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  • Shadric Ohenry
    Shadric Ohenry Hour ago

    I wonder if he plays in drop D

  • Slorey
    Slorey Day ago

    When you have tremor

  • Peta Jensen
    Peta Jensen Day ago

    What is the last song?

  • Catalina Bolivar
    Catalina Bolivar 2 days ago

    Respect for Jason

  • hannah grace
    hannah grace 4 days ago

    if this doesn’t give you chills then i don’t know what will

  • FrancoisRabelais185

    Please, can anybody explain me what happens at 0:12 in the 4th beat and the last 4/4? I have listened it a thousand times for hours and i cant decode how to do that fill, i dont know if he plays semiquavers or 5 or 6 stroke rolls

  • Adrian Bergmann
    Adrian Bergmann 7 days ago

    He gotta smoke a lil weed

  • Mexican Andy
    Mexican Andy 7 days ago

    I wish I was in this concert but I was still in my Fathers Testicles.

  • junior Demarchi
    junior Demarchi 8 days ago

    Metálica dominava os anos 80 e começo dos 90

  • James Wyatt
    James Wyatt 9 days ago

    so honest and inspering about the practical and day to day challeneges of one of the most succesful you could ever aspire to be! anyone want to argue point please post record sales below!

  • Nick Alexander
    Nick Alexander 13 days ago

    There is two Dave Lombardos only explanation

  • yBrunoRETURNS
    yBrunoRETURNS 13 days ago

    1:05 music??

  • Owian Edwards
    Owian Edwards 14 days ago

    What's the song at 0:35

  • Let's Eat!
    Let's Eat! 15 days ago

    "My downtime is spent playing drums" - Chris Adler

  • Ardiansyah A.K.
    Ardiansyah A.K. 16 days ago

    Cause music makes me alive (Jason Newsted)

  • TheChampCharlie Zelenoff

    I need to go to rehab or at the very least AA because I'm fucking up my life. Thanks James for sharing your thoughts.

    • Oscar Morales
      Oscar Morales 4 days ago

      You can change yourself with or without help, m8. Good luck with that and wish you the best, even thought I don't know you.

  • Pierre Beneteau
    Pierre Beneteau 17 days ago

    Feeling kind of down after watching this

  • Carlos Muentes
    Carlos Muentes 17 days ago

    He is literally the reason why 10's of thousands of us play guitar 🤘🏽🙌🏽

  • Guitar Heaven
    Guitar Heaven 23 days ago

    Damn! Jeff’s picking style.

  • Julius Sincero mais Babaca

    King of downpicking

  • Multi7on
    Multi7on Month ago

    sounds like band KINO -zakroy za mnoi dwer tvclip.biz/video/HgdH9N4AKtw/video.html

  • cnvw974
    cnvw974 Month ago

    Back when the crowd was as loud as they played! Had to be just before this tour. Well I looked up and pretty sure every person in that stadium except 3 was screaming along with their hands in the air throwing their fist with the beat... “MASTER!!! MASTER!!!! MASTER!!!!” 🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻 It was insane and still to date the most powerful scene I’ve ever witnessed! 🤟🏻 Every person had and shared the enthusiasm and energy Metallica played with! Holy crap my adrenaline is pumping so freaking high right now reliving it as I explain that scene! I better stop.... getting little old to be allowing my blood pumping this much! Ahhhh screw it!!!!! MASTER!!!! ✊🏻 MASTER!!!!! ✊🏻

  • Riley Dusthimer
    Riley Dusthimer Month ago

    5:48 best sound ever made

  • stanley day
    stanley day Month ago

    Great performance by the band. Everything was just right that night.

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole Month ago

    Damn Phil :/ what happened man

  • Armbar4you
    Armbar4you Month ago


  • Amin Ghaemian
    Amin Ghaemian Month ago


  • Foxside
    Foxside Month ago

    James Riff master and king!

  • PredatorWookiee
    PredatorWookiee Month ago

    I’ve never heard anything more beautiful.

  • Tre Allen
    Tre Allen Month ago

    Song at 1:45?

  • Pepe Raboso
    Pepe Raboso Month ago


  • Jon
    Jon Month ago

    I don’t think I will EVER be able to accept Joey being replaced in Slipknot. He was absolutely my favorite member since the very first time I discovered the band, piggyback riding clown into interviews. 😞😩😭

  • Hamse
    Hamse Month ago

    7:10-7:25 Jason Newsted everybody! Damn I miss him!!

  • hannah grace
    hannah grace Month ago

    that part of to live is to die gives me literal chill bumps

  • The Poison
    The Poison Month ago

    Don't understand why people think Slayer don't like James. Jeff was actually a really quiet person and didn't like many people. Fair play to James for being friendly and trying to mix with the dudes. Two of the best Metal bands of all time.

  • Androo
    Androo Month ago

    Slayer... bagging Metallica for years. James walks in like the King that he is and they all bow.

    • 6strings7sins
      6strings7sins Month ago

      except of dave lombardo , he is just having fun

  • RICK †
    RICK † Month ago

    0:34 music please?

  • Silver Revolution

    James spat on a friend of mine. A German. Just speaking of his ego which gets out of control sometimes when he becomes this animal on stage.

    • TAL
      TAL 11 days ago

      @IXA - you're absolutely right, i felt bad for him saying this shit about James

    • IXA -
      IXA - 16 days ago

      @TAL His picture says it all with his shades and dumb ass face lmao. They were probably being annoying asf and James had a luggie.

    • IXA -
      IXA - 16 days ago

      @TAL Well some people deserve to be spat on, you and your freind probably are some of them. I would probably spit on people who call me an egotistical animal to. Like James said in this video people are people we are no greater then eachother we all have problems. Let's see you turn the cheek when someone calls you on your shit it's not easy. Although it's right. We are only human.

    • TAL
      TAL 25 days ago

      Nicolas Balint , where did james did that and why?

  • Gregory Dunbar
    Gregory Dunbar Month ago

    When and where did this video come about? This is the kind of stuff we have been wanting to hear since James re entered rehab

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert Eagle Month ago

    Papa in da hause

  • Паскал Фотев

    151 DISLIKE ????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • D Jones
    D Jones Month ago

    I was 15. Heard nothing but ringing for 3 days after this 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Agustin Kloster
    Agustin Kloster 2 months ago

    When slipknot was awesome

  • ivan stanicic
    ivan stanicic 2 months ago

    no jason, no party

  • Moe A.Y
    Moe A.Y 2 months ago

    Only 1.2M views ?????? Dammit, this should reach more than 100M. RIP cliff

  • 1ZosoLZ
    1ZosoLZ 2 months ago

    Why doesn’t setlist.fm acknowledge this as the first time they played it live? Even if wasn’t the full song

  • Alexander Aldorf
    Alexander Aldorf 2 months ago

    Harmonic lines.... Awesome

  • Joshua Bennett
    Joshua Bennett 2 months ago

    September 27th is tomorrow....... Long live Cliff em all!!!

  • Alina Mast
    Alina Mast 2 months ago

    Damn, it’s cool seeing when the band was still tight with each other. What a fucking tragedy how Pantera fell apart.

  • John Ross
    John Ross 2 months ago

    Then why did he live the band

  • Fran Muinos
    Fran Muinos 2 months ago

    James hetfield is god

  • Frédéric Puglisi
    Frédéric Puglisi 2 months ago

    04:58 des barres, par camions de 44 tonnes mon père, j'en peu plus ha ha !!

  • Pepe Raboso
    Pepe Raboso 2 months ago


  • Gitana Maldita
    Gitana Maldita 2 months ago

    Dime playing and joking with kids is the cutest & sweetest thing ever 🖤

  • Mariano Arancio
    Mariano Arancio 2 months ago

    7:55 wow, new metal first steps...

  • Daria Kaufman
    Daria Kaufman 2 months ago

    давайте посмотрим сколько здесь русских???😅

  • Okay Lil Buddy
    Okay Lil Buddy 3 months ago

    You’re back!

  • Dale S
    Dale S 3 months ago

    And the first 3 notes of the video are an alt picking triplet. 😂 Obviously lots of both throughout. I really loved watching them make this album

  • Tiago Morais
    Tiago Morais 3 months ago

    Great perfomace one of the best so far clapping and clapping

  • Michael Ott
    Michael Ott 3 months ago

    2:52 Wobbly Sausage!

  • T Olsen
    T Olsen 3 months ago

    In case anyone is wondering, I saw Phil a couple months ago live in Australia (mid 2019). I was front row- shook hands with him and he looked and sounded 25 again. Apart from one quick puff from an inhaler and not too much jumping around, I would swear Phil was no different to the early 90s live. I was kind of expecting a lot of slurred speech & out of breath vocals but he was on point. To be fair they did do a lot of songs from the Far Beyond Driven era, but I promise you he's cleaned himself up, lost heaps of weight & sounds amazing. He even hung out on the side of the stage and watched all the opening bands. Awesome. RIP Dime & Vinnie

  • Sergej Dremo
    Sergej Dremo 3 months ago

    Ребят,кто слушает 2019,пальцы вверх!!!!

  • CaptainAtomSmasher
    CaptainAtomSmasher 3 months ago

    Look at Phil talking like a normal human being.

  • Sharon Bones
    Sharon Bones 3 months ago

    Jeff was a great guy....but he was only comfortable whit his friends out of slayer.....very private person....

  • mirka
    mirka 3 months ago

    phill is totally bull miss dimebag soul of pantera

  • UnAnónimoMásAquí
    UnAnónimoMásAquí 3 months ago

    God. It's kinda sad to look how good and innocent Phil seems back then

  • William Scott
    William Scott 3 months ago

    Dang had this on VHS

  • Allen Blakey
    Allen Blakey 3 months ago

    James is NOT just down picking! He is also galloping on certain parts. I’m a huge Metallica fan!! Probably bigger than most, but don’t put out false videos making people who want to sound like them feel like it’s impossible to downpick that fast. Because it is! Clearly James is galloping when you hear 1/16 open E notes. No human can down pick that fast.

  • JM. Martín
    JM. Martín 3 months ago

    RIP Dimebag and Vinnie.

  • opiumdealer
    opiumdealer 3 months ago

    0:11 , 2:40 - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Zaldostanov

  • Pierre Le Bourreau
    Pierre Le Bourreau 3 months ago

    0:11 - хирург Залдостанов. Без Путина, попов и колорадских ленточек. Я ещё про него читал в Юном Технике или какой-то похожей периодике.

    DEEWANA JI ZIP MASTER 3 months ago


  • Muhammad Irsyazman
    Muhammad Irsyazman 3 months ago

    They’re vlogging in 91’ guys😂😂😂

  • Brian Mannion
    Brian Mannion 3 months ago

    0:11 - 0:13 seconds is just crazy. Going that fast while constantly hitting the cymbals. This intro is crazy.

  • bukkara tsuppa
    bukkara tsuppa 3 months ago

    Даймбег в Москве успел побывать? Офигеть!

  • Bam Mironov
    Bam Mironov 3 months ago

    Hey everyone, it's 2019 and the police still beat up the crowds with rubber sticks. For no reason

  • Haikel Gz
    Haikel Gz 3 months ago

    Fucking awesome

  • SatEight
    SatEight 3 months ago

    2:39 This is Alexandr Zаldastanov aka "Хирург" which means "Surgeon" - the most famous soviet biker, leader of tne "Night Wolves" MC. Novadays he is know as a one of most diehard Putin fans. He tours around country promoting hatred towards "western values" as the cradle of debauchery, sodomy and fascism, agitating for Putin and Orthodox Christianity and the "special mission of the great Russian people in the salvation of mankind". It's sad but many of those rock'n'roll people from 80-s and 90-s became like this in 2000-s. Even hardcore punks.

  • Mistor Lazy
    Mistor Lazy 3 months ago

    Подонок хирург...лучше бы тебя убили...

  • Anibal Rivero
    Anibal Rivero 3 months ago

    Time, country, band, vodka, groove, pereztroika, crocodril?, fucking hostile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+ salute\ saludos from Argentine

  • Night-Prowler
    Night-Prowler 3 months ago

    Wow, this is so fkn’ awesome!

  • Dejan C.
    Dejan C. 3 months ago

    0:10 Alexander Sergejewitsch Saldostanow

  • Geremy Rojas
    Geremy Rojas 3 months ago

    Song please segundo 35

  • Satan
    Satan 3 months ago

    Yes it's 2019. Yes I still love joey.

  • c j
    c j 3 months ago

    31, Michael Stipe, REM

  • Taylor Mulder
    Taylor Mulder 3 months ago

    This boi is the best.

  • B4dLuckL4m3r
    B4dLuckL4m3r 3 months ago

    Goddamn, my uncle was on that concert. Wish I can back in time and see this show with my own eyes.

  • BIG Dave
    BIG Dave 3 months ago

    Ladies, would you like a finger bang?

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 3 months ago

    7:15 this is real Metallica

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe 3 months ago

    4:33 Jason with fretless bass . Amazing

  • Gustavo Knak
    Gustavo Knak 3 months ago

    wtf those legs up at 9:07

  • Gloguthrox The Foul
    Gloguthrox The Foul 4 months ago

    fuckin russians

  • Mehmet Çimenler
    Mehmet Çimenler 4 months ago

    James is a riff machine that constatly writes the perfect riffs.

    SAŠA PROCTOLOVIĆ 4 months ago

    Hello, he! Have sex, he!

  • the black horse of the wiz

    I miss you joey y chris fehn

  • sig sig
    sig sig 4 months ago

    залдостанов хуеплет

  • Mehmet Çimenler
    Mehmet Çimenler 4 months ago

    fucking godlike at riffing this guy. no one will reach this level of speed and accuracy at the same time ever.

  • Corey Thomas
    Corey Thomas 4 months ago

    "Steroid freak puss.."😂

  • Maxim Mashkov
    Maxim Mashkov 4 months ago

    Song at the begining?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago

    No Cell Phones in the crowd. How could that happend? 🤔