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  • jtaheri223
    jtaheri223 Hour ago

    His shirt is giving me seizures

  • Nick Zhang
    Nick Zhang Hour ago

    Everyone talking about Steph but did the guy just say Zion would maintain or shoot better than 71%? Talk about overhype

  • Dj
    Dj Hour ago

    4 starters out and still no credit for the Niners

  • Gods Son
    Gods Son Hour ago

    Stephen A just mad cuz he will never have a real hairline. Go COWBOYS!

  • j jones
    j jones Hour ago

    Never is a strong word

  • austin hamilton
    austin hamilton Hour ago

    Funny how steven a. Is against smoking weed as he holds a giant cigar

  • Jean Capispisan
    Jean Capispisan Hour ago

    Kawhi better than Lebron???

  • Amsterdam Graham

    I'm watching this in 2019 😂

  • Vegas Element
    Vegas Element Hour ago

    I'm glad that the mixed kids especially have someone to look up to in KC, and hairstyle to emulate.

  • Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw Hour ago

    I think I could make a Feild goal from 40 I’m 14

  • The Undertaker
    The Undertaker Hour ago


  • Ben Louis
    Ben Louis Hour ago

    Tampurr? Tampax for cats?

  • Michael Fairly
    Michael Fairly Hour ago

    Good to know Friends

  • rBullitt
    rBullitt Hour ago

    I am everywhere

  • mikesmith4403
    mikesmith4403 Hour ago

    "I don't feel personally qualified to say whether she should or shouldn't be using that kind of language..." HAHAHA why is that Rachel? hahaha She's black, it's sports, she can use the word if she feels like it. The players are maybe whining because she's right, they suck and she is being hard on them and they don't like it. You think black male athletes would whine like this if their black GM called them out and challenged them to do better? Ladies, put on your big girl panties and play better ball, this kind of whining is not winning any fans.

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Hour ago

    He took 1 shot to agholor.. how do you blame him..that's actually a good thing.. u need 2 atleast take a shot or 2.. Man theres no way.. he even watched that game.. come on man

  • Alan Savage
    Alan Savage Hour ago

    Didn't Russell beat mahomes head to head 🤔

  • Ramille Brice
    Ramille Brice Hour ago

    Comment if you think Lebron going to the Finals ... Like if he's not 👀.. Thanks for making me famous for a day 😊😂

  • Jordan Gornick
    Jordan Gornick Hour ago


  • Ebrahim Elkeraz
    Ebrahim Elkeraz Hour ago

    He never watch baseball in his life 😂😂😂

  • Bag of Rocks
    Bag of Rocks Hour ago

    LOL Max is delusional, wentz was fantastic yesterday. Horrible Defense, horrible play calling, inconsistent running game, and receivers who can’t catch and/or can’t get open. Wentz was the only reason we were in the game at a point. Until it got out of hand.

  • Cory Rose
    Cory Rose Hour ago

    To say patrick is better then everyone else is ignoring the fact kc has offensive weapons and a good o line put him on detroit or arizona make something out of little now we talking ryan Fitzpatrick looked like a MVP in tampa with weapons

  • Antonio Venegas
    Antonio Venegas Hour ago

    Bruh, keeping it 100, Dallas would be 1-5 if not for Dak... smh

  • Daniel Daniel
    Daniel Daniel Hour ago

    Dan Orlovsky's voice is.... irritating.

  • Jing Cai Han
    Jing Cai Han Hour ago

    Um they cover whatever makes the most money. I like ultimate frisbee and they don’t cover that at all.

  • Lennie Payne
    Lennie Payne Hour ago


  • Joshua Hannah
    Joshua Hannah Hour ago

    Yeah but the kickers train their whole life.

  • Ebrahim Elkeraz
    Ebrahim Elkeraz Hour ago

    This season Steph curry is going to be the mvp(I hope)

  • Patrick
    Patrick Hour ago

    As someone with a stutter this man is an inspiration and he’s one of favorite players

  • wcbills17 1luv
    wcbills17 1luv Hour ago

    Max is an idiot

  • Calikid 91
    Calikid 91 Hour ago

    Triple g biggest fraud in last 25 years

  • Jka Vill
    Jka Vill Hour ago

    Lebald is ruining the purple and gold.

  • Audrey Furber
    Audrey Furber Hour ago

    Max's it's the fucking def

  • Javere 1013
    Javere 1013 Hour ago

    My man was about to say 38th loss 😂😂😂

  • Logan Michael
    Logan Michael Hour ago

    Paul pierce is lame

  • kijuan rease
    kijuan rease Hour ago


  • Ray Ray Dewitt
    Ray Ray Dewitt Hour ago

    Rex you are a trash Headcoach atleast Baker still has a job in the NFL loser

  • brian Rosa
    brian Rosa Hour ago

    Happy Bday stephen A ,ps we share 5he same Bday.

  • Max Vlogs
    Max Vlogs Hour ago

    That guys form is hilarious

  • jtizzy12
    jtizzy12 Hour ago

    That's just it lebron. You're nothing more than an athlete so just shut up and dribble.

  • Tim Lynn
    Tim Lynn Hour ago

    Did he watch the game?

  • F2G Evan
    F2G Evan Hour ago

    shes so bitchy

  • Iburiedpaul 9
    Iburiedpaul 9 Hour ago

    Chick in green is never worried..

  • Javier Suárez
    Javier Suárez Hour ago

    Preach Stephen A. Cowboys fans are the worst.

  • Render B
    Render B Hour ago

    That female toppled a house of bricks on them jokers...talking bout dumars and Isaiah is best duo ever. Thanks sis.

  • Douglas Gray
    Douglas Gray Hour ago

    Most of the newer QBs have been models of inconsistency; great one week, and meh to down right bad the next. Look at Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew, not to mention Baker Mayfield. So let us see if Darnold can give us a string of solid games. I hope so.

  • Xzaveyona Shenault

    It’s not that y’all already called him snakes and soft for joining the warriors it wasn’t like he was gone stay on the team forever........

  • NJBnation
    NJBnation Hour ago

    Chefs 😂

  • Tony Burgy
    Tony Burgy Hour ago

    Look at were they R now 2-4 bunch of bums.

  • Landen Ridings
    Landen Ridings Hour ago

    The time starts when the runner starts not the runner starts when the timer starts dumbass it’s similar to your WNBA presentation in ways that it makes little to no sense

  • AlienatedPotato
    AlienatedPotato Hour ago

    The Eagles have one of the best pass rushes, you can't fear a pass rush when you don't fear throwing the ball out of your hands at will.

  • Mr. LaPineapple
    Mr. LaPineapple Hour ago

    Skinny Joe

  • e b
    e b Hour ago

    How could Deshaun be more valuable than Mahomes when Mahomes doesn't have a DEFENSE and now you can add a bad O-line , You switch Quarterbacks in that game and give Mahomes close to 40 mins of possession time and lets see how that game plays out along with what Mahomes stats would look like after , Because Mahomes with a bad O-line and just seeing the field for only 5 minutes in the 2nd half still put up over 270 yds and 3 td's. Right this minute the Texans defense is rank 18th in the league while mahomes defense is rank 28th and 30th rank against the RUN.

  • Kyle Esposito
    Kyle Esposito Hour ago

    1:13 this dude wasn't out, the ball hit the floor before it hit him???? someone explain plz

  • Gatorboy500
    Gatorboy500 Hour ago

    Outside runs are what made up 80% of the rams run game the last few years and now they are trying to run it up the middle despite losing their interior linemen. Gurley has had success on his few outside runs this season but is getting stuffed at the line on all the insides runs.

  • Joseph Campbell
    Joseph Campbell Hour ago

    I’m a cowboys fan but I ain’t gonna lie that accident waiting to happen song is funny 😂

  • MN33 N
    MN33 N Hour ago

    A guy won them the Super Bowl and they wanted the guy a couple years younger. SMH

  • crazyfortnite 03

    Are they forgetting about dlo

  • b00ty Finesser
    b00ty Finesser Hour ago

    Zion will average 22 and 8 shooting 55% this season

  • christian
    christian Hour ago

    All I know is I've seen Watson smoke teams with 3 broken ribs and a punctured lung with no oline.... mahommes got it all and a little ankle injury stops him.... Watson is the best young qb in this league.

  • Juan De La Roca
    Juan De La Roca Hour ago


  • Canadian Boy
    Canadian Boy Hour ago

    You can tell Stephen just hates Molly. That whole time he’s just talking while she’s trying to interject. Who is she sleeping with to be around still?

  • loom tutorials
    loom tutorials Hour ago

    5:34 wth???

  • b00ty Finesser
    b00ty Finesser Hour ago

    this preseason solidifies Zion as the goat

  • Wibble 215
    Wibble 215 Hour ago

    I refuse to believe this is an actual take. Nobody can be this stupid

  • Progressive Talk

    CRY eagles CRY!!

  • Zoran Markovic
    Zoran Markovic Hour ago

    You are piece away!

  • raymos 8732
    raymos 8732 Hour ago

    Happy B-Day ogSMITH

  • Elder Bruce Jones

    This is too funny

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera Hour ago

    There is hope for the Redskins winning this division.

  • Wapa Kelz
    Wapa Kelz Hour ago

    Im sure that Steph can live his hotness anytime, anywhere, any opponents, and every game. But with Zion? Uhmm i dont know.

    SLIP NORRIS Hour ago

    stephen a , cheer up

  • Nate Baker
    Nate Baker Hour ago

    Number 1 wasn't a shocker

  • Mr Nonstop24
    Mr Nonstop24 Hour ago

    Gary Harris is better than Devin booker and Andrew Wiggins imo.

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob Hour ago

    Life-time Cowboys fan here, but at no time during that 3 game winning streak did I think the 'boys were for real. I am not at all surprised at how the wheels have fallen off their wagon. Fire Garrett now, and please don't give Dak a large contract that will cripple the team for years to come, on an adequate quarterback (maybe even sub-adequate).

  • j jones
    j jones Hour ago

    If Jerry likes Garrett im ok with that. The owner is privileged to hire and fire whoever he wants even if Garrett is just an average coach.

  • Connor Bolen
    Connor Bolen Hour ago

    He kinda had some swag at the end

  • Hugh Strickland
    Hugh Strickland Hour ago

    That is the first time I have seen the word “smarter” or any variation applied to Jerry Jones.

  • Brandon Milligan

    So he dominates but misses a few throws while throwing to a WR group of Willie Snead, Seth Roberts, Chris Moore, and Miles Boykin and HE needs to improve. Almost accounted for 400 yards of offense with 0 turnovers, but hey, guy sucks

  • Chrisnt Bryant
    Chrisnt Bryant Hour ago

    Hates the cowboys but dresses like one. You should of dressed like a yuppie Steve, that's new york!

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka Hour ago

    I’m glad the cowboys are doing this bad. Hopefully now the fan base and their stupid owner will realize that dak and Elliot don’t have it. They aren’t a championship team. Period.

  • Sekou Murrell
    Sekou Murrell Hour ago

    Raptors trick shot game winner

  • J F
    J F Hour ago

    I agree, can’t keep saying we’re ok, we’re good, I’m a life long clevelander, and this team is a disappointment. And we will continue to be a disappointment till we can get a coach who can put players in their place

  • Dange
    Dange Hour ago

    Wentz is the least of the eagles problems and one of the few good things going for us

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba Hour ago

    I mean, the Rams would have beat the Seahawks if not for a missed field goal, but apparently the niners played yet another "garbage overrated team," blah blah blah.

  • James Massingale

    not sure Georgia is even a top 10 team

  • Saleem Mohamed
    Saleem Mohamed Hour ago

    I think it’s stupid to only take 3s and layups because it makes your offense predictable. The mid range adds nuance to the team thus making them harder to guard.

    • Saleem Mohamed
      Saleem Mohamed Hour ago

      On the flip side I also thinks it’s dumb to prioritize mid range shots like Tatum had been doing due to the inefficiency the shot has. Most gameplans are built to take away the 3 and layups in playoffs so only when they take away those options should you take the midrange jumper. KD and Kawhi are perfect examples of this

  • Kain Frost
    Kain Frost Hour ago

    Ros is actually good...Don't bring Molly back.

  • John citizen
    John citizen Hour ago

    they dont stand, i dont watch...

  • Henry Poirier
    Henry Poirier Hour ago

    Wrong kicking tee. Also they all kicked with their toes lol

  • AttendantCorn
    AttendantCorn Hour ago

    Cowboy fans are frfr something else

  • Riley Matthew
    Riley Matthew Hour ago

    Stephen A Smith deserves to be in the hall of fame

  • Les Krapps
    Les Krapps Hour ago

    this is the type of show that was never on espn back in the good old days. Now that Disney owns them they seem evil and vengeful. Do we need to set up a mouse trap?

  • Hood Thanos
    Hood Thanos Hour ago


  • gerry mendoza
    gerry mendoza Hour ago

    I like to hear rex Ryan talk he was actually a good coach 🤣🤣

  • Master
    Master Hour ago

    He's right, Cowboys fans do suck.

  • Smile Always
    Smile Always Hour ago

    Ja Morant was 2nd in assists?

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius Hour ago

    Bad News Browns need a disciplinarian coach.


    LeBron quit last year because he got tired of loosing to Steph! And now he's gloating because he think he has discovered kryptonite! Smh! Curry has broken the NBA. All of these trades are because of him and his team. KD was slick hating too and used lil bruh to get a ring before it became to late. He was never a Golden State Warrior but a golddigging warrior!

  • Brian Bessinger
    Brian Bessinger Hour ago

    What a joke. Stephen A. is 1000% correct. Wentz is the last person to blame. The problems are Pederson's play-calling, the WRs' inability to get open, and constantly having to play catch-up because the secondary is atrocious. Wentz is consistently one of the few bright sports this season.