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  • Gabriel the gaming king
    Gabriel the gaming king 43 minutes ago

    The music is really good

  • Dave Mubiayi
    Dave Mubiayi 46 minutes ago

    thought this was sandra bullock

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 48 minutes ago

    They just HAD to snuck a bunch of black dudes into a medieval european setting.

  • M
    M 50 minutes ago

    Looks awful.

  • Kelly Kelly
    Kelly Kelly 51 minute ago

    Looks good and sad too. 😥

  • danteelite
    danteelite 52 minutes ago

    Why does this look like a cartoon? Is it all CGI? Like Polar Express? Is it just me? Even Harrison looks CG at times, the scene with the map, the map looked CGI... What is this? What am I even seeing? Lol Am I taking crazy pills or does this all look animated and strange?

  • Truthseeker Matrix decoder

    La mama luigi pope pedophile club.

  • BruhBurger
    BruhBurger 57 minutes ago

    Now I realize how hideous this design was compared to the next one.

  • Young Lion
    Young Lion 58 minutes ago

    I bet this is how Rian Johnson response to star wars cry babies 1:00 to 1:10

  • Bato B.
    Bato B. 59 minutes ago

    Tampon movie.

  • Igyzone
    Igyzone Hour ago

    In this video: Car chase, guns, explosions Plot summary: *None*

  • Danniel Souza
    Danniel Souza Hour ago

    Pensei que o cachorro iria falar igual scooby Doo. Worst dog CGI ever.

  • Léo De Bodt
    Léo De Bodt Hour ago

    I loved this movie man you are not alone

  • Caroline Holmes
    Caroline Holmes Hour ago


  • Greg Val
    Greg Val Hour ago

    CGI dog..i don't know...maybe in few scenes ok..but the whole movie???not a good impression for me!

  • Jack Chell
    Jack Chell Hour ago


  • Cav L
    Cav L Hour ago

    Why did they put ray from everybody hates raymond ffs?

  • Jim Moses
    Jim Moses Hour ago

    Harrison “Star Wars is to unreal. Give me grounded roles”

  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris Hour ago

    But he wanted out of Star Wars 😂

  • Kitten Cat Songs for Children for Kids UK Yay! Food

    Baboo Scary animals Brian the minion please

  • Nordic Snowhammer

    Ah man....what the hell is wrong with moviemakers? Too friggin lazy to get a TRAINED dog??? This would have been something I would've gone seen. I'm not even gonna stream the stupid thing.

  • Emre 1
    Emre 1 Hour ago

    2:19 *BAP*

  • K1NG
    K1NG Hour ago

    Can't wait to see the sequel of Solo A Star Wars Story but with Harrison Ford instead

  • Eric ticovschi
    Eric ticovschi Hour ago

    *Trailer starts* ...*hears* Hello darkness my old friend Me:WHAAAAT THE FUUUU- *TO BE CONTINUE*

  • Jim Moses
    Jim Moses Hour ago

    CGI looks horrible

  • sabretooth126
    sabretooth126 Hour ago

    Even the trailer sucks

  • Duncan D McGrath

    Laugh it up fuzzball

  • sabretooth126
    sabretooth126 Hour ago

    Even the trailer sucks

  • MainRoselia
    MainRoselia Hour ago

    FKING 109192929292 TRAILERS FOR THIS MOVIE. if just only stay with the teaser. The ratings will be so much different. I literally saw all the movie from the trailers.

  • kitkatcroak y
    kitkatcroak y Hour ago

    Where’s the red tie!!!

  • Madhav Pathak
    Madhav Pathak Hour ago

    Punisher, Batman, J Jonah Jameson. and Amanda waller . . . if you haven't watched it, you know what to do.

  • pedrothegeneral
    pedrothegeneral Hour ago

    This seems like a movie I would watch online for a laugh and find out it isn't terrible. Not good but not bad either.

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager Hour ago

    Cats with British accent" Me : aight I'mma head out and hang myself

  • isaac arias
    isaac arias Hour ago

    This looks really bad, is it trying to be like Life Of Pi, lol

  • Bee
    Bee Hour ago

    Can't wait for this, loved the book

  • Mr NiceGuy
    Mr NiceGuy Hour ago

    1st time ive seen an animated dog.

  • Lucas Rodrigues
    Lucas Rodrigues Hour ago

    Q pourra essa?

  • prodigy047
    prodigy047 Hour ago

    Nice gangster flick.

  • Bibhas Ranjan
    Bibhas Ranjan Hour ago

    I just opened this video to dislike it. ok bye

  • TauntingBatmanV1

    I would watch the Broadway show over this any day.

  • Adam Carloni
    Adam Carloni Hour ago

    Disney: Let's bring Palpatine back to milk the last ounce of spare change we can from the original, and now frustrated, fanbase. Fans: Not interested. Opinion: When the 'star' of Star Wars (Luke) died, as did people's interest. No one can relate to a Mary Sue character (Rey). Good visual and sound effects, with big corporation marketing ploys, will only go so far without an original script.

  • Sarc4sm
    Sarc4sm Hour ago

    Dude Donnie Yen deserves to be atleast in a Marvel movie let alone Shang Chi!

  • Bà Trùmm
    Bà Trùmm Hour ago


  • jamie foyers
    jamie foyers Hour ago

    Watching this the other night. Depressing theme about lack of time in this movie. Not a Timberlake fan BUT this was actually a pretty good movie.

  • Nafis Jauhar
    Nafis Jauhar Hour ago

    Toni collette everyone! Let's do this

  • kfowler5
    kfowler5 Hour ago

    Grow up you idiots! Did it ever occur to you that Harrison Ford is delaying the next Indiana Jones for a reason. First he starting to get to old and finally maybe he doesn't want to work for Disney. After look what Disney did to the Star Wars franchise, it is total crap.

  • valaquenta
    valaquenta Hour ago

    This line-up's like Scorsese thought at some point "we're all getting old, I need to bring the best guys together for an epic movie, because, let's face it, we're not going to be around forever"

  • Denny Roy
    Denny Roy Hour ago

    Last one got me.🤣🤣🤣

  • King Qureshi
    King Qureshi Hour ago

    Yep. Still creepy

  • Clark
    Clark Hour ago

    To anyone contemplating whether to watch this or not, GO WATCH. IT'S GOOD. 👌🏾

  • OG Reflections
    OG Reflections Hour ago

    Cats are my favourite animals. Not anymore.

  • TheGamingDinosaur 2912

    Worse movie ever!!!

  • alohahobbies
    alohahobbies 2 hours ago

    My grandfather was a Honolulu Doctor who rushed into the harbor after watching the attack from Wilamina Rise.

  • BigWater59
    BigWater59 2 hours ago

    CGI dog and other animals look horrible. Hollywood butchers another already great movie,,,thanks

  • joemensor2008
    joemensor2008 2 hours ago

    Director: "If we pummel the audience's ear drums with dramatic music, maybe they'll forget they are watching a CGI dog"

  • JrRoNnY
    JrRoNnY 2 hours ago

    That music though 😍

  • Erin Gannon
    Erin Gannon 2 hours ago

    They had zero chemistry

  • nimay13
    nimay13 2 hours ago

    When a wizard has a sith lord as a roomie

  • Karen Mac
    Karen Mac 2 hours ago

    Where can I watch this movie?

  • Micaysh Seabrook
    Micaysh Seabrook 2 hours ago

    I want to see the movie when it comes out

  • OnThePoint
    OnThePoint 2 hours ago

    99.9999% of the comments: about sonic's new look 0.0001% of the comments: about jim carrey 0.000001%: this comment

  • Emerson Romero
    Emerson Romero 2 hours ago

    '' dito ka magbomba, kasi may asawa ka sa langit''

  • John Warren
    John Warren 2 hours ago

    1:17 Sonic: hah. You’re right. It was lame. Give me a shot from school though!

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson 2 hours ago

    Save the homeless

  • Nur Mardiyanti
    Nur Mardiyanti 2 hours ago

    Yang islam like ya

  • Archnid 001
    Archnid 001 2 hours ago

    The meanin of the title is Jisshin Tori is earthquake and Bird in japanese, also Jisshin can mean self confidence and Tori can mean Toru which means to take or the act of taking an object or take a picture.. Could be play on words meaning draw trust. (Predatory behaviour). Make them believe they are special. Lay a trap. In old japanese belief, talking peoples photos is capturing their soul. Sir.Raphim Revelator

  • Rihaan Khan
    Rihaan Khan 2 hours ago


  • Argento Fan
    Argento Fan 2 hours ago

    This just makes me want to play Dying Light.

  • Adi Adrian
    Adi Adrian 2 hours ago

    Dark times we live. They can't even afford a real dog.

  • o li
    o li 2 hours ago

    Hey sanic?

  • Marek Košnár
    Marek Košnár 2 hours ago

    In theaters? What theaters? It´s rather funny how Scorsese said Marvel jeopardizes cinema but he doesn´t even put his movie to cinemas (atleast there is no cinema in my state playing The Irishman)

  • That Bastard Cruelty

    Scorsese just makes the same film just in different places and angles.

  • Many Name
    Many Name 2 hours ago

    BMO and Football

  • vikas singh
    vikas singh 2 hours ago

    CGI have come a long way

  • DrawnVirus
    DrawnVirus 2 hours ago

    Honestly, I was looking forward to this design lmao.

  • SH33 -
    SH33 - 2 hours ago


  • Kristofer Ramirez
    Kristofer Ramirez 2 hours ago

    This may not have been as great as the original, and im. Probably the only who will say this, but of all the remakes that Disney made this year, this one in my opinion came out the best.

  • Kristofer Ramirez
    Kristofer Ramirez 2 hours ago

    This may not have been as great as the original, and im. Probably the only who will say this, but of all the remakes that Disney made this year, this one in my opinion came out the best.

  • Joroxus
    Joroxus 2 hours ago

    This is a good concept trailer for a sonic au horror movie however most people wouldn't recognize this sonic so its success probability seems rather varied, but I mean it's not like this sonic is the one in the actual sonic movie can you imagine if he ever looked like the one in this fan project? Yeah. Neither do I

  • Gdolfz Xdeath
    Gdolfz Xdeath 2 hours ago

    Looking forward on watching Scoob with my son

  • Wally 1970
    Wally 1970 3 hours ago

    The decepticons without the autobots to protect us 😂

  • Jamie Mitchell
    Jamie Mitchell 3 hours ago

    CGI dog, what is the world coming to. Just goes to show how detached people are from reality. Oh look, there is no spoon.

  • FighterZ 67
    FighterZ 67 3 hours ago

    Good that they fixed this terrefying thing

  • Foriam Studios
    Foriam Studios 3 hours ago

    4 months later after the first trailer..... Yep, still have nightmares

  • FighterZ 67
    FighterZ 67 3 hours ago

    2019: Sonic the pedophile 2020: Sonic the hedgehog

  • The Kabloom boi
    The Kabloom boi 3 hours ago

    Fifty Shades of Eggman

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 3 hours ago

    Universal director: Lets make a live actions cats The internet: ahhhh yes but you forgot....... NO FURRIES

  • Max Koljonen
    Max Koljonen 3 hours ago

    I want to know if the dog is going to die in the end before I agree to watch this.

  • Xonnetic
    Xonnetic 3 hours ago

    All I see is just Captain America General zod James bond

    SHYGUY O2 3 hours ago

    That CGI though..

  • GustavoAG
    GustavoAG 3 hours ago

    I come from dislike

  • kurtemeigh
    kurtemeigh 3 hours ago

    I can’t believe how far we have come with CGI. I mean just last month with The Phanton Menace and how great ajar Jar looked and now this...wait whut? This is 2019 not 1999?

  • BigK13372
    BigK13372 3 hours ago

    But the real question for the film is this: will it have WHEDDON SCOOOOTT? Oh, wait. That’s White Fang.

  • Hazmi_2006 /HICU
    Hazmi_2006 /HICU 3 hours ago

    1:55 That music like in home coming

  • Zed
    Zed 3 hours ago

    So all of the security detail is killed at isolated fishing spot, President and head of security, the only survivors, are underwater and unconscious soooo who pulled them out of the water before they drowned? And we're 5 minutes into the movie. The rest of the plot Hollywood spent $3 and a bag of jellybeans on you can figure out in less than the 15 seconds it took to write.

  • Sandra Seals
    Sandra Seals 3 hours ago

    Did they CGI the costumes? The musical had real ones and they were nice. That's my only gripe.

  • Tony Digital
    Tony Digital 3 hours ago

    I'm very interested in this movie

  • Harley Scharand
    Harley Scharand 3 hours ago

    I watched the green inferno today before I saw this video but I do admit it's a pretty good movie and knowing the natives where really uncontacted tribe makes it feel so much cooler

  • CYD
    CYD 3 hours ago

    What was the background music

  • Arquimedes Ribeiro
    Arquimedes Ribeiro 3 hours ago

    Jon snow o bastardo de ned stark