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  • Suzanah Ahzin
    Suzanah Ahzin Hour ago

    Best game. Big respect to Kosovo. 5-3 is not bad score.

  • Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews

    Love the beard.From a liverpool fan.

  • Lizuroux LP
    Lizuroux LP Hour ago

    Better luck next time stevie

  • Magnyt
    Magnyt 2 hours ago


  • Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews

    Humble man.🙂respect from a Liverpool fan.

  • Megnath Bhoobun
    Megnath Bhoobun 2 hours ago

    Shut up man, say thanks to Rogers otherwise you would be making your luggage. Just another disgusting game ole

  • egee balla
    egee balla 3 hours ago

    Adama Traore is not a defender!! Doherty MUST come back into the starting lineup

  • Dzień Dobry
    Dzień Dobry 3 hours ago

    Anyone knows what journalist asked Pep before video starts?

  • Angelus Marcarita
    Angelus Marcarita 3 hours ago

    David luiz 2 penalties for Arsenal lol. And gunners said. Chelsea were dumb for let him set for leave.

  • Damha Madios
    Damha Madios 4 hours ago


    JTR VLOGS 4 hours ago

    they can give us another transfer ban

  • Перемен требуют наши сердца

    Super FRANK💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • shadrack okello
    shadrack okello 5 hours ago


  • Yadu Panday
    Yadu Panday 6 hours ago

    Xhaka is the point He should get banned by EPL fking

  • Invictus_trax
    Invictus_trax 6 hours ago

    Good ebening Bants aside, Unay stepped up his English Game. I member his first few interviews last Year, its a huge difference.

  • chase schneier
    chase schneier 7 hours ago

    Close your eyes, change to a French accent, and viola!... Wenger has returned!

  • Joseph Barker
    Joseph Barker 7 hours ago

    The best player of all the youth players is Billy Gilmore. He is very similar to Luca modrich. He will be a magnificent player. Especially in Europe

  • Magic Mystery
    Magic Mystery 7 hours ago

    We want good ebining from him. If he doesn't give us that he should be gone.

  • M Azzopardi
    M Azzopardi 7 hours ago

    Keane took over that session like he's been doing it for ages.

  • Ash 760
    Ash 760 7 hours ago

    A guy who finishes 2nd with psg in ligue 1 is bound to be a fraud

  • SID Khan
    SID Khan 8 hours ago

    Ole needs to forget about winning the laeague this season and concentrate on building a young youth team ready for next season with all their experiences by playing regularly this season. Personally we should've played Fred, Mctominay (Midfield) and Gomes in a slightly advanced role. James and Perriera wide with Rashford up front. Keep playing this team until Dalot returns and takes Perriera postion. We need the same starting linup every game to build a connection

  • 1985 02
    1985 02 8 hours ago

    I had to listen fast..

  • Ian Hutchinson
    Ian Hutchinson 8 hours ago

    Useless inept manager pls arsenal sack him now.

  • Maitphang Kharbani
    Maitphang Kharbani 8 hours ago

    chelsea forever ......super legend lampard

  • Khinmgmyint Kmm
    Khinmgmyint Kmm 8 hours ago

    Emery is Sack , he is not the right manager for us, this year we will be same as last year 6th or 7th plcace in EPL

  • David Mol
    David Mol 8 hours ago

    Hahahaha what a legend

  • Onansis Nyanzu
    Onansis Nyanzu 9 hours ago

    Tommy is a perfect replacement of Drobga

  • Robert Yi
    Robert Yi 9 hours ago

    Penny pinching DL has given us incomplete team since his beginning.

  • nyeko simon
    nyeko simon 9 hours ago

    There is no game plan i saw... Play Chambers for Xhaka in the midfield..its too soft of late. And what is it about Tinkering? are u trying to break Ranieri's record or benitz?

  • Robert Yi
    Robert Yi 9 hours ago

    I complain, I blame DL! Give this man his team before the end of transfer deadline. Imagine if he had his team mid transfer period(July).

  • Chris M
    Chris M 9 hours ago

    2:10 look at the layers on his forehead

  • Hakim Bangura
    Hakim Bangura 10 hours ago

    Emery, you destroying the confidence of the entire team, Pepe is a skilful, play with urgency and pace. We’re is the fight and urgency in the team?

  • Shaurya Kumar
    Shaurya Kumar 10 hours ago

    Man sounds mad salty lol 😝

  • IE
    IE 10 hours ago

    His players are poor, especially at finishing, so he's done well to draw with Arsenal.

  • sundip gurung
    sundip gurung 10 hours ago

    Changing winning team is not working

  • Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael

    I think we should have a permanent transfer ban 😂

  • Jedediyah Aaron Yisrael

    It is very clear Lampard has a lot of confidence in these youngsters. No wonder he didn’t hesitate to get rid of David Luiz who is now playing the “best games” at Arsenal.

  • Mikel1988
    Mikel1988 12 hours ago


  • MAFTUNA studio
    MAFTUNA studio 13 hours ago

    sales team arsenal...

  • Lulu OneTrickPony
    Lulu OneTrickPony 13 hours ago

    Top 4 cannot wait

  • Persianboy
    Persianboy 13 hours ago


  • Michael Rose
    Michael Rose 13 hours ago

    Unlucky. Should've won it 3-2

  • david sharpe
    david sharpe 13 hours ago

    get this clown out, bring in rafa

  • Leslie Penibanga
    Leslie Penibanga 13 hours ago

    Lampard is evidently intelligent.

  • Vijay Iyer VJ
    Vijay Iyer VJ 14 hours ago

    Gud ebening..

  • Nick Lahr
    Nick Lahr 15 hours ago

    dude look at the mans watch

  • Admire Tarasana
    Admire Tarasana 15 hours ago

    lampard a good guy i hope ROMA WILL GIVE HIM ENOUGH TIME

  • Dave I
    Dave I 15 hours ago

    Would be nice to buy Pukki, he's shown how good he is a few times now.

  • Sinit Adhanom
    Sinit Adhanom 16 hours ago

    We could have won today but thanks to unai's tactics who led us to such big lost .

  • Nelly Hutagalung
    Nelly Hutagalung 16 hours ago


  • grade36 OGGG
    grade36 OGGG 17 hours ago

    lmaoo this guy needs to give the fans something to believe in

  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 17 hours ago

    Im still backing emery for now but I must admit that I am starting to get very concerned by the way we are constantly defending so poorly and throwing away points.. his constant tinkering of the team and his questionable substitutions and tactics and the fact that our defending has shown no signs of improvement since wenger left the club in my opinion is just unacceptable!

  • Fego
    Fego 17 hours ago

    He need to go how hell XHaka become our C plus wat hell was sub Cabellos! The most creative guy on team the only guy I give thumb is Abu . Emery got go by the January

  • kucing comel
    kucing comel 17 hours ago

    Tak sabar nak negok next game

  • Vergil Draxler
    Vergil Draxler 18 hours ago

    Emery if you keep playing Xhaka again and keep chambers on the bench then I'm Emery out

  • Reuel Erastus-Obilo
    Reuel Erastus-Obilo 18 hours ago


  • Reuel Erastus-Obilo
    Reuel Erastus-Obilo 18 hours ago

    His voice don't match his face haha

  • Natnael Teshome
    Natnael Teshome 18 hours ago

    I'm distracted by pep's forehead line. He is really messing up his forehead

  • Colin R
    Colin R 18 hours ago

    I smell bullshit. Scared of what. Lmao. Kolashinac,Xhaka,sokratis need to go in Jan. Not good enough. Defence needs a complete rebuild. How many fuking defenders do you need to play out from the back. Clueless. Subs were a joke. Bring back the proper defence now. They are fuking athletes. They should be fit. Too many women pretending to be men.

    MARLEY SILVA 18 hours ago

    This cunt can't speak English how the fuck you expect to run an English team fucking prick

  • Ayoub Messaoudi
    Ayoub Messaoudi 18 hours ago

    Pepe , I mean What a Flop

  • Hg Hg
    Hg Hg 18 hours ago

    Guys, defense as not super glued as it is at the moment is not the main reason for so many goals conceded. It is the midfield containing Kova and Jorginho at the same time. Both are easily outmuscled by just any other midfield in the PL especially in the 2nd halfs and there are unchecked runners through the middle hitting on the cb at will. That is pattern already in our games, no defense in the world can go without conceding in situation like this.

  • unajted
    unajted 18 hours ago

    worst parts of thesee press conference is that your're never able to hear the actuall questions from the conference, just the the actuall answares fro the coaches.

  • april tungnung
    april tungnung 19 hours ago


  • Elmgdad Osama
    Elmgdad Osama 19 hours ago

    unai emry you fiald to controll this match by bad suptitutoin you made it also we need belrien and holding come to give our difenc some help and complete the group

  • millenium2003
    millenium2003 19 hours ago

    It's not the manager, it's the players. Both goals are players mistakes

  • Migs
    Migs 19 hours ago

    Fuck off emery sack this guy already

  • Prince de New York Canon kaka.

    Arsenal always we have a big problems in our defense but our midfield, attacks is not problem we are paying cash every single games in our back forward the making too much mistakes.

  • locopa
    locopa 19 hours ago

    breaking their pressing, lol. instead of preventing them from pressing. Emery, every team in the PL can press us, please change our game plan.

  • R Michael
    R Michael 19 hours ago

    If only all the premier league clubs had a transfer ban. Best thing for Engish football.

  • Delish Joy
    Delish Joy 19 hours ago

    This is not the guy who'd take us to the nxt level..

  • Mandla Veyi
    Mandla Veyi 19 hours ago

    Emery is not Arsenal material at all yes for small clubs

  • Matthew Doyle
    Matthew Doyle 19 hours ago


  • Joseph Martins
    Joseph Martins 19 hours ago

    If it wasn't Tyson that fight would have been stopped because of that nasty cut

  • Buzios
    Buzios 19 hours ago

    What the fuck is he going on and on about 1st half?. Your team is shit mate

  • David Dennis
    David Dennis 19 hours ago

    Allowing 31 shots from a team that is bottom of the league is going to get you sacked. Fix the obvious defensive problems or you'll be gone before Christmas.

  • Dushimimana J.Paul Dieudonné

    Beautiful Young generation #we are Chelsea #Good Luck our Legend Lampard.Proud of you.

  • Son off Adam
    Son off Adam 20 hours ago

    Arsenal became joke club 1990 and 2005 everyone fear arsenal club now days small team see weaknesses off arsenal

  • modeste nomad
    modeste nomad 20 hours ago

    send him and oezil to istambul 👎👎👎

  • Mute hate preachers _stop division

    Have you noticed that foreign managers get more foreign when they are under pressure or trying to defend themselves?!

  • Real Roots Records
    Real Roots Records 20 hours ago

    We not falling for this nice guy imagine anymore with your good evening good afternoon clueless and this is guessing and hoping not the one

  • Shaqq dyedye
    Shaqq dyedye 20 hours ago

    Unai out

  • Shaqq dyedye
    Shaqq dyedye 20 hours ago

    Emery out

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 20 hours ago

    Watch man city lose and draw much more games this season. the defence is falling apart and teams know it. Long may it continue YNWA

  • Harri Claphton
    Harri Claphton 20 hours ago

    The guy should follow Javi Garcia to his village

  • Harri Claphton
    Harri Claphton 20 hours ago

    His last season at Arsenal

  • Harri Claphton
    Harri Claphton 20 hours ago

    Is the guy speaking in Spanish

  • Harri Claphton
    Harri Claphton 20 hours ago

    Playing from the back my foot

  • James Njoga
    James Njoga 20 hours ago

    how easily do this other club sack their managers,im jealous ,if i was his boss today id have given him an hour to pack and go,unacceptable HE IS NOT MOTIVATING THE SQUAD AND HIS TACTICS ARE AWFUL ,HONESTLY HE CANT CHALLENGE FOR ANY TROFEE IN ENGLAND,THE SOONER HE LEAVES THE SOONER WE'LL REGROUP AND CARRY ON

  • Farhan Wakil
    Farhan Wakil 20 hours ago

    Emery's hairline has peaked too soon just like Arsenal. Next year then

  • Aobakwe Gordon
    Aobakwe Gordon 20 hours ago

    Arsenal fans are dull.....this propaganda from MU and Chelsea fans making us believe that we are so so bad.....think about it, Chelsea 2/3 weeks back, drew 2-2 with Sheified united, at the bridge, a newly promoted side, came back from 2 down, to draw, nobody says a thing Spurs lost a two goal lead against Arsenal on the NLD, and nobody said Poch should be sacked, While MU lost to Crystal palace at home, and drew at Southampton......but they arent crying to sack their coach..... Its only five games, out of 38 matches.......let the season continue.....we only lost to liverpool only

    • Shaqq dyedye
      Shaqq dyedye 20 hours ago

      That's justification for our performance? Smh you're undermining our team we are ARSENAL and shouldn't be getting one point from a team that's at the bottom of the table no matter how early in the season.

  • Z H
    Z H 20 hours ago

    Please arsenal sack him now

  • sherry russell
    sherry russell 20 hours ago

    total muppet

  • Boosted Animal
    Boosted Animal 20 hours ago

    theres a problem... kosovo is serbia xD fucking idiots

    Don ARSENAL 20 hours ago

    we dont want your good ebening anymore just leave my club

  • Joe 99
    Joe 99 20 hours ago

    I genuinely see Arsenal missing out on top 4 again with this guy in charge.. Just not good enough!

    • max tyson
      max tyson 12 hours ago

      Joe 99 the teams gonna suck no matter what the players are just idiots

  • Faburama Singhateh
    Faburama Singhateh 20 hours ago

    You should not remove both ozil and ceballos emery i was so disappointed 😔

  • Denis Czerkas
    Denis Czerkas 20 hours ago

    That match was really a let down. I think his inability to change the tactics to match the team will hurt us some more in the future. He has to change the game plan cause it is not working playing from the back. Also the pens we give away are breaking our neck. Gotta be smarter... Players and manager.

  • echaidlehands
    echaidlehands 20 hours ago

    i dont have patience anymore..can i unleash my rage in here?!

  • Nöel Rtpa
    Nöel Rtpa 20 hours ago

    What a shame! Watford can't even beat Banter FC?