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  • lou Joyce
    lou Joyce 2 hours ago

    Tim is so good-looking

  • Observer
    Observer 4 hours ago

    How can I find the other episodes of this series? Can anybody help me?

  • Observer
    Observer 5 hours ago

    It really worked. This is really useful video.

  • Mohammad Algharaibeh

    Thank you a lot you helped me at school and home Really thank you

  • Mohammad Algharaibeh

    This is amazing thank you

  • English Speaking Practice

    you want to improve english speaking ...

  • ssagrariorivera rrivera

    It is the best way to learn English. Thanks a lot

  • Saeed Al-Qahtani
    Saeed Al-Qahtani 23 hours ago

    Unit 2 Sentences 21 spelling mistakes Catch ******

  • zara khayla
    zara khayla Day ago

    anyone wants to be my friend to help me fluent in speaking english. ☺

    • Kübra Arı
      Kübra Arı Hour ago

      hello I want you. write to me on instagram @kubrrari

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      Pande Merdana. 11 hours ago

      @zara khayla can i take your number phone ??

    • zara khayla
      zara khayla 13 hours ago

      @Pande Merdana. okay. lets speak eng with me haha

    • Pande Merdana.
      Pande Merdana. 18 hours ago

      You can make friends with me

  • bookfairy 171
    bookfairy 171 Day ago

    thank you

  • America Plaza
    America Plaza Day ago

    WOOW ! Wonderful, thanks

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  • Nasrin Akter
    Nasrin Akter Day ago

    Team has got such lovely eyes ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • elias alvarado

    wonderful english video. thanks a lot

  • Mina Şirinova

    what is the real name of Tim?

  • gem mc
    gem mc 2 days ago

    I hope that this video will help me speak fluent english ,i listened/ watched this every single day however i now noticed myself writing words that i never used before. My goal is to speak ang write better english , so that i will gain more confendence whenever i talk to people who speak this language.

  • Uthai Yaree
    Uthai Yaree 2 days ago


  • أبو خالد
    أبو خالد 3 days ago

    الله يلعنكم👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Surjeet Singh
    Surjeet Singh 3 days ago

    Tim is so handsome and cute 😄😍😍

  • Insha Bashir
    Insha Bashir 3 days ago

    If anyone want to learn English just do one thing.......learn some English words and use them daily in your conversation......and whenever u will get some time, talk to youself in english ................

  • Kamil Ulukaya
    Kamil Ulukaya 3 days ago

    Me too but I can not make a practice. Please help me for practice

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Hey Kamil, I am a native English speaker. Feel free to get in touch!

  • A V
    A V 3 days ago

    Последнее, что я ожидал увидеть в Oxford English video, так это шестёрку)

  • Augusto Filippo
    Augusto Filippo 3 days ago


  • Pk 2pk pankaj pandey

    I'm from bedupur India

  • Esmail Kateb
    Esmail Kateb 4 days ago

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  • Khon Sophal
    Khon Sophal 4 days ago

    Good for learning , l love .

  • ذکرالله حسینی


  • Mews Janjira
    Mews Janjira 4 days ago

    Have a good trip. Bye.🤗🤗🤗

  • Victor Victoria
    Victor Victoria 4 days ago

    that stupid accent sucks !! learn english spoken in the United States if you learn this accent you will have trouble to communicate in US ... l think english of US is the best ! this guys speak like their lips and tongue are stuck with glue . or they swallowed a potato and its stuck in their throat 🤣

  • Ketly Destin
    Ketly Destin 4 days ago

    It's wonderful thank you guys

  • Süleyman Can Acar
    Süleyman Can Acar 4 days ago

    I understand everything when someone else talk but when I have to talk I just don't know...

    • Süleyman Can Acar
      Süleyman Can Acar Day ago

      @Spark Fluency Thank you so much, i will follow the channel. :)

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Hey, need help with English? I am a native English speaker. Feel free to get in touch! :)

  • Muaath Msa
    Muaath Msa 4 days ago

    5:19 what does he mean ? I smelt something bad hhhhhh

  • Saparbek Yegemberdiyev

    This is very useful film, for more of these film. Who learn english language, write coment for me, talk with you. Sorry for my grammar, because i am just beginning lern english.

  • Sneha singh
    Sneha singh 5 days ago

    Very helpful....

  • Xavier Gamez
    Xavier Gamez 5 days ago

    Nice history. Very good actors!

  • Sukhnaj preet Braham

    Interesting conversation and excellent way to improve English skill

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Hey Sukhnaj, Keep practising! I am a native English speaker. Need help?

  • วงศ์สวัสดิ์ ยนต์หงส์

    Great,This's actually real English Listening Practive.

  • wai yan
    wai yan 6 days ago

    Thanks you so much

  • Mahnaaz S.
    Mahnaaz S. 6 days ago


  • Renuka Rabyia
    Renuka Rabyia 6 days ago

    This very useful for me Learn english. Please make more video. Everyday I want watch one video.

    • Niranjan Taye
      Niranjan Taye Day ago

      One man wake up another man how to talk in English

    • Saparbek Yegemberdiyev
      Saparbek Yegemberdiyev 4 days ago

      Good luck in lerning english language, i also learn english, wish me too good luck!!!

  • Айгул Адилбек Кызы

    I'm seeing for Tim😚

  • Tauqir Ahmed
    Tauqir Ahmed 6 days ago

    Nice (from Bangladesh)

  • Luengo
    Luengo 6 days ago

    Ya quede trata de aprendizaje, podría ir un poco más lento, va a todo gas! Saludos.

  • Sairam Vankayala
    Sairam Vankayala 6 days ago

    It`s a really very good all roles of conversation.

  • Xavier Gamez
    Xavier Gamez 7 days ago

    Thank you very much! I like the history. The history is sweet, funny and serious also. It shows a very good friendship between the team. They are very polite. Beside I learn many things also. For example how is the life in England, how I can to speak when I work when I seek a flat when I am with friends. They speak very clear.

  • Serdar Metiyev
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  • Md. Saiful Islam
    Md. Saiful Islam 7 days ago

    i think so its a tremendous teaching systems.....actually i am new learner in this application or channel.. i want to need a partner whats app and imo or others application ,...just i practice in my english speaking..this is my number 01537129669

  • Nanser man M.
    Nanser man M. 7 days ago

    I'm wanna improve my English. But I don't have friend😥. can we be friends?

  • Марія Ситник

    Thanks for your videos...

  • kalod likes
    kalod likes 7 days ago

    Excellent conversation for everybody who wants to learn English

  • Benedicto Silva
    Benedicto Silva 7 days ago

    This video is very interestin to practice convesations English, congatulations

  • Joni Dervishi
    Joni Dervishi 7 days ago

    I like this video

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    maria teresa leria 7 days ago

    Very good thanks you

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    Kyasingnu 1999 7 days ago

    Like.. It.

  • Two Xuel Brown
    Two Xuel Brown 7 days ago

    I like learn new language

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  • Dương Thuỳ
    Dương Thuỳ 8 days ago

    Who comes from Viet Nam?

  • Aldryan Pratama
    Aldryan Pratama 8 days ago

    He is student no married and have 3 children :)

  • Pkteacher Adiwasi
    Pkteacher Adiwasi 8 days ago

    I,m learning English language everday good new have me

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Hey, keep practising! I can help you with English! :) I am a native English speaker.

  • Miriam Ruiz
    Miriam Ruiz 8 days ago

    Thanks for the video is really good to helping people is interesting to improve my listening I have a problem with it

  • Claudio Priess
    Claudio Priess 8 days ago

    is it bad to learn British english with the intent to use it on the USA?

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Good question. You can use it in the USA. I am a native British English speaker.

  • Erdenebat Erka
    Erdenebat Erka 9 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • Rebeca Gpe. Manriquez Ruiz


  • rajat chaudhary
    rajat chaudhary 10 days ago

    in which year was it made ?

  • Mews Janjira
    Mews Janjira 10 days ago

    ถ้าซับไทยไม่ไปบังซับภาษาอัวกฤษก้อคงจะดีมากๆค่ะ เรียนภาษาอังกฤษอยุ่ ไม่เน้นภาษาไทยค่ะ😉😁😎😄👌👌👌🤗🤗🤗

  • diovana rodrigues
    diovana rodrigues 10 days ago

    Hi everyone! I’m an English student and I’m looking forward to find other students to practice conversation, if you are one of this , could you contact by telegram messenger. My address is @diovana rodrigues

  • tam hoang
    tam hoang 10 days ago

    Oh i love Tim

  • English Speaking
    English Speaking 10 days ago


  • Sunil S
    Sunil S 10 days ago

    I understand everybody's English BUT why nobody understand my ENGLISH?

    • Spark Fluency
      Spark Fluency 2 days ago

      Hey, would you like to practice? I am a native English speaker! I can help you!

  • jenny park
    jenny park 11 days ago

    Easy way to learn english thankss so much

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    何洪能 11 days ago

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    shad nanda h ali 12 days ago

    Hii ji

  • Nguyen Quan
    Nguyen Quan 12 days ago

    If I saw a ghost... The ghost would run away... ha ha... very funny 29:29

  • Haru
    Haru 12 days ago

    Everybody please pay attention to the choose of the words too. Like Present instead of gift

  • Haru
    Haru 12 days ago

    Tips for improve your british accent: The 'A' is pronounced as "ah". But sometimes it is pronounced as "Uh" , often in the beginning of words (See Tom Hiddleston saying "The Avengers" and you gotta see the difference). R is pronounced really soft, it's not as strong as American accent. For example, "hard" would be pronounced as "ha(r)d" in UK and in the US, "harrd" The british also extend the 'O's, like in "Yooou", "Also", "Too". See the video for catch all these. Dont forget to say all the T's like sometimes Americans do. Also british people say a lot "quite" and "mate" in their sentences.

    MANCHU CREATIONS 13 days ago

    Appreciate 👍👍👍

  • Дмитрий Баринов

    yebanaya zastavka...

  • Irene Lee
    Irene Lee 14 days ago

    The intro is over 1 min lol

  • Soroush Ranjbaran
    Soroush Ranjbaran 14 days ago

    Great! I listened to @MiaPlays channel and she said watch English videos with subtitles!

  • Raven
    Raven 15 days ago

    how long does it take to get naturalness in english?

  • ravinder yadav
    ravinder yadav 16 days ago

    Which English there are speaking British or American plz reply

  • Trí Phạm Quang
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    TEC Career Talks 16 days ago

    Nothing works if anyone doesn't practice

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    sen Subhanshu 18 days ago

    Hello everyone, my name is Subhanshu sen, I'm from India and I want to praictes English

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    Sarvesh Pandey 20 days ago

    In this channel , fluent English speaking....and very very important channel for English speaking Thank you,maker channel

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  • Math Help Jonas
    Math Help Jonas 21 day ago

    Episode Times: Episode 2 - 4.50 Epidose 3 - 9.43 Episode 4 - 16.04 Episode 5 - 22.03 Episode 6 - 28.50

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    Shahadat Hossain 22 days ago

    Who wanna practice English with me everyday ?

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    Pradeep Np 22 days ago

    thank you sir, i under stand all the things which you talking, i can write, can read, can understand, but can't talk , i am facing ....

  • Shikha Pandey
    Shikha Pandey 22 days ago

    It is a very awesome way to learn english

  • Shikha Pandey
    Shikha Pandey 22 days ago

    Hello! I am from India I really liked your videos.They are fantastic