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  • Jishan Manasia
    Jishan Manasia 2 months ago

    Hey Trevor, If you are planning to do Mumbai tour try ofcourse Khau gali (Mohammad Ali road) but different parts of city restaurants Check the FB page Things to do in Mumbai

  • Ladees Hawashroom
    Ladees Hawashroom 2 months ago

    you must come to Lahore, Pakistan one day and do a street food tour. I can guarantee you a very unique and wonderful street food experience.

  • Carlos Paulin
    Carlos Paulin 2 months ago

    love ur videos

  • Gina Rheault
    Gina Rheault 2 months ago

    Hi Trevor, You've made it into the South China Morning Post! Very much enjoy your videos, yum yum, hope to meet you in Chengdu someday :-)

  • Anurag Gandhi
    Anurag Gandhi 2 months ago

    Hi, How'd you compare Chinese cuisine vs Indian cuisine, which do you prefer?

  • Tahmeed Saifan
    Tahmeed Saifan 2 months ago

    u r fab!!!

  • Tanzid Md
    Tanzid Md 2 months ago

    Hi please come to Bangladesh it's 1 day journey to Kolkata !! i hope you come here and test my country street Food !! REPLY

  • Gaurav Kr
    Gaurav Kr 2 months ago see this guy, He has copied your video.

  • Miso Docolomansky
    Miso Docolomansky 2 months ago

    Great videos. Thanks!

  • Rodolfo Vilte
    Rodolfo Vilte 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor, me i see the video is excellente. You can tested the empanadas from Argentina, Salta or you can try the empanadas in Paris , the best of the world! Rodolfo.

  • max power
    max power 3 months ago

    Hey Trevor, I love your videos and content. But I do have a opinion I like to share. 27 minutes is getting a little too long for a video. At least for me. I love you stuff. And would watch it all day long. But I have other channels I like to view also. And a limited time to watch them.

  • Naomi Williams
    Naomi Williams 3 months ago

    QUESTION ABOUT OIL...Hi, Trevor, been watching all your vids for several months now, love them! One thing I never hear you talk about is the oil. When you're visiting all these remote cities and villages, what kind of oil are people using? I'm wondering if they stick to traditional oils like palm and coconut, or if the industrial oils (soybean, corn, canola, etc) are ubiquitous. Thanks, and keep on ranging!

  • David Greenfield
    David Greenfield 3 months ago

    Love my "awesome" shirts. Thanks

  • Liwen Ren
    Liwen Ren 3 months ago

    Hey Trevor, you look all good, and the food you show are mostly very good (tai hao le), but please take care your hairline.

  • King Leo
    King Leo 3 months ago

    hi my frd come here in good foods are here waiting for u

  • China Love
    China Love 3 months ago


  • usama zafar Vlog
    usama zafar Vlog 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor can i buy your T shirt from taobao ? If i am living in china

  • First Step Pictures
    First Step Pictures 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor, I really like your videos, but I didn't any videos from Cambodia, When will you plan to come to do the food video in Cambodia? I am from Cambodia.

  • Marc McKenzie
    Marc McKenzie 3 months ago

    I don't know how to post a picture, but today my T-shirt came. TAI HAO Le!!! Made my day. Thanks Trevor.

  • Ryoka Narusawa
    Ryoka Narusawa 3 months ago

    my family and i were actually thinking of moving there could you make a video of where a good place to live and the food too of course for 3000 dollars a month. please Trevor, Hi Ting

  • Mary Dumagat
    Mary Dumagat 3 months ago

    hey try filipino cuisine

  • Filip M Bergmans
    Filip M Bergmans 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor, thanks for all the videos. Probably have seen them all 5 times now. I wanted to ask at which university you studied tourism management in cheng du ? Lots of love

  • BomJiGeWaWa Dave Wu
    BomJiGeWaWa Dave Wu 3 months ago

    Hey Trevor, please come to Haikou in Feb, there are so many street food and yummy food are waiting for you, I will be there in Feb and would be my pleasure to show you around. :)

  • jordano10ful
    jordano10ful 3 months ago

    You have a wonderful Chanel is a joy to watch you together with mi soon , we love seating on the sofa and seeing the new dishes you try ,, only one think we want to say, you must to do every each bite of food this,, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ,??????????,is so enoing and is not natural all the time , i have work on theater and movie industry and some time this ,,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is so fake ... Please accept my apologies if you read that and you feel offense , i think is speack free Chanel and i can say may opinion .... mi soon Alex he recomand your Chanel to all his coleg at the school .Keep doing the good work

  • Howard Kagan
    Howard Kagan 3 months ago

    outstanding videos with great descriptions of the culture and food of the regions. You are a very upstanding guy with sense of respect for all the people you meet.

  • dan bisson
    dan bisson 3 months ago

    hey trevor love your videos have you and ling ling married yet

  • Misan Sanjaya
    Misan Sanjaya 3 months ago

    Would you show me about food in Bandung and Bali in Indonesia please?

  • Ryan M.
    Ryan M. 3 months ago

    Going to China (and more specifically Yunnan/Tibet) has been a dream of mine. It just seems so beautiful! Do you have any plans to go zip-lining across the Nujiang? :-) I hope you have a lot fun, I'm looking forward to watching your upcoming content! Thanks Trevor!

  • Sara Ross
    Sara Ross 3 months ago

    Hi Trevor, I stumbled across your videos a while back, automatically subscribing. I wanted to personally thank you for the content you put out. Why I thank you? I've recently have gotten very sick and cannot travel for the delicious cuisines. But in a way through you I can. I've watched almost every video and am excited to see more Congratulations on your proposal to Ting Ting. You both make a wonderful couple. Keep up the good work - Sara

  • Daniel Knowles
    Daniel Knowles 3 months ago

    nice videos mate shame u not done any Mexican food videos would be awesome

  • We Are In A Software
    We Are In A Software 3 months ago

    Come in France Food Ranger

  • t
    t 3 months ago

    Trevor, you make thousands from filming these poor cooks, why don't you ever let them keep the change? It's something small I've noticed that is really bugging me. You seem like an entitled dickwad.

    • Ladees Hawashroom
      Ladees Hawashroom 2 months ago

      well, if I were in the situation u described, I would initially feel a bit embarrassed, but then I would be like oh hey free money why not go & enjoy some nice delicious street food :P

    • The Food Ranger
      The Food Ranger 3 months ago

      hi T! That would be awkward and people are not that poor. They would think I'm a weird foreigner. Tipping is not part of the culture here. If I left them the change, they would feel embarrassed by believing that I think they are poor when they aren't that poor. How would you feel if you were working and a tourist came and gave you some money, believing you needed it?

  • alluri srinath
    alluri srinath 3 months ago

    Trevor thanks man for the videos i really appreciate i am big fan of you hope will meet you someday......

  • overcomeevilwithgood
    overcomeevilwithgood 4 months ago

    Trevor James when you going to eat some dogs and cats for us to see ;) cant wait

  • amaan singh
    amaan singh 4 months ago

    m 15 years old and i want to do this m from pakistan can u plz help me that how can i start this work??????????????

  • Safari Channel India
    Safari Channel India 4 months ago


  • Retro Biker
    Retro Biker 4 months ago

    Hi Trevor is Ting Ting your Wife? really enjoy your videos mate all the way from Australia.

  • AnssiVIH
    AnssiVIH 4 months ago

    Thanks for food ranger. Best of luck to you sjin.

  • Zaid Alali
    Zaid Alali 4 months ago

    come to Iraq , we have very nice food ))

  • faufaufakh
    faufaufakh 4 months ago

    hey Trevor and The food ranger crew, please add Latin alphabet subtittle for chinesse, because im learning chinesse. mandarin in latin alphabet

  • JH Liang
    JH Liang 4 months ago

    Trevor, I really wish you could you provide the restaurant/vendors' name and/or address in your videos or in future videos, so that I can visit there and try for ourselves! It is a torture for me to have my mouth watering without knowing where to get those delicious food! Thank you!

    • The Food Ranger
      The Food Ranger 4 months ago

      +Leo John hi John, please check the descriptions of every video, all addresses are in there

  • Rajesh R
    Rajesh R 4 months ago

    What kind of food medicines do you take? DAILY ? Emergency ? And for long lasting health?

  • Mel's Kitchen
    Mel's Kitchen 4 months ago

    So I've followed you on all platforms but I don't know how you know that I've done so? My accounts are all under different names. :(

  • TheRoastedCat Channel
    TheRoastedCat Channel 4 months ago


  • li li
    li li 4 months ago

    Hi,Trevor,could you make an episode of the take out food in China? Just use 'Meituan' or 'Eleme' mobile apps to order its very convenient.

  • Strangedays Confusedways

    Your adventure is a lot of fun to watch. I'm absolutely amazed by the various foods, and places, but the people, boy the people and the wonderful interaction you have with them. Can you tell me how you learned all these languages? Also how did you start this adventure. Thanks so much. :)

  • porce9223
    porce9223 4 months ago

    I am going chengdu coming december hope can meet you there.

  • Muhammad ali Khan
    Muhammad ali Khan 4 months ago

    Trevor , will you visit Pakistan?? there is lot of food verity..

  • Alexander Haag
    Alexander Haag 4 months ago

    Trevor 1000000 people like you! And please taste intestines the next time before you order the whole meal.

    • luciastrazeri
      luciastrazeri 4 months ago

      .Parabéns !!!!! Fiquei muito feliz por você, você merece mais de um milhão....

    • The Food Ranger
      The Food Ranger 4 months ago

      Thanks Alexander!!

  • ricardo severin
    ricardo severin 4 months ago

    Yess 1million subscribers we made it!!🎉🍾 #1MillionRangers

  • TheRealBonkman
    TheRealBonkman 4 months ago

    Grats on the 1 million!!!

  • Rais Uddin
    Rais Uddin 4 months ago

    Almost a million. So happy for you. From Fan

  • 张嘉木
    张嘉木 4 months ago

    Your subscription will almost be 1 million, I am proud of you!

  • Ali Maleki
    Ali Maleki 4 months ago

    Hey man. love the videos and good job. gotta invite you to Iran. you will fall in love with the food here.

  • Emexrulsier
    Emexrulsier 4 months ago

    One of my favorite new channels. I would love to try all the foods like yourself, food is my passion and I am/would eat just about anything. I am a big fan of offal (brain and heart mainly). Sadly the language for myself would be a major barrier. I couldn't just travel solo (mn english) and just get by, I need like a chinese penpal. I would like to goto places in China (and other places like india, japan, korea, vietnam) but see the real china not just the tourist places.

  • Syed Burhan Ul Farooq
    Syed Burhan Ul Farooq 4 months ago

    Buddy when you be coming to Pakistan you are for sure missing alot of good meat dishes we have do visit us.

  • ambi
    ambi 4 months ago

    I just watched your cooking school video and I was wondering if you could do a short video on some of the things you've learned since. Just curious about what they've taught.

  • anamul haque
    anamul haque 4 months ago

    you should go to bangladesh you can experience unique test of food..its a food heaven bro

    • anamul haque
      anamul haque 4 months ago

      if you wana know about bangladeshi food you can contact me wechat:13120130733

  • David Lenz
    David Lenz 4 months ago

    Really enjoy seeing your wonderful videos, which make my mouth watering everytime! Just keep doing them!

  • thepsychologistvjdj
    thepsychologistvjdj 4 months ago

    hey man, if your a-hole ever threatens to fall out, aloe juice is a good thing to chase super spicy meals with HTH

  • Carlos Kim
    Carlos Kim 4 months ago

    Did you finish culinary school? How's that going?

  • Amish Patel
    Amish Patel 4 months ago

    Trevor, when are you headed back to India??

  • Nabhoneil Ghosh
    Nabhoneil Ghosh 4 months ago

    Hi,this is Neil from India,I am a huge follower of your channel for a long time.I watch all your videos and love the creativeness of your videos.I know you will be coming to India soon, I like to request you that when you come to India,please visit "KOLKATA,WEST BENGAL".Last time when you came to India, you visited Delhi,kerala,Chennai & Mumbai but you missed KOLKATA,which is one the Gem Metro Cities of India like the latters. To complete your whole gastronomic experience of India,you must visit KOLKATA & have a taste of the best Bengali Cuisine.I heartly request you to visit KOLKATA,West Bengal and share one of the gems of Indian cuisine to the world through your Amazing Videos. THANKS !!!

  • Clara Horne
    Clara Horne 4 months ago

    When are you going to bring your wife to Canada? That way she can eat and you can take a break and video lol. I've only seen a few tv shows showing Canadian cuisine. All I remember is duck fat fries with froie gra. I've visited Vancouver once, but I don't know much about the eastern side or the other territories (I'm from Texas). Anyways, my brother introduced me to your videos and now we want to visit China and eat good food. Austin, TX has awesome Chinese food and the best peking style roast duck in Texas. Love your videos!

  • Hudavadi ogli
    Hudavadi ogli 5 months ago

    мое уважение вам.приезжай в Казахстан.

  • Edy AOI
    Edy AOI 5 months ago

    Hello Trevor, I am from jakarta, indonesia, we are a family day happy to watch video food ranger. Because your video adds a lot of our insight into the life, art and culture in this community cuisine in other countries. Maybe you should be more frequent to Indonesia because our country has hundreds of traditional cuisine. in the latest food ranger video you include an appraisal for the food you eat, it's great fun, it's even better if you include the name of the place and the restaurant where you are dining in order to make it one of the destinations if we visit the area. The second proposal, what if you upload 'the making of video' so we can see the other side when you visit somewhere. Goodluck Trevor .... our family is waiting for your more interesting videos Regards, Edy

  • Juliet Anthony
    Juliet Anthony 5 months ago

    My dear! next time if you grind the chili you put some any kind oil in your hand. It won't burn.

  • Shivam Mishra
    Shivam Mishra 5 months ago

    hey dude, first of all "NAMASTE" .I have seen your video of visit to Mumbai, India. It was really amazing...I loved it man...Your Hindi accent was adding stars to it. Thanks for highlighting our delicious foods. I have an advice for you........... You should visit the oldest city of India i.e. VARANASI and have a tour over there. I am 200% sure it's gonna blow up your mind and definitely your popularity......people will gonna really love that.

  • Dani Fernandez
    Dani Fernandez 5 months ago

    men, you're the master

  • elektrolyte
    elektrolyte 5 months ago

    Hey Trevor, I love your videos! What kind of camera are you using? images are always so crisp and rich!

  • anandhu0007
    anandhu0007 5 months ago

    Superb videos

  • MAnoel CArlos COnti
    MAnoel CArlos COnti 5 months ago

    Trevor. come to Brasil...

  • DJ Reserve
    DJ Reserve 5 months ago

    What is the situation with the culinary school? did you drop out? what happened..?? Also are you manually inserting a link to the newest video in every previous video? or is it some sort of youtube feature you have?

  • ernando wiranata
    ernando wiranata 5 months ago

    you need to try pontianak food. its indonesian food blend with chinese food. you will love it

  • wai yan
    wai yan 5 months ago

    Trevor James!! Big Fan of you!! Big Fan of food!! please do visit Myanmar and check it out the food!!!!

  • Only You
    Only You 5 months ago

    lets come to my indonesia and go for to try eat unique food in here.

  • christopher willcox
    christopher willcox 5 months ago

    Hi Trev ever thought of doing an extensive stint in Thailand .... Then working your way up to Cambodia and beyond ?

  • varun krishna
    varun krishna 5 months ago

    hi The next time you come hyderabad,INDIA I invite you for lunch in my home let's have a home made Indian food

  • Auros
    Auros 5 months ago

    Would love to hear your opinion on Canada's chinese food!

  • muhammadawais14feb
    muhammadawais14feb 5 months ago

    no new videos james

  • jimmyjammERz559
    jimmyjammERz559 5 months ago

    Greetings from California! Trevor James! Almost 1min subscribers buddy!!! whooooooo hoooooooo!!!

  • Delightful Travellers
    Delightful Travellers 6 months ago

    Truly like your channel. Keep up the amazing work and awesome videos!

  • Danyal Safdar
    Danyal Safdar 6 months ago

    Hi! Greetings for you "The Food Ranger" and your team. As a Pakistani I really enjoy your videos you traveled a lot for food. My only request to you that you should have to visit Pakistan and enjoy Pakistani food which have a different and unique taste for all across the world. Thanks in advance. Please reply me 'YES' or 'NO'. If "NO" then WHY?

  • Trevor Snelling
    Trevor Snelling 6 months ago

    Heading to Shanghai next week, cant wait to enjoy some of this delicious food!! Thanks, love, love, love your videos!

  • Damian Ayre
    Damian Ayre 6 months ago

    You are living my dream brother...

    • Damian Ayre
      Damian Ayre 6 months ago

      Have you ever done a video focused just on sweets ?...I would love to see that...

  • William Smith
    William Smith 6 months ago

    I like your attitude towards life. Your videos reflects all the love, passion, perseverance and eagerness to not only show great videos but to respect the culture, people, history and specially the food. Keep up the excellent work and wishing for your success.

  • muhammad naeem
    muhammad naeem 6 months ago

    Why not visit pakistan yet ?

  • toobab1
    toobab1 6 months ago

    would you ever visit NYC?

  • Juan David Gonzales Ajalla

    Trevor It is awesome ! I lived in Shanghai and remenber all this insame food !!! congrats you have a good empathy with chinese people!! ....more videos please !

    DEK TRAN 6 months ago

    TREVOR please be a guest on china uncensored and subvert the ccp with food

  • Haruka Kazawa
    Haruka Kazawa 6 months ago

    come to jakarta, indonesia. trying eating street food and the restaurant too in there! :D plissss

    EMGxUSERx 6 months ago

    can you point me to a video that has a food you tried that was rated 2 or less?

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan 6 months ago

    Great shows

  • Self Storageplace
    Self Storageplace 6 months ago

    Please do a video on Pakistani street food

  • Michael Hart
    Michael Hart 6 months ago

    Trevor, I recently received a fellowship opportunity at a University. In two weeks, I start an intensive Chinese language program. Like James Cai said, thank you for showing us the real China. Which is the people. If I didn't want to taste what you have, I know I wouldn't have even bothered. Thanks again

  • bhaskar v
    bhaskar v 6 months ago

    you are the best dude.....your explanation makes my mouth watering......

  • opium32
    opium32 6 months ago

    Im coming to Chengdu in September... your videos are making me so hungry!! I think I must've just added about 50 to my Sichuan playlist ;) Thanks heaps for listing where you go in your videos: I'll be sure to hunt these places down! Have you considered compiling a list of favourite places? As a book or online book? I'll buy the first copy!

  • dan bisson
    dan bisson 7 months ago

    hey trevor how is culinary school going

    • The Food Ranger
      The Food Ranger 7 months ago

      Hey Dan! I'm not in it anymore, we are making videos now in Vietnam and Indonesia, back to eat more in China soon!

  • Sachin Dhage
    Sachin Dhage 7 months ago

    Can i use ur videos??to show how great d food around world is....and also, how much ppl around d world love indian food??

  • Rafay Ali
    Rafay Ali 7 months ago

    plz make trip to PAKISTAN you will love the variety of foods here there are so many types of food like SINDHI FOOD, BALOUCHI FOOD, PUNJABI FOOD and aur national food is so yummy its all HALAL FOOD here must visit my country atleast once

  • yulman
    yulman 7 months ago

    Trevor you should go to Japan if you can!

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 7 months ago

    those durians look flat. almost like they're photoshopped,

  • Glady Wong
    Glady Wong 7 months ago

    Who teach u chinese trevor?is one of ur parents speak mando?

  • peter aziz
    peter aziz 7 months ago

    when you say tai howla(awesome) hahah loveit!!

  • PaulD
    PaulD 7 months ago

    Trevor, do you plan to travel to Japan and make some videos of their amazing food there? Thank you for your job, the best job ever :-)

  • john lee
    john lee 7 months ago

    How about making a video of dishes that ranked a 10 in your ratings?

  • Khoa Tang
    Khoa Tang 7 months ago

    Hi Trevor, if you are still in nothern vietnam, you should go to Sapa and Ha long bay. Hai Phong and Cat ba if you still have time. Have a fun trip.

  • Caribbean Tee Times
    Caribbean Tee Times 7 months ago

    we love your videos? does your friend chuchu offer any walking tours in Beijing? We will be there next week and want to try "smelly socks"

  • djdajio
    djdajio 7 months ago

    Trevor, i hope ypu get the chance to come to mexico. i have seen all of your videos and you have insipred me to take risk and explor and to look for the best food. you have also insipred me travle and enjoy the people of every contry, if you come to mexico i will take you to my moms house for some authentice mexican cooking thank you are amazing

  • Lokesh Sharma
    Lokesh Sharma 7 months ago

    Hey trevor, you never been to taiwan. Since you are travelling in central asia you must visit Taiwan. Its a good place to eat.

  • Brandon Lovett
    Brandon Lovett 7 months ago

    Been a subscriber for a while. Really looking forward to your Vietnam videos. I'll be moving there in October, so it's exciting to see. Of course, the plan is to travel the rest of Asia (including China) as well. Keep up the awesome vidoes. Cheers, from a fellow Canadian!

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 7 months ago

    hello fron san benito texas love ur videos

  • Anand KR
    Anand KR 7 months ago

    Trevor, I enjoy watching your videos. In a way i live what i want to do through your videos (eat different cuisines). I love how you are unbiased about different regions and enjoy or don't as they meant to be. No comparisons.. hats off for being objective and embracing the differences. Next time in India, i will recommend you spend more time in southern part of the country which has very different food culture... especially if you venture deep into these states. Keep eating!!! Cheers

  • China music
    China music 7 months ago


    • Fred Zhang
      Fred Zhang 7 months ago


  • Bassam Shazli
    Bassam Shazli 8 months ago

    Hey Trevor. I really enjoy your videos. I'm from Karachi Pakistan, and i'd like to invite you to my country. You should come by and experience our side of the Karakorum Highway, way down to the Indus delta. I'm sure you will love it. please do try coming here, because people around the world will get to know a place that is ignored due to geopolitics. sincerely, Bassam Shazli

  • Minh Vuong
    Minh Vuong 8 months ago

    Bro go to Hainan island my dad home town good food and beautiful island

  • Sunhong Fantasi
    Sunhong Fantasi 8 months ago

    Please come to Cambodia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • charafi oussama
    charafi oussama 8 months ago

    try to come to morrocoo

  • Nasiruddin Shaik
    Nasiruddin Shaik 8 months ago

    Compare to Mark Wiens your taking too long to upload videos. try to speedup brother!

  • Anand Ranganathan
    Anand Ranganathan 8 months ago

    I am been watching your Videos regularly Please visit the Deep South India Tamil Nadu a Place called UBM-Namma Veetu Saapaadu-A Hotel That Serves About 25 Non-Veg Unlimited Items for 500 INR (7.70 $) Address: UBM Hotel Kunnathur Main Road, Perundurai, Tamil Nadu 638057 Phone: 093629 47900 You have to Book your Meal lunch or Dinner in Advance Please pay a visit for 25 Plus variety of Non-Veg Feast.

  • Sai Gopal T
    Sai Gopal T 8 months ago

    Visit Orissa, India and try Oriya seafood and sweets. You won't be disappointed.

  • the1tigglet
    the1tigglet 8 months ago

    Alright so check-it-out! It's Trevor James! I'm here on Omicron Persei 8 trying out the best street food tour! Omicron, the food here is classic! (Futurama edition) LOL

  • Jeff Li
    Jeff Li 8 months ago

    Hi Trevor, greetings from California! I am going to China soon, and I am wondering, how do you get past the firewall to upload videos to TVclip?

  • Megan Taylor
    Megan Taylor 8 months ago


  • nitish aryan
    nitish aryan 8 months ago

    come to assam (india)

  • I am ZAS
    I am ZAS 8 months ago

    waiting for ur tour to Pakistan u will love Pakistani food .

  • Youle Kang
    Youle Kang 8 months ago

    Hey man - I just saw you in Hong Kong in central MTR. If you are staying here for a couple of days, let's hang out!

  • waheed nancy
    waheed nancy 8 months ago

    I like your videos...hope seeing you in Egypt.....

  • Asadullah Yousafzai
    Asadullah Yousafzai 8 months ago

    you doing well the way you explain and the way you talk in chines

  • Asadullah Yousafzai
    Asadullah Yousafzai 8 months ago

    you have to come karachi pakistan you can find awesome and a lot tipe of food

  • Asadullah Yousafzai
    Asadullah Yousafzai 8 months ago

    nice program you did it i love the chines muslim food

  • victor M.N
    victor M.N 8 months ago

    super, keep doing the good job.

  • waseem ahmad
    waseem ahmad 8 months ago

    this is very wonderful to see you to expose the all world food specially the chanies season

  • James Mann
    James Mann 8 months ago

    4 months since last vid..... whats up?!

  • Ritesh Shrivastava
    Ritesh Shrivastava 8 months ago

    Trevor, Thanks for sharing your experience We have seen all your videos for various locations and I like all of them, The way you explain and communicate your experience , Flavors of food , elaborating the surroundings, Makes you are your Videos amazing, Because of your videos we get to know about lots of culture and foods. Keep continue this Your the best in your Work. Please come and visit India More frequently, We welcome you , If possible Please inform us in advance before visiting India So that we can show you Specialty of Indian Food and culture too. Thanks Trevor

  • Ninjacrayon
    Ninjacrayon 8 months ago

    Are you going to go directly home, or are there more stops on the way back? Also - it would be great to see an OUTTAKES reel - or BTS style cut. Safe travels! Thank you both for the great videos.

  • lei Areva
    lei Areva 9 months ago

    hello , I love your video so much , and i love food. can you tell me where you found that food which in video at Kualar lumper? Thanks.

  • Jayson Zhao
    Jayson Zhao 9 months ago

    Are you married to Ting Ting?

  • Risslight
    Risslight 9 months ago

    I was from Xinjiang and now in USA, thank you for exploring my beautiful hometown and show it to the world! It almost brought me to tears when I first saw it in trending page.

  • Afif Ibrahim
    Afif Ibrahim 9 months ago

    Hope you and your team are safe. The man at the end of the Khashgar video spoke and behaved shady. Thumbs to your efforts and everything you are doing for food! Respect and Love from a Keralite living in Dubai! ✌🏻

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    David whiting 9 months ago

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