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God Mode in Red Dead Redemption 2: Going Down Glacier Crevice Out of Map (RDR2)
Use God Mode to get out of map and enter glacier cave crevice safely without fall damage in Red Dead Redemption 2. Learn how to use liquor and common bulrush to get out of bounds and no fall damage. Use a cave of Gavin and drinking to pass out outside of map. Then use common bulrush plant to negate fall damage. Combining these two tricks allows you to reach a special secret glacier cave (outside of map) and down into a glacier crevice (by using God Mode to fall down without damage). Later, explore the glacier crevices. Gameplay walkthrough on PS4 Pro version of Red Dead Redemption 2. You can also use this new method to reach Guarma.
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See Forbidden Places in Death Stranding: Over Wall of South Knot City (Out of Map)
Views 1.7KDay ago
See over wall of South Knot City and other secret places in the game Death Stranding. By using the flying trick, Sam Porter Bridges can examine areas that are normally off limits. Video shows the following: Look under Sam Porter when he is sleeping. Take a peek inside South Knot City by flying over the wall. Go inside the wheat cutter machine and admire the cutting blades. View NPC Porters losi...
Incredible Moments in Death Stranding: Climb Weather Station
Views 4.6K8 days ago
Climb on top of Weather Station in Death Stranding and other incredible moments. By using a flying trick, Sam can go inside the radar dish at the Weather Station. Ride along as the platform turns. Other incredible moments include: Bridge Baby becomes a doll. Giant Amelie on the beach and her putting a Higgs mask. Heartman finds his wife and daughter on the beach. Heartman falling on the interac...
Can't Stop Crying in Death Stranding: Fragile Shower Cutscene
Views 8K10 days ago
Fragile takes a shower and reveals to us what happened when Higgs made her run in the Timefall Rain from the game Death Stranding. The Small Thermonuclear Weapon has the following description: "A small-scale nuclear bomb. Its countdown timer will start as soon as it is separated from Sam, and it will detonate the the counter reaches 0, or when it enters South Knot City. Fragile needs to take a ...
Inside Hidden Mine in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Dreamcatchers Locations and Ancient Arrowhead
Views 11K19 days ago
Secret Hidden Mine is entered using a trick found by edepot from game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Normally, the main entrance to a hidden mine is blocked and even the back entrance (via waterfall at Elysian Pool) is blocked as well. The location of the mine is southwest of Annesburg. The back entrance is a cave full of bats and contains cave paintings of bisons. Video shows how to breach the ...
edepot YouTube Intro Jingle Source (Musical Notes)
Views 2.3K22 days ago
Find out where edepot TVclip Channel Jingle comes from in this video. Have you ever wondered what song did the musical notes come from? Watch this video and find out! Also, get a 2v2 Clash Royale PERFECT game played by edepot using only buildings and no damage on any of the towers by the 2 opponents. Twitter: @edepot PSN: edepot If you love edepot videos, consider being a member: tvclip.biz/cha...
God Mode in Red Dead Redemption 2: Going Down Glacier Crevice Out of Map (RDR2)
Views 34K23 days ago
Use God Mode to get out of map and enter glacier cave crevice safely without fall damage in Red Dead Redemption 2. Learn how to use liquor and common bulrush to get out of bounds and no fall damage. Use a cave of Gavin and drinking to pass out outside of map. Then use common bulrush plant to negate fall damage. Combining these two tricks allows you to reach a special secret glacier cave (outsid...
Red Dead Redemption 2: Best Moments
Views 4.5K24 days ago
Best Moments of Red Dead Redemption 2. Video shows some of the greatest tricks accomplished by edepot on the game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Includes the following: Visit Mexico. Go inside the outhouse near Braithwaite property to chat with the crazy lady. Look inside Outhouse of the frozen man at Micah's Hideout. Go upstairs of the Van Horn Trading Post to search for missing princess. Save ...
Best Moments in Death Stranding
Views 19K29 days ago
These are advanced stuff in Death Stranding that show interesting moments, the best moments. Video shows a double eclipse from Sam's multi-verse. Learn how to sooth BB by talking to her. Learn how the game handles orders located inside a voidout crater through hidden dialogs. Explore how BT hunters react to Sam when he has walked a long time without boots. Learn sky walk and other tricks (flyin...
DOTA Underlords: All Puzzle Solutions
Views 4.3KMonth ago
All Puzzle Solutions for DOTA Underlords (Season 1). There are a total of 5 Puzzles with the first being an easy introduction puzzle. The next 4 are VERY hard, with each located in the territory for the 4 Underlords on the map (Jull, Enno, Anessix, and Hobgen). Video shows answers to the following puzzles: "Cantrip Mana Lounge and Bar" (Jull's Port Slipshade: Southwest). "Light the Way" (Enno's...
Activate Night Mode in Death Stranding: Play in Nighttime
Views 28KMonth ago
Play in Night Mode in Death Stranding. It is possible to get out of Lake Knot City and roam around in nighttime during Chapter 3: Fragile. When Sam Porter Bridges reaches Lake Knot City (from Port Knot City traveling on Fragile Express ship), the whole world is in Nighttime mode. However, the forcefield is turned on, so Sam is normally unable to go outside of the city compound. By using a trick...
All Prepper Rewards in Death Stranding: Includes Knot Cities and Locations
Views 4.9KMonth ago
Death Stranding Preppers and Knot Cities rewards when you level them up (from 1 to 5 Stars). Video shows 35 of them and the items they give depending on number of stars for each. The Rewards Sam Porter can get varies and most are of the following: weapons, armor, colors (for cap, backpack, sunglasses, and vehicles), Holograms, Interviews, backpack accessories, and others. Video alphabetizes the...
Top of Container Crane with Sanji's Sky Walk in Death Stranding
Views 3.7KMonth ago
Get on top of the cranes via Sanji's Sky Walk in Death Stranding. Port Knot City has many large shipping cranes and you are not able to reach the top of them using ladders. However, Sam Porter Bridges can borrow a technique from Sanji Vinsmoke of One Piece to get up there. Using Sky Walk (空中歩行スカイ・ウォーク, Sukai Wōku), a variant of the Six Powers (六式, Rokushiki) technique Moonwalk (月歩, Geppo), Sam ...
Inside Isolation Ward (Out of Map) in Death Stranding: Bridget's Presidential Room and Sickbay
Views 8KMonth ago
Explore Sickbay (hospital) and President's Room (underground inside Isolation Ward) outside of cutscenes from the game Death Stranding. By using a trick of Fly Jump (link below), you can climb over invisible walls and enter inaccessible places. Video shows how to enter the Isolation Ward (medical center) through a building roof nearby. In Death Stranding, Bridget is Sam's mother and she is in a...
Mysteries Explored in Death Stranding
Views 27KMonth ago
Explore and get answers to many mysteries in Death Stranding. While playing Death Stranding, you may come across strange phenomena. Video explores these stuff in more detail as you get answers to the following questions: Are there portals to other Sam multi-verses? Can changing the color of your vehicle (truck or trike) repair them to new? How many times can you wrap a rope around an object? Do...
How to Fly Jump in Death Stranding: Flying Anywhere in Central Knot City
Views 7KMonth ago
Learn how to fly jump anywhere in the game in Death Stranding. By interrupting the jump animation, you can keep Sam Porter in the air and flying to any destination. Uses a trick of custumizing some buttons (Square and Triangle mapped to L2 and R2) so you can easily trigger an interrupt during jumping. Video shows how to easily use a Metronome to create a beat so Sam Porter Bridges can also clim...
All Lucy's Reports in Death Stranding: Delivery Report #5: Order 585, #6: Order 544, #7: Order 545
Views 3.2KMonth ago
The hardest things to unlock in Death Stranding is all 13 Lucy's Reports. It requires you to have beat the game and did many Legend of Legends Premium Deliveries to unlock. Legend of Legends deliveries are S Rank deliveries in Hard Difficulty Mode. Lucy is Sam Porter Bridge's wife in Death Stranding and she is the mother of BB Lou (short for Louise). If you read all the reports from Lucy (in th...
All Chiral Gold Items in Death Stranding: Custom Chiral Ladder, Custom Chiral Climbing Anchor
Views 9KMonth ago
Learn how to get all the gold items in Death Stranding. Includes Chiral Gold Private Room, Chiral Gold Vehicles, Custom Chiral Ladder, Custom Chiral Climbing Anchor, Chiral Boots, and lots more. In Death Stranding, having Chiral Gold clothing or items makes them less susceptible to decay in the Timefall rain. Video provides locations and the number of stars needed to upgraded each prepper so th...
Cliff Unger Sync BB (Part 2) in Death Stranding
Views 3.9KMonth ago
Clifford "Cliff" Unger Sync BB (Part 2) in the game Death Stranding. In these cutscenes, Cliff Unger takes BB and tries to escape with her, but is caught. Cliff then retreats inside a room where Sam Porter Bridges has a conversation with him (from the past). Video includes inserts of BB memory flashbacks inlayed with the complete cutscene "They told me your name was Sam Porter..." from Memories...
100% Complete (Platinum Trophy) in Death Stranding: All Weapons, Interviews, Memory Chips, Colors
Views 6KMonth ago
Platinum Trophy in Death Stranding with 100% Checklist of All Interviews, All Memory Chips, All Weapons and Items, All Colors (Suit, Sunglasses, Hat, etc), All Trophies (including hidden ones), All Preppers and Knot Cities, and stats for edepot's gameplay (including Legend of Legends data). Includes listing of All important mails, All Cliff Memories and Flashbacks from Private Room. Also includ...
Hardest Delivery (Order 323) in Death Stranding: Legend of Legends (Premium Hard Difficulty)
Views 33KMonth ago
Hardest Legend of Legends Premium Delivery Order No. 323 in game Death Stranding. The Doctor shelter contains most of the hardest difficulty Premium delivery missions in the game. Order Number 323 is especially difficult to finish because Sam Porter Bridges can't use zip-lines to do it (too many cargo pieces requiring multiple trips). The only solution is to drive a truck uphill on snow and cro...
13 Kojima Things You Need To See in Death Stranding: Silver Hunters
Views 25K2 months ago
Death Stranding has many hidden things and easter eggs. Video finds them to show you, including things out of the map. Hideo Kojima enjoys hiding animations that are only triggered if you are in certain situations or environments. Here are the things you may have missed in Death Stranding: Silver Hunters Beached Things appear when you block NPC Porters from exiting a prepper shelter. NPC Porter...
Inside Ship (Out of Bounds) in Death Stranding: Port Knot City
Views 16K2 months ago
Go Out of Bounds to see inside a ship parked near Port Knot City in the game Death Stranding. There are many large ships (resembles Oil Freighters or Oil Tankers) in Death Stranding, and 5 of them are located in the harbor at Port Knot City. Normally all of them are inaccessible because of an invisible wall blocking access. But by using a trick with the rope anchor to climb invisible walls, you...
Enter Crater (Out of Map) in Death Stranding: Capital Knot City
Views 171K2 months ago
Learn how to Enter a Crater in Death Stranding. Normally, Sam is unable to enter a crater near Capital Knot City because it is beyond area Sam can travel to (outside of the normal map). By using a trick to climb invisible walls, Sam can go over the barriers and go out of bounds to reach the crater and ride a Floating Carrier down to the bottom. The crater shown is the huge ones caused by a void...
Visit Turtle Island (Out of Map) in Death Stranding: Lake Knot City
Views 67K2 months ago
Go Out of Map in game Death Stranding to visit Turtle Island. Break out of bounds, over the invisible wall, to reach the city beyond the walls near Lake Knot City. In Death Stranding, invisible wall barriers prevent you from leaving designed places, but by utilizing a special trick with the Climbing Anchor, you can activate an endless climb mode (beyond the 30 meters range of the Climbing Ancho...
Cliff Unger Sync BB (Part 1) in Death Stranding: Anomalisa
Views 5K2 months ago
Clifford "Cliff" Unger Sync BB (Part 1) in the game Death Stranding. BB refers to Bridge Baby (named "Lou", a shortened name form of the female name Louise). Cliff called his wife "Anomalisa", which means Anomaly Lisa and is actually an easter egg of 2015 film: Anomalisa. Includes Die-Hardman helping Sam Porter Bridges escape with BB and Amelie trying to prevent him from escaping. Video overlay...
Super Rare Animations in Private Room: Death Stranding
Views 12K2 months ago
Super rare stuff in Death Stranding Private Room. These are very hard to get cutscenes and animations that Sam can enact if you zoom in on him at certain angles or get lucky and get it to activate. In Death Stranding, the private room (via Safe House or the Knot cities) is a place where Sam can rest and relax. By clicking down on the R3 button when viewing Sam Porter Bridges at certain angles, ...
Getting 5 Stars on All Preppers in Death Stranding
Views 13K2 months ago
Obtaining 5 Stars on All 36 Preppers in the game Death Stranding. Find out what happens if you have updated all facilities to their maximum level. You get a Death Stranding trophy named "Best Beloved": Reach the maximum connection level with all facilities. In addition, find out the location of the Veteran Porter and the backpack accessory: Porter when you upgrade it to 2 Stars (Joining UCA). E...
6 Special Beached Things in Death Stranding
Views 24K2 months ago
There are 6 special BTs (Beached Things) in Death Stranding. Some are tucked away out of site in certain locations, while others require you advance and reach certain areas in the game to get access to them. Video shows the following types of BTs in Death Stranding: Orange Fire Gazers. Red Glowing Gazers Gold Chiral Hunters (released by the Red Gazers). Brain Floaters. Catchers with hands (look...
Things You Shouldn't Miss in Death Stranding
Views 60K2 months ago
Things You Should Not Miss in Death Stranding. If you are interested in exploring the uncharted places in Death Stranding, you may come across interesting things that you may have missed. Video shows the following: It is possible to explore the waterfall (after you fall down it). If Sam relieves himself on a structure, you can actually see liquid splatter in Death Stranding. Find out how to act...
Fun Things You Can Do in Death Stranding
Views 55K2 months ago
Here are 7 very fun things to do in Death Stranding. Video shows the following: Detonating a Nuke. Find out Hideo Kojima Symbolisms (All Knot Cities look like whales). Slippery Sam can be immune to hunters. How to play Death Stranding the Kojima way. Bypass the BT territory by Zip-line through the forest to Wind Farm. How to customize vehicle color (trucks and trikes), including Chiral Gold. Cl...
Alien in Death Stranding: Final Whale BT Boss
Views 13K2 months ago
Alien Easter Egg in Death Stranding. Find out where Hideo Kojima hid the Alien Mouth from Alien film in final boss encounter with Sam Porter from the game Death Stranding. The giant big boss whale BT has a huge mouth that contains an actual mouth that opens and closes and resembles Alien from the film franchise. Video zooms in on the mouth and points out where the creature's mouth is located so...
All BB Flashbacks in Death Stranding: Memories of Cliff
Views 1.7K2 months ago
All 23 BB Cutscenes in Death Stranding. When Sam Porter exists a Private Room and connects to BB (Bridge Baby), a cutscenes occurs that is from the viewpoint of BB inside the capsule. There are a total of 23 cutscenes, including the elusive happy birthday cutscene. Video shows the following BB cutscenes from Death Stranding: Happy Birthday BB Pounding Rain Storytime with Daddy Dance! It's Mommy...
All Birthday Cutscenes in Death Stranding: Happy New Year and Special Happy Birthday
Views 6K2 months ago
Special Happy Birthday Easter Eggs in Death Stranding. See Cliff give you flowers on your birthday (date you entered in beginning of game) by breaking the 4th wall. A special raspberry flavored Happy Birthday Cake is also available in the Private Room and you can see it get eaten until nothing is left. The cake has strawberries that depict a whale shape and as Sam checks on BB, more slices of t...
Important Questions Answered in Death Stranding: Some Silly Ones
Views 10K3 months ago
18 Important Questions answered in Death Stranding (some silly ones). Video provides a question and uses a gameplay segment to answer them so important myths are answered or busted. What happens if Sam Porter falls from Zip-line structure because of MULEs? Can Mama be put in incinerator? What about her body? What about putting it in endless tar? Can you whistle or play harmonica to it to give l...
Harmonica, Gold Hat, Gold Boots in Death Stranding: Gold Cap, Chiral Boots
Views 9K3 months ago
How to get Harmonica, Gold Cap, and Chiral Boots in Death Stranding. Video shows three locations (prepper shelters and Knot Cities) and number of stars requirements needed in order to obtain the Harmonica musical instrument, Gold Hat, and Gold Boots. Special Edition of Death Stranding needed to get gold version of Cap (at the first city Capital Know City). Chiral Boots are obtained from the Chi...
All Hidden Heartman Room Items in Death Stranding
Views 7K3 months ago
All 20 Hidden Objects in Heartman's Lab that you can inspect for extra likes in game Death Stranding. Heartman's office or lab contains a lot of items that Sam Porter can examine to gain likes. After meeting Heartman for the first time, he goes back to the Beach. During this time, Sam can look around the room and look at things (items or objects). Spread out around the room are many special ite...
All 100% Higgs Sayings in Death Stranding: During Final Encounter
Views 5K3 months ago
Find out everything Higgs Monaghan Said during Sam's final fight with him in Death Stranding. When Sam travels to the Beach utilizing Fragile's teleportation powers, he see Higgs and Amelie on a beach setting. Higgs then ties Amelie in a spiderweb and Sam and Higgs begin their final fight. There are 3 stages of the fight and during each stage, Higgs Monaghan speaks about the the final extinctio...
Big Boss Giant BT Fight in Death Stranding
Views 9K3 months ago
Giant BT Big Boss Fight with Higgs Monaghan and Amelie riding it in Death Stranding. Sam Porter encounters a huge humanoid BT and must destroy it with Quadruple Rocket Launcher and Remote-Detonation Grenade Launcher. This super sized BT launches blobs and shoots tentacles at Sam. Video shows a gameplay walkthrough of defeating the large walking BT on the PS4 Pro version of Death Stranding. Note...
Santa Hat and Oxygen Mask in Death Stranding: Giant Gazers, Christmas Holograms, and Cliff Santa
Views 20K3 months ago
Learn how to get Santa Hat and Oxygen Mask and how they differ in function in the game Death Stranding. In addition, find out what types of hat, mask, or hood are compatible with each other when worn at the same time. For Christmas season, Kojima Productions created a Santa Hat for Sam Porter to wear in Death Stranding. This is in addition to all the prepper holograms wearing a Santa Hat when y...
How To Beat Higgs in Death Stranding: Easy Pro Tips
Views 9K3 months ago
How to defeat Higgs Boss Fight with easy techniques from the game Death Stranding. During Sam Porter's first encounter with Higgs Monaghan on the beach (seam) with Amelia, they have a three stage fight. The first stage involves Higgs shooting bullets at Sam. The second stage involves Higgs using a knife. The third stage involves no weapons, but using their fists. Video shows how to beat Higgs a...
Last Pizza Delivery in Death Stranding: Unlock Secret Room
Views 27K3 months ago
Unlock secret room by delivering the last pizza to Peter Englert in the game Death Stranding. Normally, you can only rest in a shelter after reaching 5 stars, but for Peter Englert, you can actually open the door and visit the whole underground building and examine all the books, pictures, and even a statue of Tutankhamun from Egypt. The actual hidden identity of Peter Englert is Higgs Monaghan...
Ride 100% Complete Highway in Death Stranding: on Norman Reedus Motorcycle
Views 17K3 months ago
Not a Walking Simulator. Find out how long it takes to travel the longest highway route in middle map of Death Stranding using the Norman Reeus Reverse Trike motorcycle. Video shows the full travel from Lake Knot City to Mountain Knot City on the "Ride with Norman Reedus" bike. In order to travel on the freeway, you need build them first using Chiral Crystals, Metals, and Ceramics. After spendi...
Things You Didn't Know in Death Stranding
Views 86K3 months ago
11 Things you probably didn't know in Death Stranding. There are many special rare animations or cutscenes in Death Stranding that do not happen often. Many are in the Private Room, but some others are out in the environment, but requires special case scenarios to trigger them. Video shows the following: Side Spin animation. "Look at my hands" slide animation. Catch rope when Sam is falling ani...
Biggest Secrets of Mama and Chiral Artist in Death Stranding: Tips and Tricks
Views 13K3 months ago
13 Incredible secrets that both Chiral Artist and Mama characters have are revealed in this video on the game Death Stranding. Video shows the following tips, tricks, and rare animations: How to pick up lost cargo while carrying Mama on Sam's back and place them in the truck (all without dropping Mama or human cargo). Climb Matterhorn miniature replica. Hear Mama give special speeches when Sam ...
10 More Hidden BT Secrets in Death Stranding
Views 59K3 months ago
Top 10 Hidden BT Secrets in Death Stranding revealed. Video reveals many hidden game mechanics and watching it allows you to find out the following: What happens if you cut the cords of every Gazer in BT Territory? Are there Baby BTs in the game, and what happens if you cut their cord? What happens if a BT Dragger is next to Sam on a Zip-line? If hunters are nearby, can Sam Porter Bridges ride ...
Peek Inside Any Building in Death Stranding: Barrier Break
Views 6K3 months ago
Look inside any building using a truck in the game Death Stranding. Have you ever wondered what is inside a particular building or locked door? Use this trick shown in video to go inside the walls to peek inside! Twitter: @edepot PSN: edepot If you love edepot videos, consider being a member: tvclip.biz/channel/UCigeCuZfXl7pJKpB46AO0cgjoin
Cute Bunny Rabbit Surrenders
Views 6K3 months ago
Pointing finger at cute bunny and the rabbit then lies on ground with both hands up. Video shows edepot getting a bunny rabbit pet and then proceed to train it until it is able to do play games and do actions based on finger and hand movements. Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidae of the order Lagomorpha (along with the hare and the pika). Twitter: @edepot PSN: edepot If you love e...
Run Speed Comparison: Exoskeletons and Vehicles in Death Stranding: Reverse Trike, Truck
Views 69K3 months ago
Run speed comparison of vehicles and exoskeletons in Death Stranding. Find out which is fastest: Power Skeleton, Speed Skeleton, Reverse Trike, Truck, or Zip-line. Compare each to each other's running speed in a 100 meter track timed with a clock/stopwatch. Observe how different levels of Speed Skeleton affect your final speed and velocity. A time-watch is provided at all times to give you the ...
Take Mama Bathing in Death Stranding: Bringing Mama To Hot Springs
Views 40K3 months ago
Bring Mama to Hot Springs and hear her sing with Sam Porter in the water in the game Death Stranding. When Mama is bathing, she sighs and sings also while washing, and video shows all her songs and whimpers. Even BB is having a nice time in the hot water. In addition, find out what all her speeches are when Sam calls out to her at three distances (next to her, near her, and very far away). Mama...
18 Things You Need To Know in Death Stranding: But Probably Didn't Know
Views 26K3 months ago
18 Things You Need To Know (But Didn't Know) in Death Stranding game by Hideo Kojima. Video shows many things you probably didn't know until you have gotten far in the game or have experimented a lot to unlock these secrets. Video shows the following: You can cross crevices on a motorcycle (reverse trike) using only one ladder. You can cross wide crevices by touching front wheel of bike on oppo...
Pro BT Secrets in Death Stranding: Beached Things, Gazers, Catchers
Views 33K3 months ago
Learn 10 hidden game mechanics of BTs in Death Stranding. The floating figures are called Gazers and the BT boss is called a Catcher. The goo people who grab you are called Hunters. By experimenting with different environments and tools, you can observe special case scenarios that reveal secrets about the Beached Things (BT) in Death Stranding. Video explores the game and answers the following ...
Backpack Cover Secrets in Death Stranding: Collector Location and BT Monster Complete Walkthrough
Views 68K4 months ago
Find out where Collector is, so you can get the Backpack Cover that protects your cargo from timefall rain in the game Death Stranding. In addition, the Backpack Cover keeps your cargo from spilling on the ground when you are attacked by BTs, MULEs and other enemies. Video shows both Backpack Cover Level 1 (in silver color), and Backpack Cover Level 2 (in Chiral gold color). After you have loca...
Quiet vs Sam's Zip-line in Death Stranding: Speed Race
Views 11K4 months ago
Speed Race between Quiet and Sam Porter on Zip-line from games Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Find out who wins on a 300 meter speed race between these two characters on their respect game. Sam Porter is in Capital Knot City, while Quiet is on a FOB. Video compares them with Quiet no jumping and with her having 3 jumps. Quiet is a bit faster with the 3 jumps, so you c...
Last Nuke Disarmed Cutscene in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGSV) Nuclear Disarmament
Views 36K4 months ago
Many players are now getting a special Last Nuke Disarmament cutscene if they play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 4 Years after release, edepot finally got the cutscene (even though the trigger conditions are probably forced). The cutscene was first released on December 28, 2018 (according to the cutscene details), and people will occasionally get the same cutscene months later. Perhaps ...
Raiden vs Zip-line: Speed Comparison in Death Stranding and MGSV: Phantom Pain
Views 27K4 months ago
Sam Porter's Zip-line speed compared to Raiden suit (worn by Snake) from the game Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Both games are made by Hideo Kojima, and video attempts to compare how fast they both are racing the same distance of 300 meters (using map markers for accuracy). A timer clock is placed on the bottom of the video and then timed so that the final time is co...
Out of Bounds Trick in Death Stranding: Use Rope To Climb Any Wall Using Climbing Anchor
Views 20K4 months ago
Climb any wall to get out of bounds using the rope trick in Death Stranding. By fabricating some Climbing Anchor, you can scale any wall in the game by simply putting down the anchor near the wall you want to climb and press a few buttons to start climbing it. Allows you to reach the top of any wall without ladders. Death Stranding tries to keep you inside the boundaries by using invisible wall...
Even More Secrets in Death Stranding: Music Box and Hideo Kojima Easter Egg
Views 43K4 months ago
15 More Secrets in game Death Stranding. Even more hidden secrets revealed in this video: How to see Baby Doll inside Sam in the beginning of the game. How to cancel a MULE's scan by pressing your own scan at the right moment. Find out what sounds Chiral Artist makes when shocked by MULEs. Easily jump across chasms in a Speed Skeleton by holding X button down. Trucks are unable to drive across ...
Insane Little Details in Death Stranding: Otter Hood and Conan O'Brien Easter egg
Views 34K4 months ago
18 Insane Little Details in game Death Stranding. Find out all the things Hideo Kojima put in this game. Most need exploration or experimentation to see all the tiny hidden things put into the game. Examples of the crazy amount of attention given to the game include: Different engine and dashboards on junk cars that only serve the purpose of background imagery. Shady careers of people dealing w...
More Super Secrets in Death Stranding
Views 258K4 months ago
20 More Super Secrets in game Death Stranding from Hideo Kojima. Learn these things in this video: Fast slide down ladders. Rest to Auto Save. Press Touchpad to whistle to BB while resting (BB will dance in capsule). Unload and Load Cargo fast by holding Triangle. Another way to unload cargo fast is to swap with a human cargo (press Triangle). Use floating carrier to go over water or tar and no...
More Hidden Mechanics in Death Stranding: BTs, MULEs, Monsters, Weapons, and Grenades
Views 33K4 months ago
More Hidden Game Mechanics in Death Stranding are revealed in this video. By using BT weapons on MULEs, you can see how Hideo Kojima considered the unique behaviors different weapons have on targets they were not originally designed to be used on. For example, hematic grenades can be used on MULEs with effects similar to a smoke grenade or Smoke-Emitting Decoy Cargo. Anti-BT Handgun can be used...
Bring Girl To Hot Spring in Death Stranding: Chiral Artist Bathe and Sing at Crater Digestive Bath
Views 72K4 months ago
Chiral Artist Singing and bathing at the Hot Spring in game Death Stranding. The location is called Crater Digestive Bath, and Sam Porter Bridges has just carried her to this place. This Death Stranding Video shows the following: All Japanese songs that Sam and the girl sings (along with other players signs). All speeches and shouts that the Chiral Artist has with Sam when carried or on the gro...
Bring Quiet to Private Room in Death Stranding: Chiral Artist and Speed Skeleton
Views 60K4 months ago
Sam carries Quiet's lookalike Chiral Artist into Safe House (with private room) in game Death Stranding. Find out if Chiral Artist stays with Sam, or goes into the garage. Also, see what happens if Sam or Chiral Artist goes into the Crater Lake (where everyone sinks because of the tar). Sam actually goes into the Seam (Repatriate mode) when he enters the tar pit, and from there Sam can interact...
12 Advanced Pro Tips in Death Stranding
Views 24K4 months ago
12 Advanced pro tips for game Death Stranding. Video shows many tips and tricks at the pro level. Learn the following: How to recycle used items (boots for example) instead of throwing them away so you can get resources back (resin in this case). Learn how to use sandleweed as shoes to replace worn shoes. Understand how Power Skeleton uses the lower two cargo area (attached to the legs of your ...
20 Super Secrets in Death Stranding
Views 126K4 months ago
20 Super Secrets in game Death Stranding you probably didn't know. Video shows the following: Touching a BB heart sign will increase your BB's happiness. The signs during day and night cycle on Death Stranding UCA buildings use different fonts and styles. The force field in knot cities also cancel out sound. If Sam has a very high stack of cargo, low doorways will knock top luggage off. You can...
Hidden Game Mechanics in Death Stranding: Black BB
Views 201K4 months ago
Secret game mechanics hidden in game Death Stranding are revealed in this video. Hideo Kojima games usually contain hidden mechanics that require experimentation to find out. They are triggered in certain situations and video shows these hidden game mechanics: You can talk to other players through their built structures using Sam's shouts. Grab a MUILE's cargo and put it on Sam's back before th...
Superman Glitch in Death Stranding: Air Climb
Views 7K4 months ago
Learn how to initiate Superman Mode so that you can defy gravity and climb into the air in the game Death Stranding. By using an climbing anchor and appropriate location for rope setup, you can use a special trick to get Sam Porter Bridges to climb into the sky like Superman. In addition, you can get him to freeze in the air, hovering above everyone below. Walkthrough on how to air climb or do ...
Out of Map with Repatriate Trick in Death Stranding: Climb Rooftops in Capital Knot City
Views 77K4 months ago
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Important Starting Tips for Death Stranding: Motorcycle Turbo Boost Mode and Wheelies
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Find out all the hidden conversations, animations, and cutscenes at the Aberdeen Pig Farm in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Red Dead 2). Tammy Aberdeen and Bray Aberdeen are sister and brothers (siblings) that give John Marston a strange welcome into their home. Includes all special hidden Greet and Antagonize chat conversations so you can view what if scenarios. Also contains every Easter egg endings ...
Big Boy Visits Saint Denis in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)
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Make John Sing in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Bray Aberdeen Follows John Home
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Baby Mermaid Caught, Put in Tub
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Spotting baby mermaid left by mother on remote small island in Pacific Ocean. Caught the baby mermaid while unattended and brought her back. Afterwards, tried to duplicate a water environment in the bath tub for the little mermaid to live in. Apparently, their tail can fall off (like lizards) and grows back eventually. After a while, the baby mermaid was strong enough to get out of the tub and ...


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    SPOILERS: It was a bit transparent that it was Higgs, but nice easter egg none the less. If you don't do all the pizza missions but finish the story line you'll get an email from 'Peter Englert' thanking you for the pizza's but being bummed that you didn't deliver the bomb to south not. And that he opened his door for you to take a look. And then you can do all of this as well.

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    One of John's lines during this tutorial is "I'm taken". This refers to the fact that he is loyal to Abigail. (Spoiler alert) If you play through that scene as Arthur, (who is single, having told that Linton girl where to get off), the game breaks into a cutscene of Arthur and the siblings in an x-rated threesome. It is very difficult to find this hidden Easter egg because of the censorship problem, but it's well worth finding.

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    I tried getting to Guarma using your method and I couldn’t even get past the first step. I tried setting up my camp at the exact location on the mountain and it never spawned me outside the map like it did on yours. So frustrating lol.

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      All Trophies: tvclip.biz/video/muKTv80u_-0/video.html

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    It’s one million ways to skin a cat 🐈 I see ... I just used the chest to stop move the ball

  • Hubert
    Hubert Day ago

    And the legend Has been born

  • dagag snake
    dagag snake Day ago

    you can find the difficult Red footed bobby in other side of the island landing in the ground also rainbow snake

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas Day ago

    **This is whats going on. They have developed the ability to create cloned humans out of nothing. They are going to wipe out all humans and this will be the new evolution, Its already big here in arcadia in phoenix,az . I am by the papago military and they have a underground cloning base working with ft huachuca.. I am heavily gang stalked by them and am the newwilliam cooper to set up ww3 on usa **lands.my** entire complex is filled with clones controlled by interdimentional beings. Look into 6902 e. grapevine in cave creek az under 6902lg llc and you will find all kinds of LLc's attached to it with dna, rna, human genome and various other shit. Also they are using bill gates new city in tonapah,az as part of it. I had a run in with their hired private security Tigor security at the hilton in downtown phx. I have a lot of info if your interested 4803523406 ****

  • QT Cargs
    QT Cargs Day ago

    ("\ '' /").___..--' ' "`-._ `ಠ_ ಠ ) `-. ( ).`-.__.`) (_Y_.)' ._ ) `._ `. ``-..-' _..`--'_. .-_/ /--'_.' .' (i l).-' ' ((i). ' ((!.-'

  • Bowingbear CEO


  • Bowingbear CEO

    Look how high the honor is 3:42 this guy is not enjoying this game. At all 💯

  • SpareDiamond YT

    12:16 wait what is she aiming for? -0-

  • SpareDiamond YT

    6 lol 😂

  • svusega
    svusega Day ago

    I am curious about amount of time that you had wasted just to get 100%

  • Jay Castro
    Jay Castro Day ago

    Still works March 2020!

  • Rote edle 118
    Rote edle 118 Day ago

    How do people figure this stuff out lmao

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato Day ago

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ hEYy

  • JoshVanHalen
    JoshVanHalen Day ago

    Whoever made this stupid stupid dungeon can go fuck themselves

  • DELTA彡 Gaming

    How to fly

  • Sammie CJ
    Sammie CJ Day ago

    Mr Lumbago, he’s my favorite act..I always go looking for his troubles in the game 😄

  • XEpicProdigy99X

    I was playing this game because my girlfriend wanted to watch me play it, and this happened and I was so confused because I thought I knew everything about this game. Lol

  • Sage Blanks
    Sage Blanks Day ago

    Wtf was that intro are those ants?

  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    I think the story here is that both of them had a romantic relationship since they were kids, and their parents stood in the way cos they're siblings and it aint normal and they wanted their parents to leave them alone but they didnt so they killed them and fed them to the pigs

  • Apelsin
    Apelsin Day ago

    Killed 'em both on a porch , it doesnt feel right from the start

  • Epicc
    Epicc Day ago

    honestly 7 is my favorite.