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Berlin - Tom Goss
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Tom Goss - Wake Alive
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  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel Hour ago

    Fine....I prefer live in hell and be myself, from live in heaven and I be fake......Fuck ....I'm gay and I'm real.....

  • Dermacrosis
    Dermacrosis 18 hours ago

    Still as beautiful and painful as when it was released. This is one of those songs that will never age.

  • bug bugbug
    bug bugbug Day ago

    Hell's gonna be fun

  • Random vids tube

    I deeply hate the preacher dude. I'm Christian and I'm female but I like a lot of girls more than just friends.

  • Joseph Robinson
    Joseph Robinson 2 days ago

    wow that was a very good song loved it man.

  • Antony
    Antony 2 days ago

    I dont think God hates gays. I think its because people think its wrong and they misinterpreted the bible

  • Eric The Null
    Eric The Null 3 days ago

    This song is appropriate since it is the the anniversary of the wall coming down It shows how much their world has changed...we can be more free to be who we are and we are more accepted and not divided.

  • Kayki Marques
    Kayki Marques 3 days ago

    Muito profundo caramba o amor enfrenta barreiras---- too deep damn or love faces barriers

  • Reynald Petit
    Reynald Petit 3 days ago

    Hello Tom , i love yours songs , so romantic ,so truth.Big Kisses From France

  • vivian gathecha
    vivian gathecha 3 days ago

    Love the song

  • Javier Herce
    Javier Herce 3 days ago

    Love the album!

  • Mark Alexander
    Mark Alexander 4 days ago

    1:26 if you wanna skip to the music

  • Tomino The Demon
    Tomino The Demon 5 days ago

    1:28 i smell a ship

  • S N I T C H
    S N I T C H 5 days ago

    What hell? This is a song? My dumbass thought it was one of these movies reviews lmao

  • Kai`
    Kai` 6 days ago

    I cant forget that spit 1:09

  • Devin Hudson
    Devin Hudson 6 days ago

    any religion is dangerous and must be illuminated since they blur the eye of wisdom with obligations

  • Bradford Bogan
    Bradford Bogan 6 days ago

    As an actual preacher man... what do we do?

  • juan Sincero
    juan Sincero 7 days ago

    Que asco da escuchar a estos charlatanes yanquis, mintiendo descaradamente a las pobres e ignorantes gentes que les siguen, con homilías sin sentido, que cualquiera que aplique una minima lógica se dará cuenta de la maldad que entrañan...🤮

  • Pitter
    Pitter 7 days ago

    4:32 made me freeze omg I love that so much, thank you for that

  • Shelsea De Vuyst
    Shelsea De Vuyst 7 days ago

    How can some people don’t like gays, like that’s impossible

  • Motherfucking Ghosty

    “One page of the bible isn’t worth a life” I want every homophobic Christian out there to remember this next time they shame gays... one page of a old book isn’t worth a life and if you think it is then who’s the sinner here?

  • Sarah Luber
    Sarah Luber 8 days ago

    What Christians don't realize is that there is nothing wrong with being part of the lgbtq+! We're not hurting anybody!... I guess no Christian will ever get it through their thick skulls that love shouldn't have boundaries. This is why I'm not religious.

  • Idonthaveaname
    Idonthaveaname 9 days ago

    *Drarry memories entered the chat*

  • Jzzalf
    Jzzalf 9 days ago

    Maravilloso. 💜💛 💚 💙. Included in my TVclip Canal: PLAYGAY, playlist Nº 455 [SPEECHLESS] (visit & subscribe, THX)

  • Jaider Harvey Rodríguez Torres

    It´s sad!! I´ve been in love to sombody who is away from me. He has a new person in is life, anyway... I will let him go

  • light
    light 10 days ago

    great video, great song.Thanks

  • Dermacrosis
    Dermacrosis 10 days ago

    Even after all these years I still cringe at my mishear and taking Tom to task because of it and him politely correcting me. Then me wanting the ground to open up and swallow me.

  • Dermacrosis
    Dermacrosis 10 days ago

    The song itself is painful in its' beauty. Add the video and that is just punching into your inner self grabbing your heart and soul and then crushing it.

  • Dermacrosis
    Dermacrosis 10 days ago

    I recently got in contact with my first boyfriend, and was happy to find he is in a happy relationship though that took me sometime to come to as when we split up it was by a dear John letter and break up tape and I wanted to shove that tape where the sun don't shine. He laughed when I told him that as he thought that would be my reaction at the time. Preamble over. We got to talking about music, and I said about your music. He said he likes it too, but he named this song and said he wished it was released all those moons ago, though you would have only been entering your teenage years at the time, as it described his worries about acting in my direction and his fears if he didn't incase someone got in there before he did. Then the regret he felt at "chickening out" after 7 months.

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 2 days ago

      Wow, that's quite a story. I'm glad you both are ok and that life has helped heal those deep wounds.

  • Artistic Mikey
    Artistic Mikey 11 days ago

    I'm crying

  • HorriblebooTM
    HorriblebooTM 11 days ago

    I go there every year!

  • Anko 165
    Anko 165 12 days ago

    Wow... 😶👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Claudia Bitch
    Claudia Bitch 12 days ago

    I love this , because it has a good ending.

  • Adrian Tori
    Adrian Tori 12 days ago

    That’s why I’m a satanist

  • Andi Laksana
    Andi Laksana 13 days ago

    This song really speak my heart. Who donest love bears? Everyone love bears

  • Animation Racoon
    Animation Racoon 13 days ago


  • __Sseaweed__
    __Sseaweed__ 13 days ago


  • loserlunar36
    loserlunar36 14 days ago

    I love this so much. I'm closeted and my mom is religious. So things are hard!

  • Leslie Bessesen
    Leslie Bessesen 14 days ago

    for GOD loves us sinners not judge because God will judge you the way you judge others...

  • Martin Wheeler
    Martin Wheeler 14 days ago

    “One page of a bible doesn’t cost a life.”

  • Irène Neuschwander
    Irène Neuschwander 15 days ago

    Just discovered you... and I’m in awe ❤️ sooo stunningly good!!!

  • Katie M
    Katie M 15 days ago

    I hear the original version of this song on the radio all the time, but I honestly cant stand it in comparison to this...

  • Donovan Edwards
    Donovan Edwards 16 days ago

    Tom, I was watching the movie Confessions this evening and you sang a song you wrote called Enoch. Where can i find a recording of this song? I have searched high and low and can't find it anywhere. i too am a song writer and that song moved me!!! Do you have a recording of it I can buy?

    ALEX DUARTE DUARTE 17 days ago


  • Brooklynn Lackey
    Brooklynn Lackey 17 days ago

    This makes me cry, like damn

  • king thanos da legend

    preachers aren't supposed to be married so it means the preacher isn't a preacher 😱(listen to the lyrics)

  • Duilliam Dos Reis Vieira


  • The True Thankful King

    "H starts with homosexual and so does hel-" *G STARTS WITH GAYS AND SO DOES GOD*

  • Mia
    Mia 19 days ago

    The only reason why gays are sent to hell is because god wants to hook them up with satan 😂

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson 20 days ago

    Another great, fun, unabashedly gay/sex positive video from you!!! Keep up the great work!!! The world needs musicians/pop stars like you that show our lives are/can be just as fun, carefree, slutty, drama filled, depressing, amazing, exhausting, and joy filled as any other!!! You are helping inspire me to get off of my ass (or someone elses) and seriously get back to making my musical review, which I describe as Smokey Joe's Cafe meets Naked Boys Singing, a reality!!! Thanks you sexy/talented/beautiful man!!!

    • Dean Anderson
      Dean Anderson 20 days ago

      PS:I truly appreciate your inclusion of the diverse men that populate the gay community!!! Don't even get me started on how much I love a big, hairy, hunk/chunk of a man!!! Far too often we see the same LIMITED age, race, body type when it comes to the images that claim to represent the "gay community"!!!

  • Bastion Moore
    Bastion Moore 20 days ago

    Visually stunning and very beautiful lyrics too and a Tear jerker too Tom. “Love it”. ❤️💋

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson 21 day ago

    A beautiful, romantic song with melody and arrangement that reminds me of the 60's!!! There's never any guarantee that your relationship will last that's why it can be terrifying to open your heart and completely let go!!! At some point you either chicken out and decide not to take the risk...or realize that your love is worth it...grab their hand and JUMP!!!

  • That one Weird child

    “God hates gays” IF GOD HATES GAYS WHY THE FUDGE CAKES R WE SO CUTE!? more importantly- WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OF US HUH? >~>

  • Stasys Muldaris
    Stasys Muldaris 23 days ago


  • Melvin Smith
    Melvin Smith 23 days ago

    This song is too beautiful 💙. Does anyone know what “Alone in 6A” means though🙊?

    • Dermacrosis
      Dermacrosis 10 days ago

      I thought it was a reference to a flat (apartment) number.

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 23 days ago

      It's a reference to a seat on a plane.

  • Dean Anderson
    Dean Anderson 23 days ago

    Thank you for this hopeful, defiant example of self love!!! Lgbtq people need much more of this example!!!

  • Malcolm Fairgrieve
    Malcolm Fairgrieve 24 days ago

    Being lgbtq is the 21 st century so who gives a fuck what people think

  • Pucky71
    Pucky71 24 days ago

    There is no god, so religion is total nonsense.

  • _naomi_
    _naomi_ 24 days ago

    Y'all do know God said love your neighbor as yourself. And the Bible did say no sin was small or big. Whether y'all gay or not. You are going to the same hell

  • Kaleb Faught
    Kaleb Faught 25 days ago

    It's truly beautiful Tom. You did a wonderful job. I wanted to cry listening to it. I love it.

    • Kaleb Faught
      Kaleb Faught 10 days ago

      @Dermacrosis I have. I've listened to all of his songs

    • Dermacrosis
      Dermacrosis 10 days ago

      You should listen to Breath and Sound, Lover, Illuminate The Dark, All My Life, You Know That I Love You and Quay Side for more painfully beautiful songs by Tom.

    • Kaleb Faught
      Kaleb Faught 23 days ago

      @tomgossmusic You're welcome Tom.

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 23 days ago

      Thank you Kaleb!

  • Michael Geneva
    Michael Geneva 25 days ago

    Hey Tom - This is a beautiful and lush and poignant video and the music and lyrics are vulnerable and poetic. Thank you for sharing. As always, you are awesome! And your spirit and humanity are profound.

  • Rufus Wicklifffe
    Rufus Wicklifffe 25 days ago

    Omg omg omg!!!! This is awsome!! You don't get to see this kinda thing often!! Just!

  • Reynald Petit
    Reynald Petit 25 days ago

    Hello Tom goss , made me cry with this song and video . One time please try a song in french , i would like to turn in this video not for money just for gay association ; Thank you very much . Big Kisses from France ..I think to suicide me because people hate the fat men like me ..I am fed up ..

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 23 days ago

      Hey Reynald, I'm so sorry to hear that you're sad right now. I'm sending love your way. There is a little french on my upcoming release "Quebéc." Hope you love it.

  • Reynald Petit
    Reynald Petit 25 days ago

    Hello Tom Goss , oh it is a very nice song and video . thank you very much . Big Kisses from France .

  • LuiGi BarTon
    LuiGi BarTon 25 days ago


  • Jessica cairo
    Jessica cairo 26 days ago

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • kyddoemiko100
    kyddoemiko100 26 days ago

    Beautiful who knows the History of Berlin before WWII, it was a mega Gay capitol of the World 🌈🌈🌈😍😘😙☺🌈🌈🌈

  • Lance Robin
    Lance Robin 26 days ago

    Does the preacher think gay is a sin? Because it’s not

  • Franziska Buch
    Franziska Buch 26 days ago


  • Júlio Sproser Morgan


    IVOR WM 26 days ago

    Wonderful! Great video!

  • Wondo Photo
    Wondo Photo 26 days ago

    You are magnificent, Tom. 💜

  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 26 days ago

    Beautiful song & video, as well as your co-star!! WOOF!!

    SHE WOLF 27 days ago

    *sending love and support to every gay person*

  • Infinate Myraid
    Infinate Myraid 27 days ago

    Bro Why Does The Cover Look Like Scuffed 'Dont Wait' By Joey, Lol

  • Sebastian Fuchs
    Sebastian Fuchs 27 days ago

    The only one who could ever reach me Was the son of a preacher man The only boy who could ever teach me Was the son of a preacher man

  • Зоряна Світлицька


  • kasun gimhan
    kasun gimhan 27 days ago

    Greetings from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 ❤️

  • M. Damon
    M. Damon 27 days ago

    Beautiful, haunting music and the lyrics are so spot on if you've ever had one of those chance, intense, once only encounters. Of the ones I've had, this captures the memories and feelings of how those amazing moments live with you forever. Thank you for such evocative work, Tom.

  • Christopher Carlson
    Christopher Carlson 27 days ago

    Love the iconography and the celebration of Berlin's scene.

  • Fred Reubens
    Fred Reubens 27 days ago

    Beautiful, Love the song and video!!

  • M. Z.
    M. Z. 27 days ago

    Wow ♥️🇩🇪🌹

  • Jonathan Snowdowne
    Jonathan Snowdowne 27 days ago

    Absolutely amazing!

  • Dermacrosis
    Dermacrosis 27 days ago

    Beautiful song, not unexpected from you Tom, strange video. That fits Berlin according to a friend of mine, I have never been lucky enough to visit Berlin myself.

    • Dermacrosis
      Dermacrosis 19 days ago

      @tomgossmusic Luck you for getting to go there. Mind you rather tame for Amsterdam, where I have been and you just won't understand what I have seen unless you had been there. I thought what went on in Chains in Manchester, showing my age, where something to see and they pale in comparison :-D. Now back on topic another great song.

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 26 days ago

      It's a wonderful and magical place!

  • Damian Braam
    Damian Braam 27 days ago

    Bruh when they all gasped at the same time in the church....I died🤣

  • Nelsonbrook33
    Nelsonbrook33 27 days ago

    This is hauntingly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, and I'm quite envious of the black gentleman. :)

  • Ramalho Jeffy
    Ramalho Jeffy 28 days ago

    I am in love with your music and your video clips 💞

  • looneysamo
    looneysamo 28 days ago

    Thank you for celebrating non-traditional body types, crossing color lines, and expressions of sexual love. You're an inspiration not only for the gay community, but for all those who find themselves trying to reconnect with their identity.

    • Rufus Wicklifffe
      Rufus Wicklifffe 23 days ago

      This my new favorite video of his!! It's great to see a man of color and size in your videos!!

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 26 days ago

      Thank you! It's important that we show beauty in all shapes, sizes and colors!

  • John Dwyer
    John Dwyer 28 days ago

    I have not witnessed an affair of love, a brief rendezvous with another soul, so beautifully and genuinely expressed. Thank you, Tom, so much. I've listened and watched three times, and discover something new every time. The slowed, almost haunting vocals delicately set the scene, then leads us by the hand to the passionate core. Again, thank you. (Copied from my comments on Tom's Patreon.) The music embraces and supports the lyrics, even gently drifting away for a few moments to allow certain lyrics to breathe and take the spotlight. A sincere and heartfelt telling of a beautiful and tender story. Magnificent.

    • tomgossmusic
      tomgossmusic 26 days ago

      Thank you John. I appreciate all your support!