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  • Creepers Zone Lesa
    Creepers Zone Lesa 6 hours ago

    He Is myuncle

  • Seeinsounds Musashiii
    Seeinsounds Musashiii 10 hours ago

    Bro.. she definitely the Type you catch at an anime con. And knowing my black ass I’ll try to holla😂😂

  • CC
    CC 12 hours ago

    That good I like

  • Ludwig Fan
    Ludwig Fan 16 hours ago

    Guy has one of the best jobs in the world. Get's paid just to eat people's food

  • kahlil muse
    kahlil muse 19 hours ago

  • Wanderoy Visuals
    Wanderoy Visuals 21 hour ago

    I fucking love Denzel through and through

  • Vansh Bhatia
    Vansh Bhatia Day ago

    What shoes is he wearing

  • pagansforbreakfast

    Any NBA player who wanted monster cred with US fans should go on Twitter and give HK their full support while flipping the CCP the double bird.

  • Travis Fletcher

    Don’t really care for him he comes off way to much as a douche💁🏼‍♂️

  • External power

    Guy Fieri finished his wing, jumped in the convertible, shades on, Def Leopard in and off to get some Kentucky ribs.

  • JustYaAvrixJuice


  • Antoney Don
    Antoney Don 2 days ago

    What nationailty is he

  • LightGesture
    LightGesture 3 days ago

    Im glad you guys have kicked up the heat. And I'm even more happy you guys got a "Final Dab" sauce goin' on. WAY better for so many reasons. I want to buy it, but it needs to be kosher. :)

  • Kelsey Stevenson
    Kelsey Stevenson 3 days ago

    I watched him on tv for years and then one of his restaurants opened nesr where I live. Within 6 years it closed down because the food was terrible so people stopped going. I wonder why he let it fail?

  • Murr
    Murr 3 days ago

    Fucking druggo

  • Boof
    Boof 4 days ago

    What not

  • Cecilia and sienna xoxo

    My family’s saying I’m apparently related to hp boys because my cousins wife’s side is related to them and then they became famous but they still visit my cousins

  • Hobby Man
    Hobby Man 4 days ago

    So much respect for how he spent his plugging time at the end of the video. Good Guy!

  • Dontae Nathan
    Dontae Nathan 5 days ago

    he looks like yj

  • KJ KJ
    KJ KJ 5 days ago

    This look like the one in America

  • Welks
    Welks 5 days ago

    Snoop Dog is an ASSHOLE.

  • ahmmm nowuknow
    ahmmm nowuknow 5 days ago

    Brian and his Mounty Bop!

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 6 days ago

    Wow, now even gangs are getting famous. Then again looks like anyone can become famous nower days.

  • jessica guttierez
    jessica guttierez 6 days ago

    He look like smashmouth

  • OneLyfeKillz Au
    OneLyfeKillz Au 6 days ago

    Someone that’s actually about that life

  • Christian Bartley
    Christian Bartley 6 days ago

    Bro snoopdogs better than u bruh

  • Reflexes
    Reflexes 6 days ago

    Wot not

  • Homer Jay
    Homer Jay 7 days ago

    This chick in the black trackies is being hysterical

  • Homer Jay
    Homer Jay 7 days ago

    Van BigArse was and is hysterical.

  • Daniel John
    Daniel John 7 days ago

    Gangster episode

  • Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia 7 days ago

    Oh my did they did just talk.We leaned the basics.Thanks

  • Mackenzie Turner
    Mackenzie Turner 7 days ago

    Triple D always gets me

  • Haiku Automation
    Haiku Automation 7 days ago

    The 'guy' ended with 550K, and he 'cries' and wipes. LOL, Guy, what a 'guy', what a Fieri.

  • Haiku Automation
    Haiku Automation 7 days ago

    OK, was wasting time, but the highlite was 13:30 for sure....

  • Bee Diggler
    Bee Diggler 7 days ago


  • gilbert garza
    gilbert garza 7 days ago

    Guys awesome

  • Nefertiri Maat
    Nefertiri Maat 7 days ago


  • Martim Rosat Müller

    when are we gonna get john oliver here????

  • Engeldemuerte
    Engeldemuerte 7 days ago

    I don't know why everyone loses their mind with the mega death sauce, it's really not as hot as people act like it is. Is it spicy? Yeah. Is it lose your shit spicy? God no. I feel like Guy is the first person who had an appropriate reaction to it.

  • Brooke Bowers
    Brooke Bowers 8 days ago


  • Chani Iosia-Sipeli
    Chani Iosia-Sipeli 8 days ago

    That Stay-ya accent, heaps cool maaate🤭😉👌

  • Gus Gambino
    Gus Gambino 8 days ago

    Off track. Travis scott drop in Aus tonight 9pm.

  • Mc Mullet
    Mc Mullet 8 days ago

    Na bro Holden Colorado is the best

  • Big Strykah Promotions

    Only size 6,7 and 8 instapump fury boost available on thats some bullshit

  • Jack Carter
    Jack Carter 8 days ago

    Love seeing the Aussie rappers making a name for themselves 🐐

  • joe
    joe 8 days ago

    no way he thought guava was guarana haha no way

  • Jo Ritchie
    Jo Ritchie 9 days ago

    First comment baby hahah I finna get the drip before you

  • Charlie
    Charlie 9 days ago

    Set playback speed to 1.25, thank me later

  • Kajhderick Garrett
    Kajhderick Garrett 9 days ago

    Im runnin all fades to anyone who don't agree shes absolutely gorgeous 😍😘❤️!!!!

  • Chocolate Thunda
    Chocolate Thunda 9 days ago

    Who even is this

  • firecrakka
    firecrakka 9 days ago

    Always thought she was cute, but now I know she fans out over Aesop Rock.... I might just have to wife her.

  • elt9112007
    elt9112007 9 days ago

    DOOD NEVER ATE ONE WING!? he just had samples.......what a bitch.

  • Nephi Stewart
    Nephi Stewart 9 days ago

    Daylight-Nightlight though.

  • The Messenger
    The Messenger 10 days ago

    her cakes tho

  • Shane Ioane
    Shane Ioane 10 days ago

    Still scared of my mum, what not😵

  • Tavish Morton
    Tavish Morton 10 days ago

    bahahaha she said "and thats all"

  • Shuvam Thapa
    Shuvam Thapa 10 days ago


  • Wylie Harrington
    Wylie Harrington 10 days ago

    She’s cool as

  • 20th Jayq
    20th Jayq 10 days ago

    She fine!

  • Juan Jaramillo
    Juan Jaramillo 10 days ago

    I stan her so much.

  • Emoji - Soldier
    Emoji - Soldier 10 days ago

    Banana bread at work duuuude!!😂😂

  • Kidd Wunda
    Kidd Wunda 10 days ago


  • Diarna Hira
    Diarna Hira 10 days ago

    What not 🤣

  • Ellen Zabkar
    Ellen Zabkar 10 days ago

    Bronson on hot ones PLZ!

  • Simon Johnston
    Simon Johnston 10 days ago

    wasn't even phased

  • Brandon Desroches
    Brandon Desroches 10 days ago

    Im diggin this spice Sean, every wing is one stop closer to flavortown brotha

  • Khan Phantom
    Khan Phantom 10 days ago

    One of the best .... Guy is a good guy

  • Grizzly dude _
    Grizzly dude _ 11 days ago

    Junior really finally you got fame give me some cuz we’re family

  • shaun douglas
    shaun douglas 11 days ago

    Well this was craptacular.

  • Tyler Thompson
    Tyler Thompson 11 days ago

    Guy Fieri rocked this cocophany of capsaicin

  • Ivan Ooze
    Ivan Ooze 11 days ago

    damn his hair, its like hes always sticking his head out the window

  • Frost Corner
    Frost Corner 11 days ago

    Carter, McCaw and Reid all from the 03 so u know where it's at. Quake city boy wats shakin

  • Crystal Nava
    Crystal Nava 12 days ago

    Damn! No water no milk, what a guy! 🤘🏽

  • Brent Venneman
    Brent Venneman 12 days ago

    Amend brother.

  • Ayesha Jones
    Ayesha Jones 12 days ago

    Is he on crack?

  • Marv Capitola
    Marv Capitola 12 days ago

    I just watched a few videos, way cool, on the Hot.. great stuff..

  • king elias
    king elias 12 days ago

    Can I make one thing clear, if you where in the traps brother how are you here

  • Ben Seveikau
    Ben Seveikau 12 days ago

    lessgo i like lekks too nigga

  • Chad Karns
    Chad Karns 13 days ago

    Man where can I buy all those sauces I would love to try all of them

  • Te Pinihi Hetet Ngarongo

    -what not hahaha

    1M views 13 days ago

    his smile and his nose best things in the world

  • Robert H
    Robert H 13 days ago

    Fuck yes No water no milk booooom motherfuckers ]

  • Matthew Poppa
    Matthew Poppa 13 days ago

    can you let us know about the converse x golf le fleur flame high tops coming out on the 10th pleaseeee

  • zeetendo
    zeetendo 13 days ago

    This dude makes absolute amazing music

  • Lincoln Hobart-Miller

    This guy looks like James Bond’s Odd Job with a mullet

  • Sheree George
    Sheree George 14 days ago


  • Roman Smith
    Roman Smith 14 days ago

    Sit down Joe Budden😂

  • Bee Diggler
    Bee Diggler 14 days ago

    That ending 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The Daddy
    The Daddy 14 days ago


  • JJ Hanses
    JJ Hanses 14 days ago

    Man! Beast mode! No jumping around, giggling or uncontrolled rage! Dang

  • Dylan McCormack
    Dylan McCormack 14 days ago

    You aren't gangstas tho

  • Joshua Duenas
    Joshua Duenas 14 days ago

    I never really liked Guy's persona on the shows as he seemed over the top, but after watching this.......He's kind of a chill dude.

  • Death B4 Dishonor
    Death B4 Dishonor 14 days ago

    I'll overdose on Nurofen Plus like 360 🐈💉💊

    • SikkGoalz
      SikkGoalz 13 days ago

      Death B4 Dishonor 420 fam

  • Spiros
    Spiros 14 days ago

    He’s my cousin

  • zUrmum
    zUrmum 14 days ago

    Man that’s fking amazing most rappers from Australia are inspired by the punchline king Big L

  • zUrmum
    zUrmum 14 days ago

    Chakalaka shit

  • hemi w-t
    hemi w-t 14 days ago

    Wat a fat cunt

  • Milos Cetkovic
    Milos Cetkovic 14 days ago

    Marty be the type of cunt u try press and he goes on complaining about how it hurts his tummy when you hit him

  • soplfv s
    soplfv s 14 days ago

    Teagan is going big damn

  • Browny Mate4040
    Browny Mate4040 14 days ago

    Do huskii please