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  • Uriel Valdez
    Uriel Valdez 4 hours ago

    Shes a disgusting person!

  • Tracy Jackson
    Tracy Jackson 4 hours ago

    Wow no they broke up what a shock . NOT come on who cares . She can't keep a man , woman , her class or taste why is this a surprise

  • Dragonfly91
    Dragonfly91 4 hours ago

    I think Erin is right to support Lori. That does NOT necessarily mean that she agrees with her actions or even that she isn’t angry. I think that what Lori did was terrible, but I still think that it was wrong of Hallmark to fire her before she has been formally convicted in court. There’s such a thing as ”innocent until proven guilty” and I don’t think that it is Hallmark’s place to punish her. By firing her from the show and even editing already filmed content in order to delete all of Lori’s appearances they don’t just punish Lori but also the fans as well as the rest of the cast since this changes storylines and the direction of the show.

  • The Last Sane American

    I had great respect for Senator McCain. I didn't always agree with his politics and thought he was a bit too hot-headed at times. But I respected the man for his accomplishments and sacrifices. His daughter, on the other hand, has become more than a little tedious. Precisely what has this woman personally accomplished that warrants the public stage she's been afforded? Well, she's Senator McCain's daughter. That's pretty much it. She's never served in the military, never ran for an elected office, never been a captain of industry. She's simply a dead Senator's daughter riding his coattails for all it's worth. Sit down, Senator McCain's daughter and be quiet.

  • Gilbert Brave
    Gilbert Brave 4 hours ago

    His thirst for white women...

  • Gilbert Brave
    Gilbert Brave 4 hours ago

    His thirst for white women...

  • preach baby preach
    preach baby preach 4 hours ago

    Annie looks stunning!💖✨🤗#radiant🌟

  • Leja Land
    Leja Land 4 hours ago

    She's rude af, and when somebody calls her out, she gets mad. She's always doing this to the other ladies, and they let her get away with it because of who her father is/was. Her attitude is the worst one I've ever seen in the history of this show. She needs to chill out seriously...

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB 4 hours ago

    I've never seen 50cent blush before...eveyone is a fan of someone

  • diana dowie
    diana dowie 4 hours ago

    I love it.

  • Sonia Aversa
    Sonia Aversa 4 hours ago

    He is shining in Heaven! He is the biggest brightest star who will forever illuminate the world! May you shine in the light with lots of peace and tranquility that you so deserve! Thank you for sharing yourself with all the world, bringing us so much joy and happiness! I'm so sorry for all the pain you endured here on earth, unfortunately that is what took you away from us. Those people will one day have to pay for their sins, they were out to destroy and the sad part is they succeeded. I will never get over this tragedy ever!!!! I send you many blessings filled with love and light and may you Rest in Peace!

  • Jacob's Cereal
    Jacob's Cereal 4 hours ago

    Their tour got sold out? DAMN I NEED TO STAN ASAP

  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 4 hours ago

    Mike Baby, if ANYONE else ask you shady ass questions, just smile and plead the fifth. Demi ain't about that people knowing her business life, she doesnt mess with that. So.... out of respect for your guys (whatever you guys have) just dont let them mix your words. This girl was annoying as fuck.

  • Vivian Von Bauer
    Vivian Von Bauer 4 hours ago

    Just as long as he isn't doing drugs with or around her, I'm happy for her.

  • Carlos Geovanni Leal Vecilla


  • LovedBy You
    LovedBy You 4 hours ago

    Go Mike go!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Just dont tell us, keep it to yourself. But I am happy about this.

  • Herb Liptow
    Herb Liptow 4 hours ago

    The poster child of entitlement period enough said

  • Mia Salazar
    Mia Salazar 4 hours ago

    what’s life without you

  • Mia Salazar
    Mia Salazar 4 hours ago

    what life without you

  • Em Bowling
    Em Bowling 4 hours ago

    So sweet omg. Keep this man Demi.

  • j j
    j j 4 hours ago

    shaq makes 50 cent look like kevin hart.

  • A E S T H E T H I C C 101

    Sophia looks so... different?💀 and Rosie is still so cute 🥰 also it’s time to give Rosie all the recognition and love she deserves, I watched the videos of when they were in Ellen and Rosie was always left out 🥺

  • Ellie Smith
    Ellie Smith 4 hours ago

    It’s called a non-foaming soap for a reason if u check Florence by mills Instagram page 💕✨✌🏻

  • Mia Salazar
    Mia Salazar 4 hours ago

    Have the best life in heaven

  • Mia Salazar
    Mia Salazar 4 hours ago

    You Did Good Stan, God holds forever now

  • Kayle N
    Kayle N 4 hours ago

    Hannah shouldn't have to explain herself... leave hannah alone!!

  • kindinot
    kindinot 4 hours ago

    British taxpayers pay for their security, wherever they go.

  • D Clifford
    D Clifford 4 hours ago

    From an 11-year old: That one lady went to prison for a year because she wanted a good school too - so did that happen because she was poor? (It was actually 5 years but her words). Me: Well attorneys don’t like to fight as hard for you - or aren’t into helping you as much unless you can give them a lot of money. Plus the school wouldn’t have pressed charges I’m sure had that mom been famous. In fact she could have paid for that choice if she would have been famous so yes...that whole thing happened because she was poor. That’s what it comes down to. Including her choices for how she made extra money. I don’t think she should have gotten into trouble for wanting a better school....just having the child go back to her own school would have been enough. 11-year old: If she was poor she would not get to pick out her own jail ....and If she wasn’t popular she would have gotten into more trouble probably. Why is it so unfair? Me: I don’t know...I guess popular rich people are liked better by people who make these decisions because they also want to be popular and rich....and are shallow people. You know how some kids in school like to be liked by the popular kids? It’s like that but way worse because they should have grown up by now., and have their own identities and a set of morals. And maybe they can pay to have special jail choices. That one is a mystery to me too. They sure send a mixed message don’t they? In school popular kids shouldn’t be treated any more special, and judges and lawyers know this but they do it themselves in the adult world. Some people are greedy when it comes to fame and money .... even people who are taught not to be for their jobs. 11-year old: Can I go to college if I’m poor? Me: Yes, it just takes hard work, and you apply to colleges for their ethics on not giving better treatment to rich and famous/popular people. Pick one that enrolls students because they want to go - not because they can donate money, or jump through endless hoops. The competitive ones do that so they can get these bribes and be more “elite” but it’s a game to make people think they are better. They aren’t. Two plus two is four no matter who teaches it. Choosing your own “prison”? Epstein going home while in prison.....etc etc etc etc....Come on America! Colleges that deny dreams because the person has a weakness in math, (why she bribed them) or isn’t rich or famous enough to pay to have that fact ignored? What kind of Country has this become? Why do we endorse these things? We should be ashamed at the message these things send. I’s education. One would think educated ethical people are making decisions about another’s education. What a racket.

  • Paula Little
    Paula Little 4 hours ago

    Navarro was rude by interrupting Megan in mid sentence. And was the reason Megan voice turned up a notch or two. Megan should have said "wait your turn Miss Rudeness" Besides, Navarro has serious issues, everytime conversation is about Trump she spits when she speaks--like a rabid dog foaming from the mouth. She's insistent what she says is gospel and damn be you if you don't agree. I usually tune out when she's guest appearing...

  • Victoriab
    Victoriab 4 hours ago

    Happy 25th anniversary F.R.I.E.N.D.S ❤️🥳

  • Debbie Bray
    Debbie Bray 4 hours ago

    She should have keep walking she a bitch

  • sbdul 1234
    sbdul 1234 4 hours ago

    Omg this interviewer is just so annoying she kept on asking questions about Demi ,let them be its their relationship and no ones business. He already said they went on a date take that and be satisfied no need to pry anymore.

  • H Hijazi
    H Hijazi 4 hours ago

    The Liam/Miley issue is actually indicative of our general milieu. A huge number of women are dangerously veering towards the hedonistic party life, and sneer at commitment and tradition. I would say that us men are existentially suffering as a result..

  • Mark Paulo Paderes
    Mark Paulo Paderes 4 hours ago

    Awwee very showbiz i think im gonna scared cara delavigne too to get there on news😅

  • zaki shima
    zaki shima 4 hours ago


  • arashaad daavidson
    arashaad daavidson 5 hours ago

    Now that's natural beauty folks

  • Sera G
    Sera G 5 hours ago

    Skirts hanging off they knees

  • mimzy1124 Lassiter
    mimzy1124 Lassiter 5 hours ago

    Whirlwind romance!? 😳 What whirlwind romance? Wasn’t she just married to Liam? No wonder that “abruptly” ended.

  • Mila A. Ballentine
    Mila A. Ballentine 5 hours ago

    Ana gave Megan the, "Bitch don't try me look." Ana is a real one, so come correct. 😂

  • Devy
    Devy 5 hours ago

    I came here after BTS being Extra af in America XD

  • Meta4z Official
    Meta4z Official 5 hours ago

    Sunny sipping the tea is the mood 😂

  • Ulvia
    Ulvia 5 hours ago

    I lost 41 pounds down. Doing everything to avoid diabetes and have my leg chopped off like my brother-in-law. Had so many health issues related to obesity. Went to 3 different doctors for help. Now, almost pain-free, looking and feeling much healthy. My secret, my doctors' help, intermittent fasting, fasting, low carbohydrates, keto diet, low impact exercises like walking and bicycling. I convinced myself could not lose weight. Deserved to eat the amazing food and baked goods I make, my food is scrumptious. I don't eat it, but making healthier food for my family. Fat is not your enemy, carbohydrates and sugar are. Work hard, being obese is not healthy. Sure, feel great, have self-esteem, but don't promote this lifestyle as healthy for the gullable youth.

  • Noreen Perez
    Noreen Perez 5 hours ago

    What surprises me,is that she came back to the table,like Notting ever happen🤣🤣🤣🤣😉

  • todd jones
    todd jones 5 hours ago

    Click Bait🙄

  • ShortStuff 22
    ShortStuff 22 5 hours ago


  • Bekah's Beauty
    Bekah's Beauty 5 hours ago

    This grown man is just standing in his interview, playing with his fingers... whatta guy

  • Ulvia
    Ulvia 5 hours ago

    There are women who are naturally thin, look anorexic but they are not, why not allow them to walk too. Hypocrited.

  • Lisa Meredith
    Lisa Meredith 5 hours ago

    The view shouldn`t renew her contract.

  • Jungkookie 97
    Jungkookie 97 5 hours ago

    Omg why Sophia got a horrible makeup on that picture when she always looked beautiful 😤😭😭😤

  • Bb Bb
    Bb Bb 5 hours ago

    She’s definitely getting work done on her face, if u can’t see it u must be blind, it actually looks somewhat decent work but she cannot touch her face anymore otherwise it starts looking unnatural

  • Hands II Hugs Love
    Hands II Hugs Love 5 hours ago

    I’ve always liked Shaq. Great business man, great human

  • Luther Baker
    Luther Baker 5 hours ago

    She should just move in with the Kardashians she would fit right in

  • nobody survives even one bit

    Brad is always eating

  • Luther Baker
    Luther Baker 5 hours ago

    She just needs to get gang banged

  • Behdin Azadih
    Behdin Azadih 5 hours ago

    Typical!! I’m glad Ana put her in her place.

  • Luther Baker
    Luther Baker 5 hours ago

    What happened? Did she lose her liquor license (lick her) ha ha

  • Noartist
    Noartist 5 hours ago

    Saw that coming a mile away. There are a somethings a woman cant give ya. Like the D!

    • H Hijazi
      H Hijazi 4 hours ago

      ​@Noartist Let me put it this way. Your writing is equivalent to that excrement dropping out of your ass in your profile picture. Take the criticism and move on.

    • Noartist
      Noartist 4 hours ago

      @H Hijazi my grammar?! Like that accidental a? And youre absolutely disgusted? A little over emotional are we?

    • H Hijazi
      H Hijazi 5 hours ago

      I'm absolutely disgusted by your grammar, but on the other hand, I agree with you :D

  • Katie Seok
    Katie Seok 5 hours ago

    *Sophia Grace gave me flashback Mary vibes*

  • ALFRED Robinson
    ALFRED Robinson 5 hours ago

    He's really "shaqstruck".

  • prxncess trinity
    prxncess trinity 5 hours ago

    what kind of cousins don’t see eachother in 8 years

  • Marycatherine Obiageli Osademe

    All fake news , may I know which mother that leaves their new born baby voluntarily? She is just like any new mum, so give her a break you and your fake royal insider

  • Atrayee Ghosh
    Atrayee Ghosh 5 hours ago

    bambam is so cute

  • Rashad PARKS
    Rashad PARKS 5 hours ago

    This is so fake. I’ll give it 6 months.

  • bet902
    bet902 5 hours ago

    This is so awkward

  • Louis Ridgway
    Louis Ridgway 5 hours ago

    Good job terek, this girl is worth this lavish gift. She's making your life a paradise on earth. Where as the ex wife made your life hell on earth. This just a viewer surmised from watching old series clips. Show that bitch what she missing by treating you like a second class citizen. Put the ex in your rearview mirror and don't look back. Viewers are waiting for you to have a big TV wedding with heather to launch a great future.

  • Jason Shampansky
    Jason Shampansky 5 hours ago

    Remember when Beyoncé was hot back in the day not anymore, some women age like a fine wine not her now no one makes a big deal about her with Jayz because there kind of on equal grounding on looks now!

  • E s s c e n c e
    E s s c e n c e 5 hours ago

    How come Rosie looks like a natural and pretty teenager, but Sophia has all that makeup on her face? You can clearly see the difference between the two now.

  • Carmen Betty
    Carmen Betty 5 hours ago

    Aww man I’m rooting for him but he needs to stop talking his going to push her away

  • cocolola007
    cocolola007 5 hours ago

    Why can’t he just say no comment. 15 mins of fame??

  • kii millie
    kii millie 5 hours ago

    Check your character if you can see this as something negative.... We live in weird times when you can dress up as anyone for Halloween but Beyonce gets backlash for honoring previous generations of Beautiful iconic women !!

  • Debi B
    Debi B 5 hours ago

    This interviewer is putting words in his mouth!!! Man, give him a break!!

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 5 hours ago

    It’s good that he also acknowledged that even if you laugh at someone you can still make things right

  • Tracye Smith
    Tracye Smith 5 hours ago

    I think Joy especially enjoyed ana going all in.

  • C J
    C J 5 hours ago

    Sooooo what she walked away.... walking is good for the blood pressure anyway

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 5 hours ago

    Mike knows that he is lucky to be with someone like Demi that's what makes him the one, he knows that she's a princess and better treat her like a Queen.

  • Beyonce's Adam's Apple

    Omg 😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Kathryn Drury
    Kathryn Drury 5 hours ago

    Her heart is open and her droopy boobs hang out......

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 6 hours ago

    people who talk a lot are the most honest, RESPECT but keep it private when it's comes to the Queen and don't make us jealous. 😤

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 6 hours ago

    Mike is so lucky.

  • Bianca Toivola
    Bianca Toivola 6 hours ago

    😍😘Amazing lovely prince!👍🏾👌🏾👏🏿

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 6 hours ago

    meeting Demi Lovato in real life is one of my precious wishes.

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 6 hours ago

    how can he stop smiling when he's dating Demi. 😍

  • cloudydaez
    cloudydaez 6 hours ago

    I can’t believe they’ve made a program specifically about them wtf??!!!! They are just inviting the drama into their lives. They will never be happy. EVER

  • Geórgia Yasminie
    Geórgia Yasminie 6 hours ago

    Eva Green Amazing♥️

  • J Daye
    J Daye 6 hours ago

    Damn who cutting onions in this mug

  • Dixie Bishop
    Dixie Bishop 6 hours ago

    OMG not Taylor Swift! Ruined it for me before it even starts!

  • Denise Pelton
    Denise Pelton 6 hours ago

    Wishing you every happiness ❤

  • Margie Flama
    Margie Flama 6 hours ago

    Meghan McCain is very RUDE and very LOUD. She's a very stupid SPOILD BRAT who thinks that the View evolves around her. She also THINKS that her opions matter more than the others, and ONLY her shrill voice SHOULD heard. I wish that they'd get her OFF the View. I'm sick and tired of her ATTITUDE! The view is a very nice show minus Meghan McCain!

  • Walter White
    Walter White 6 hours ago


  • Mackenzie Wilson
    Mackenzie Wilson 6 hours ago

    She is not happy with Jay-Z, it's all over her face! 😓😓

    • tremain mcdowell
      tremain mcdowell 4 hours ago

      Mackenzie Wilson please stop 🛑 you are sooooooo wrong sweetheart ! I’ve known them personally for years so please stop with this fake news stuff please thank you 🙏

  • Your Neighborhood
    Your Neighborhood 6 hours ago

    What a fool......

  • Marty Mart
    Marty Mart 6 hours ago

    Let her walk... Her fat, entitled ass could do with the exercise anyway!!

  • I-T iyah man
    I-T iyah man 6 hours ago

    She looks 🔥 HOT best wishes

  • Gen Malone
    Gen Malone 6 hours ago

    I hope she doesn’t hurt him, he’s so precious.

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 6 hours ago


  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M 6 hours ago

    Great to see 50 in such a genuine moment😊🔥🔥

  • francis blodgett
    francis blodgett 6 hours ago

    Jerry springer 101

  • Stephen Corbitt
    Stephen Corbitt 6 hours ago

    I love Shaq!!!

  • J nid
    J nid 6 hours ago

    it's just amazing how someone who has an inferior voice mentor some people with insane vocal talent

  • Positive Thoughts
    Positive Thoughts 6 hours ago

    Is she being rude how she is playing with jpj and she can’t even say she loves him? She’s so pretty though.

    • perfectlycreated28
      perfectlycreated28 6 hours ago

      If isn't it more rude to tell someone a lie about feeling something you don't?