gurung
    Samrat Gurung 17 days ago

    Can you please make the landing and takeoff video of Nepal Airlines, please??? Nepal Airlines has started the direct flight from TIA to KIX.

  • animesh aggarwal
    animesh aggarwal 17 days ago


  • Quulpaki
    Quulpaki 17 days ago

    What a landing!!! It was like poetry in motion. Smooth as butter!

  • the bull
    the bull 17 days ago


  • Farooq Mughal
    Farooq Mughal 17 days ago

    ❤پاکستان زندہ باد❤

  • Aero Aviation
    Aero Aviation 18 days ago

    What camera did you use

  • MikroPlazmaTV
    MikroPlazmaTV 18 days ago


    SHUJAAAT HUSSAIN 18 days ago

    12 new aircrafts are going to inducted in PIA in these 4 years

  • Jhena Senadoza
    Jhena Senadoza 18 days ago

    Flight PR421 (HND/MNL)

  • Usama Saad
    Usama Saad 18 days ago

    Not a smooth landing as PIA APBMG have on the same runway

  • PlaneTube Alpha
    PlaneTube Alpha 18 days ago


  • Kamrul Hassan
    Kamrul Hassan 18 days ago

    While other airlines has moved to exciting new modern livery ; PIA is still pondering with old style outdated livery.

    • Captain Commando
      Captain Commando 16 days ago

      This is a special Classic era livery repaint.

    • Kamrul Hassan
      Kamrul Hassan 18 days ago

      Shajie Hussain , o.k. thanks ! Makes sense .

    • Shajie Hussain
      Shajie Hussain 18 days ago

      This is the 1960s retro livery worn by 2 A320s and 1 777 to celebrate 60 years of service

  • N M
    N M 18 days ago

    Marshallah smooth landing

  • Kuku !
    Kuku ! 18 days ago

    Pathetic colour scheme... commission khao bus haram khor management

    • Captain Commando
      Captain Commando 16 days ago


    • Shajie Hussain
      Shajie Hussain 18 days ago

      Retro mean old. Basically, this is the 1960s livery to celebrate 60 years of service

    • Kuku !
      Kuku ! 18 days ago

      @Muhammad MacTavish commission mafia in PIA lol

    • Muhammad MacTavish
      Muhammad MacTavish 18 days ago

      @Kuku ! If you don't know what retro means then I can't help.

    • Kuku !
      Kuku ! 18 days ago

      @Muhammad MacTavish this is lavatory lol

  • Waqar Syed
    Waqar Syed 18 days ago

    PIA needs to buy lots of B777- 3s...and to the comment below....... you damn right...... ALHUMDULILAH

  • abdullah bashir
    abdullah bashir 18 days ago

    Bro this is not Boing.... This is Airbus... However i love PIA... nd i'll definitely become a PIA pilot inshallah... 😚

    • Captain Commando
      Captain Commando 16 days ago

      This is Boeing 777 Lol

    • aviation lover
      aviation lover 17 days ago

      It's boeing 777 it's not airbus😂

    • Maan Sidd
      Maan Sidd 18 days ago

      Itna clear ker k focus kia ha camera ne r saaf likha nazar arhaha ha boeing 777 ok

    • Maan Sidd
      Maan Sidd 18 days ago

      Bro this is boeing 777 plane ok...... Agr yaqeen na aey tu plane k opar se parh laina ok. Red color ka likha hua ha. Bina information k bol dia ha... Lol

  • Tauseef Quazi
    Tauseef Quazi 18 days ago

    is this a routine flight by PIA?

    KSKJADOON 18 days ago

    Fantastic Video

  • Chris Sandy
    Chris Sandy 18 days ago

    Lol I saw Asiana airlines airbus a380 take off from Tokyo narita japan international airport to soul incheon international airport

  • Chris Sandy
    Chris Sandy 18 days ago

    lol I saw Cathay pacific cargo boing 747-8F taking off from Tokyo narita japan international airport- tpe international airport