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NF | In Conversation
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Saweetie | Show & Tell
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Girls To The Front V
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Yungblud | Show & Tell
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Disciples | Show & Tell
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  • Stoned Batman
    Stoned Batman 2 minutes ago

    Duuuuhhhhhh... yeah, deeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!

  • B.I.M.L
    B.I.M.L 13 minutes ago

    I love him so damn match!!😔

  • Serenity777 Mylonas
    Serenity777 Mylonas 30 minutes ago

    One of the realist men out there. Respect to him. What an incredible soul. So deep. That cap saying “real” he’s wearing says it all. He’s proof god exists. Holy Spirit is working in this man. 🙏🏼

  • alex hancock
    alex hancock 40 minutes ago

    The Pixies are dead. Please stop writing shit songs.

  • Nullachtneun
    Nullachtneun Hour ago

    I‘ve never seen NFs Face in this bright lighting

  • Apollyon Arts
    Apollyon Arts Hour ago

    Ne body gunna talk about how they sit like comfortable gays ?

  • Tai Bannister
    Tai Bannister 2 hours ago

    This song is hard to sit through sometimes

  • Jasmine Smith
    Jasmine Smith 2 hours ago

    I personally think the song is lovely

  • teq _life_3
    teq _life_3 2 hours ago

    Much respect to NF but why is it when rappers make it big and become successful in the music industry then they start dodging questions about God like they don't know God anymore

  • Potato Dream
    Potato Dream 2 hours ago

    Our world wide handsome would be a farmer if not in bts😂

  • Sania Mahadi
    Sania Mahadi 2 hours ago

    Jimin- Cute, Sexy, Lovely ... . My reaction .....wah 😍

  • Billie Central
    Billie Central 2 hours ago

    Is there any point giving bearface a mic 😂

  • Brian
    Brian 2 hours ago

    NF is 🔥 ! Dude is so real, so raw and so talented!

  • Get Real Music
    Get Real Music 2 hours ago

    These old men are quite full of themselves, it seems. Pretty arrogant, pretentious and pompous for a band that has like two or three good songs to show for a three decade career

  • Jason Huntley
    Jason Huntley 3 hours ago

    couple of words Columbine Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold 4/20/1999 r.i.p

  • Get Real Music
    Get Real Music 3 hours ago

    Maybe Charles and the gang are just salty because they know they haven’t made a good album since the 90s

  • darkraivids
    darkraivids 3 hours ago

    Thank you Babymetal!! I love your new songs and I think they reflect the change very well. Also I'm glad that you are always there to support Yui in everything you do. I look forward to seeing if Sayaka will be a permanent member as she made me so happy in the concert with her smile! ❤️🖤❤️

  • The DARK HUGHES Hughes


  • J Mueller
    J Mueller 3 hours ago


  • Roger Mendez
    Roger Mendez 3 hours ago

    A comfortable seat for Natasha please NME

  • Rosalino Eldero
    Rosalino Eldero 3 hours ago

    i think the band he heard was basement

  • Ryley's Deaky Boy
    Ryley's Deaky Boy 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Dom: STRAWBERRIES

  • treezzy_tree luie tree Trees baby Trees

    If i camt find away to love my self. After my parents leave im gona go to ..

  • Lexine Williams
    Lexine Williams 4 hours ago

    i like the fact that not much ppl know him so you will like him and his music for what it really is and not because he is famous or because uk alot of people know him but actually listen and love him and his music for real uk i love his music i can relate to alot of them listening to his music makes me feel better

  • pato al agua
    pato al agua 5 hours ago

    Alguien lo puedo subtitular en español?

  • Silence of the Lambs


    HAL C. MIDAS 5 hours ago

    Indy Cindy was sort of a collection of Pixies-ish songs (decent but somewhat underwhelming) Head Carrier was more of an actual album but still sort of “fast n cheap” whereas Beneath the Eyrie is a straight MASTERPIECE

  • Annabelle Ceniseros
    Annabelle Ceniseros 5 hours ago

    i like all his music

  • MindTech
    MindTech 5 hours ago


  • Tove Lo World
    Tove Lo World 5 hours ago

    those ppl are so lucky to see her in live

  • Protein Shake
    Protein Shake 5 hours ago

    Omg where are his Timberlines

  • Cryptic Results
    Cryptic Results 6 hours ago

    Love the music man

  • Kenichi Higashiyama
    Kenichi Higashiyama 6 hours ago

    u waaaankkaaaa

  • Syossaran
    Syossaran 6 hours ago

    Damn... It is what I call a true rock singer

  • Kadence McCollum
    Kadence McCollum 6 hours ago

    i wonder how many of the same outfits nate owns XD

  • Meïssa souici
    Meïssa souici 6 hours ago

    i love him 🥺

  • lady bug
    lady bug 7 hours ago

    "Hey Nate, how's life ?"

  • Johannes 3,16
    Johannes 3,16 7 hours ago

    ...hes so sick and lost, may Jesus Christ set him free.

  • Pablo Di Iorio
    Pablo Di Iorio 7 hours ago

    francis face at 14:00 onwards

  • Adam Crawford
    Adam Crawford 7 hours ago

    NF/ Nate you are an amazing individual. Holly cow bud. Im older but I look up to you. I feel there is hope for us as a species . I am most thankful that you are alive and doing what you are doing. I freestyle as an outlet. I suffer from major depressive disorder and severe ADHD. Get'em homie. I listen to you in my moments and it feels like there are hands on my shoulders trying pull me up.

  • eee eer
    eee eer 7 hours ago

    Fifa 19 great sound track. I wonder why that is????

  • Kindofbluetrain
    Kindofbluetrain 8 hours ago

    I wonder if the interviewer knows what Charles means?

  • Dutch van der Linde
    Dutch van der Linde 9 hours ago

    nobody: youtube 2k19: recommended after 20 years of the columbine massacre

  • cinemar
    cinemar 9 hours ago

    As cool as Kim was none of us give a shit who is on the bass singing backing vocals. Paz is great though! Those people who say it isn't the pixies without Kim need help.

  • AmityvilleHorror Fan
    AmityvilleHorror Fan 10 hours ago

    She has always been naturally pretty but it’s obvious she’s been messing with her face, Michelle don’t ruin your face please.

  • Big Lad
    Big Lad 12 hours ago

    Everybody’s talking about the Columbine Massacre in the comments, what happened?

  • MusicalElitist1
    MusicalElitist1 12 hours ago

    I thought the NME hated BRMC? How fickle they are - no wonder they're out of print.

  • Joye
    Joye 12 hours ago

    Nate Gibson

  • Trey Ziessler
    Trey Ziessler 12 hours ago

    4:10 preach

  • Karin Bertato
    Karin Bertato 13 hours ago

    Vietategli di uscire da casa in ETERNO a donne che sonO magre e alle bionde e alle rosse e ai maschi con Barbetta e riga con Barbetta non vOgliamo piu da nessuna PARTE Questi elementi da sbaffo e buttate via da padova universitari chi viene da Fuori padova viaggiatori treni pendolari treni passeggeri treni enapoletane,Pugliesi Sarde sicilane calabresi ecf Entro oggi buttaviatutto x carita

  • Gretchen Finch
    Gretchen Finch 13 hours ago

    This is exactly why I fell in love with his music. Having a schizophrenic addict for a mom I relate to his pain in How Could You Leave Us. She is still alive, but not really. His new music is completely amazing!

  • Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    but there are no "all roads lead to heaven." Jesus Christ is the only way and it does matter what you believe. John 14:6 "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

  • Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    if NF is a christian, then he should know the answer and not be unsure about eternity. John 8:29, "And He who sent Me is with Me; He has not left Me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to Him." John 6:39, "This is the will of Him who sent Me, that of all that He has given Me I lose nothing, but raise it up on the last day."

  • Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    a christian is someone who follows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Not someone who just "believes in God." I love NF's music, but I do hope he finds his security and identity in God through the life death and resurrection of Christ.

  • Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    1 corinthians 15:3-8 "For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me."

  • Tommy 1•1•Six Orozco

    you like watching Rap battles? look up LOSO. literals the best in the game.

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G 15 hours ago

    Glad ur music reached me TY

  • Sludge T
    Sludge T 15 hours ago

    Mgk went from having a bromance with mod son to Pete Davidson then too lil skies. And now yungblud 😂 who next

  • jdawgnumba21
    jdawgnumba21 15 hours ago

    Hard to watch. As someone who does admire NF, he used to consider himself a Christian Rapper, and here he is admitting "I don't want any part of that anymore. I "Think" God's real, but he doesn't seem sure. Just not the NF I remember from "Moments", his EP, "Mansion", and "Oh Lord" by him either..

  • Diogo Pinto
    Diogo Pinto 15 hours ago

    I didn't know Jack Nicholson was a pixies ..

  • Micah Leone
    Micah Leone 15 hours ago

    Interviewer could’ve quoted so many songs when Nate said something. A lot of the things I heard him say reminded me of his lyrics

  • Geoff Edmonds
    Geoff Edmonds 16 hours ago

    Saw this kid in Grand Rapids MI, last night 09/13/2019 and he is as real as this interview. What a show!!!

  • Allie Doro
    Allie Doro 16 hours ago

    I just saw him in concert! So amazing!

  • noiZofficial
    noiZofficial 16 hours ago

    Is the audio slightly out of sync or is it just me?

  • Liesje Higgins
    Liesje Higgins 16 hours ago

    I love this man! ❤😍

  • Carter Wilmot
    Carter Wilmot 16 hours ago

    The people who disliked listen to Lil Pump

  • Jesse Manderson
    Jesse Manderson 16 hours ago

    Godamn what is happening here?

  • Johnny Rosen
    Johnny Rosen 16 hours ago

    Nice to see Poppy being real in public. I dug all the videopyro on the Am I A Girl? tour. Best show I seen in years. Better than the Who farewell in 1982. Better than Billy Joel. Better than Bill Shepherd on a good night. Better than REM in 1986. Better than An Evening with Metallica. Poppy is the best and postgenre is where it's at.

  • alexis hamilton
    alexis hamilton 16 hours ago

    Love u nf your music always gets me through them ruff days

  • Vincecouk
    Vincecouk 17 hours ago

    "Discuss".. I thought this was a tag people did on online forums.

  • Jimi Buscemi
    Jimi Buscemi 17 hours ago

    She's an idiot

  • Charles Creel
    Charles Creel 17 hours ago

    My favorite by a long shot... Can't wait for a US tour!!!

    SPIDER LILIEZ 17 hours ago

    Bought a hoodie on their Asian tour in the Manila leg. Not exactly sure if it was from a recycled hoodie, but the front print was really thick. So maybe yeah. By the way, THE 1975 killed it, what a night. Amazing music as always!

  • PCCaste
    PCCaste 18 hours ago

    One of the best interviews yet! Congrats NME!

  • Alt LYH
    Alt LYH 18 hours ago

    that's Alex Jones.

    • Liquid VIBEZ
      Liquid VIBEZ 13 hours ago

      Alt LYH They’re turning the frogs goth!

  • Shirls
    Shirls 18 hours ago

    This isn't the interview that we wanted, this is the interview that we NEEDED!

  • Shonda Lover
    Shonda Lover 18 hours ago

    I love Billie, but she way passed Billie. Her awareness is way beyond. She has such an old soul.

  • kitty and husky
    kitty and husky 18 hours ago

    Hum, Justin Bieber......

  • Diamond121212
    Diamond121212 19 hours ago

    Love the honesty. Gonna see NF next week! :D

  • Daus
    Daus 19 hours ago

    It’s crazy how much I relate to Nate 💯

  • miryii
    miryii 19 hours ago

    something was off about nf here.....oh wait where are his timbers that he treats as family he ain't tryin to lose them!

  • Dennis
    Dennis 19 hours ago

    When I first saw this interview months ago I looked up only 1 artist because I really LOVE the way she made his name sound and he’s GOLDEN! Dominic Fike, but sucks now he’s becoming mainstream he’s way too talented

  • Shirlei BB
    Shirlei BB 19 hours ago

    Tom Morello fala do Brasil. Mas, não cita Cuba, nem Venezuela?? Vai entender!!😲

  • Ravenovah
    Ravenovah 20 hours ago

    i love to meet #NF

  • Mottahead
    Mottahead 20 hours ago

    Thanks for the interview with Black Francais.

  • floop tv
    floop tv 20 hours ago

    Change is good nobody is arguing that but the change BMTH had was complete shit

  • Mayren Jr.
    Mayren Jr. 20 hours ago

    First song I ever heard of NF was "over" the rest is history 💯🚫🧢

  • crybaby 12
    crybaby 12 20 hours ago

    I'm low key proud of him

  • Eavanah Epps
    Eavanah Epps 20 hours ago

    I wanna see Dom in drag 🙌🏽

  • AKA George
    AKA George 21 hour ago

    Stuart Lee’s let himself go

  • Casey Newman
    Casey Newman 21 hour ago

    11:10 pocket ball

  • Donna Spears
    Donna Spears 21 hour ago

    Love you guys! Saw you at Pasadena Daydream festival !! Thank you for the music!!

  • Graham rupa
    Graham rupa 21 hour ago

    Marilyn Manson is so cool

  • Jamie Sparks
    Jamie Sparks 21 hour ago

    Lovely x

  • Mark Alan
    Mark Alan 22 hours ago

    Classic Charles....growing his hair starting to look like Van Morrison....he needs to get the Catholics back together.

  • Pure Tence
    Pure Tence 22 hours ago

    I played this at nighttime and felt satisfied listening to Nate talk and share his thoughts...

  • Eduardo Rei
    Eduardo Rei 22 hours ago


  • Life with Ben
    Life with Ben 23 hours ago

    26:30-26:45 is one of the things I love about NF. He makes music for people that want to listen to it, instead of catering his songs to people that don’t want to see it. Just, phenomenal

  • Comicbookstoreguy177
    Comicbookstoreguy177 23 hours ago

    Joe to Francis five mins before interview...dude I can’t handle all the dumb questions. You just answer them.