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  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett 23 days ago

    This is your Winning Season for Greater in Jesus Christ name!!

  • JTFess
    JTFess 2 months ago

    I recently found this channel cause I followed Adam Savage since Mythbusters... the one day builds tend to fascinate me a lot... I was wondering if at some point you would be interested in doing a working version of The Lament Configuration or Lemerchand Configuration... in other words the Puzzle box from Hellraiser. I don't mean the demon aspect of it... just the functionality

  • jar055
    jar055 2 months ago

    Tested- love to see the crew at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tours in Ticonderoga NY. Went there this summer and it is a full re-creation of the original set. It's incredible.

  • Sam Archi
    Sam Archi 2 months ago

    Hi guys question for you , which laptop would you choose between these two : 1 - Acer Predator Helios 300 with 17" full hd screen and intel core I7 / 16G ram / 1TB hard drive + 256 GB ssd and 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 2 - HP OMEN 17" full hd 120 HZ IPS / intel core I7 / 16G ram / 1TB hard drive + 128 GB ssd and 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 ( YOU CAN UPGRADE IT FOR 1070 8GB FOR 200$) Please let me know which one would you recommend and why. Thanks.

  • Tom Steels
    Tom Steels 2 months ago

    Can we have some more one day builds?

  • 1hotcosplay
    1hotcosplay 2 months ago

    Hey Adam, And everyone at Tested, long time fan, I was re-watching your one of your one day build videos today and noticed something odd... See Link tvclip.biz/video/HClvSWl1mbc/video.html This is your content but not your channel! I thought I would pass the info along to you. It is not cool to use someone else's work to gain views. It's poor from at best and Outright theft at worst. I for one am always glad to see your work, but I didn't want to leave this out there with out at least letting you know.

  • John Beyette
    John Beyette 2 months ago

    Hey Adam and Tested,... do you limit your shop tours to the US?, or is there a chance you'll ever tour a Canadian FX shop? I work at Masters FX in Vancouver and there are several FX, MUFX, VFX, wardrobe and other shops, artists and studios here in the city.

  • ErickSoares3
    ErickSoares3 3 months ago

    Is possible you make something about the Memory of Mankind project?

  • Spongebathe830
    Spongebathe830 3 months ago

    Hi Adam. For next year's Comic Con, could you make the Good Robot Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey? I always thought they looked cool. Your channel is great, my fav ep was the Blade Runner prop gun. ,Thnx

  • Tanya Opaleva
    Tanya Opaleva 3 months ago

    Science teacher showed us MythBusters. It was so cool!!

  • gambitrocks
    gambitrocks 3 months ago

    Try to watch the 4-hour assembly cut of Blade Runner 2049.

  • Josias Hernandez
    Josias Hernandez 3 months ago

    adam s, your cosplays are great, and I would also like to ask you if ever someone asked you to make a cosplay costume for some character and you have done it, without charging

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 3 months ago

    And "Adam visits the Crucible Maker Space" another instant thumbs down for "comments disabled"...

  • Shane Hogg
    Shane Hogg 3 months ago

    One thing I would love to see is a world wide challenge with individuals and not as teams for the world. Like Adam Savage vs Jamie Hyneman for the US. And say Vs 2 top special effects experts from say Peter Jackson's outfits in New Zealand. As well 2 for The UK and say 2 Japan as. Then there are maybe 2 from Russia that can be put into the mix. They often come up with fun ways of doing things that everyone looks side ways at thinking "WHAT THE H........! Vodka! it had to have been the Vodka?????" LOL. They done in there own workshops are given a fix it all myth. With set of say 5 or more of the same items that they can use in there own way to make it work, plus say 3 other non related items of there own pick. Then complete the task. A good example would be for them to fix something with No.8 fence wire. Peter Jackson would love that one and can relate to it. As it's an old New Zealand joke and also legendary mind set of the hands on Kiwi. Finding a way to do something that outside of the box. Has anyone ever looked into doing something like this. A myth busters challenge on a world scale. One last thing I do hope to is it would be a Tested on line project and not a TV thing. For everyone around the world to see.

  • lewcov88
    lewcov88 3 months ago

    why in various videos do you guys say there is content coming, talk about one day builds etc and then never upload any videos,

  • asperhes
    asperhes 3 months ago

    I don't care about your channel APART FROM the Simone appearances. Could you please create a Simone playlist? Thanks.

  • LillyGaming
    LillyGaming 3 months ago

    congratulations on 3million subs!

  • Tamas Marcuis
    Tamas Marcuis 3 months ago

    I heard that Star Wars stuff in the films used a lot of real life things changed to be space aged looking. Like the Han Solo gun. Also I heard Storm Trooper armour was made from motor cyclist's protection. Maybe you could do a show building a Storm Trooper like suit the same way? May be?

  • Paraboemba
    Paraboemba 3 months ago

    You should collaborate with Alyson Tabbitha ! uk.businessinsider.com/cosplayer-transforms-into-characters-wonder-woman-photos-2017-10?utm_content=buffera1c61&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer-ti&r=US&IR=T

  • yeahyeahitskelsey
    yeahyeahitskelsey 3 months ago

    Great videos! I would love to see you make a kalimba as a one day build.

  • Horst Kotte
    Horst Kotte 3 months ago

    Hi, you really should get in touch with this guy: tvclip.biz/video/Ct8JKx_7-7A/video.html Perfect partner for a drone specific one day build for example.

  • Jeremy Sewell
    Jeremy Sewell 3 months ago

    Adam Savage + Micheal Stevens + Alton Brown = The most fun science show ever to grace the TVclip box!!! Please Adam!!! Make some calls!!!

  • moggie68
    moggie68 4 months ago

    when are you going to do a Inside Adam Savage's Cave: R2D2

  • Blacksaber Predator
    Blacksaber Predator 4 months ago

    i miss myth busters say hi to Jamie Hyneman for me

  • Epsilon Rose
    Epsilon Rose 4 months ago

    Could you compare Microsoft's new VR offerings, particularly the Samsung model, to the Pimax 8K, which seems to be the other new, big, VR headset coming out in the near future?

  • Aj Mulder
    Aj Mulder 4 months ago

    i need the website name for the nref gun upgrade kit

  • RayBs
    RayBs 4 months ago

    Did I miss someone saying there will be no PROJECTIONS this week?? nooooo

  • Avery Heinonen
    Avery Heinonen 4 months ago

    hello adam savge can you pm me so i can get your email for a school project about you?

  • David Buelow
    David Buelow 4 months ago

    Hello Adam! The cast of "The Expanse" had an awesome Q&A at the 2017 Toronto Fan eXpo, and in 5 hours I turned the 3 separate and occasionally sub-par recordings of that panel into one vastly superior experience with improved audio and video. It was a labor of love, and since you're a super fan of the show, I hope you get a chance to watch it here: tvclip.biz/video/rRb7FhZWP-0/video.html

  • icychill105
    icychill105 4 months ago

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a good soldering iron. Adam and the entire crew deal with electronics quite a bit so I think you would know the best out of anyone. I have been repairing arcade machines with my dad but he got a super cheap soldering iron which takes a long time to heat up and doesn't work very well. Any suggestions from the crew and community are greatly appreciated!

  • Javier
    Javier 5 months ago

    is sad that some people follow you only for the ducks videos

  • PaigeTrail
    PaigeTrail 5 months ago

    Hello! I wanted to thank the entire team of Tested, I am a long time follower! Yesterday I received unfortunate news that my position as an office manger will be eliminated in a month (I am blessed to have learned this so far in advance) so I have decided to pursue my dream career. I have contact a book binding and restoration company, and they want me to send them samples of my work! I am so excited and hopeful, if not with this company then with another to become a bookbinder. Thank you Tested for showing me that I can pursue a makers career, and that this is not just a frivolous pursuit. Xoxoxoxoxo -Paige

  • telephone bear
    telephone bear 5 months ago

    Fuck you Adam, racist piece of shit.

  • Corven55
    Corven55 5 months ago

    I actually managed to build something after watching tutorials how to build stuff! I made a star wars energy staff that can block lightsabers, made from plastic water pipe, toilet flushing pumps for the emitters and greeblies for the end caps, im rather good at spraypainting props now, lightsabers, nerf guns etc...

  • Heartless8604
    Heartless8604 5 months ago

    I just want to thank you guys. You guys are an inspiration for new young kids in making things.

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle 5 months ago

    Hey Adam, those quarry lakes you dove in Mythbusters. You do understand the reason quarry lakes exist at all is because the water is too toxic to release into ground water? Maybe you might want to get checked.

    CRAZYLIKEG 5 months ago

    GUYS A mith : Can u nuke a hurricane? (a mini one...for safe testing)

  • ironhockey
    ironhockey 5 months ago

    unsubscribed. adam savage is anti-american piece of shit.

  • kevin mccool
    kevin mccool 5 months ago

    Adam you like making swords, daggers, pointy objects I've got one that might be a bit of a challenge, if its even possible to make, I just cant post it in the comments from the picture ive drawn a while ago

  • SoulOfSilence
    SoulOfSilence 5 months ago


  • Sigurd Kalles
    Sigurd Kalles 5 months ago

    Does somebody know a site where i can stream mythbusters from s1-s20. i cant find any myself and the only other option is the buy one season at the time from amazon. and thats not cheap.

  • 8000pendragon
    8000pendragon 5 months ago

    This is only a test..... ? I hope you are all ok and just too busy to get an episode up. Peace :)

  • Myryha Studstill
    Myryha Studstill 5 months ago

    Hey Adam, is there a way to weaponize a kite? I know its kinda dumb and would serve no purpose, but I think of it as a giant lawn dart on a string....

  • Sciver Zero
    Sciver Zero 5 months ago

    Adam Savage, I challenge you to build the best Blade Runner gun you can with things you have lying around or can make, in a one-day build. Every time I see a new blaster video it seems like it is leading up to this, but I can't take the chance that the idea has never occurred to you--I have to see it! You've been working on numerous replicas over many years, you should be able to put something together that is interesting, even if not perfectly accurate. The idea of the challenge is not to make a perfect copy, but rather to make something that is satisfying to look at aesthetically, and is comfortable to the hand. You've got the skills, you've got the tools, and you've probably got the junk lying around somewhere, you should be able to make something cool. (Time spent planning the build need not count toward the 1 day, of course.)

  • J.A.Ratt85
    J.A.Ratt85 6 months ago

    Why doesn't One Day Builds have it's own playlist?

  • Jack of all trades Master in none

    Can someone tell me if Adam allready tried , to built the john searl generator as a project ?

  • 1959MackB61
    1959MackB61 6 months ago

    So I have a direct comment to Adam and this seems to be the best way I can voice my opinion. I have listened to several of your Ted talks, Keynote Speeches, and Q&As and keep hearing people requesting your opinion on how to get girls interested in science. And you generally respond with you don't know. My question response to their quarry is, why does a persons sex matter? Science and art are amazing things that is not contingent on ones physical nature but by the curiosity inside them. Stephen Hawking is very physically challenged but has the mentality to be curious about things. The way to get girls interested in science is the same way as boys. Make them curious about the world around them. Am I wrong?

    • 1959MackB61
      1959MackB61 6 months ago

      Don't get me wrong, I am not commenting to condemn. You offer lots of great wisdom and I thank you for being the role model you are. I am commenting to offer my opinion and my viewpoint.

  • Clan del Oso
    Clan del Oso 6 months ago

    ah hello i like to challenge you to do the boy of the walking dead carl without his eye okey thanks

  • Medokn
    Medokn 6 months ago

    hey will you guys feature amd rx vega?

  • chris feltner
    chris feltner 6 months ago

    you really need to make a play list of just the one days builds thats all i have to say we miss you adam

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner 6 months ago

    Is adam ever going to continue building his own martian space suit ?

  • GrialL Bravo
    GrialL Bravo 6 months ago

    I love your stuff guys. I really do. But I just come from watching the "one day build" where Adam makes some parts for the NASA space suit and everytime I see Adam measuring the screen with Photoshope opened it cringes me out. :P Might be one fo those graphic-artist-thing, but seriouslly. Adam, if you need some lessons on how to use your graphic software to make your life easier (and the measures more precise...) I'd be glad to help you with that. ;)

  • gatorraid
    gatorraid 6 months ago

    can you do an episode on Blendo adam and jamies robot from the mid 90s

  • Paul Griffiths
    Paul Griffiths 6 months ago

    Adam your videos are the best dude [: Thank you for putting these up & giving us endless hours of inspiration & learning [:

  • TulioSounds
    TulioSounds 6 months ago

    Please make some more fun interesting building videos where we can learn something from! All that talking and hearing the same opinions becomes very lame. I almost forgot about tested since the past year. too bad :(

  • IQ Iaquinta
    IQ Iaquinta 7 months ago

    If possible would love to see more "One Day Builds" everything else is kool but I enjoy watching Adam do those builds!

  • Jascha Eidam
    Jascha Eidam 7 months ago

    I hate this channel Since I started watching this, I got into sculpting and casting, have repainted existing models, have made plans for building props and hard-edge modelmaking and plan on buying some of the artists work you introduced me too. I'm currently in the process of getting a better paying job to support all that in addition to my long-standing chemical dependency (analog photography)... So...yeah..thanks for all this inspiration...

  • barrie
    barrie 7 months ago

    tested was an enjoyable geek channel but sadly now its become a mouthpiece for nasty left wing propaganda..and judging by the comments that you get your viewers have woken up to this fact.

  • Dana Wood
    Dana Wood 7 months ago

    Adam, wondering it that was you in the Chewy suit at Davies Symphony Hall last Thursday (July 6th)? If so, nice job with all the hugs! :)

  • Clockwork_Koala
    Clockwork_Koala 7 months ago

    adam you should build a life size animetronic Curie or Codsworth from Fallout 4 thatd be so cool

  • MadMonkeyNZ
    MadMonkeyNZ 7 months ago

    fuck you guys for disabling comments on blatant adds. - Black Girls Code.

  • bob talbot
    bob talbot 7 months ago

    Excluding little girls from something just because they don't have black skin is fucked. You're telling me hispanic, white, asian, middle eastern girls can't go there to learn about electronics???

  • CheshireTomcat68
    CheshireTomcat68 7 months ago

    Shame both 'Black Girls Code' vids had the comments disabled. It's quite a depressing statement on the 21st century.

  • DuctTheStuff
    DuctTheStuff 7 months ago

    I recently saw your new upload featuring the Black Girls Code Workshop and I had some questions. Why are the comments disabled on that video when none of the other videos in the Maker Tour they are not? It seems to me that the video was fine on its own but that fact that you disabled the comments feels like it is a statement of division. Do you feel that there is something wrong with the video? I don't. The video was fine on its own but as I previously stated disabling the comments is a statement of division. Not what I have come to expect from Tested.

  • TheOfficialCzex
    TheOfficialCzex 7 months ago

    I liked the latest video but I did not like the organization presented. Why not also include young boys white, black, yellow, whatever?

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 7 months ago

    Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Black Girls Code Workshop - comments disabled - INSTANT thumbs down (again).

  • mjonathan41
    mjonathan41 7 months ago

    so are you just gonna ignore criticism by turning of the comments ? *well fuck even Savage aint save from the SavageJW typ that needs controll*

  • cqtaylor
    cqtaylor 7 months ago

    Thank you for your work, Adam, relevant to the project "Black Girls Code." It's a kind and beneficial activity for a demographic that may not have the tools and training that'll help them in the long-run. Great job!

  • Mr Photorooster
    Mr Photorooster 7 months ago

    Love your channel. After searching I was dissapointed that Adam hasn't toured a modern "unresponsive" yoyo manufacturer, viewed a modern competiton and tried to make or tweek his own competition class throw. There are factors like bearing choice (ceramic or steel), yoyo shape, strings (poly or cotton or blend) and much more to make a compelling video. Alot of enthusiasts would love a segment like that.

  • Riley Pruitt
    Riley Pruitt 7 months ago

    Dear tested team, I am a huge fan of your content, and I am currently in collage (comp2). for one of my papers I am going to discuss the ideas of S.T.E.M Vs. S.T.E.A.M. (with a pro view towards S.T.E.A.M) and I was wondering if I could get some of your thoughts on this matter and how the arts are important to modern education. Thank you for your time, -Riley Pruitt

    BRENT DU PLESSIS 7 months ago

    This might be outta nowhere but what did you think of the Batman armour that Ben Affleck wore in Batman vs Superman #supercoolcosplayidea

  • Osvaldo Delbrey
    Osvaldo Delbrey 8 months ago

    Hello Tested, I am an architecture student in search of a new computer. I currently use a 13" Macbook Pro but I need something more powerful and Im thinking of jumping into PC. I'm into programming, 3d modeling, CAD programs, and adobe, can you sugest some great, powerful PC models? Thanks!

  • Sirick
    Sirick 8 months ago

    Comments disabled? Tested, what are you doing? Please stop, it's not too late.

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 8 months ago

    Week of Making, Day 4 - comments disabled - INSTANT thumbs down (again).

  • Kevin Prichard
    Kevin Prichard 8 months ago

    Is there a list of tool and metal shops that Adam and Mythbusters frequent, here in the SF Bay Area? I'm on the hunt for convenient metal stock and machining tools.

  • Curly G Cradle Rock
    Curly G Cradle Rock 8 months ago

    Well, Tested, it's been a good run. Been tuned in to every show /podcast for years now. Kareem is just awful. Maybe he's smart but when he talks it sounds like he's making things up or has no confidence. I know he's a nerdy guy and probably seemed like a good fit, but it's just not working for me. Thanks for all the entertainment!

  • Late to the Show
    Late to the Show 8 months ago

    Have you seen the All in one Pico Goblin VR Price @ $249, Mantis PSVR headphones $49.99 and the DisplayLink XR Wireless for HTC Vive. I have some footage in my channel from E3 if you would like to get some information.

  • RC Moment
    RC Moment 8 months ago

    Tested , can you do video if send free sample ?

  • osmmanipadmehum
    osmmanipadmehum 8 months ago

    also make a 20 meter solar car with solar panels and no plugin charging.

  • osmmanipadmehum
    osmmanipadmehum 8 months ago

    I have a suggestion Take a regular car test the mileage, cut and remove everything excessive and test the mileage again. Like remove roof doors hoods seats mats

  • Daniel Bedford
    Daniel Bedford 8 months ago

    Hey Adam. Love all the stuff you do. I have my own little workshop probably about 1/10 the size of yours. One of the things a struggle with is keeping the dust down, especially from woodwork foam modelling . How do you manage these things in your shop?

  • Danny S
    Danny S 8 months ago

    cold you create an EVA (neon genesis evangelion) as a custome :O

  • Eduard Boland
    Eduard Boland 8 months ago

    Idea for another one day build: Yondu's fin from GotG2

  • 1012 Studios
    1012 Studios 8 months ago

    vsauce, jeff here

  • Darkshadow7827
    Darkshadow7827 8 months ago

    I'm sure you get more comments than you can reply to, but I was wondering - do you take commission on building custom props? I've talked to other commissioners and the prop I would want build would range between $800 - $1,000. Given your expertise, I do not suspect it would take more than a week, but I'm not sure if you take business inquiries. Thank you.

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 9 months ago

    "Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Stanford Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program" Immediate thumbs down for "comments disabled" AGAIN.

  • Bigus Dickus
    Bigus Dickus 9 months ago

    Something tells me that I'm on the former end of the unsubscribe - stay spectrum...

  • Ironman Gameing
    Ironman Gameing 9 months ago

    I loved your show, shame you didn't have anymore myths, but its awesome that you continued the show only COOLER!!!you were and are my favorite myth buster out of all of them. Hopefully there will be some more myths that come around and start your TV show back up again.

  • 2000jago
    2000jago 9 months ago

    Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Delgado Community College Immediate thumbs down for "comments disabled".

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle 9 months ago

    We never got the rest of the parts of Making the environment suit.

  • Saibos
    Saibos 9 months ago

    Tested Adam Savage Переведите канал на русский язык Translate the channel into Russian

  • Ex_Machina
    Ex_Machina 9 months ago

    What happened to the one day builds??

    • Lunchbox Gaming
      Lunchbox Gaming 8 months ago

      Adam has a new travelin' show... They also get more money for doing product reviews... they get paid by the company, and generate ad revenue on the video... Cha-Ching.

  • Tomáš Gladiš
    Tomáš Gladiš 9 months ago

    Great channel, but I have one suggestion. Why don't you make universal cooling suit for all your costumes?

  • Nero Kaijū
    Nero Kaijū 9 months ago

    i need one of Adams one day builds!!! pleeeeaaase make some more 🙈

  • Bethor Azrael
    Bethor Azrael 9 months ago

    I'm a little curious as to why you choose to turn comments of on the Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Travis Early College High School video? It seems a little counterproductive for a science based channel to silence dissenting opinion, as without dissenting opinions, science would not have evolved as much as is has.

    • Memey Bargains
      Memey Bargains 9 months ago

      it might just be a kinda rule thing with them going into schools now because the new video has no ratings and comments either

  • emma salmon
    emma salmon 9 months ago

    hey adam are u going to London mcm comic con may

  • WolfieBlitz
    WolfieBlitz 9 months ago

    Adam, you need to do a one day build on a dalek, i wanna see you try it for one

  • HungryFire Workshop
    HungryFire Workshop 9 months ago

    I just want to take a second and tell you folks at TESTED how much I enjoy your channel. As a Maker and Maker Educator, I find this channel to offer a wealth of inspiration. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

  • Kekistani Cat
    Kekistani Cat 9 months ago

    I would like to watch Adam's videos but he is a white male and he is privileged enough already. I'll go look for science channels staring a black woman to subscribe to. I'm sorry tested...but others can play this game as well.

  • negativespace000
    negativespace000 10 months ago

    I had such excitement and high hopes for the Tested channel when I started watching about a year ago.

  • Philipp Lyanguzov
    Philipp Lyanguzov 10 months ago

    hey "mission specialist" and why was i not informed until the finally where it said it clearly at the top

  • Neil Odyssey
    Neil Odyssey 10 months ago

    just wanna look more myth or test on Adam and Jamie, bring them together and do more crazy tests! America need mythbusters

  • Chris Cowlishaw
    Chris Cowlishaw 10 months ago

    I am not sure if Tested has done a Q&A session from fans but I would love to ask some questions for Adam Savage.

  • kevin mccool
    kevin mccool 10 months ago

    when is adam going to finish the martain space suit build or whatever he was doing with it ???

  • Jared Aitken
    Jared Aitken 10 months ago

    Damn you Adam Savage! This channel has ruined movies and series for me, I'm now able to pickup on the props. Haha but thanks for a great channel

  • Matthew Flowers
    Matthew Flowers 10 months ago

    Adam please design a simple maker space for a kid/teen's bedroom somthing that maybe fits in a 3x3 ft space and then share the plans online.

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 10 months ago

    Please try the following: Have a piece of wood pressed byy the press so it becomes denser (parallel to the fibers), slowly, and try to make and sharpen a blade out of it, then try to fire harden the blade, resharpen it, then A/B test it with a steel knife. Just to put an end to the debate "a wooden blade is useless" vs "a wooden blade is as good as a steel blade, minus the durability".

  • darklard
    darklard 10 months ago

    Where's the make tour playlist! It would be a great addition to your playlist section. Thanks!

  • Bente Erga
    Bente Erga 10 months ago

    www.roblox.com/catalog/browse.aspx?CatalogContext=1&SortType=3&SortAggregation=5&Category=1 go to

  • walter mcdonough
    walter mcdonough 10 months ago

    why were the comments disabled on the latest video :(

  • Granite
    Granite 10 months ago

    "Comments are disabled for this video."

    • K
      K 10 months ago

      "In Elizabeth, PA, Adam visits an all-girl maker class..." (the description)

    • metalhead2508
      metalhead2508 10 months ago

      I saw a guy at the very beginning of the video. If it truly is a girls only class then that's fucking ridiculous.

    • K
      K 10 months ago

      Probably didn't want people questioning why that was a girls only course in a mixed school.

  • derx074
    derx074 11 months ago

    It would have been awesome if you guys did a props tour for the Spectral movie.

  • Comrade General Vladimir Pootis

    Went to your Brain Candy show couple of days ago, I suggest you test your hovercraft before bringing it out on stage. Also hello from Raleigh.

  • Diego CM
    Diego CM 11 months ago

    what happend to jamy ?

  • Revanth Maddikunta
    Revanth Maddikunta 11 months ago

    can we use a digital photo frame as a second monitor for a PC??

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. 11 months ago

    So, I'm not historically a cosplay type, but I've recently become obsessed with the idea of obtaining and wearing a movie quality X-Men Apocalypse costume. After scouring the internet, I'm coming up with absolutely nothing, it seems like there are costumes available for every character in the film except Apocalypse himself. I'm willing to accept the idea of hours of makeup and prosthetic application to my head, but can't find even one piece of the rest of the costume, anywhere. Anybody know of a company or a builder that is either working on this or has already created something for that character?

  • Cedar and Rose Willams
    Cedar and Rose Willams 11 months ago

    Adam, your work is amazing

  • Alpha 0
    Alpha 0 11 months ago

    Adam can you make Overwatch's Soldier 76s Heavy pulse rifle out of a nerf gun. I have searched youtube for 2 months now but found nothing. So please "Help me Adam, you are my only hope."

    • Alpha 0
      Alpha 0 11 months ago

      If you can, can you add the Helix Rockets as well.

  • Dextros
    Dextros 11 months ago

    Hi guys! I realy love your Comic-con costumes and i am wondering, are you guys able to create a Groot costume as well ? Kind regards, Lukas.

  • Greek Dude
    Greek Dude Year ago

    If I wasn't broke I'd shower Adam with buckets of cash to make me a bass!

  • VikTor Hart
    VikTor Hart Year ago

    Hey tested I have a question for frank. Is there a company or website that you can send plastic parts to and they will duplicate them? Thanks

  • Cirtex Quake
    Cirtex Quake Year ago

    i would like to see Adam try his hand at something a bit more digital. there is a game called Counter Strike: Global Offence, or CS:GO for short. it has an arsenal of weapons that all have weapon skins that you can purchase/unbox. after seeing Adams Nerf Gun modding video, i yearn for the day that Adam trys his hand at something a bit more digital and makes a proper wastelander rifle skin for the AWP. AK. M4A4, and M4A1-S

  • Julian Rossi
    Julian Rossi Year ago

    The video that was put out where they visualise air flow through a pc case had so many things wrong, its unscientific and shouldn't have been uploaded. One of the most annoying and most obvious mistakes was the lack of a cpu cooler. A cpu cooler would have made a significant change in the way that air flowed through the case. The video did nothing right, there was no explanation as to why positive or negative air flow is better or worse for thermals or dust acumulation. All i see the video doing is making begging pc builders more stressed over nothing. Not happy Jan

  • NK GAMING2017
    NK GAMING2017 Year ago

    HEY Adam why did you leave mithbusters and why can't the other like Grant and that they can do it PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSS COOMMMMENNNT

  • mrtannzr
    mrtannzr Year ago

    So how about that negative/ positive air flow vid? Honestly thought you guys would be above disabling comments and like/dislikes. The video doesn't even bother me, it's your silencing of criticism. I expect this behavior from feminists, not scientists. For shame!

  • volt43k
    volt43k Year ago

    Is this channel just low effort sponsored videos now? I am disappoint.

  • portgasdaceism
    portgasdaceism Year ago

    adam savage alone is enough to run the tested channel. considering the fact that norm is pretty much hated in every single video he appears in.

  • dust man
    dust man Year ago

    The positive vs negative air pressure video needs to be reexamined. The comments were disabled probably because there were a lot of flaws in their interpretation of their testing and too many people pointed that out. Adam, please check your people's work before letting them post it and give people inaccurate or incomplete conclusions. For instance, while the fan was drawing air out there was nice smooth air flow from the inlet to outlet, but obviously a lot of near static air around many components. When the fan was blowing air in, the fog was being blown all around the case, "diluting" the fog, giving a false impression. In my view, even if overall air flow is less you would be extracting more heat from the components because of the air movement by those components. That is the point, right?

  • narnbrez
    narnbrez Year ago

    disabling comments and ratings? bye

    • Joseph Galvan
      Joseph Galvan Year ago

      i don't really care about what fans they use, but how you use them. they should have shown more than 2 set ups with different size fans on the case and at different speeds and tuning. the paper plate test is irrelevant because no needs to know how well a fan can push a paper plate. its about cooling and temps and noise.

    • Daniel A
      Daniel A Year ago

      Because the actual difference between a $10 case fan and an $80 case fan is about .1 degrees in the components. Silent case fans are bullshit anyway.

    • Joseph Galvan
      Joseph Galvan Year ago

      well be cause they know that the video was terrible. who runs so many .... so little test about case air flow? and how does a a paper plate tell us how cool a pc can run? showing things like actual temps is just tooo difficult for them.

  • Damian Farrer
    Damian Farrer Year ago

    has anyone given Adam Savage the idea to make a working Portal 2 turret gun?

  • darthsept
    darthsept Year ago

    tested really went to shit

  • porpus99
    porpus99 Year ago

    Would be interesting if Adam went to a Comic Con dressed as a Vorlon from Babylon 5. Would certainly be original, and any self respecting nerd would be able to recognize an Encounter suit.

  • Magnus Ekström
    Magnus Ekström Year ago

    You were on the Arctic Expedition Cruise i think? The one with Chris Hadfield, Tom Scott and others. Is there any videos uploaded here from that trip? How do I find them? Is there a playlist?

  • Mark Gifford
    Mark Gifford Year ago

    will you tell the winners of the drone giveaway in a video or on you website?

  • Yorch Cobain
    Yorch Cobain Year ago

    Hi there! Should be possible spanish subs? Here in spain you guys have a great community of fans but not everyone understand all the show. It's only a suggestion! Thx!

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith Year ago

    I've really enjoyed reading several of your recommended books, any plans to read the Southern Reach Trilogy (Annihilation, Authority & Acceptance) by Jeff VanderMeer? Would love to hear a podcast of you guys discussing if you did. Cheers

  • Zac Holder
    Zac Holder Year ago

    Can y'all make a playlist of all Adam's one day builds?

    • Zac Holder
      Zac Holder Year ago

      Nevermind. Found it. "Inside Adam's Cave"

  • ronald gosnel
    ronald gosnel Year ago

    hey can you make nightingale armor from skyrim

  • Dat_Asian_Kid
    Dat_Asian_Kid Year ago

    Are you guys gonna go to CES?

  • tntgoboomtwenty
    tntgoboomtwenty Year ago

    how do i join? i love building and tinkering

  • Kaden Davis
    Kaden Davis Year ago

    I'm sure it's a long shot, but I have an idea for something. Potentially unlimited air for a diver. I'm reaching out to Adam Savage to see if it is possible. If I get a reply we can exchange a better form of communication and we can discuss my hypothesis.

  • Ugly Casanova
    Ugly Casanova Year ago

    Try a homemade crossbow?

  • Zantharan
    Zantharan Year ago

    I am curious as to what Adam can do with a bicycle. Maybe a one day build or something, maybe something Tron inspired?

  • Brent Wood
    Brent Wood Year ago

    You should build a model of the station from Shining Time Station with full interior

  • Doug Livingston
    Doug Livingston Year ago

    ADAM, regarding the MALTESE FALCON movie props... I have a theory on the brown/bronze/brass/whatever finish on one of the lead versions. Could it be from an application of copper sulfate? I'd test it out, but am out of crystals.

  • kinightsbliss
    kinightsbliss Year ago

    can we get ideas on turning an old car seat into a chair

  • Lucas Groubert
    Lucas Groubert Year ago

    Could you please make a DIY BB/airsoft gun

  • Ravonies Ravenshir

    @Tested/Adam Savage I have about 3 things, Maybe More, I want to ask. 1. Will you be making a Reboot of Myth Busters... or something similar. 2. What all do you test? 3. I have always wondered something.... the Effects of Obsidian Ammo. You know Volcanic Glass, and not that crap rock you hit against steel, that shiny black rock, that inflicts some of the nastiest cuts in the world... since it acts different from normal glass... what if you made bullets, canon balls, BB's and the like from it... and used them, how effective would they be. No one so far has ever done a field test... all I get is basically "The IDEA SUCKS" or "It wouldn't work" how do they know it wouldn't work? I want to know how it works. I don't want to hear excuses as to why it wouldn't work I want to SEE what it does when used in such a way. Possibly I think about 4 things happen, Bulk, Chunks, Chips/fragments, and Powder, all of which are not a good day when you are hit with it. 4. I have a "blast Hammer" basically a 1 Diameter inch aircraft grade aluminum (long story how I got it) cylinder round hammer that I use the Fireworks called Little Dynamites with, it is about 2 times the diameter of said firework, maybe about 0.5 to 0.4 Inches wide hole, which I have a rod that fits in with a another hole inside, not important for what I did. Anyhow, I packed the firework in silly putty, then aluminum foil as not to make a mess and protect the inside from the initial shock of said firework I broke a 2x2'x1" Cement block into 3 sections with it... I don't know if it was the shape of the shape, or what happened but It was broken into 3 sections, the hole and cylinder were fine, basically no marks on the block ether other than it being broken the way it was.

  • FacepunchTv
    FacepunchTv Year ago

    Hey Adam Savage i just want the mucle suit of flex designs

  • justin alvarado
    justin alvarado Year ago

    Adam?... Your awesome

  • GAC Minette
    GAC Minette Year ago

    Adam do a ghost rider costume

  • Zim Animation
    Zim Animation Year ago

    I hope you do more videos with Vsauce like (The Brachistochrone) video. It was great to see you both putting your skills together - was big fan of mythbusters :)

  • NeonsStyle
    NeonsStyle Year ago

    Why have you moved uploads to the bottom? When we come here looking for something to watch (as subscribers), we are looking for new uploads. It should be at the top so we can easily find your latest videos. The feature video isn't always the latest upload even though you might've set it to be.



  • Commando Commander

    holy crap.. is this Adam Savages TVclip Channel?

  • sean maddox
    sean maddox Year ago

    addam have u built rocket boots yet

  • manemanera
    manemanera Year ago

    I got a question for you guys... Do you know if anyone is building a life size Trico from The last Guardian? After watching game play of that game, I so badly wanted to see an animatronic of it in real life!

  • bo Liu
    bo Liu Year ago

    I have seen a video, it is to introduce the US military medical simulation dolls, but I can not find it, can help me ?

  • Alperen Tunçeli

    What's up with the Martian Suit?

  • FunkyTime
    FunkyTime Year ago

    Hi guys. Your work is amazing and - cause i´ve never seen it somewhere before - I would love to see a costume of the "Bicentennial Man". Love and best wishes. Funky

  • Peter S
    Peter S Year ago

    I would be interested to see reviews of new paper tablets such as the bamboo slate, is this something you're planning on doing?

  • Dan Simonsen
    Dan Simonsen Year ago

    tested should do something with the band Wintergatan, particularly Martin Molin, he's supercreative and has many musical inventions

  • Ringaling Ringco.

    can adam savage go to creative engineering in california where they made the rockafire explosion and the original showbiz pizza?

  • Obliterous
    Obliterous Year ago

    As much as I normally enjoy Tested, the last few videos felt like I was watching paid spokespersons earn their paychecks...;-(

  • sonicxfan83
    sonicxfan83 Year ago

    if I were to take a hydrogen and oxygen mixture and pressurize a 1 gallon combustion chamber full of said mixture to 5000 psi with a fancy burst disk set to fail 5500 psi with a tube (evacuated of air) right after it that has a 1 kg hardened steel slug in it how fast could I get said slug to go if I were to ignite said mixture (I'm trying to scale this up to launch a small satellite into space) PS: I would do this out doors at a bomb range but I don't have the funds or a bomb range

  • Phi Gibeau
    Phi Gibeau Year ago

    Please make the Ponyo boat! vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/ponyo/images/1/16/Ponyo_och_Sosuke_i_b%C3%A5ten_som_Titanic_eller_Vasa.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120925155131

  • Gavin Hawkes
    Gavin Hawkes Year ago

    I miss the one-hour one-day-builds of wooden swords or boxes-for-beaver. I even re-watch Adam making omelettes. Please tell me this isn't all "Tested Premium" now....sigh

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Year ago

    Still waiting for the video of the secretsanta project from imgur. I know they wanted to wait till after the guy got it, but its been two weeks...

  • Drew Maw
    Drew Maw Year ago

    Can you guys create a second channel for Adam Savage stuff? I unsubb'd a few month's back because most of the postings are not Norm's stuff. And I only like Norm, and not Adam's stuff. Please create a second channel so I can resub to Norm's Tested! I personally can't stand Adam's creature geek stuff, or anything Adam does for that matter.

    • mistenfury
      mistenfury Year ago

      You realize the channel is called "Adam Savage's: Tested" right?

  • Waka Nibbolo
    Waka Nibbolo Year ago

    I wonder what Adam's reaction would be to the ERB Mythbusters Vs Ghostbusters. Also, some suggestions for a good budget tablet for people who may or may not be slightly prone to braking things would be nice as well.

  • akush55
    akush55 Year ago

    Let guess the new Mythbusters might actually get blow up someone else or they self at these had Common Sense vs rating

  • Andy M
    Andy M Year ago

    i subbed to watch things get built , who wants to see pod's , i don't , unsubscribed

  • Wisse Wester
    Wisse Wester Year ago

    hey tested im wondering if you could test something for me it involves some sort of radiometer but with a lot more speed

  • Luke Knecht
    Luke Knecht Year ago

    Hey Tested, big fan of the show! I've been watching for some time now and I have a small suggestion: as a production audio person, I think it could be worth the investment to pick up a couple Sanken Cos-11d lavs for your day to day. Again, big fan of the way production has improved and gotten better and better video, but I would be remiss to not at least suggest something to improve the audio even more. Thanks for the content guys, keep up the stellar work!

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack Year ago

    You guys should make some videos on the advances in vr lately. I have seen the oculus rift ones, but it's been getting better.

  • America
    America Year ago

    Adam,will you and Jamie be judging Mythbusters the search?

  • TheMultiGunMan
    TheMultiGunMan Year ago

    Hi. Is your Star Trek Captains Chair for sale? I would like to buy it.

  • Jack Loew
    Jack Loew Year ago

    omg i love you you guys were my child hood i cried so much when mythbusters enderd but im sohappy i found this channel

  • Daniel Weston
    Daniel Weston Year ago

    Adam- I understand you have an interest in "hunting" Ducks using gourds. The Apache Indians used gourds this way and this was recorded & witnessed by John Cremony in the 1850's. Was also the subject a print from that period (I might have a copy). In 1978 I saw a live demonstration in Seattle Washington by an Eagle Scout. However they weren't wild ducks. I practice and study "Primitive" Hunting and tried this about 10 years ago on a pond - however after putting about 10 large gourds (with black spots) on a pond no ducks landed over four days and I was spared going into 48'f water with only a wetsuit top.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool Year ago

    To Adam, Jamie, and the rest of the Tested crew, i want to say thank you to each and every one of you. This year has been a rough tragic year for me and my familly. I lost my brother in February completely out of the blue, here one second and then completely snuffed out leaving behind his wife and baby son. It was a really hard pill to swallow and i know it sounds weird but You have been a huge part of helping me get through this year with my sanity in tact. After it happened, i just started watching Mythbusters. That and TVclip were the only things i could bring myself to sit and watch. It was really hard but watching you on Mythbusters and tested, making some cool new mad scientist contraption. Or watching the Game Grumps make middle school jokes while getting frustrated at a video game and randomly breaking into song Or Philly D sit down to give us the news and start a conversation by actually asking for and then responding to our opinions. Somehow this small collection of people i have never met has made a huge impact on my life this year and helped me to pull through with my sanity in tact. I've even learned some new skills from you and been inspired to create a TVclip channel of my own with a few friends(TerribleTableOfTerror if you want to check it out, we are doing gaming content right now but i want to expand into some maker style content soon, still very unpolished but we had to start somewhere). So i want to say sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, i know that you probably get this all the time and that the odds of you seeing my one comment in the sea of TVclip comments are low but i wanted to write this out to let you know that at least to me you have made a huge impact and i appreciate everything you do. Keep up the good work, and i'll be watching.

  • Lord Baccus
    Lord Baccus Year ago

    How can I make a Staff Light saber for Martial Arts without breaking my piggy bank? I mean a build that can be done by Average tool having guy? if you would look at my youtube video "Chucks 101" ~ get a feel for what I am looking for ! Also I am SITH oriented = Thank you for your time

  • Rylin Boyer
    Rylin Boyer Year ago

    Hey Tested, you guys should look into The Modern Rogue. I think a team up would be amazing.

  • Landrew0
    Landrew0 Year ago

    New header; no foursome anymore, just all Adam, even when Adam isn't around.

  • moe gardner
    moe gardner Year ago

    Hi Adam and all. I was reading a book the other day and something came up that I noticed in cop/detective books before. There is a drone, not a huge one but a small hobby drone (The 4 engine helicopter type like Simone used as a hair cutting robot) that chases someone and shoots at them. SO .... my question that could be "Tested" is, wouldn't the recoil from the shot flip the drone over?

  • Blacsky Gaming
    Blacsky Gaming Year ago

    I am glad to be the 544th person to comment on this particular page. Thanks guys!!

  • 1BigBen
    1BigBen Year ago

    I'm surprised that adam has not done a gordon freeman or Master Chief siut yet :D

  • Master Chef of the USCC

    i miss mythbusters rip

  • BangDroid
    BangDroid Year ago

    +Tested Have you guys seen the Chronos 1.4C highspeed camera? It's a fricken amazing low priced HSC on Kickstarter. The 1 guy who makes it said he was inspired by all the awesome highspeed footage from Mythbusters, that's pretty awesome.

  • BigFatLoserDude
    BigFatLoserDude Year ago

    Adam. Here's a weird idea. Why don't you invite David freiburger and Mike Finnegan on your show. it may be a different kinda of nerdism but there is a lot of tec and sci in what they do.

    • Peter Scherer
      Peter Scherer Year ago

      That's a dumb idea, Tested is NOT a car show, so why piss off a bunch of scientific left-wing liberals with a couple of greenhouse gas burning goofballs like those two?

  • bmxriderforlife1234

    you might want to put an annotation on the samurai armor video that stats the professionals opinions dont coincide with your own, he clearly knows nothing about the armors. Metatron is a channel here on youtube whos done a debunking of the video in question, and Knight Errant and Metatron would both be better experts to have hosted on your videos, Metatron in japanese armor and weapons as well as japanese history, and Knight Errant on European armors of the medieval period.

  • SteveCrosby789
    SteveCrosby789 Year ago

    I need to chime in a bit too - I really really liked the reviews and tests of things that used to occur here. nowadays all I see are con visits, short VR game reviews, very short product reviews, cosplay stuff, and prop and maker interviews. I found the longer review and testing videos to be most helpful in selecting appropriate tech gear. now unless I am buying VR ( too expensive Still) I get none of that. Still a sub but it is not as useful to me as it once was. ( i get you have a broad audience and need to appeal to the masses) just my two cents.

  • Matt Wyckoff
    Matt Wyckoff Year ago

    Would love to see Adam build this!!! Wyle E Coyote as Iron Man! scontent-dft4-2.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/15253418_10158480501885377_3472248181015128943_n.jpg?oh=3647777633d8383887689739a5ddea31&oe=58B381A7

  • Graymar
    Graymar Year ago

    what ever happened to Jamie? is he not apart of this channel?

  • frusci4an1e
    frusci4an1e Year ago

    Why exactly is Norman a part of this? The only thing I see him do is asking and then interrupting people as they give him an answer. This really grinds my gears....Is he ever going to contribute something "creative" too?

  • HFNegative
    HFNegative Year ago

    Adam, have you ever made a Weirding Module from Dune?

  • Ahmad Syazani
    Ahmad Syazani Year ago

    HAlf Life HEV Suit Build?

  • quietguy3099
    quietguy3099 Year ago

    Why don't you guys build anything anymore? It seems all you do is babble into the microphone these days. Edit: After reading others comments I now have no hope of more builds. Time to find a new channel.


    do mythbusters youtube channel