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  • 가치있는삶
    가치있는삶 Hour ago

    It would be nice if the subtitles were a little late.Subtitle come out too fast, and they disappear too fast.

  • Sufiyan Shaikh
    Sufiyan Shaikh Hour ago


  • Swarna Thara
    Swarna Thara 12 hours ago

    Nenu 30 minutes late ga vasta English lo ela

  • Swarna Thara
    Swarna Thara 12 hours ago

    Meeku evaraina puttara English lo ela

    LINH ĐẶNG Day ago

    who can tell me what this movie's name is? thanks

  • Keren Haouque
    Keren Haouque 2 days ago

    I'd like practice my english,can you help me???please

  • Omar hassan Yare
    Omar hassan Yare 2 days ago

    I'm wanna English

  • Paaulo Borges
    Paaulo Borges 2 days ago

    Hello, I'm a English learner and look for someone that can help me!!

    PREM LI 2 days ago

    I am learning English.

  • Антоний Чернявский

    Who wants practice? Skype helps us.

  • Le Lanh
    Le Lanh 2 days ago

    I want to see part 2

  • Paaulo Borges
    Paaulo Borges 3 days ago

    Hello people! I'm Brazilian and look for someone that can help me with my English and also can teach the Portuguese!

  • wenhua liu
    wenhua liu 3 days ago

    You should also provide PDF of this video for better learning.

  • Yasser Alhayek
    Yasser Alhayek 3 days ago

    very interesting, sehr interesant

    LINH ĐẶNG 3 days ago

    i am from vietnam and i love british's accent that is why i stay here.

  • Luis orlando Nuñez

    l need to look at more video like this .

    • Lachinov
      Lachinov 3 days ago

      Not correct my friend. You have to say "I need to watch more videos like this." :)

  • Thủy Trần Thị

    So, this film is so nice to practice English, I am very like Tim, he is so handsome :D


    I am 11 years old

  • Mohsen Eshraghi
    Mohsen Eshraghi 4 days ago


  • wenhua liu
    wenhua liu 4 days ago

    i am exploring ways to learn english in non-english speaking countires.who can help me?

  • Chung Vũ Đình
    Chung Vũ Đình 4 days ago

    Know it I buy it Really? Sometimes =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • ing wen Tsai
    ing wen Tsai 4 days ago

    Julia seems abit bitchy..... address with double Ds.... omg

  • ali ahm
    ali ahm 4 days ago

    Thanks alot it was yousiful😁

  • Mohsen Eshraghi
    Mohsen Eshraghi 4 days ago

    Wonderful 😂😂😂😂☘

  • Mohsen Eshraghi
    Mohsen Eshraghi 5 days ago

    So cute 😂🤭

  • gul rana
    gul rana 5 days ago

    This joke is really funny isn't it

  • معلومات عامة

    💖 thanks

  • Fizza Akhtar
    Fizza Akhtar 5 days ago

    If he says I am not married? And they have 3 childrens 👶👦👧😂😂

  • Shahnaj Alam
    Shahnaj Alam 6 days ago

    I love you headway I have watched all your videos I love you I want video call with you

  • Д А Н И К
    Д А Н И К 7 days ago

    3:17 Я нашёл сестру Топлеса

  • Black Beauty channel


  • abdirahman mohamed ali


  • Moharlal Singh
    Moharlal Singh 7 days ago

    Thanks for English tech

  • sami sami
    sami sami 8 days ago

    Nice vedio.. thank you very much.. looking for another vedios

  • Jay K
    Jay K 8 days ago


  • Nhung Bui
    Nhung Bui 9 days ago

    Could someone pls tell me what's the name of this series?

      MORAMAX 6 days ago

      the name of this series is "lifetime". I have a fear, before on You Tube there was the complete series by the official site , now only a few episodes

  • سامي
    سامي 9 days ago

    How many have vocabularies this maybe

  • Ainel Mukhamedzhanova


  • sakshi negi sakshi negi sakshu

    How can speek good english can u tell me because i am not speek english weel😥

  • Chaowarit Srisonwiang

    I love this video especialy there is Thai subtitle also.

  • Davi Wesley
    Davi Wesley 10 days ago

    It is amazing! Thank you for helping us to learn more about the wonderful English language.

  • L u c i a_N E K O :3

    Jane+David it’s real OwO

  • Maia Li
    Maia Li 11 days ago

    If you want to learn English fluently, please join us on Facebook Do YOU Fancy learning English with Lili?

  • my God with me
    my God with me 11 days ago

    Why do you repeat please speak only one time

  • يوسف كريم
    يوسف كريم 11 days ago

    great thanks for great works really

  • Liaquat Ali
    Liaquat Ali 12 days ago

    More you listen more you speak! This is Saud!

  • Cherry2K
    Cherry2K 12 days ago

    subtitles contains some mistakes.

  • Văn Huy Phạm
    Văn Huy Phạm 12 days ago

    Can you give me link download mp3 of this video, please? Thank you

  • سامي
    سامي 12 days ago

    How many vocabularies inside maybe

  • Zain Shaikh
    Zain Shaikh 12 days ago

    Can u make another story please

  • Kham Peace
    Kham Peace 12 days ago

    Hello everybody . I'm from Laos🇱🇦🇱🇦.now my English is so bad but i love to practice English by listening Video.( Thank you for video ) ..........who can help me ?

    • Văn Huy Phạm
      Văn Huy Phạm 12 days ago

      Hello Kham Peace. Can you speak English with me by Video Call, please? Thank you. Nice to meet you.

  • mojtaba rahimi
    mojtaba rahimi 12 days ago

    I didn’t understand whats the problem🤔🤔😩🙄👌

  • Theavy So
    Theavy So 12 days ago

    I need more stories video 😁

  • Dewi Ihsan
    Dewi Ihsan 13 days ago

    I am so curious what are Jason and Kylie's look like ☺️

  • lil babies
    lil babies 13 days ago

    What is this series called?

  • Rajesh Kondaye
    Rajesh Kondaye 13 days ago

    Talking so Fast

  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 13 days ago

    British people are very polite.

  • Theavy So
    Theavy So 13 days ago

    I really enjoying this film 🎞 happy ending😍Love from Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • Theavy So
    Theavy So 13 days ago

    Tim is so cute 😁

  • ССС Р
    ССС Р 14 days ago

    Thank you )) very good

  • Annie Tran
    Annie Tran 14 days ago

    I hate the beginning part , it’s to long -_-

  • Ghouse Khan
    Ghouse Khan 14 days ago

    Somewhat good...

  • Fershizzal
    Fershizzal 15 days ago

    On todays episode of Totally Real Life Situations...

  • Walker Wan
    Walker Wan 15 days ago

    I understand English very well but, it is hard for me to reply it😅😂

  • salma ell
    salma ell 15 days ago

    is there any one end it hh but anyway i like it

  • madhav neupane
    madhav neupane 15 days ago

    What the hell is this class one student's knows better english that it .......

  • Tahmin Barbhuiya
    Tahmin Barbhuiya 15 days ago

    Hlw I'm from India I can speak English but want to improve my fluency

  • secret stars
    secret stars 16 days ago


  • Recaizade ahmet mahmut ünlü

    boring fuckin family tryin to teach english to muthafuckes ,kiss my ass,maybe its gonna work

  • young disciple
    young disciple 16 days ago


  • Saywan haje Ali
    Saywan haje Ali 16 days ago

    i like this 😍😍

  • الخانق مئه وعشره

    thank you

  • Ayaan Ahmed
    Ayaan Ahmed 17 days ago

    thanke my tescher

  • Ronny Pasaribu
    Ronny Pasaribu 17 days ago

    still lock out... come on.. invite her tim...

  • Halas Medya
    Halas Medya 18 days ago


  • wild fire
    wild fire 18 days ago

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  • Gökberk Kılıcaslan

    Türk varmııı

  • Rakyat Kehidupan
    Rakyat Kehidupan 19 days ago


  • Mahat bishal
    Mahat bishal 19 days ago

    i want to practice english

  • legend 7
    legend 7 20 days ago

    I understand 80%but i can't speak becuase lack of practice

  • Phụng Phùng
    Phụng Phùng 20 days ago

    What 's the song

  • Callista Keshia Ruth

    I feel sorry and angry for Gary at the same time 🤣

  • 竹下春奈
    竹下春奈 21 day ago

    Useful video! It'll help my study. Thanks from Japan.

  • Sonya Shukurova
    Sonya Shukurova 21 day ago

    Its very good film

  • Sonya Shukurova
    Sonya Shukurova 21 day ago

    Its very good film

  • Agni Bina
    Agni Bina 21 day ago

    At the last time love between matt and Jane has finished. So sad , it was unexpected. However, this is the best way by the improve to the learning English. I like this film more and more.

  • Agni Bina
    Agni Bina 21 day ago

    I love this video. Specially thanks Matt, David, Helen and Jane and other. I also want more video like this. Many many thanks of all.

  • Suyoun Kim
    Suyoun Kim 21 day ago

    Thank you so much I like this and very useful!!!

  • Rouse V.
    Rouse V. 22 days ago

    I really want to whatch More of this videos I love the story AND I'm in love with David he's so cute..please share US More Many people are waiting for this...

  • Мамуре исматов

    I’m from Uzbekistan.I need to improve my English

  • 윤대식
    윤대식 23 days ago


  • muhammad saad
    muhammad saad 23 days ago

    First he. Ask are u married but answer was not married. After all how he have three childrens without married hahahahaha

    • Real Info
      Real Info Day ago

      muhammad saad its only conversation not story

  • AYSU Mamedova
    AYSU Mamedova 23 days ago

    wow..it is really interesting...it is very good i like it.I don't know English well.But i understand it

  • Ilham Veliyev
    Ilham Veliyev 23 days ago


  • Ambi Rajesh
    Ambi Rajesh 23 days ago

    Useful basic English tq sir but some words meaning I am not understand sir.

  • Shahzad Mengal
    Shahzad Mengal 23 days ago

    Wao nice and i learn slowly slowly

  • SHOTER Alien 04
    SHOTER Alien 04 24 days ago

    my dream is learn english

  • Ali Kane
    Ali Kane 24 days ago

    I am Ali Kane Diallo I think that this is the best way to improve our English. We thank for your help.

    • Hà Việt Thắng
      Hà Việt Thắng 21 day ago

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  • Vaisakh Sreekandan Nair

    I want to practice English everyday! Is anyone available?

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